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Quiz about Word Sandwiches
Quiz about Word Sandwiches

Word Sandwiches Trivia Quiz

Find the filling in the word sandwich - a word which will go with both of the given words. For example: lady-finger-food. Here's a hint - each missing word is a 3-letter body part.

A multiple-choice quiz by MotherGoose. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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1. Boot_____iron?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
2. Side_____chair?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
3. Rose_____pocket?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
4. Shut_____sore?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
5. Glue_____wig?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
6. Hare_____service?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
7. Tip_____jam?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
8. Lock_____breaker?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
9. Bubble_____shoe?

Answer: (3-letter body part)
10. Spare_____eye?

Answer: (3-letter body part)

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Boot_____iron?

Answer: leg

Bootleg refers to the making or selling of an illegal product, typically alcohol or music. A leg-iron is a device fixed to the ankle for restraining a prisoner.
2. Side_____chair?

Answer: arm

Side-arm refers to a weapon (such as a pistol or sword) carried at the side or in a belt. An armchair, as the name implies, is a chair with arms.
3. Rose_____pocket?

Answer: hip

A rose-hip is the fruit, or seed-bearing part, of a rose. A hip pocket is literally a pocket on the hip or on the back of a pair of trousers where a wallet is kept. As an adjective, hip-pocket often refers to matters concerned with money.
4. Shut_____sore?

Answer: eye

Shut-eye is a slang term for sleep. An eyesore is something that is ugly or unpleasant to look at.
5. Glue_____wig?

Answer: ear

Glue ear is common terminology for a medical condition where thick glue-like fluid accumulates in the middle ear as a result of infection (otitis media). An earwig is an insect. To "earwig" is a slang term meaning to eavesdrop on a conversation.
6. Hare_____service?

Answer: lip

A hare-lip, also known as a cleft lip, is a deformity of the upper lip. Lip-service refers to insincerity, usually when someone professes agreement or a particular point of view, but fails to back it up with action.
7. Tip_____jam?

Answer: toe

Tip-toe, as the word implies, means to stand on the tips of the toes and walk quietly. Toe-jam is a slang term referring to the dirt and debris that accumulates between the toes.
8. Lock_____breaker?

Answer: jaw

Lockjaw is a common term for the disease tetanus. Jaw-breaker is a slang term for a large, hard sweet or candy; also known as a gob-stopper.
9. Bubble_____shoe?

Answer: gum

Bubble-gum is a special type of chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles. It was invented in 1858 by an American, Walter E. Diemer. It may also refer to a genre of music. Gum-shoe is a waterproof overshoe and a slang term for a detective.
10. Spare_____eye?

Answer: rib

Spare-rib and rib-eye both refer to cuts of meat. Rib-eye is a beef steak cut from the rib. It is also known by a variety of other names, such as Scotch fillet, and is usually an expensive cut of meat. Spare-ribs may come from beef or pork and are much cheaper.
Source: Author MotherGoose

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