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102 Love Actually Trivia Questions & Answers

Love Actually
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1 Pat works for David. What does she do for him?
Answer: Housekeeper

You are introduced to Pat near the beginning of the film, as David (Hugh Grant, the Prime Minister) walks into his new home and is immediately introduced to his new members of staff. Pat is seen as an old lady, very nice and obviously a housekeeper. The Prime Minister - David - says that her job should be easier than it was last time, as he has no teenagers, babies or 'scary wives'.
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Harry risks his marriage to embark upon an affair with his assistant at work. What is her name?

2 Which British city is "Love Actually" set in?
Answer: London

We know this is London because some of the film is set inside Number 10 Downing Street, London (where the Prime Minister of Great Britain lives). The film is written and directed by Richard Curtis. The film follows a variety of couples, including the Prime Minister and his staff. The film starts five weeks before Christmas and counts down in weeks as the film goes on.
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3 The film's first story consists of Billy Mack (played by Bill Nighy), an aging rock musician, and his manager as they promote his new Christmas single. What song does he remake during the film?
Answer: "Love is All Around" by The Troggs

The film opens with Billy Mack in the recording studio, creating his new single, a rip-off of The Troggs' hit song, with a version he calls "Christmas is All Around". The movie tracks Billy's progress with the single, appearing on radio interviews, television music shows, and elsewhere as he tries to promote it all the way to the No. 1 spot (past the single in the running by boy band, Blue, whose poster he defaces on live TV). Somehow, Billy always manages to make things difficult for his manager, but in the end the two of them come to the realization that their platonic love for one another is what gets them through it. While Billy and his manager have no clear connection with any of the other characters in the film, his song and TV appearances can be heard and seen in the background of the movie.
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4 I'm a huge Hugh Grant fan so I get a kick out of David's tentative courtship of Natalie, the tea-lady at 10 Downing Street. The running joke about Natalie in the movie is her weight. What does Natalie's father call her?
Answer: Plumpy

Everyone - with the exception of David - seems to think that Natalie (played by Martine McCutcheon) is overweight and comments ranging from the size of her thighs to the width of her seat are repeated over and over. All I can say is, if the curvaceous Ms McCutcheon is overweight, then I'm positively grotesque!

Like Natalie in 'Love Actually', McCutcheon hails from 'the dodgy end' of London. Her biological father was an abusive husband and father. Martine's first memory is that of being dangled from a balcony by her father who threatened to drop her if her mother didn't do what he said! When Martine was ten, her mother married John McCutcheon, and Martine took his name.

Martine always knew that she wanted to be an actress. The family could not afford the fees for drama school, so Martine wrote a very persuasive letter to a Church of England trust, and bless them, they agreed to sponsor her! She studied dance and drama at the Italia Conti School in London.

The singer/actress starred in the popular BBC soap 'Eastenders' as Tiffany Raymond, who got bumped off rather spectacularly on the show aired on New Year's Eve, 1998.
5 This movie is set around which holiday?
Answer: Christmas

There is Christmas music throughout the entire film and tons of lights and trees. In fact, the movie opens with Billy Mack singing a Christmas song in the studio.
6 Which of the girls, who Colin meets in Wisconsin, is "the sexy one"?
Answer: Harriet

Colin meets three beautiful girls in Wisconsin. They offer to let him stay with them, but they only have one bed and they can't afford pajamas. To make it even more crowded, they have to share the bed with one more girl. Her name is Harriet. They say that Colin will like her, because she is "the sexy one".
7 Why doesn't Juliet believe Mark is in love with her?
Answer: Mark never talks to her

After watching Mark's tape of her wedding, Juliet realizes that Mark is in love with her. She says in disbelief, "But you never talk to me. You always talk to Peter."
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8 What is the name of Sam's mum and Daniel's wife, whose funeral occurs at the beginning of the film?
Answer: Joanna

This is also the name of the girl that Sam is in love with.
9 Which popular British television series did "Love Actually" director Richard Curtis co-write?
Answer: Blackadder

He co-wrote the series with comedian Ben Elton.
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10 Hugh Grant plays a single guy who just got a new job. What was his new job?
Answer: Prime Minister

The President of the United States is played by Billy Bob Thornton.
11 Which film do Sam and his step-dad Daniel watch?
Answer: Titanic

Sam has been spending all his time in his room since his mum, Joanna, died. When he finally tells his step-dad what is wrong, you find out that he is in love with a girl at his school. They try to think of a plan but then end up just watching 'Titanic' anyway. You see a small piece of the film, with Leonardo DiCaprio taking Kate Winslet to the edge of the boat and asking, "Do you trust me?". Then you see Sam and his step-dad doing the same.

The actor who plays Sam (Thomas Sangster) is also in multiple other films, including 'Nanny McPhee'.
12 Where does Jamie Bennett go after his girlfriend cheats on him?
Answer: His holiday house

Jamie Bennett is played by Colin Firth and he first appears when preparing to go to Juliet and Peter's wedding. When he comes back before the reception, he discovers that his girlfriend is having an affair with his brother. After this he moves to his holiday home and falls in love with his Portuguese housekeeper, Aurelia.
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13 Jamie (played by Colin Firth) is the second character whose story makes an appearance in the film. He eventually falls in love with his housekeeper. What language does he learn to please her?
Answer: Portuguese

The first time we see Jamie, he's leaving to attend a wedding (along with several of the other characters). He kisses his girlfriend on the cheek and heads out. Returning home, he finds that she's been cheating on him with his brother. He goes to his house in France to write his new book and begins to fall in love with his Portuguese housekeeper, Aurelia. Often times, the two of them talk to each other in their respective languages, not knowing that they are either in agreement or angry with one another. When Jamie returns to London, he starts taking Portuguese lessons and travels to her hometown to find her. The two are seen together at Heathrow Airport in the end of the film, after their encounter in France (involving her Portuguese family and most of the people at the restaurant where she is employed). It turns out that she has been learning English too.
Question Reference: Quiz: Love, Actually.
14 Who plays Carol, the woman Daniel meets at the school concert?
Answer: Claudia Schiffer

German supermodel/actress Claudia Schiffer plays a cameo role as Carol in 'Love Actually'. Ever since she hit the big time in modelling, as the new face of Chanel No. 5 perfume in the 1980s, the statuesque (5'11") blue-eyed blonde has been one of the world's most recognizable women and has achieved 'dreamgirl' status for millions of men around the world. Schiffer is married (as of 2007) to British film producer Matthew Vaughn and they live in England with their two children.

Prior to her appearance in 'Love Actually', Schiffer is mentioned twice: at the funeral for Joanna, Daniel's wife/Sam's mother, Daniel (played by Liam Neeson) tells the congregation that his late wife wanted him to bring Claudia Schiffer as his date to the funeral, and later in the movie, Daniel jokingly tells Sam that if and when Claudia Schiffer moves in, Sam will have to move out! And lo and behold, Claudia Schiffer plays Carol, the woman with whom we hope Daniel will find a second chance at happiness. Nice touch.
15 The character Mark is in love with his best friend's wife, played by who, among the following?
Answer: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is stunning as a blonde in this movie, however I almost didn't recognize her, as she is typically brunette. You can also see her in "Bend it Like Beckham", and "Pirates of the Caribbean".
16 To whom is this said "I bet you didn't have these kinds of problems"?
Answer: Margaret Thatcher

David, who has recently been elected Prime Minister, is saying this to a framed painting of Margareth Thatcher, when he is sitting alone in his office. His problem is that he has fallen for Natalie, a girl who works for him. David doesn't want love to interfere with his work.
17 Which character is known for his/her surprises?
Answer: Mark

Peter asks Mark before the wedding if there will be any surprises, and at the end of the ceremony again asks Mark if resisted the temptation for surprises. This is right before he and Juliet are surprised with an impromptu performance by some wedding attendees and a hidden choir; a surprise gift from Mark.
Question Reference: Quiz: Love Actually.
18 What do Jack and Judy (the naked couple) make small talk about the first time you see them?
Answer: Traffic

Jack is played by Martin Freeman who plays Tim in 'The Office'.
19 Newlyweds Juliet and Peter are suprised, during their wedding ceremony, by a singer backed by a gospel choir, singing "The Beatles" hit "All You Need is Love". Which British singer starred as the wedding singer?
Answer: Lynden David Hall

Peter's best man, Mark, organized the performance, complete with an orchestra and brass section sitting in the pews!
Question Reference: Quiz: Love Actually.
20 Who does comeback rockstar Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) say was "rubbish" in bed?
Answer: Britney Spears

One of my favorite characters, Billy says if his 'crappy' single becomes #1 on Christmas countdown, he will play live on TV in the nude.
21 Karen tells Daniel to cook something for Sam to 'perk him up'. What is it?
Answer: Chicken kebabs

Karen (played by Emma Thompson) and Daniel (Liam Neeson) are best friends, both with children.

Daniel takes Karen's advice and cooks Sam chicken kebabs whilst Sam is practicing his drums in his bedroom. However, Karen's plan doesn't work, as Sam replies, "I'm not hungry!". When Daniel tells him what he has made, he simply says, "Look at the sign on the door", which reads 'I said - I'm not hungry'.
22 What part does Daisy, Karen's daughter, play in the school nativity play?
Answer: The first Lobster

All the local Wandsworth schools take part in the play. Before the play David bumps into his sister, Karen and you can see her carrying the lobster costume. You can see Daisy briefly singing a song. There are three lobsters in the play. Other usual parts include an Octopus and Spiderman.
Question Reference: Quiz: Love Actually.
23 Daniel's (Liam Neeson's) wife passes on before the events of the film and some of the characters attend her funeral. After her passing, Daniel becomes the guardian of her stepson, Sam. Daniel tells Sam that he and his mother made a deal: if she were to die, she would expect him to meet which woman?
Answer: Claudia Schiffer

While Daniel and Sam are both clearly heartbroken by the loss of their wife and mother, the two of them stick it out together, relying on each other's company to get through the holidays. At one point, Daniel tells Sam that he knew his love life would be over some day if Sam's mother had passed on, but if he ever met Claudia Schiffer, he'd have to reconsider (as per a 'deal' with his wife). In the end of the film, Daniel meets a mother at a school play (played by Claudia Schiffer) and the two are seen together at Heathrow Airport in the epilogue of the film.
Daniel is connected to the web of characters in the film by Karen (played by Emma Thompson) who is both married to Alan Rickman's character and the sister of the British Prime Minister (played by Hugh Grant).
Question Reference: Quiz: Love, Actually.
24 One of the love stories in 'Love Actually' is about a writer whose live-in love betrays him by having an affair with his brother. The writer, crushed, decamps to the south of France where he owns a house and falls in love with his cleaning lady. Who plays the writer?
Answer: Colin Firth

Colin Firth burst into stardom on both sides of the Atlantic when he appeared as Mr. Darcy in the BBC TV production of 'Pride and Prejudice'. That role led to film stardom in such movies as 'The English Patient' (he played Geoffrey Clifton), 'Shakespeare in Love' (Lord Wessex), 'Bridget Jones's Diary' (Mark Darcy) - his first movie co-starring with Hugh Grant, 'The Importance of Being Ernest' (Jack Worthing), 'Nanny McPhee' (Cedric Brown) - his first co-starring role with Emma Thompson and Thomas Sangster, and a reprise of his role as Mark Darcy in 'Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason'. Firth is married (as of 2007) to Italian documentary film maker Livia Giuggioli and they have two sons. Apart from his busy film career, Firth is something of a political activist, interested in the rights of refugees.

In 'Love Actually' Andrew Lincoln plays Mark, Martin Freeman plays Jack and Kris Marshall plays Colin. Jamie's cleaning lady is played by Portuguese singer/actress Lucia Moniz.

Just as an aside, is anybody else bothered by that extra 's' in 'Bridget Jones's Diary'? The possessive form of Jones is Jones', isn't it? Where is Lynne Truss when you need her?
25 Hugh Grant plays the Prime Minister in this film and has a recurring song. Which is it?
Answer: Jump

This song is by the Pointer Sisters and Hugh Grant does a funny little dance to it, until he realizes one of his employees is watching him. It's hilarious. This song also plays later in the film when he goes looking for his love interest, Natalie.