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Quiz about The Ultimate Beatles Lyrics Quiz
Quiz about The Ultimate Beatles Lyrics Quiz

The Ultimate Beatles Lyrics Quiz Quiz Challenge - How Much Do You Know? | Beatles, The

Well, maybe it's not the Ultimate Beatles lyrics quiz, but I'd like to think it is. I'm gonna give you a few lyrics, and you have to guess the song. Hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave

A multiple-choice quiz by docrobert66. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. "I wanna kiss you..."

All I've Got To Do
Ask Me Why
All My Loving
I Call Your Name

2. "Oh how long..." Hint

I'll Be Back
There's a Place
What You're Doing
Baby's in Black

3. "Sail me on silver sun..." Hint

Here Comes The Sun
Good Day Sunshine
It's All Too Much

4. "You don't understand..." Hint

What You're Doing
She Said She Said
With A Little Help From My Friends

5. "On my wall..."

Answer: (Three Words (NOT "If I Needed Someone"))
6. "I begged her not to go..." Hint

One After 909
Thank You Girl
This Boy

7. "I'd really sympathize..." Hint

She's A Woman
If I Fell
No Reply
Anytime At All

8. "Trying to pretend..." Hint

I'll Get You
I'll Be Back
I'll Follow The Sun
I'll Cry Instead

9. "Sail the ship..." Hint

Yellow Submarine
Sun King
Octopus's Garden
All Together Now

10. "Dead old man..." Hint

Mean Mr. Mustard
Maggie Mae
Love You To

11. "Don't pay money..."

Answer: (Two Words)
12. "Being here alone..."

Not A Second Time
Tomorrow Never Knows
Hold Me Tight

13. "Is it for her?" Hint

I Will
Thank You Girl
I'm a Loser
And Your Bird Can Sing

14. "Asked a girl..."

Answer: (Three Words)
15. "We'd meet again..." Hint

Got To Get You Into My Life
Fixing A Hole
I'll Be Back
Lovely Rita

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. "I wanna kiss you..."

Answer: All I've Got To Do

Recorded on September 11, 1963. John was trying to imitate Smokey Robinson when wrote this song in 1961.
2. "Oh how long..."

Answer: Baby's in Black

Recorded on August 11, 1964. It was one of the last true Lennon/McCartney collaborations.
3. "Sail me on silver sun..."

Answer: It's All Too Much

Recorded on May 25 & 26 and June 2 in 1967. Written about George's LSD experiences. The song lost a verse when it was edited from 8 minutes to 6 minutes.
4. "You don't understand..."

Answer: She Said She Said

Recorded on June 21, 1966. As I'm sure we all know, this song was inspired by a psychedelic encounter with Peter Fonda.
5. "On my wall..."

Answer: Two of Us

Recorded on January 31, 1969. Written about the many road trips Paul and Linda had taken.
6. "I begged her not to go..."

Answer: One After 909

Recorded on January 30, 1969. John originally wrote this song in the Quarrymen days.
7. "I'd really sympathize..."

Answer: Anytime At All

Recorded on June 2, 1964. A re-writing of the song "It Won't Be Long".
8. "Trying to pretend..."

Answer: I'll Be Back

Recorded on June 1, 1964. Del Shannon tried to help the Beatles get recognition in the US by recording their song "From Me To You". John, as a compliment, re-worked the chords of "I'll Be Back" to mimic one of Shannon's hits.
9. "Sail the ship..."

Answer: All Together Now

Recorded on May 12, 1967. Currently it's my 3 1/2 year old son's favorite song.
10. "Dead old man..."

Answer: Love You To

Recorded on April 11 & 13, 1966. John didn't play on the track. Anil Bhagwat played the tabla.
11. "Don't pay money..."

Answer: Dr. Robert

Recorded on April 17 & 19, 1966. The song is about a "doctor" who would supply rockers with the drug of their choice. Also, John has said that the song is about him because he was the one who always had some kind of pills on him to supply to the rest of the band.
12. "Being here alone..."

Answer: Hold Me Tight

Recorded on September 12, 1963. It was intended for their first album but never made it. It was released on "With the Beatles" album.
13. "Is it for her?"

Answer: I'm a Loser

Recorded on August 14, 1964. A Dylan-inspired song, it was the start of John writing of his own feelings and experiences.
14. "Asked a girl..."

Answer: Drive My Car

Recorded on October 13, 1965. The only song Paul says he remembered having trouble pulling the storyline together.
15. "We'd meet again..."

Answer: Got To Get You Into My Life

Recorded on April 8 & 11, May 18 and June 17, 1966. A simple little song about marijuana. Hope everyone had fun! Please check out my other Beatles quizzes!
Source: Author docrobert66

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