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Quiz about Fractured Birds of the World
Quiz about Fractured Birds of the World

Fractured Birds of the World Trivia Quiz

A fractured word quiz on different birds of the world. As an example, if the clue was "Pellet Ken", you'd answer "Pelican". Best of luck.

A multiple-choice quiz by Triviaballer. Estimated time: 6 mins.
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6 mins
Multiple Choice
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Feb 21 22
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13 / 15
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Last 3 plays: WatsonUrWallet (14/15), cyndi50 (15/15), Guest 174 (7/15).
Question 1 of 15
1. Imp Purr Roar Ping When

Answer: (Two Words (7, 7))
Question 2 of 15
2. Cur Roe

Answer: (One Word (4 letters))
Question 3 of 15
3. Awe Stir Itch

Answer: (One Word (7 letters))
Question 4 of 15
4. Fowl Come

Answer: (One Word (6 letters))
Question 5 of 15
5. Cheek In

Answer: (One Word (7 letters))
Question 6 of 15
6. Spare Roe

Answer: (One Word (7 letters))
Question 7 of 15
7. Would Duct

Answer: (Two Words (4, 4))
Question 8 of 15
8. Grate Blew Hair Own

Answer: (Three Words (5, 4, 5))
Question 9 of 15
9. Pear Wrote

Answer: (One Word (6 letters))
Question 10 of 15
10. Muck Awe

Answer: (One Word (5 letters))
Question 11 of 15
11. Core More Aunt

Answer: (One Word (9 letters))
Question 12 of 15
12. Balled Eke Gull

Answer: (Two Words (4, 5))
Question 13 of 15
13. Key Wee

Answer: (One Word (4 letters))
Question 14 of 15
14. Casts Owe Aerie

Answer: (One Word (9 letters))
Question 15 of 15
15. Burrough Ween Awe Well

Answer: (Two Words (9, 3))

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Most Recent Scores
May 21 2024 : WatsonUrWallet: 14/15
May 20 2024 : cyndi50: 15/15
May 19 2024 : Guest 174: 7/15
May 16 2024 : Desimac: 15/15
May 14 2024 : Johnmcmanners: 15/15
May 05 2024 : RedRobin7: 15/15
Apr 29 2024 : Guest 173: 7/15
Apr 29 2024 : comark2000: 14/15
Apr 23 2024 : TERRYHURST22: 12/15

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Imp Purr Roar Ping When

Answer: Emperor Penguin

The emperor penguins are the largest of all penguins. Their average weight is 75 pounds and their average height is 3 ft 9 in. The movie "March of the Penguins" documents the journey and struggle that emperor penguins endure to raise their baby chicks.
2. Cur Roe

Answer: Crow

Crows are some of the world's most intelligent birds. Crows are thought to be to birds what humans are to mammals in terms of intelligence. In some circles, crows symbolize impending death or doom and a group of them is referred to as a murder.
3. Awe Stir Itch

Answer: Ostrich

Ostriches, standing six to nine feet and weighing over 200 pounds, are the largest birds in the world. They inhabit Africa and can run at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Despite common mythology and descriptions by Pliny the Elder in his "Naturalis Historia", ostriches do NOT bury their heads in the sand when they sense danger.
4. Fowl Come

Answer: Falcon

All of the species of the falcon belong to the genus Falco. One species of falcon, the peregrine falcon, is the fastest animal on Earth. It is able to reach speeds of up to 217 miles per hour when diving.
5. Cheek In

Answer: Chicken

The chicken is the most prevalent bird in the world with a population of approximately 24 billion. Chickens are omnivorous animals and their typical diet consists of herbs, leaves, seeds, insects, and grubs.
6. Spare Roe

Answer: Sparrow

Sparrows are classified into two groups: the Old World sparrows and the New World sparrows. The Old World sparrows belong to the family Passeridae of which there are 35 species of birds. The New World sparrows, commonly called American sparrows, belong to the family Emberizidae.
7. Would Duct

Answer: Wood Duck

The wood duck is one of the most colorful of the duck species. They inhabit the western United States as well as parts of the eastern seaboard.
8. Grate Blew Hair Own

Answer: Great Blue Heron

The great blue heron is a wading bird and it averages four feet in height and seven feet in wingspan. Having lived in Florida (in the U.S.A.) my whole life, I have been privileged to view this beautiful bird in the wild.
9. Pear Wrote

Answer: Parrot

Large numbers of parrots reside in Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, and Central America. The Carolina parakeet, extinct since 1918, is the only parrot other than the thick-billed parrot to inhabit the United States in the wild (without human interference).
10. Muck Awe

Answer: Macaw

Macaws have the greatest length and wingspan of the parrot family. Macaws are very colorful birds that can have a lifespan of up to 75 years.
11. Core More Aunt

Answer: Cormorant

Cormorants are large seabirds that inhabit coastal waters all over the world. They are excellent at catching fish and when they dry their wings they appear to be making a cross shape.
12. Balled Eke Gull

Answer: Bald Eagle

There are an estimated 100,000 bald eagles on the Earth and half of these live in the state of Alaska. The females, slightly larger than the males, have a wingspan of 7 feet and weigh 13 pounds. The bald eagle is also the national bird of the United States.
13. Key Wee

Answer: Kiwi

The kiwi, native to New Zealand, is the smallest of the flightless birds (called ratites) in the world. Recent DNA testing has suggested that the kiwi is more closely related to the emu and the cassowary than New Zealand's other ratite, the moa.
14. Casts Owe Aerie

Answer: Cassowary

The cassowary, a large flightless bird, lives in New Guinea and Australia. The southern cassowary is the third largest bird in the world after the ostrich and emu.
15. Burrough Ween Awe Well

Answer: Burrowing Owl

Burrowing owls are most prevalent in the United States and Canada. Although their name implies that they burrow (dig) their own nest, most of them simply take over a nest previously used by a prairie dog or other animal.
Source: Author Triviaballer

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