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1 In "Grease", who says, "I'm savin' up to get me some wheels"?
Answer: Kenickie

Kenickie says this to Sonny. He told him he got a job lugging boxes at Bargain City. Sonny was making fun of him for getting the job.
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What song did Stephanie sing when she kept being asked out by a certain someone?

2 British exchange student, Michael Carrington, was introduced to the pupils of Rydell as "a straight-A student", immediately putting him on the back foot, much like his cousin before him. But who was his cousin?
Answer: Sandy Olsson

Poor Michael found himself in the spotlight from the get-go, as well-meaning headmistress, Miss McGee, announced his arrival, and his intelligence, to the entire school. However he did have one ally, in the form of Frenchy, who took him under her wing and looked out for him, mainly because he was the younger cousin of her good friend Sandy, (from the first "Grease" film). Nevertheless, Michael did spend much of the film as an outcast, and spent a large portion of his time alone.
3 What extracurricular activity did Sandy join when she first started at Rydell High?
Answer: Cheerleading

On the first day of school, Patty Simcox introduced herself to Sandy and said she hoped to see her at cheerleading tryouts, as on the cheerleading squad they would "have lots of fun and become life-long friends!" Sandy did join the cheerleading squad, and was seeing cheering at the pep rally a few days later, where the girls re-introduced Sandy to Danny. This was when Danny tried to act cool in front of his friends, rather than sweet like he'd been with Sandy over the summer.
4 This quiz begins with a song named the same as the movie. The opening credits roll and Frankie Valli sings... "We take the pressure and we throw away. _______ belongs to yesterday. There is a chance that we can make it so far. We start believing now but we can be who we are." What word is missing?
Answer: Conventionality

"Grease" tells of the adventures of a group of 1950s US high school kids. These lyrics are from the movie's title song, sung by Frankie Vallie. This track reveals of the kids' desire to throw off the old conventions, and to carve-out their own youthful culture.
The song "Grease" was written and produced by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. Frankie Vallie has previously enjoyed considerable success in the early 1960s, as lead singer with The Four Seasons.
5 Michael needed to make money to buy a motorcycle. Which T-Bird approached him first, and offered to pay him cash if Michael wrote his essays for him?
Answer: Louis

When Michael realised the secret to winning Stephanie's heart was to become a "Cool Rider", he figured he needed some quick cash to buy a motorcycle. So he agreed to do the T-Birds' papers for them in exchange for money.
6 What did Goose put up the flagpole at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: somebody's instrument

When everyone was gathered at the beginning to dance, this one guy was carrying a very large instrument and bumped into Goose with it, by accident. We all know the T-Birds can sometimes be mean to others, so Goose grabbed the instrument and hung it on the flagpole. Not very nice!
7 "If we could start over, I wouldn't hesitate. I'd gladly take you back, and tempt the hands of fate"?
Answer: Tears On My Pillow

'Grease' was released in theaters on March 27, 1978 and was directed by Randal Kleiser. The setting was mainly Rydell High. Cast members included John Travolta as Danny, Olivia Newton-John as Sandy as Stockard Channing as Rizzo.
8 What was the color of Danny's shirt at the dance?
Answer: Pink

The suit that Danny wore had a pink shirt, handkerchief, and socks.
9 Who is the only 'student' character to star in the sequel, the imaginatively named "Grease 2"?
Answer: Frenchy

Frenchy is played by Didi Conn who possibly has one of the most wonderful voices ever! The sequel is not a patch on the original.
10 What is the name of the car that Kenickie buys, dubbed by Danny?
Answer: Greased Lightnin'

While they are singing the song "Greased Lightnin'" the car turns out to be white with silver lightning bolts.
Question Reference: Quiz: Grease!.
11 Who from the school's faculty ran the talent show?
Answer: Miss Mason, Miss McGee and Blanche

Miss Mason, Miss McGee and Blanche really enjoyed taking part in Rydell High's talent show.
12 "Did you get very far?"
Answer: Putzie and Doody

Putzie was played by Kelly Ward. While watching this part, you can tell that two of the guys are singing this first part, not one.
Question Reference: Quiz: "Grease" Lyrics.
13 'Just like my _______.'
Answer: brother

The song title is 'We Go Together'.
14 'Have you...have you ever read a ________________?'
Answer: superman comic

Michael wants to tell Stephanie that he is the mystery man on the bike, but chickens out. During this scene they are in the chemistry room where Frenchy was practicing.
15 What is Sandy's last name in the film?
Answer: Olsen

Even though Sandy is mocked by Rizzo as 'Sandra Dee,' her last name is actually Olsen, but in the play, it's Dumbrowski.
16 What is the name of the high school that the T-Birds and Pink Ladies attend?
Answer: Rydell

The school is named after Bobby Rydell, a singer and teen idol from the 1950s.
17 Which T-Bird is Rhonda with?
Answer: Goose

Rhonda Ritter is with Goose McKenzie.
18 Where did Kenickie work over the summer?
Answer: Bargain City

While the other T-birds collected allowances from the parents, Kenickie was 'lugging boxes at Bargain City.'
Question Reference: Quiz: Grease.
19 What is Michael's last name?
Answer: Carrington

Michael's last name is Carrington. He came from England.
20 What was Rizzo's first name?
Answer: Betty

Remember when she was in the back of the car with Kenickie? She said Rizzo said, "Could you call me by my first name?" and told Kenickie that her real name was Betty.
21 What was the nurse missing on her first day of school?
Answer: Castor Oil

Question Reference: Quiz: Grease.
22 Where is Sandy from?
Answer: Australia

23 He showed off splashing around...
Answer: Summer Nights

Sandy sings it.
24 Where do Sandy and Danny meet over the summer?
Answer: The Beach

25 Where are Sandy and Danny at when the movie first begins?
Answer: the beach