Quiz about Occupational Surnames
Quiz about Occupational Surnames

Occupational Surnames Trivia Quiz

There are many surnames that derive from the names of old professions. Smith and Baker are obvious examples. I will give you the surname and you decide what occupation that surname indicates.

A multiple-choice quiz by ArtieChoke. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Miller Hint

Grain grinder
Sawmill worker
Windmill manufacturer

2. Keller Hint

Storeroom or wine cellar attendant
Gatherer of spring water

3. Fuller Hint

Mattress maker
Cleaner and thickener of cloth
Beer barrel filler
Sheep shearer

4. Pasternak Hint

Parsnip farmer
Sod farmer

5. Cooper Hint

Fox hunter
Chicken farmer
Barrel and bucket maker

6. Fletcher Hint

General tradesman
Arrow maker
Animal skinner

7. Forman (before it just meant the guy in charge) Hint

General laborer
Outhouse cleaner
Barn builder

8. Costner Hint

Altar boy
Member of a bishop's entourage

9. Fleischer Hint

Taste tester
Bounty hunter
Cow herder

10. Spurrier Hint

Bridle maker
Spur maker
Leather worker
Tavern attendant

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Miller

Answer: Grain grinder

Back in the old days, all grain had to be ground by hand. A miller was somebody who did this for a living.
2. Keller

Answer: Storeroom or wine cellar attendant

"Keller" is the German word for cellar.
3. Fuller

Answer: Cleaner and thickener of cloth

Fuller is a British surname.
4. Pasternak

Answer: Parsnip farmer

Boris Pasternak is a famous novelist. Maybe his great great great grandfather was a famous parsnip farmer.
5. Cooper

Answer: Barrel and bucket maker

Back in the old days, somebody had to hand-craft vessels for holding and transporting liquid and grain. A cooper made a living crafting these things.
6. Fletcher

Answer: Arrow maker

I have read both that a fletcher is a person who puts the feathers in the arrows and that a fletcher is a person who makes the entire arrows. I don't know which is more accurate. On a side note, the person who made the bows was a bowyer.
7. Forman (before it just meant the guy in charge)

Answer: Swineherd

A forman herded pigs.
8. Costner

Answer: Sexton

Costner is a Dutch name.
9. Fleischer

Answer: Butcher

"Fleischer" is a German word for a butcher.
10. Spurrier

Answer: Spur maker

This one was as easy as it looked. A spurrier made a living making spurs.
Source: Author ArtieChoke

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