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160 Return of the King Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Return of the King? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Return of the King (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 While taking the Dimholt road, Legolas is explaining how the Army of the Dead came to be cursed. Complete his quote from the extended footage. "Who shall call them from the _______ twilight? The _________ people."
Answer: grey, forgotten

The rest of what Legolas says is, "The heir of him to whom the oath they swore. From the north shall he come. Need shall drive him. He shall pass the door to the Paths of the Dead." He is speaking of Aragorn.
  From Quiz: 'ROTK'-Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead 2
2 John Rhys-Davies was given the last makeup "face" that he had to wear as "Gimli". What did he do with this "face?"
Answer: He burned it

The crew were very well aware how frustrated John Rhys-Davies was with the makeup, given all the irritation and the itching it caused. So the man behind "Gimli" was invited to put the last makeup face to the fire, already conveniently set in a nearby trash container.
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" - The Cast Says Goodbye
3 The famous 7-minute sequence featuring the final confrontation with Saruman is restored in the Extended Edition. Grima's anger at Saruman finally drives him to kill his master. Who kills Grima?
Answer: Legolas

After Grima stabs Saruman in the back, Legolas lets loose yet another amazing shot and drives an arrow through Grima's chest. Theoden is willing to forgive Grima, saying that he was formerly a man of Rohan, while Pippin becomes curious about the palantir that falls from Saruman's grasp. Eowyn is not present in this scene.
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" Extended Edition
4 Who tells Aragorn about the corsair ships (or the Black Ships)?
Answer: Both Gandalf and Elrond

Gandalf tells Aragorn just before leaving Rohan for Minas Tirith, "You must come to Minas Tirith by another road. Follow the river. Look to the black ships." Later at Dunharrow, Elrond comes to see Aragorn and tells him " secret he sends another force which will attack from the river. A fleet of corsair ships sails from the south. They'll be in the city in two days." Elrond tells Aragorn this to stress the fact that they need more men, because they are riding to battle, but not to victory. Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the Army of the Dead capture the fleet and sail the ships to the harbor.
  From Quiz: 'ROTK'- Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead
5 Who is NOT in the group that rides up to talk to Treebeard at Isengard?
Answer: They're all there

Six horses approach Treebeard, their riders are Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf, Eomer, Theoden and Gamling. Legolas carries Gimli, Eomer carries Merry and Aragorn carries Pippin. Merry and Pippin were already at Isengard, and the others have just arrived from the Battle of Helm's Deep.
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" - End of the Adventure
6 Who did Pippin dance with in the Golden Hall?
Answer: Merry

The words to the song that Pippin and Merry sang as they danced were:

Oh you can search far and wide,

You can drink the whole town dry,

But you'll never find a beer so brown

As the one we drink in our home town!

You can keep your fancy ales,

You can drink them by the flagon,

But the only brew for the brave and true,

Comes from the Green Dragon!
  From Quiz: Cuddly Little Hobbits
7 In the beginning of the movie we see Legolas standing on a balcony with Aragorn. Complete this quote that Legolas says while looking out at the night sky. "The eye of the enemy is _______."
Answer: moving

Shortly after Legolas sees that the Eye of Sauron is moving, Pippin looks into the Palantir. Legolas does not know that Pippin is doing this but he suddenly looks concerned and announces, "He is here". Aragorn and Legolas rush inside to see what had happened and they find Pippin screaming in pain with the Palantir glowing in his hands. Aragorn takes the Palantir and shortly after Gandalf covers it with a cloak.
  From Quiz: "LOTR: The Return of the King" - Legolas Luck
8 The title "Return of the King" refers to one of the main characters, who is he?
Answer: Aragorn

As mentioned in the first movie, Aragorn (son of Arathorn) is actually heir to the throne of Gondor. He finally takes his rightful place and takes up Narsil, the broken sword, so as to help Frodo, and to fulfill his destiny.
  From Quiz: Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King
9 After helping the Ents win the battle at Isengard, two Hobbits sit down to relax and enjoy "a few well-earned comforts." Who said the following? "I feel like I'm back at the Green Dragon after a hard day's work."
Answer: Pippin

Pippin says this while he and Merry are smoking and eating outside the gate after the battle at Isengard has ended. Merry's reply to this was, "Only you've never done a hard day's work." Aragorn, Legolas, Gandalf and Gimli arrive right after this, overjoyed to find Merry and Pippin safe at last.
  From Quiz: The End Has Come
10 Who is the King described in the title "Return of the King"?
Answer: Aragorn

Yes, it is Aragorn. Considering he's the heir to the throne of Gondor, it makes sense that he's the King.
  From Quiz: LOTR: Return of the King
11 The first scene of the film is set in the past. Who is the recurring character that we see in this scene, before the ring took a hold of him?
Answer: Smeagol

Sméagol and his cousin find the ring in the river, while fishing. Sméagol strangles his friend just so that he can possess the ring of power.
  From Quiz: The Return Of The King
12 After being crowned king, who did Aragorn bow before?
Answer: Frodo, Sam, Merry & Pippin

When the Hobbits tried to bow before the newly crowned king, he called them friends, and told them that they bowed before no man. After Aragorn bowed before them, so did the entire population of Minas Tirith.
  From Quiz: Return of the King
13 Those closest of friends, Legolas and Gimli, engage in a serious drinking contest in which "the last one standing wins". The stoic Legolas defeats the brash Gimli, but who officiates the contest?
Answer: Eomer

This is one of the few scenes given to Karl Urban in all of "The Return of the King". He absolutely shines later on, when he finds his sister on the battlefield of the Pelennor and believes her to be dead.
    Your options: [ Theoden ] [ Pippin ] [ Merry ] [ Eomer ]
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" Extended Edition
14 What word is NOT used to describe the effect that being in the shadow of the mountain has on the men and horses assembled at Dunharrow?
Answer: enthusiastic

The men are all very subdued and wary of being near the haunted mountain. Legolas says, "The horses are restless, and the men are quiet." Eomer replies, "They grow nervous in the shadow of the mountain." After Legolas identifies the Dimholt Road, Eomer replies, "None who venture there ever return. That mountain is evil".
  From Quiz: 'ROTK'- Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead
15 Back at Edoras in the Golden Hall, Theoden honors those who were lost at Helm's Deep with, "Hail the victorious dead". Everyone raises their tankards with "Hail". Who is standing beside Aragorn?
Answer: Gamling

Aragorn pauses before drinking, remembering his friends who died at Helm's Deep, such as Haldir, while Gamling drains his tankard.
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" - End of the Adventure
16 After placing a helmet on Merry's head, what did Eowyn call Merry?
Answer: A true esquire of Rohan

Soon after, Eowyn was to say to her brother, Eomer, concerning Merry:

"Why should Merry be left behind; he has as much cause go to war as you! Why can he not fight for those he loves?"
    Your options: [ A champion ] [ A cute little fellow ] [ A true esquire of Rohan ] [ A warrior as brave as any other ]
  From Quiz: Cuddly Little Hobbits
17 What is the chronological order of the owners of the One Ring?
Answer: Sauron, Isildur, Deagol, Smeagol/Gollum, Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Frodo, Smeagol/Gollum

Obviously, Sauron (the "Lord of The Rings") was the very first owner of the One Ring. He did, after all, make the Ring. He was defeated by Isildur, who cut off his fingers using Narsil, and ownership passed to him. When the Ring betrayed him, it then remained in the bottom of a river for 2,500 years until Deagol picks it up. Smeagol then kills Deagol and becomes the new owner of the Ring as well as obtaining a new name: Gollum. It stays with Gollum for 500 years before abandoning him and being found by Biblo Baggins. After 60 years, Bilbo leaves the Ring for Frodo (Hobbits seem to be the only ones able to willingly let go of the Ring; first Bilbo then Sam). Frodo is then tasked with destroying the Ring, and he undertakes the journey which the trilogy is all about. Along his journey, Sam obtains temporary ownership because he mistakenly thinks Frodo's dead but returns the Ring to Frodo after they meet up again. In the end, Frodo doesn't throw the Ring but Gollum steals it back from him by biting Frodo's finger off. As Gollum is rejoicing with being reunited with his Precious, Frodo fights with him until they fall off the cliff. Frodo manages to cling on to the cliff but Gollum falls down and dies holding the Ring, thereby destroying the Ring also. All the others mentioned have come in close contact with the Ring but never owned it nor held it in their hands.
  From Quiz: Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King
18 Who said the following line after Pippin's disastrous encounter with the seeing stone? "Of all the inquisitive Hobbits, Peregrin Took, you are the worst!"
Answer: Gandalf

Merry: "Why did you look? Why do you always have to look?"
Pippin: "I don't know. I can't help it. I'm sorry, all right? I won't do it again."
Merry: "Don't you understand? The enemy thinks you have the ring. He's going to be looking for you Pip. They have to get you out of here."
  From Quiz: The End Has Come
19 What was the name of the great spider that Gollum led Frodo to?
Answer: Shelob

Frodo does defend himself quite well against her, but it is Sam who saves the day and injures the big baddie.
  From Quiz: The Return of the King
20 What is the name of the giant spider that paralyzes Frodo?
Answer: Shelob

This was said once in the movie by the goblins/orcs. She doesn't kill Frodo, but instead paralyzes him so she can drink his fresh blood later. They were led there, to the trap, by Sméagol, so that after she cleaned the flesh off their bones, he could take the Ring.
  From Quiz: LOTR: Return of the King
21 Who does Gandalf take with him to Minas Tirith to see Denethor?
Answer: Pippin

Gandalf takes Pippin with him to Minas Tirith, because Pippin was misbehaving. Merry and Pippin are parted from each other for the first time in the quest.
  From Quiz: The Return Of The King
22 Complete Gimli's quote, "The Dead? Summoned? ________".
Answer: "I knew that."

After describing what he sees, Legolas says, "The Dead are following. They have been summoned". After Gimli says, "I knew that", he says "Very good. Very good! Legolas!", realizing that the others have gone on without him.
  From Quiz: 'ROTK'-Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead 2
23 How does Aragorn refer to the men who dwell in the mountain while he is speaking with Elrond?
Answer: murderers, traitors

Aragorn can't believe that Elrond would want to call upon them to fight because they believe in nothing and answer to no one.
  From Quiz: 'ROTK'- Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead
24 Who does Gandalf push out of the way when he rushes over to Pippin who has just had a bout with the Palantir.
Answer: Merry

Pippin has foolishly taken the Palantir as Gandalf slept because he wanted to look at it again. The power of it is too much for Pippin and he collapses. An irritated Gandalf covers the Palantir before turning to Pippin, but his anger turns to concern when he sees how Pippin has been affected.
    Your options: [ Merry ] [ Gandalf wouldn't push anybody ] [ Some Rohan guy ] [ Gamling ]
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" - End of the Adventure
25 At one moving moment in the movie Frodo said to Sam, "Give it to me". What did Frodo want?
Answer: The Ring

Frodo thought the orcs had taken the Ring from him, but Sam then informed Frodo that he, Sam, had taken the Ring from Frodo when he though Frodo was dead.
  From Quiz: Cuddly Little Hobbits
26 At the entrance to The Paths of the Dead, Legolas remarks, "The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead and the dead keep it. _____________________." Complete the end of the quote.
Answer: The way is shut

The horses run away fearfully at the site of the entrance. Aragorn passes into the cave first, followed by Legolas. Gimli is left outside last and he says, "This is a thing unheard of! An elf goes underground when a dwarf dare not. I'll never hear the end of it!" With that thought Gimli rushes into the complete darkness of the cave.
    Your options: [ We cannot pass ] [ The dead have blocked the passage ] [ I do not fear the dead ] [ The way is shut ]
  From Quiz: "LOTR: The Return of the King" - Legolas Luck
27 Who said the line, "That still only counts as one!"?
Answer: Gimli

After Legolas brings down an Oliphant, Gimli angrily says that it only counts as one, since they're competing against each other for who has the most number of kills.
  From Quiz: Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King
28 In King Théoden's tent, on the eve of the battle at Minas Tirith, who tells Aragorn to: "Put aside the Ranger. Become who you were born to be."
Answer: Elrond

At Arwen's request, Elrond had the shards of Narsil reforged, and presented it to Aragorn.
    Your options: [ Arwen ] [ Theoden ] [ Gandalf ] [ Elrond ]
  From Quiz: The End Has Come
29 Who eventually destroys (but not intentionally) the Ring?
Answer: Gollum

I have had many complaints about this question, so I went to watch the film, and here is what happened.
Frodo is standing on the projection over the lava, and was about to throw the Ring in. The Ring has a hold on Frodo's mind, and so it is not destroyed. Gollum arrives on the scene, and knocks Sam out with a rock. He then proceeds to wrestle with Frodo, and ends up biting the finger off that contains the Ring. Gollum, now possessing the Ring, starts to dance with glee. Frodo starts to fight with Gollum, and both move too close to the edge, and both of them fall in. It is Frodo however, that manages to grab onto something. Gollum is the one holding the Ring when it falls into the fire. Although it wasn't intentional, Gollum is the one that destroys the Ring.
  From Quiz: The Return of the King
30 Who destroys the One Ring?
Answer: Gollum

Gollum does, albeit by accident. Frodo puts on the ring, and so Gollum, trying to get "My Precious" back, bites off Frodo's index finger.

Just an author's note: Gollum & Sméagol are the same person. Sméagol changed into Gollum with his continued use of the One Ring.
  From Quiz: LOTR: Return of the King
31 Gollum leads Frodo and Sam to Shelob. Just before they go into the tunnel, they rest for a while. What does Gollum do with the last of the Lembas bread while Frodo and Sam sleep?
Answer: throws it off the cliff

Gollum waits for Sam, who had been keeping an eye on him, to fall asleep and then takes the Lembas bread and throws it off the cliff. He puts Lembas crumbs on Sam's cloak to make it look like he had eaten all the bread. When they discover all the food is gone, Gollum suggests that the 'fat Hobbit' ate it, and that he also wants the ring for himself. Frodo believes Gollum and tells Sam to leave and go home.
  From Quiz: The Return Of The King
32 Who, besides the elves, sailed away on the last ship to leave Middle Earth?
Answer: Gandalf, Bilbo & Frodo

Galadriel, Celeborn and Elrond accompanied them on their journey.
  From Quiz: Return of the King
33 When the wispy hands of the dead are around Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, what does Gimli do?
Answer: Blows at them

When he catches up to Aragorn and Legolas, Gimli sees ghostly hands of the dead swirling around them. Legolas and Aragorn merely move on while this is happening, but Gimli is a bit more fearful. Each time one of the ghostly hands is near him, he blows on it to make it go away, and even fans them away with his hand.
  From Quiz: 'ROTK'-Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead 2
34 As Shadowfax gallops off towards Minas Tirith, whisking Gandalf and Pippin from Edoras, Aragorn and Merry look on. After Aragorn describes hobbits as "hardy," how does Merry describe Pippin in turn?
Answer: Foolhardy

The juxtaposition of the words "hardy" and "foolhardy" in this scene is so very amusing! And it is so poignant how Merry describes always getting Pippin in trouble, and how he would always be there to get Pippin out of trouble.
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" Extended Edition
35 Complete this quote by Legolas, "And so Isildur cursed them, never to rest, until they had fulfilled their ________."
Answer: pledge

Legolas is explaining how the men of the mountain came to be cursed by Isildur as he, Aragorn and Gimli travel through the Dimholt.
    Your options: [ pledge ] [ pact ] [ oath ] [ promise ]
  From Quiz: 'ROTK'- Aragorn and the Paths of the Dead
36 How far is Minas Tirith from Rohan?
Answer: Three days' ride

"Three days' ride as the Nazgul flies, and you better hope we don't have one of those on our tail", according to Gandalf. Gandalf must ride to warn Minas Tirith of Sauron's plans and he's taken Pippin with him to keep him safe and out of trouble.
  From Quiz: "The Return of the King" - End of the Adventure
37 After Frodo was bitten by Shelob, and while Sam was cradling him, what tearful plea did Sam make?
Answer: Don't go where I can't follow

Sam then said,

"Wake up"

Followed by,

"You're not asleep... dead!"

For Sam, the thought that he had lost Frodo was almost too much to for him to bear. His weeping intensified, and he began to rock Frodo in his arms.
  From Quiz: Cuddly Little Hobbits
38 Who does Aragorn finally end up with?
Answer: Arwen

Eowyn was in love with him, but he never returned the love (although, according to Viggo Mortensen in "LOTR:TTT" special features dvd, "there is great affection" between them). He always was, and will be, in love with Arwen.
  From Quiz: Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King
39 "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up, sleepies! We must go, yeeees, we must go at once!" Who said this at the beginning of the movie, following the scene where we find out how he came to be such a wretched creature?
Answer: Gollum

Gollum a.k.a. Smeagol, works hard to poison Frodo's mind against Sam. He makes him believe that Sam will try to take the ring from him.
  From Quiz: The End Has Come
40 At the beginning of the film, we are told the history of Gollum, and how he came to be. Smeagol was his name before he was taken over by the Ring, but what was the name of his friend who he murdered?
Answer: Deagol

Deagol found it on the riverbed when he was pulled in by a fish. Smeagol then asks for it, and when Deagol refuses, he proceeds to murder his friend.
I have had many correction notices telling me that Deagol was Smeagol's brother, and some saying that it was his cousin. I am going to keep it as his friend, as a relation can also be a friend.
  From Quiz: The Return of the King
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