Quiz about Jukebox Hits 3
Quiz about Jukebox Hits 3

Jukebox Hits 3 Trivia Quiz

It's been awhile...so let's put another quarter in---Can you name who sang these "Jukebox Hits" of the 50s and 60s? Have fun - let me know if you like this quiz (rate, please) and I'll do my best to create more.....

A multiple-choice quiz by Mimi_S. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. "The Great Pretender" Hint

The Tokens
The Coasters
The Platters
The Fleetwoods

2. "You Send Me" Hint

Sam Cooke
Frankie Avalon
Gene Chandler
Buddy Knox

3. "Tequila" Hint

The Tokens
The Coasters
The Drifters
The Champs

4. "Big Bad John" Hint

Tennessee Ernie Ford
Pat Boone
Perry Como
Jimmy Dean

5. "Locomotion" Hint

Little Eva
The Angels
The Supremes
Mary Wells

6. "Sherry" Hint

The Marcels
The Everly Brothers
The Four Seasons
The Drifters

7. "Baby Love" Hint

The Angels
The Dixie Cups
The Supremes
The Marvelettes

8. "Tom Dooley" Hint

The Kingston Trio
Jimmy Dean
The Highwaymen
Peter, Paul, and Mary

9. "Hey Paula" Hint

Paul and Paula
Frankie Avalon
Roy Orbison
Brian Hyland

10. "Take Good Care of My Baby" Hint

Bobby Vee
Bobby Vinton
Bobby Rydell
Del Shannon

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. "The Great Pretender"

Answer: The Platters

From way back in 1955.
2. "You Send Me"

Answer: Sam Cooke

From 1957. Sam Cooke had a wealth of hits, including my favorite, "Wonderful World".
3. "Tequila"

Answer: The Champs

From 1958. A great instrumental and super party song, when everyone yells the only word in the song, "TEQUILA".
4. "Big Bad John"

Answer: Jimmy Dean

From 1961.
5. "Locomotion"

Answer: Little Eva

From 1962. I can remember everyone "chug-chug-chugging" along to this one on "American Bandstand".
6. "Sherry"

Answer: The Four Seasons

This song was released in August 1962.
7. "Baby Love"

Answer: The Supremes

From 1964. This was a "freebie".
8. "Tom Dooley"

Answer: The Kingston Trio

From 1958. "Hang down your head, Tom Dooley, hang down your head and cry ... Hang down your head Tom Dooley - poor boy, you're bound to die." How many times have we sung THIS one around the campfire?
9. "Hey Paula"

Answer: Paul and Paula

From 1963. Yet another "freebie". I remember my sisters listening to this over, and over, and over...
10. "Take Good Care of My Baby"

Answer: Bobby Vee

From 1961. There were so many "Bobbys" back then ... Thanks for taking my quiz, hope it brought back some memories .... :)
Source: Author Mimi_S

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