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1230 Lord of the Rings Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Lord of the Rings? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Lord of the Rings (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 In "The Fellowship of the Ring", what is the name of the ferry the hobbits use to escape the Black Riders?
Answer: Bucklebury Ferry

Frodo tells Merry that he needs to get to Bree, so Merry tells him "Buckleberry Ferry".
  From Quiz: The Big Trio. "The Lord of the Rings"
2 Ext., River. Arwen halts her horse and turns back towards the river, raising her hands in a magical gesture. Arwen: "You shall not pass!" Which race of creatures was soon to regret their decision not to heed this warning?
Answer: Nazgūl

After Frodo was wounded at Weathertop, Arwen carried him to Rivendell for healing, pursued by five of the nine Nazgūl. Fording a river, she arrives in her homeland, where she has a powerful connection to nature, causing the waters of the river to rise and sweep away the Nazgūl. While this powerful magic saves her and Frodo from immediate danger, the Nazgūl survive, losing only their horses. They would later reappear riding flying fell beasts.
    Your options: [ Orcs ] [ Uruk-Hai ] [ Trolls ] [ Nazgūl ]
  From Quiz: You Shall Not Pass!
3 The most obvious parallel is the One Ring (in Middle Earth) compared to the Nibelungen Ring (the saga that inspired Richard Wagner). How do the movies emphasise the parallel?
Answer: The One Ring has a golden colour.

"One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them, one Ring to bring them all, and in darkness bind them." The One Ring is as shiny as gold, although we later find out that it was made from the molten material in Mount Doom. The Nibelungen Ring was made of the gold treasure hidden in the river Rhine.
Sauron, who forged the One Ring, is shown only once in his physical appearance: in the beginning of "Fellowship of the Ring", we can notice a giant Sauron striking at Isildur's army. The Nibelungen Ring was forged by a dwarf, named Alberich.
When someone puts on the One Ring, the bearer becomes invisible. The Nibelungen Ring has no such qualities, but the Nibelungen saga mentions a helmet (the Tarnhelm) that allows shape-shifting. The one who bears the Tarnhelm can assume the physical appearance of any man or animal he thinks of.
Water can't destroy the One Ring. This is proven when Isildur loses the One Ring, and it sinks to the bottom of a lake only to be discovered several centuries later. The One Ring can only be destroyed by the fire in Mount Doom, where it was made. The cause of destruction of the Nibelungen Ring is unclear: at the end of the story, Brunnhilde rides into a pyre to destroy the Nibelungen Ring, and at the same time the river Rhine floods and destroys all the world.
  From Quiz: Historical Analogies with "LOTR"
4 Where was the entire trilogy of the "Lord of the Rings" filmed?
Answer: New Zealand

The mountains, the hill tops, the trees and all the other scenery of this location created J.R.R. Tolkien's land of Middle Earth. It took four years to go to all the locations in New Zealand to create the world of Middle Earth but Peter Jackson and his crew made it through the years and finally finished the trilogy in 2003.
  From Quiz: Locations in the "Lord of the Rings" Films
5 The documentary shows long excerpts of a live performance of the Symphony in which city?
Answer: Montreal, Canada

The documentary was filmed in early 2004, prior to and during the performance of the Symphony in Montreal. Few cities have had the privilege of hearing the Symphony live, and even fewer have seen the concert with Howard Shore himself conducting.
    Your options: [ Wellington, New Zealand ] [ Montreal, Canada ] [ London, England ] [ New York City, USA ]
  From Quiz: "The Lord of the Rings" - Creating the Symphony
6 Which famous animator created the "Lord of the Rings" animated movie?
Answer: Ralph Bakshi

Bakshi has created many animated features. Another major film for fantasy fans is "Wizards".
  From Quiz: The Animated "LOTR"
7 The members of the fellowship all attempt to cross a bridge and one does not make it across. Which "Lord Of The Rings" movie did that happen in?
Answer: The Fellowship Of The Ring

This happens in the Mines of Moria when Gandalf falls. In "The Two Towers", we find out that his fall was not the end of him. Once he defeats the Balrog, he becomes Gandalf the White.
    Your options: [ The Two Towers ] [ None of them ] [ The Return Of The King ] [ The Fellowship Of The Ring ]
  From Quiz: Which "Lord Of The Rings" Movie Was It?
8 How does Frodo know Sam?
Answer: Sam is Frodo's gardener

The Old English words for 'hole dweller' are hol bytla. This is thought to be the origins for the word Hobbit.
  From Quiz: Not another 'LOTR' Quiz 2
9 The girls all think I'm lovely, My locks are bright and blonde, And up until quite recently, Of Dwarves I was not fond. Who am I?
Answer: Legolas

Legolas was the blonde haired, blue-eyed Elf who was lethal with a bow and charming with his looks.
  From Quiz: More "Lord of the Rings" Character Riddles
10 What two animals are seen when the Hobbits are in the 'Inn of the Prancing Pony'?
Answer: A cat and a ferret

The black cat and the ferret are only on screen for a few seconds.
  From Quiz: Animals in "The Lord of the Rings"
11 Who played Samwise Gamgee?
Answer: Sean Astin

Sean Astin made his first feature film at age 14, playing Mikey Walsh in "The Goonies". He has been in over 25 films, including "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, in which he plays Samwise "Sam" Gamgee. He has also co-directed his own films such as "Kangaroo Court" and "The Long and Short of It". He has also directed some episodes of WB's "Angel".
Samwise Gamgee, the Baggins's gardener (at Bag End up in Hobbiton) comes along on the journey to Mordor as Frodo Baggins' trusty servant and best friend. He helps Frodo along throughout the trip and is somewhat the hero. He helped Frodo when he was captured by orcs in Mordor and carried the Ring himself for a while, while he was nursing Frodo back to health.
  From Quiz: Actors and Actresses from "Lord of the Rings"
12 In the commentary, it was noted that he passed gas in the scene where the four hobbits ran from Farmer Maggot's field and fell.
Answer: Frodo Baggins

Played by Elijah Wood. He remarked that it was "pressure gas." It wouldn't have happened if Dominic Monaghan had not have landed on him.
    Your options: [ Meriadoc Brandybuck ] [ Frodo Baggins ] [ Samwise Gamgee ] [ Peregrin Took ]
  From Quiz: Actors in "The Lord of the Rings"
13 Aragorn first met Frodo where?
Answer: Bree

In Bree at the Pancing Pony right after Frodo used the ring the first time and Aragorn makes his first appearance to the hobbit: "You draw far too much attention to yourself... Mr. Underhill."
  From Quiz: Aragorn, Ranger or King?
14 What is the name of the first movie in the trilogy?
Answer: The Fellowship of the Ring

'The Two Towers' is the 2nd part. 'The Return of the King' is the 3rd part. 'The Hobbit' was the first of Tolkien's novels set in Middle-earth.
  From Quiz: 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy
15 In "The Fellowship of the Ring", Merry and Pippin are punished for taking some fireworks. What type of punishment do they receive?
Answer: Washing dishes

During Bilbo's birthday party, we see Merry and Pippin washing dishes for stealing some fireworks from the back of Gandalf's wagon.
  From Quiz: The Big Trio. "The Lord of the Rings"
16 Where was the set of Hobbiton filmed?
Answer: Waikato

The entire Hobbiton village was created in the hillsides of the Waikato, which is in Matamata. This set is the furthest north out of all the places Peter Jackson and the crew and actors filmed. Found in Northern New Zealand, Matamata's grass and hills were perfect for the peaceful scenes.
  From Quiz: Locations in the "Lord of the Rings" Films
17 What is the name of the actor who plays Faramir of Gondor?
Answer: David Wenham

Faramir is the younger son of Denethor and Finduilas, the younger brother of Boromir, and Captain of Gondor. His mother died when he was only five years old, and growing up his father always seemed to favor Boromir over him.
Ian Holm plays Bilbo, while Bean plays Farmair's older brother Boromir and Andy Serkis does the voice and movements of Gollum.
In my opinion, Wenham plays the perfect Faramir.
  From Quiz: Lord of the Rings
18 The composer was obviously interviewed for the "Creating the Lord of the Rings Symphony" DVD. Who else was interviewed?
Answer: No one else was interviewed

Howard Shore was the only one interviewed. He mentions Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens, but they do not appear in the DVD.
  From Quiz: "The Lord of the Rings" - Creating the Symphony
19 When did the animated version come out?
Answer: 1978

One common criticism of Bakshi's version is the very seventies "big hair" sported by several of the characters.
  From Quiz: The Animated "LOTR"
20 Sam uses Sting to kill some Orcs. Which "Lord Of The Rings" movie had that happen?
Answer: The Return Of The King

Frodo dropped his sword after Shelob got him, and Sam used it to kill the Orcs who had taken Frodo.
    Your options: [ The Two Towers ] [ None of them ] [ The Fellowship Of The Ring ] [ The Return Of The King ]
  From Quiz: Which "Lord Of The Rings" Movie Was It?
21 Who do we see arrive first for the council of Elrond?
Answer: Boromir

Elrond has a twin brother called Elros. They are the sons of Earendil and Elwing, a mortal hero and an Elven princess.
  From Quiz: Not another 'LOTR' Quiz 2
22 Bill the Pony accompanies the Hobbits, Aragorn, and later the rest of the Fellowship, from where to where?
Answer: Bree to the Walls of Moria

Aragorn releases Bill outside the Walls of Moria. He tells Sam, "Mines are no place for a pony. Even one so brave as Bill." He then tells Sam not to worry as Bill knows the way home.
  From Quiz: Animals in "The Lord of the Rings"
23 Who does the actress Liv Tyler play?
Answer: Arwen

Liv Tyler is the daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer Steve Tyler. She never took acting lessons, yet has been in over a dozen movies, including the "Lord of the Rings" movies. She also starred in "Armageddon", where she played Grace Stamper, the daughter of the oil driller and hero Harry Stamper. She started modeling at the age of 14 and is famed for her height and beauty.
Arwen Undomiel, Evenstar of her people, and daughter of Lord Elrond of Rivendell, is in love with the heir to the throne of Gondor and Ranger, Aragorn son of Arathorn. In the end of the trilogy she does marry Aragorn and becomes Queen Arwen.
  From Quiz: Actors and Actresses from "Lord of the Rings"
24 He stepped on a piece of glass, hurting his foot and delaying shooting of a scene in "The Fellowship of the Ring."
Answer: Samwise Gamgee

Played by Sean Astin. Dominic Monaghan had also stepped on something during a rehearsal. It was a splinter, during the Buckleberry Ferry scene, and not nearly as serious as Sean Astin's injury in the scene where he runs to Frodo's boat in the water.
    Your options: [ Meriadoc Brandybuck ] [ Samwise Gamgee ] [ Boromir, son of Denethor ] [ Aragorn, son of Arathorn ]
  From Quiz: Actors in "The Lord of the Rings"
25 "I do not know what _____ is in my blood."
Answer: strength

"I do not know what strength is in my blood but I swear I will not let the White City fall." Said at the death scene between Boromir and Aragorn after the battle with the Orcs and Boromir is slain.
    Your options: [ strength ] [ boldness ] [ courage ] [ belief ]
  From Quiz: Aragorn, Ranger or King?
26 It is Bilbo's 111th birthday. What is the year according to Shire's reckoning?
Answer: 1400

The year is given during the voice-over in the Extended Edition of "Fellowship of the Ring." Bilbo's birthday is on the 22nd of September. Though it is not mentioned in the movies this day, according to the book, is also Frodo's birthday.
  From Quiz: Concerning Hobbits
27 Who acts the role of Gandalf the wizard?
Answer: Sir Ian McKellen

Sean Connery was allegedly in the running for the role. Christopher Lee plays the wizard Saruman. Sir Ian Holm plays hobbit Bilbo Baggins.
  From Quiz: 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy
28 In "The Fellowship of the Ring", Frodo and Sam run into Merry and Pippin while fleeing farmer Maggot's place. What do they find shortly after that?
Answer: Mushrooms

When running from farmer Maggot the hobbits fall down a hill and land where some wild mushrooms are growing. They bag them for later use.
  From Quiz: The Big Trio. "The Lord of the Rings"
29 Which place in Middle Earth was filmed in Wellington?
Answer: Moria

Moria was one of the studio scenes of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. It was filmed at Wellington's three foot six studios all around Camperdown Rd. There were no stone halls in the mountains in New Zealand and the effects, such as the water monster and Balrog, made it hard to shoot in an actual location. Wellington, where all the studios were, is the capital of New Zealand.
    Your options: [ Chetwood Forest ] [ The Dead Marshes ] [ Fangorn Forest ] [ Moria ]
  From Quiz: Locations in the "Lord of the Rings" Films
30 What does Howard Shore cite as the primary inspiration for the music he wrote for "The Lord of the Rings?"
Answer: The written works of J.R.R. Tolkien

Howard Shore indicates that he constantly had Tolkien's books open while he composed the music. He mentions that just about everyone in the crew was inspired by the written works of Tolkien as well.
  From Quiz: "The Lord of the Rings" - Creating the Symphony
31 What injury does Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) get?
Answer: he broke 2 of his toes

Actually, he got two different injuries, if a chipped tooth he got when he received a blow on the face by a prop sword can be counted as an injury. In the scene when Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli are in the piled carasses of the Uruks that the Rohirrim slaughtered in the night and looking for remnants of the Hobbits Pippin and Merry, Aragorn yells his grief and frustration. Peter Jackson, the director, had him do the shot where he kicks the helmet again and again because Pete wanted to shoot Viggo kicking the helmet towards the camera and flying above and beyond it. After so many takes, Viggo yells, kicks the helmet, yells again and drops to his knees and everyone's wondering why he did that. Apparently, it was because he had broken his toes. Pete decided to keep that shot because he felt that the "grief" was heartfelt.
  From Quiz: "Lord Of The Rings" Extended Version
32 What was the animation technique used in the animated version of "LOTR"?
Answer: Rotoscoping

Rotoscoping was invented in the early 20th century. It consist of filming a live action and then animating it over top, using the film as a guide. Bakshi used it for many of the human and monster characters.
  From Quiz: The Animated "LOTR"
33 In which "Lord Of The Rings" movie did Haldir die?
Answer: The Two Towers

Haldir is killed at the Battle of Helm's Deep. He was played by Craig Parker.
    Your options: [ The Return Of The King ] [ None of them ] [ The Fellowship Of The Ring ] [ The Two Towers ]
  From Quiz: Which "Lord Of The Rings" Movie Was It?
34 Who does Aragorn say he is a friend of during his first meeting with Boromir?
Answer: Gandalf

Boromir is the eldest son of Denethor the Second, Ruling Steward of Gondor. He was born in the year 2978 of the Third Age.
  From Quiz: Not another 'LOTR' Quiz 2
35 A flock of black birds, spies of Saruman, fly over the Fellowship. What sort of birds are they?
Answer: Crebain

The Fellowship see the flock flying towards them and it is Legolas who exclaims, "Crebain from Dunland." Legolas doesn't say this very clearly and I have heard one woman say that she thought it sounded more like 'Cranberries from Dublin.'
  From Quiz: Animals in "The Lord of the Rings"
36 He was 30 years old when "The Lord of the Rings" started shooting and is the oldest of the four actors playing the hobbits in the Fellowship.
Answer: Peregrin Took

Pippin is of course played by Billy Boyd.
    Your options: [ Samwise Gamgee ] [ Peregrin Took ] [ Frodo Baggins ] [ Meriadoc Brandybuck ]
  From Quiz: Actors in "The Lord of the Rings"
37 To whom did Aragorn say this? "If by my life or death I can protect you, I will."
Answer: Frodo

Said after Frodo announced that he would take the ring to Mordor and the Fellowship begins to form:
Aragorn - "You have my sword."
Legolas - "And you have my bow."
Gimli - "And my axe." (Legolas isn't sure about that.)
Boromir - "You carry the fate of us all little one. But if it is the will of the council then Gondor will see it done."
Then Elrond gets overrun with hobbits.
  From Quiz: Aragorn, Ranger or King?
38 What is the name of the book that Bilbo is writing?
Answer: There and Back Again : A Hobbit's Tale

The first chapter of the book, which you see Bilbo beginning to write in the Extended Edition of "Fellowship of the Ring" is 'Concerning Hobbits.'
  From Quiz: Concerning Hobbits
39 Where were the movies filmed?
Answer: New Zealand

Peter Jackson's home country and an ideal setting for Middle-earth.
  From Quiz: 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy
40 In "The Return of the King", Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas travel a certain road to where the dead live. Name that road.
Answer: Dimholt

Elrond gives Aragorn the remade sword and asks him to take the Dimholt road to summon the Army of the Dead to fight for him.
    Your options: [ Ghost ] [ Dimholt ] [ Dead ] [ Mountain ]
  From Quiz: The Big Trio. "The Lord of the Rings"
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