Quiz about A Fitting End
Quiz about A Fitting End

A Fitting End? Trivia Quiz

Can you identify how these famous warriors died? I will provide their name, you simply choose the manner of their death.

A multiple-choice quiz by awkins. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Very Difficult
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1. Attila the Hun. Hint

Beheaded by his enemies
Beheaded by his Hordes
Trampled by his horse after falling off

2. Alexander the Great. Hint

Complications from a sword injury
Fractured skull

3. Vlad Tepes (The Impaler). Hint

Staked through the heart
Impaled on his castle's portcullis
Beheaded by the villagers around his castle

4. Giuseppe Garibaldi. Hint

Executed by firing squad
Died during torture
Infection suffered while in a dungeon

5. William the Conqueror. Hint

Accidental horse riding injury
Arrow wound
Lance injury

6. Hernando Cortes. Hint

Killed in a battle with Aztec warriors
Died in a shipwreck
Executed for treason

7. Saladin. Hint

Killed in a seige of the Holy Land
Natural causes
Executed by order of the Catholic church

8. Hannibal. Hint

Crucified by the Romans
Trampled by elephants

9. Sitting Bull. Hint

Gored by a buffalo
Shot by Indian police
Fell in front of a train in Paris

10. Richard I. Hint

Died in prison
Wound suffered in a siege

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Attila the Hun.

Answer: Other

Born around 406 AD he died in 453 AD aged about 47. He is believed to have died on his wedding night from a nosebleed. (I'm sure the alcohol he had imbibed had something to do with it). It is also rumoured that his new wife poisoned him.
2. Alexander the Great.

Answer: Other

Born in 256 BC, he died June 13 323 BC aged 32 years and 8 months. He died from malaria fever.
3. Vlad Tepes (The Impaler).

Answer: Other

Born November or December 1431, his father was Vlad Dracul. He died towards the end of December 1476. He is supposed to have been killed by a Turkish assassin posing as a servant, but may have been killed by his own men, whilst disguised as a Turk. His head was displayed on a pike in Constantinople.
4. Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Answer: Other

Born July 4th 1807 AD died June 2nd 1882 AD. He conquered Sicily and Naples in 1860 and handed them to King Victor Emmanuel II as a reunited Italy. He died a peaceful death.
5. William the Conqueror.

Answer: Accidental horse riding injury

William I was born in either 1027 or 1028 AD and died September 9 1087 AD. During the Battle of Mantes in Normandy he was thrown against the pommel of his saddle. The impact was so violent it burst his intestines, and he died 5 weeks later.
6. Hernando Cortes.

Answer: Other

Born in 1485 AD he died December 2nd 1547 AD. No indication of the cause of death, but he did die in Spain.
7. Saladin.

Answer: Natural causes

Salah ad-Din was born around 1138 AD and died 1193 AD. He was 55 and died after a brief illness.
8. Hannibal.

Answer: Suicide

Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca, was born 247 BC and died 182 BC. He took poison, which he habitually carried for this reason, when the Romans demanded his surrender as a condition of peace.
9. Sitting Bull.

Answer: Shot by Indian police

Born Tatanka Iyotake, of the Hunkpapa Lakota tribe in 1831 AD he died December 15 1890 AD. Fearing he would join the 'Ghost Dancers' a group commited to ridding the coutry of the 'Whites', the Lakota police were sent to arrest him. His supporters resisted and during the struggle, Sitting Bull was shot and killed.
10. Richard I.

Answer: Wound suffered in a siege

The Lionheart was born September 8th 1157 AD and died April 6th 1199. He was wounded during the battle around Chalus in Limousin and died. He ruled England for 10 years, but spent only 6 months there.
Source: Author awkins

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