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Inside Out Trivia Questions

Inside Out There are 30 questions on this topic. Last updated Dec 10 2023.
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26 Which of the following is NOT one of the areas visited by Joy and Sadness while trying to return to Headquarters?
Answer: Hockey Island

At the beginning of the movie, Riley has five Islands of Personality, each created by a different core memory. Following Riley's move to San Francisco, each of the Islands is destroyed as the Island is summoned without the core memory. Joy and Sadness do not visit Hockey Island before it is destroyed during Riley's hockey team tryouts in San Francisco. They do reach Family Island, and Joy uses the trampoline located there to help propel the pair back to Headquarters.
27 Which emotion takes charge in the end to successfully resolve the crisis caused by Riley's running away?
Answer: Sadness

Even though Joy tries to push Sadness aside many times in the film, at the end Joy realizes that Sadness is an essential part of Riley's personality and is the best emotion for this situation, as expressing Sadness causes Riley to get help from others. Even though many of Riley's core memories are tinged with sadness in the process, Riley now has core memories associated with multiple emotions, unlocking even more powerful Islands of Personality.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
28 Which emotion was responsible for causing the young girl to consider running away?
Answer: Anger

Anger thought he was doing a good job by giving Riley the idea to run away and go back to Minnesota. Anger thought if Riley's memories were of Minnesota and that's where she was happy, that she would be happy again if she ran away and went back to Minnesota. Joy and Sadness were able to fix it when they returned to headquarters. Joy gave the controls to Sadness and Sadness returned Joy to her family. Sadness gave Riley the chance to be sad about moving and to cry in her parent's arms.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.
29 At the close of the movie, Riley's Islands of Personality have been restored, albeit in a modified form. Which of the following new islands is also created?
Answer: Fashion Island

The new islands include Boy Band Island, Tragic Vampire Romance Island, and Fashion Island. New sections are also added to the previously existing Islands, such as the newly created "friendly argument" section of Friendship Island, which is much appreciated by Anger.
30 Which of the following people directed "Inside Out"?
Answer: Pete Docter

Pete Docter has been with Pixar since the beginning, being the third animator hired by the studio. In addition to "Inside Out", he directed both "Monsters Inc." and "Up" (which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature). Brad Bird directed "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille"; Andrew Stanton directed "A Bug's Life", "Finding Nemo", and "WALL-E"; and John Lasseter is the head of Pixar.
Question Reference: Quiz: Inside Out.