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230 Friday The 13th Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Friday The 13th? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Friday The 13th (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 "Pt. 1": We all know that Alice decapitated Pamela with a machete. Can you name the only other death in the original film that incorporated the series' iconic weapon?
Answer: A snake

The snake was actually killed during filming. Tom Savina (makeup artist) came up with the idea after discovering a snake in his own cabin while on set.
  From Quiz: The Victims of the "Friday the 13th" Series
2 Who arrived at the shore of Crystal Lake as Alice was pulled under by Jason in "Friday the 13th"?
Answer: The police

Alice had been playing strip Monopoly with Bill Brown (Harry Crosby) when she noticed it was raining and decided to go back to her cabin. After the rainstorm died down, Alice and Bill noticed that no one else was around. They didn't know that people at Camp Crystal Lake had been getting murdered all day long. Later, after finding Bill's body, Alice ran to Mrs. Voorhees, who told Alice that her son Jason had drowned at Crystal Lake because the camp counselors weren't paying any attention, and the current camp should've never been reopened. She tried to kill Alice, but Alice chopped off her head. The next morning Alice awoke floating in a canoe on Crystal Lake. She saw the police waving at her as Jason, looking like a corpse, jumped out of the water and pulled Alice into the lake.
  From Quiz: House of Jason
3 In the beginning of the film, we heard singing from the camp counselors. The scene progressed to a cabin with a name on the door. What animal was the cabin named after?
Answer: Fox

On the front of the door of the cabin was a plaque identifying it as fox. The plaque had two brown arrows outlined in yellow. The two arrows crossed each other to form the letter X. The background of the board was a faded red. Underneath the arrows was the word "fox" written in yellow. We saw the door of the cabin open, but we did not see who opened it. The person entered the room and looked around at the sleeping children. The intruder continued to look around the room and saw board games and a couple of badminton racquets.
  From Quiz: The Original "Friday the 13th" Film
4 What happened at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958, that resulted in its closure?
Answer: Became site of several murders

Back in 1958, when the story begins, two camp counselors, Claudette and Barry, waited until the children spending their summer at Camp Crystal Lake were occupied to make their way into a loft to spend time together. Claudette was worried that someone would find them and, sure enough, someone did. While the two of them started making out, a figure ascended the stairs, surprising the two of them. The figure killed Barry, stabbing him in the stomach before advancing on Claudette.

Fast-forward to the present day...on Friday the 13th no less...
  From Quiz: Friday the 13th (1980)
5 As a young boy at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957, Jason was involved in a traumatic incident that resulted in everyone believing him to be dead for the following two and a half decades. What was the alleged cause of death?
Answer: He drowned in the lake.

In the original "Friday the 13th", we learn that Jason drowned because the lifeguards were making love in the bushes instead of watching him. The supposed drowning was the "original sin" that brought evil to the area, and the two lifeguards' murder the following year was the first in a string violent incidents that would culminate in Jason's murderous rampage years later.
  From Quiz: Jason: Life and Times
6 What famous actress does Marcie quote?
Answer: Katharine Hepburn

It has just started to rain so Jack and Marcie run into a nearby cabin. Jack lights a candle to get some light in the room. Jack and Marcie make love in bunk beds. They don't realize Ned's dead body is in the top bunk. Marcie tells Jack she needs to use the bathroom. Marcie runs to the bathroom in the pouring down rain. Through an exterior window, we see Marcie go into one of the stalls. As Marcie is in the stall the killer enters the bathroom. The killer sees Marcie's feet and flashlight underneath the stall. While Marcie is in the stall she hears a noise. She thinks it is Jack and calls his name several times. Marcie goes to the sink to wash her hands. She looks into the mirror and does an impression of Katharine Hepburn. Marcie says, "When I looked into that mirror, I knew I'd always be ugly. I said, Lizzie you'll always be plain." Marcie hears a sound coming from the shower. She thinks it may be Ned and calls his name. Marcie goes into the showers to investigate the noise. She opens the shower curtain and there is no one there. As she is in one stall, we see the shadow of an axe being raised. Marcie turns around and sees the axe. The killer lowers the axe into Marcie's head. Marcie falls to the floor dead.

Katharine Hepburn is a true legend of the silver screen. She was nominated for a total of twelve Oscars in her film career. She won four of the awards. Her last Oscar win was in 1982 for "On Golden Pond".
  From Quiz: Friday the 13th
7 What is the killer's name in the first "Friday the 13th"?
Answer: Pamela Voorhees

Pamela, Jason' mother, is played by Betsy Palmer in the inaugural film of the series. She is killing the camp counselors because she is extremely angered by their carelessness in letting her son, Jason, drown.
  From Quiz: General "Friday the 13th" Knowledge
8 Jason sneaks up from behind and drives an icepick through a girl's temple.
Answer: Friday the 13th Pt. 2

This, presumably, is Jason's first murder. It takes place at the start of "Part 2", when Jason kills the girl who decapitated his mother at the end of the original.
    Your options: [ Friday the 13th Pt. 3: 3-D ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 4: The Final Chapter ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 6: Jason Lives ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 2 ]
  From Quiz: "Jason" Through The Years
9 Who wrote the original "Friday the 13th"?
Answer: Victor Miller

Victor Miller wrote the movie "A Stranger is Watching". He also has written for the soap opera "One Life to Live". He currently (2004) writes for the soap opera "All My Children".
  From Quiz: "Friday the 13th" Quiz
10 Who is Jason's mother?
Answer: Pamela Voorhees

Jason's mother Pamela Voorhees was the original killer from "Friday the 13th". She was played by Betsy Palmer.
  From Quiz: Jason Voorhees: Machete Master
11 What has Camp Crystal Lake's name been changed to?
Answer: Camp Forest Green

Camp Packanack is a camp near Crystal Lake and the setting for "Friday The 13th Part 2". Higgins Haven is the setting for "Friday The 13th Part 3".
  From Quiz: Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
12 What is the name of the female character that survives the first "Friday", only to be ousted in the first sequel?
Answer: Alice

Played by Adrienne King.
  From Quiz: "Friday the 13th": The Survivors
13 Kane Hodder played Jason in this movie. In which of the sequels did he first play Jason?
Answer: Part VII: The New Blood

In "Part 9", you can see Hodder in a dual role as Jason and a security guard in the morgue!
    Your options: [ Part VII: The New Blood ] [ Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan ] [ Part IV: The Final Chapter ] [ Part IX: Jason Goes to Hell ]
  From Quiz: 'Jason X'!
14 Within a few minutes after the start of the 1st scene they show a cabin with kids sleeping inside. What does the sign on the door say?
Answer: fox

You have to look fast to see this one.
  From Quiz: Original 'Friday the 13th'
15 "Pt. 2": After Jason had dispatched Alice for killing his mother, who was his second victim?
Answer: Crazy Ralph

Ralph did his best to warn the visitors of Crystal Lake that there was a killer on the loose. He was often made fun of because of his belief that anyone who dared intrude upon Camp Blood was "Doomed!" It was a shame to see Crazy Ralph go out like that.
  From Quiz: The Victims of the "Friday the 13th" Series
16 What was the name of Terry's dog in "Friday the 13th Part 2"?
Answer: Muffin

The people at the training camp for camp counselors noticed the remains of a dead dog, and thought it could have been Terry's dog, Muffin, but they decided not to tell Terry. That night Terry stayed behind at the camp in case Muffin showed up. Meanwhile, Ginny (Amy Steel) told her friends that maybe Jason didn't drown all those years ago. Maybe he lived by himself in the woods, but he happened to see his mother get decapitated in the previous movie. He could be an "out-of-control psychopath". Meanwhile, the man in the wheelchair got a machete to the head. Later, Ginny was chased by Jason, and ran into Jason's cabin, where she saw the head of Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer). Ginny's boyfriend showed up and they fought Jason and ran away. Later, they were in a cabin when they heard a sound at the door. The door was opened. Muffin was there, still alive, wagging its tail. Then Jason crashed through the window and grabbed Ginny!
  From Quiz: House of Jason
17 What instrument was Claudette playing in the main cabin during the sing-along?
Answer: Guitar

Claudette was singing the song "Hallelujah" while she played the guitar and sang with the other counselors. Claudette and her boyfriend, Barry, were both singing with the other counselors. They however were only looking at one another during the entire song. Claudette finished the song and handed the guitar off to the person next to her. She never took her eyes off Barry when she passed the guitar over. Barry and Claudette both went off together to make out in the camp's barn.
  From Quiz: The Original "Friday the 13th" Film
18 What name do the locals use for Camp Crystal Lake?
Answer: Camp Blood

Annie heads to Crystal Lake, walking a part of the way and hitchhiking the rest. Stopping in at a local general store she asks for directions and gets nervous reactions from the patrons; they seem unaware that someone is planning to reopen the park -- Annie's there to become a counselor. One of the diners, a truck driver, offers her a ride towards the camp. En route to his truck, however, Annie is approached by a crazy, old man who warns her that she'll never come back again. "It's got a death curse!" It doesn't stop her, however -- she's too bubbly and excited.
On the ride, the driver tells her what happened at Camp Crystal Lake so many years ago -- the place is jinxed and two kids were murdered in 1958; one kid drowned in 1957; in 1962 they found out the water was bad. She should quit. Ask anybody.
He drops her off in front of a cemetery and she walks on.
  From Quiz: Friday the 13th (1980)
19 How many people does Jason kill in the first "Friday the 13th" movie?
Answer: 0

In the first movie, Jason's mother Pamela does the killing, all in the name of avenging the death of her son. The story has it that Jason witnessed her death at the climax of the first movie, and took over the killing spree himself in the sequel.

The fact that Jason had survived in the woods all those years after the supposed drowning without anyone knowing is all the more amazing considering that his own mother was in and out of those same woods on several occasions reaping murderous havoc. Accepting this improbability, however, is paramount to being able to appreciate the films in this series.
  From Quiz: Jason: Life and Times
20 Who is Jason's first kill in "Friday the 13th Part 2" (1981)?
Answer: Alice

Alice survived the first film, but at the begining of the second, she goes down to the kitchen to make some food. At first, she hears a noise but it is just a black cat. Then, she opens the refrigerator, and is scared by the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees. Finally, a stranger (Jason) comes up from behind her and stabs her in the temple with an ice pick.
Crazy Ralph was also in the first film, and was also killed off in the second. Annie and Marcie were kills in the first film.
  From Quiz: A History of "Friday the 13th"
21 How does Alice die?
Answer: She doesn't die.

Alice is the only survivor of the the killer's spree. She finds all of her friends dead one by one. Alice runs into the cabin and barricades herself inside. She ties a rope around the doorknob and then places several pieces of furniture in front of the door to secure it. She runs through the cabin and closes all the curtains. She sees a jeep pull up and thinks it is Steve's. She removes all the obstacles she placed in front of the door. She runs outside to meet Steve. Mrs. Voorhees steps out of the jeep and Alice stops dead in her tracks. She asks Pamela who she is. Pamela tells her she used to work for the Christy's, Steve's parents. Alice tells Pamela everyone is dead. Pamela goes into the cabin and sees Brenda's dead body. Pamela then tells Alice about the death of her son, Jason. She tells Alice it is her fault Jason is dead. Pamela pulls out a knife to kill Alice with. Alice manages to escape from Mrs. Voorhees. Alice runs down to the lake to hide, but Pamela finds her. Pamela has a machete, but Alice knocks it out of her hand. The two start to fight and Alice knocks Pamela backwards. Alice runs to the machete and then chops off the head of Pamela.
  From Quiz: Friday the 13th
22 Jason rams a girl's face through the wall of an RV.
Answer: Friday the 13th Pt. 6: Jason Lives

This is one of the more memorable murders, when he pulled a girl into the bathroom of a moving RV and slammed her face into the mirror, resulting in a perfect imprint of her face in the outer wall of the RV.
    Your options: [ Friday the 13th Pt. 7: The New Blood ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 4: The Final Chapter ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 3: 3-D ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 6: Jason Lives ]
  From Quiz: "Jason" Through The Years
23 Who wrote, "Friday the 13th Part 2"?
Answer: Ron Kurz

Martin Kitrosser and Carol Watson wrote, "Friday the 13th Part 3". Barney Cohen wrote "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter".
  From Quiz: "Friday the 13th" Quiz
24 What happened to cause the mayhem at Camp Crystal Lake?
Answer: Jason drowned in the lake

Jason drowned after falling (or being pushed) into Crystal Lake. The camp counselors were not paying attention to the children, and did not notice the drowning boy.
  From Quiz: Jason Voorhees: Machete Master
25 Which actor plays Jason's rival Tommy Jarvis?
Answer: Thom Mathews

Corey Feldman played a young Tommy Jarvis in "Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter". Shepherd played Tommy in "Friday The 13th: A New Beginning".
    Your options: [ Thom Mathews ] [ John Shepherd ] [ Corey Feldman ] [ Corey Haim ]
  From Quiz: Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
26 Name the female character who survived Jason's wrath in 'Part 2'.
Answer: Ginny

Played by Amy Steel.
    Your options: [ Ginny ] [ Chris ] [ Trish ] [ Anne ]
  From Quiz: "Friday the 13th": The Survivors
27 Enis gives Annie a lift, trying to help her get to Camp Crystal Lake. What is the phone number on the passenger side door?
Answer: 347-1063

You have a real good shot of this when Enis is helping Annie into the truck.
  From Quiz: Original 'Friday the 13th'
28 "Pt. 2" Who was the first victim that Jason killed with his favored weapon, the machete?
Answer: Scott Cheney

Maybe if Scott wasn't teasing Terry by stealing her clothes, he wouldn't have stepped in that snare. "The prankster" stereotype usually doesn't fare too well at Crystal Lake.
  From Quiz: The Victims of the "Friday the 13th" Series
29 Who hit Jason with an ax in "Friday the 13th Part III"?
Answer: Chris

Chris went to her family farm with some friends after having been away. Eventually, she told her boyfriend in the woods that she went away because a man with an ugly face had attacked her one night. By the time they returned to the farm, all her friends had been killed by Jason, who had killed a silly man wearing a hockey mask, so Jason decided to wear the mask from then on. After making her boyfriend's eyes pop out, Jason chased Chris, who ran away from Jason to the barn. When Jason came after her, she swung an ax into his head.
  From Quiz: House of Jason
30 While Barry and Claudette made out in the loft of the barn someone followed them into the barn. What product did Claudette throw at her attacker?
Answer: Claudette threw a box of Brillo pads at her attacker.

The attacker came up the stairs of the barn to the loft. The attacker saw Barry and Claudette making out. Claudette gave Barry a nasty look because the two of them got caught. Barry jumped up and fastened his belt; he tried to explain that they were only making out. The attacker stabbed Barry in the stomach and he fell onto some rolls of gardening fences. Claudette frantically tried to escape her attacker. She moved from place to place in a vain attempt to escape. She picked up several boxes including the box of Brillo pads and threw it at her attacker. We did not see how Claudette died, but instead saw a close up frozen frame of her screaming.
  From Quiz: The Original "Friday the 13th" Film
31 Where does Jason commit his first ever act of murder?
Answer: In a kitchen

In the opening scene of "Friday the 13th Part 2", Jason kills Alice, the lone survivor of "Friday the 13th", with an ice pick in the kitchen of her home, two months after Alice killed Pamela at the conclusion of the first movie. In doing so, Jason simultaneously avenges his mother's death and begins what will be an extremely prolific run as a mass murderer.

The killing is one of Jason's most impressive, considering that, without having had an education or socialized upbringing, he is able to find out where Alice lived, travel to her home, break in, murder her, and return to Crystal Lake in time for the next batch of teenagers, all without being detected.
  From Quiz: Jason: Life and Times
32 In "Friday the 13th Part 5" (1985), who is a copycat killer of Jason?
Answer: Roy Burns

Roy Burns acts as a copycat killer to avenge the death of his son, Joey, who was killed by Vic, a patient at a mental institution, with an axe to his back. Roy was a paramedic who arrives at the scene of his son's death. At the scene, the other paramedic, Duke, makes jokes about the scene, which angers Roy. Duke is later butchered in his ambulance. The Sheriff described him as a loner.
  From Quiz: A History of "Friday the 13th"
33 What beverage does Alice make while waiting for Bill?
Answer: coffee

Bill goes out to check the camp's generator. Before he leaves he lights a lantern for himself and Alice. Alice is asleep on the couch when Bill leaves. Alice wakes up and screams, "Bill". She sees the lighted lantern and realizes Bill is fixing the generator. She goes into the kitchen and puts a tea kettle on to boil some hot water. She removes two cups from the shelf. She adds a spoonful of coffee and sugar to each cup. She is looking out the window waiting for Bill to return. She leaves the cabin to go look for Bill. She goes to the generator and Bill is not there. She closes the door to the generator and there is Bill. He has been shot with three arrows, one is actually in his eye. The arrows have Bill pinned against the door of the generator's shed. Alice screams and runs back to the main cabin.
  From Quiz: Friday the 13th
34 Whose hand pulls Jason's mask to hell at the very end of "Friday the 13th Part IX: Jason Goes to Hell"?
Answer: Freddy Kruger

This sets up for "Freddy Vs. Jason", in which Freddy needs to be remembered. He uses Jason to kick start the memories of himself, and then he is able to kill. Freddy reaches out of the ground and pulls Jason's mask down to hell right after Jason is officially killed by a family member.
  From Quiz: General "Friday the 13th" Knowledge
35 Jason traps a girl in her sleeping bag and bashes her against a tree.
Answer: Friday the 13th Pt. 7: The New Blood

The sleeping bag thing was repeated in 'Jason X', but in that one there were two girls, and he swung the one at the other, not against a tree.
    Your options: [ Friday the 13th Pt. 6: Jason Lives ] [ Jason X ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 4: The Final Chapter ] [ Friday the 13th Pt. 7: The New Blood ]
  From Quiz: "Jason" Through The Years
36 In "Friday the 13th Part 3" who played Chris?
Answer: Dana Kimmell

Dana Kimmell starred in the movies "Lone Wolf McQuade", and "Sweet 16". Dana Kimmell was also on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives".
  From Quiz: "Friday the 13th" Quiz
37 Who was Jason's father?
Answer: Elias Voorhees

Jason's father is Elias Voorhees. This information is found on several fan sites, as well as mentioned in "Jason Goes to Hell".
  From Quiz: Jason Voorhees: Machete Master
38 How is Jason brought back to life?
Answer: lightning

Tommy stabs Jason's body with a metal post which is hit by lightning, bringing Jason back to life. In "Friday The 13th Part VII: A New Blood" Jason is resurrected by a psychic teenager.
  From Quiz: Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
39 Which character suvived the hockey masked Jason in 'Part 3'?
Answer: Chris

Played by Dana Kimmell.
    Your options: [ Chris ] [ Vera ] [ Andy ] [ Shelly ]
  From Quiz: "Friday the 13th": The Survivors
40 In which "Friday the 13th" movie have we previously seen Jason go sleeping bag bashing?
Answer: Part VII: The New Blood

This is my favorite scene in 'Jason X'.
    Your options: [ Part VII: The New Blood ] [ Part VI: Jason Lives ] [ Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan ] [ Part V: A New Beginning ]
  From Quiz: 'Jason X'!
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