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Quiz about A Tribute For A Queen Aaliyah
Quiz about A Tribute For A Queen Aaliyah

A Tribute For A Queen: Aaliyah Quiz

This is a tribute, dedicated to a very beautiful and talented young woman. She was blessed with a remarkable voice and very special to many people. Everyone that knew her, was touched by her in some way.

A multiple-choice quiz by 2423. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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4 / 5
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1. What is Aaliyah's full name? Hint

Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Aaliyah Debbie Haughton
Aaliyah Denise Haughton
Aaliyah Dani Haughton

2. What does the name Aaliyah mean? Hint

Beautiful princess
Lowest, no self-esteem
Highest, most exalted one

3. What video did Aaliyah tape in the Bahamas? Hint

Rock The Boat
4 Page Letter
More Than A Woman
One In A Million

4. Who was she dating when she died? Hint

R. Kelly
Tevin Campbell
Damon Dash

5. How many siblings does Aaliyah have? Hint


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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. What is Aaliyah's full name?

Answer: Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. When she was a little girl her parents along with her brother Rashad moved to Detroit. At the age of eleven, Aaliyah appeared on the hit show 'Star Search', which was a show that sponsored and spotlighted young talent from around the country.

Although Aaliyah did not win the singing competition on 'Star Search', she still wanted to be a famous singer and entertainer.
2. What does the name Aaliyah mean?

Answer: Highest, most exalted one

The name Aaliyah comes from the Arabic language.
3. What video did Aaliyah tape in the Bahamas?

Answer: Rock The Boat

The "Rock The Boat" video was taped in the Bahamas. This video was shot in the year of 2001, before her untimely death.
4. Who was she dating when she died?

Answer: Damon Dash

Aaliyah was dating Damon Dash. Damon Dash was quoted as saying, "After she finished the Matrix we had planned to get married." This direct quote can be found at
5. How many siblings does Aaliyah have?

Answer: 1

Aaliyah's brother is named Rashad Haughton, he is older than Aaliyah. Aaliyah will always be remembered as a beautiful and talented woman. She has left her mark on so many individuals, and for this we thank her and her family. Thank you for taking this tribute quiz to the her, she will truly be missed.
Source: Author 2423

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