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54 Gladiator Trivia Questions & Answers

Gladiator .
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1 Who played Marcus Aurelius?
Answer: Richard Harris

Richard Harris was a very famous actor who starred in many films including "Harry Potter", "Patriot Games", and many more. Sadly, Richard Harris died on the 25th October 2002 due to Hodgkin's disease.
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What sculpture is above the inscripition SPQR when it shows Rome for the first time?

2 What are the names of Maximus's horses?
Answer: Argento and Scarto

Silver and Scout in Latin - the Lone Ranger and Tonto's horses!
3 'You loved my father, I know. But so did I. That makes us ________.'
Answer: brothers

'Smile for me now, brother.' *stab* And there i was....giggling like a little girl *sigh*
Question Reference: Quiz: Commodus Quotes.
4 What is the name of the tall German man that Maximus fights with?
Answer: Haken

What a humourous guy...
Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
5 In the movie, how many years had Rome been at war during Marcus Aurelius' reign?
Answer: 16

Marcus Aurelius told Maximus that Rome had been at peace only 4 years out of the 20 that he's been Caesar.
6 Who plays Maximus?
Answer: Russell Crowe

In my personal opinion he is a very good actor.
Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
7 Finish this quote: "At my signal, ______ hell."
Answer: unleash

Maximus said this to Quintus before the battle at the beginning of the film. The Romans were known to conquer anyone, and therefore, Maximus wanted to win.
8 What does the black-haired street harlot do to Maximus?
Answer: Licks his face

You had to watch closely for this one!
9 'He sleeps so well because he is ________.'
Answer: loved

He is talking about Lucius. If is obvious that he is envious of him. AWWWW!!!!
Question Reference: Quiz: Commodus Quotes.
10 What sculpture is above the inscripition SPQR when it shows Rome for the first time?
Answer: Eagle

Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
11 Which unit of Praetorian Guards was with Marcus Aurelius at the final battle of the campaign in Germania?
Answer: PraetoriaXIV

At the beginning of the movie when the Roman Army was preparing for the battle, Marcus Aurelius was shown watching the action while surrounded by the Praetorian Guard. The Guard's banner seen over the Emperor's right shoulder said 'PraetoriaXIV'.
12 What is the name of the black man Maximus must fight with sometimes?
Answer: Juba

Juba is played by Djimon Hounsou, who was in 'Amistad'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
13 What 3-word phrase did soldiers say to each other as a sign of respect?
Answer: "Strength and Honor"

Maximus and Quintus said this to each other before the battle at the beginning of the film. The soldiers also said this to Maximus as he was riding down the ranks.
14 What is thrown to the crowd in the Colosseum?
Answer: Bread

'Bread and Circuses' is a common description of the decadence of ancient Rome.
15 'I doubt if any of the people ________ so well as you, Gracchus. Or have such splendid ________, Gaius.'
Answer: eat mistresses

Surely it is so!
Question Reference: Quiz: Commodus Quotes.
16 What is the name of the tall black man that Maximus is chained to during the first fight scene?
Answer: Juba

Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
17 What letters are tattooed on Maximus' left shoulder?
Answer: SPQR

18 Who directed this movie?
Answer: Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott also directed the movies "Black Hawk Down" and "Hannibal".
Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
19 Proximo said this to Maximus: "But as for me? I'm an _________."
Answer: entertainer

Proximo said that Maximus would die for honor, for Rome, and for his ancestors. However, Proximo was just an entertainer.
20 What is the name of Maximus's legions?
Answer: Felix

'Felix' means 'fortunate, lucky, successful.'
21 'I'm terribly ________.'
Answer: vexed

I would be too!
Question Reference: Quiz: Commodus Quotes.
22 What is Maximus's full name?
Answer: Maximus Decimus Meridius

Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
23 Where did the merchant say he bought Juba before selling him to Proximo?
Answer: a salt mine

When Juba told Proximo that his trade was hunting, the merchant said that he had bought him from a salt mine in Carthage.
24 What is the last name of Maximus?
Answer: Meridius

Maximus Decimus Meridius. What a name!
Question Reference: Quiz: Gladiator.
25 Which senator helped Maximus conspire against Commodus?
Answer: Gracchus

Gracchus wanted to help Maximus because he didn't like how the emperor ran Rome. Derek Jacobi, who starred as Claudius in the television series "I, Claudius", played Gracchus.