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30 Inside Out Trivia Questions & Answers

Inside Out
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1 What was the name of the little girl who was the center of "Inside Out"?
Answer: Riley

When the movie began Riley had just been born. The movie centered around her pre-teen years. Riley was voiced by Kaitlyn Dias.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
2 "Inside Out" was the third Pixar film to be directed by this studio regular:
Answer: Pete Docter

Pete Docter previously directed Pixar feature films "Monsters, Inc." (2001) and "Up" (2009). He also co-wrote the "Inside Out" story with Ronnie Del Carmen and the screenplay with Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley. "Inside Out" was the second of Docter's films (following "Up") to receive an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. "Monsters, Inc." lost to "Shrek" from competitor studio DreamWorks. Main character Riley is modeled after Pete's daughter Elie.
3 "Inside Out" tells the story of the emotions of a young girl, Riley, and does so by personifying each of her major emotions. Voiced by Amy Poehler, which is the first emotion to appear in the brain of the main human character, Riley?
Answer: Joy

In the opening scene, the baby Riley opens her eyes to the world for the first time and experiences joy at seeing her parents for the first time. Unfortunately, this only lasts for 33 seconds before another emotion, Sadness, appears, and Riley proceeds to cry.
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4 What was the first emotion that appeared on the day the little girl was born?
Answer: Joy

Joy was the first emotion to appear the day Riley was born. When Sadness appeared next, Joy commented that for thirty three seconds Riley had joy. Fear, Anger, and Distrust appeared as Riley got older.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
5 In addition to co-writing the screenplay for "Inside Out", Josh Cooley voiced this character from Riley's subconscious:
Answer: Jangles the Clown

The character of Jangles the Clown reveals Riley's fear of clowns (coulrophobia) stemming from Jangles' appearance at her third birthday party. When Bing Bong is put into Subconscious, he is imprisoned in a balloon cage on top of a sleeping Jangles. Several Pixar employees have confirmed that Jangles was a tribute to Joe Ranft, often called the "Heart and Soul of Pixar", who used to dress up like a clown occasionally. Jangles also resembles the clown doll Chuckles from "Toy Story 3" (2010).
6 Early in the movie, Riley and her parents move from Minnesota to a new city because her father has a new job at a startup. What city do they move to?
Answer: San Francisco

Some of the problems faced by Riley's family in San Francisco are discovering that their house is tiny and dilapidated, finding that California-style pizza uses broccoli (ew!) as a topping, and realizing that the moving van with their possessions won't arrive for weeks.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
7 Who voiced the role of the emotion Joy?
Answer: Amy Poehler

Joy was voiced by Amy Poehler. She was dressed in green with vibrant blue eyes and matching blue hair. Sadness, blue with matching hair and white turtleneck, was voiced by Phyllis Smith. Fear, lavender with glasses, was voiced by Bill Hader. Anger, red with fire shooting out of the top of his head, was voiced by Lewis Black. Disgust, green with matching hair, was voiced by Mindy Kaling.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
8 What event causes the Train of Thought to derail?
Answer: Destruction of Honesty Island

The Train of Thought travels all over Riley's mind and delivers supplies like daydreams, facts and opinions, and memories. Bing Bong advises Joy and Sadness to take the Train of Thought back to Headquarters, and they spend much of the movie trying to catch the Train. When Honesty Island is destroyed by Riley stealing money from her mother's purse, so are the Train's tracks, and the Train falls into the Memory Dump. The locomotive appears to be modeled after the LNER Class ES1 electric locomotive.
9 At the beginning of the movie, Riley has five "Islands of Personality" that reflect major aspects of her personality. Which one of the following Islands of Personality does NOT appear then?
Answer: Fashion Island

The five early islands are Goofball Island, Friendship Island, Hockey Island, Honesty Island, and Family Island. Fashion isn't part of Riley's personality until the end of the movie when she moves into her teenage years (along with Boy Band Island and Tragic Vampire Romance Island).
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
10 Where did the young girl and her parents move to from Minnesota?
Answer: San Francisco

Riley and her family moved from Minnesota to San Francisco for her dad's job. Riley's mom found her a junior hockey league and Riley could walk to school from where she lived. Joy thought the Golden Gate Bridge would have been made out of gold, because of the name.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
11 The Subconscious is guarded by two guards, voiced by this famous comedic duo:
Answer: Dave Goelz and Frank Oz

Goelz and Oz are best known for their voice and puppeteer work with Jim Henson's muppets. Goelz is the voice of Gonzo (and other characters) and Oz is the voice of Fozzie Bear (and other characters). In "Inside Out", Dave Goelz plays Subconscious Guard Frank, while Frank Oz plays Subconscious Guard Dave. The scene between the two guards in which they discuss which hat belongs to whom is a tribute to a hat-swapping scene in Samuel Beckett's play "Waiting for Godot".
12 What incident triggers the crisis that leads to Joy and Sadness being ejected from HQ?
Answer: Riley breaks down crying at school

All of these incidents occur during the film, but when Riley starts crying in school, Sadness begins to touch Riley's core memories, turning them from happy to sad. Joy, whose goal is to keep Riley happy, isn't having any of this. A tug-of-war over Riley's core memories causes Joy and Sadness to fly out of HQ and prevent Riley from feeling either emotion while they are gone.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
13 What was not one of the young girl's islands of personality?
Answer: Homework

The islands of personality shown in Riley's mind were goofball, family, friendship, honesty, family, and hockey. They each had their own walkway from the main headquarters where Riley's emotions lived.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
14 Toddler Riley's vocalizations were not created for "Inside Out" but were instead recycled dialogue of this actress:
Answer: Mary Gibbs

Mary Gibbs provided the voice of Boo from Pete Docter's first Pixar film, "Monsters, Inc." (2001). She is listed in the credits of "Inside Out." Amy Poehler provides the voice of Joy in "Inside Out". Maeve Andrews was one of the two children to provide vocalizations for baby Jack-Jack Parr in Pixar's "The Incredibles" (2004). Peigi Barker was the voice of young Merida in Disney-Pixar's "Brave" (2012), and her singing talent was discovered through her casting.
15 During the course of the movie, we get a view into the minds of other characters and their emotions. While Joy is the unofficial "leader" of Riley's HQ, which two emotions apparently "lead" Riley's mother and father?
Answer: Mother - Sadness; Father - Anger

Mom's HQ has Sadness sitting in the center, probably due to Sadness's ability to empathize and care for others (which is shown in another scene with Bing Bong). Dad has Anger in the middle and Fear addresses him as "sir", indicating Anger is Dad's primary emotion. Also, Dad's "screen" onto the world is rectangular, while both women's screens are ovals.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
16 Which one of the young girl's islands of personality was the first to crumble?
Answer: Goofball

After Joy and Sadness disappeared from headquarters and ended up in long-term memory, Riley started acting out. When Riley wouldn't act goofy with her dad, the goofball island of personality crumbled into lost memories. When Riley had a fight with her friend in Minnesota, the friendship island crumbled. After losing a goal in hockey try-outs, Riley got mad and her hockey island disappeared. When Riley stole money from her mother's purse, the honesty island disappeared.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
17 True to form, "Inside Out" includes the Pizza Planet delivery truck first seen in "Toy Story" (1995). In fact, the vehicle appears at least three times in this film! Which of the following is NOT one of the appearances by the Pizza Planet truck?
Answer: In a memory orb when Riley goes to Yeast of Eden for pizza

Other "Easter eggs" from the "Toy Story" trilogy: (1) One of Riley's classmates is wearing a camouflage pattern made up of "Toy Story" characters; (2) One of Riley's classmates wears the same skull shirt as Sid's in "Toy Story"; (3) The stars from the Buzz Lightyear aisle in "Toy Story 2" are reused for Riley's bedroom stars; and (4) The globe in Riley's classroom appeared in Andy's room, in all three "Toy Story" films.
18 Which of the following areas of Riley's mind do Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong enter to re-activate the Train of Thought?
Answer: Dream Productions and Subconscious

The Train of Thought only runs when Riley is awake, so Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong try to make a film in Dream Productions to wake her up. Joy seems to think a happy dream is what will do the trick, but her happy antics don't do anything. Only when they go into Riley's Subconscious to bring out Jangles the clown does the dream become scary enough for Fear to wake Riley up. This is one of the events in the film which helps Joy realize that the other emotions are just as important as she is.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
19 What was the young girl's favorite sport to play?
Answer: Ice hockey

Riley has memories of learning to skate as a little girl and playing hockey. She was a player on the Minnesota Prairie Dogs. Her dad was a coach. When they moved, Riley's mom found a junior hockey league that was having try-outs.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
20 Pixar movies are famous for their "Easter eggs" in which a tiny tidbit foreshadows an upcoming Pixar feature release. In "Inside Out", Riley recalls the family's trip across the country in which they took a picture with this character from Pixar's November 2015 release, "The Good Dinosaur":
Answer: Forrest Woodbush, a styracosaurus

Riley's family takes a picture with a statue resembling Forrest, and their car accidentally rolls into a statue of Arlo, the main character in "The Good Dinosaur" (2015), an apatosaurus. "The Good Dinosaur" was not originally slated for release until 2016 but was moved up to the November 2015 slot to allow additional production time for "Finding Dory" (2016). "Inside Out" also includes a reference to both movies in Imagination Land. A stack of board games includes the game with "Find Me" on it, and beneath that is a game called "Dinosaur World".
21 How do Joy and Bing Bong get out of the memory-destroying pit known as the Memory Dump?
Answer: Only Joy gets out after Bing Bong sacrifices himself

Joy and Bing Bong find Bing Bong's rocket cart in the Dump, which can fly towards the moon when the Bing Bong Song is sung. They jump in and sing the song in an attempt to get out before they fade away. However, their combined weight repeatedly drags the wagon down just as they near the top of the Dump. On the third run, Bing Bong jumps out so that Joy can escape, and after asking Joy to take Riley to the moon for him, fades away like all the other memories that fall in the dump.

Bing Bong is the first "heroic" character in a Pixar film to essentially "die" onscreen. He is voiced by Richard Kind.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
22 The young girl's imaginary friend Bing-Bong was made up of several different animals. What creation was Bing-Bong?
Answer: Elephant/cat/dolphin

Bing-Bong was made of pink cotton candy and cried candy. He had the body of an elephant, the tail of a cat, and made dolphin sounds. Joy and Sadness found Bing-Bong in Riley's Imagination Land. When Bing-Bong and Joy fell into lost memories, Bing-Bong sacrificed himself to make sure Joy helped Riley. Bing-Bong was voiced by Richard Kind.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
23 Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend, was voiced by a veteran of many Pixar films. Who provided Bing Bong's voice?
Answer: Richard Kind

Among Richard Kind's other voice roles for Pixar are the Bookworm in "Toy Story 3," Molt in "A Bug's Life", and Van in "Cars" and "Cars 2."

John Ratzenberger has also been prolific in Pixar films. Ratzenberger had a voice role in every Pixar feature film from 1995 to 2016. Pixar refers to Ratzenberger's voice as their "Lucky Charm". In "Inside Out", Ratzenberger voices the character of Fritz, a maintenance worker in Riley's brain who appears near the end of the movie to install a new control console.

Joe Ranft had a voice role in every Pixar movie until his death during the production of "Cars".
24 What is the product being marketed by the annoying commercial that Riley "will never forget"?
Answer: chewing gum

The earworm jingle plays several times throughout the movie to illustrate how certain memories are extremely hard to forget!

"TripleDent Gum
Will make you smile
TripleDent Gum
It lasts a while
TripleDent Gum
Will help you, mister
To punch bad breath right in the kisser
TripleDent Gum!"
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
25 In Imagination Land, Joy and Sadness met the young girl's imaginary boyfriend. Where did her imaginary boyfriend say he lived?
Answer: Canada

When Joy and Sadness ran into Imagination Land, they found Land of Fries, Princess Dream World, Cloud City, Graham Cracker Lane, and House of Cards. Riley's imaginary boyfriend told Joy and Sadness he lived in Canada.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.