Quiz about Making Headlines 197079
Quiz about Making Headlines 197079

Making Headlines 1970-79 Trivia Quiz

You'll be given a year plus a key word for a major event of that year. What you need to do is pick a pseudo headline that best matches that event and year.

A multiple-choice quiz by bertho. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. 1970: Apollo 13 Hint

3rd Lunar Landing Success
NASA Skips Unlucky Number
Astronauts Die In Fire
Lunar Module Life Boat

2. 1971: Kurt Waldheim Hint

UN Has New Sec-Gen
Led Zeppelin Bass Player Dead
Director of 'A Clockwork Orange' Nominated
US Table Tennis Champ Beats China's Best

3. 1972: Summer Olympics in Munich Hint

Israeli Athletes Murdered
Spectator Dies from Aimless Arrow
USA Boycott Olympics
Russians Caught Cheating

4. 1973: The Sting Hint

And The Oscar Winners Are ...
Philippines: Mosquitos Kill 3000 in Malaria Outbreaks
FBI Snatches Record Heroin Haul
44 Dead In Bungled POW Rescue Attempt

5. 1974: 410-4 Hint

Notre Dame Crushes Stanford 410-4
House Votes to Investigate President 410-4
Identity Cards: Controversial Bill 410-4 Approved
Navy Research Ship Finds Sunken Russian Sub K410-4

6. 1975: Cold War Docking Hint

Murmansk: American Spy Sub Bought to Surface
Russian Frigate Saves Sinking American Freighter
Soyuz - Apollo Mid Orbit Rendezvous
Mutiny on The High Seas: K-129 Defects

7. 1976: The Viking Hint

Mars Probe Touches Down
Watergate Spies Lock Horns in trial
Frozen Man in The Netherlands
Steve Vi & B.B. King World Tour

8. 1977: Haley Hint

Comet Lights Up Southern Skies
Roots Sets Viewing Records
Bill Haley Dead At 74
Hong Kong: Haley Tower Collapses

9. 1978: Hustler Hint

Larry Flynt Shot After Testifying
B58 'Hustler' Fighter Breaks Speed Record
'The Hustler' Voted Film of The Year
Con Artist Ronald Biggs Captured

10. 1979: Meltdown Hint

Chernobyl Disaster Leaves 8000 Dead
Reactor Leaks at Three Mile Island
K19: Death Below the Surface
Plastic Fire Trucks Prove Useless

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 1970: Apollo 13

Answer: Lunar Module Life Boat

The famous "Houston, we've had a problem" was from this ill-fated 3rd lunar landing attempt. On the way to the moon, 205,000 miles from earth, an electrical problem caused a small explosion in an oxygen tank. The question now was not how they would land on the moon but how they would get home.
2. 1971: Kurt Waldheim

Answer: UN Has New Sec-Gen

Kurt Waldheim was appointed Secretary-General of the United Nations for a five-year term beginning on January 1, 1972. He replaced U Thant.
3. 1972: Summer Olympics in Munich

Answer: Israeli Athletes Murdered

Eleven Israeli athletes were killed by Palestinian terrorists in an attempt to have 234 Arab prisoners held in Israeli jails released.
4. 1973: The Sting

Answer: And The Oscar Winners Are ...

'The Sting' starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford cleaned the floor at the '73 Oscars with 7 awards including the big three - Best Actor, Best Director and Best Film.
5. 1974: 410-4

Answer: House Votes to Investigate President 410-4

February 6, 1974, The House of Representatives voted to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether or not grounds existed for the impeachment of President Nixon over the Watergate scandal. After a lengthy investigation Nixon resigned from office on August 8, 1974, the first president to do so.
6. 1975: Cold War Docking

Answer: Soyuz - Apollo Mid Orbit Rendezvous

The American Apollo Spacecraft and the Soviet Soyuz successfully docked while in earth orbit in July 1975. It was the first co-operative space mission between the two super powers since the 'race for space' began two decades earlier.
7. 1976: The Viking

Answer: Mars Probe Touches Down

The Viking 1 and 2 landers dropped in on Mars in 1976. Their prime experiment was to test the soil for signs of micro-organisms. The results of these experiments are still hotly contested in the scientifc community.
8. 1977: Haley

Answer: Roots Sets Viewing Records

'Roots,' the Alex Haley mini-series hits world TV sets and attracts 80 million viewers. It surpassed 'Gone With The Wind' as the highest rated program ever broadcast. 1977 can also be remembered by the loss of Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby and Charlie Chaplin.
9. 1978: Hustler

Answer: Larry Flynt Shot After Testifying

"Hustler" magazine creator Larry Flint was shot outside a Georgia courthouse by a right-wing sniper and was permanently paralysed. 'The Hustler' the movie originally released in 1961.
10. 1979: Meltdown

Answer: Reactor Leaks at Three Mile Island

March 28, 1979. A cooling glitch resulted in the overheating of a nuclear reactor and a subsequent minor radiation leak followed. Although the partial meltdown had no proven adverse affect on anyone, it led to a large increase of distrust for nuclear energy by the American public.

The Chernobyl meltdown in 1986 was far more severe killing 30 people instantly and causing the evacuation of 130,000 people from the neighbouring area. Russian submarine K19 had a partial meltdown in 1961. Sailors went into the reactor room to fix the cooling system and within a few days, eight were dead.

Another six died over the following years due to the radiation exposure.
Source: Author bertho

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