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Trivia Questions and Answers
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260 A Nightmare On Elm Street Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about A Nightmare On Elm Street? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to A Nightmare On Elm Street (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 Which character in the third film of the series "sleepwalks" to their death?
Answer: Phillip

When Phillip falls asleep Freddy enters his dream and cuts Phillip's wrists and feet so that the tendons come out and it looks like puppet strings. Phillip then walks to the roof and Freddy cuts the string and Phillip falls to his death. To the people watching this happen in the waking world it looks like Phillip jumps off the roof.
    Your options: [ Phillip ] [ Nancy ] [ Kristen ] [ Joey ]
  From Quiz: A Nightmare On Elm Street
2 In which of the "Nightmare" movies, from the list below, did producer Robert Shaye NOT appear?
Answer: The Dream Child

"The Dream Child," the fifth "Nightmare" film, was a continuation of the story in "The Dream Master". In "The Dream Child", Alice's unborn child allowed Freddy to get to Alice's friends, even when she was awake.

Robert Shaye played a lecturer talking about dreams in "The Dream Master", he played the ticket seller in "Freddy's Dead", and he played the principal in "Freddy vs. Jason". His sister, Lin Shaye, also made appearances in the "Nightmare" films; she played a teacher in the original "Nightmare," and a nurse in "New Nightmare".
    Your options: [ Freddy vs. Jason ] [ The Dream Master ] [ The Dream Child ] [ Freddy's Dead ]
  From Quiz: A Killer Quiz
3 How did Amanda Krueger become Freddy's mother?
Answer: She was raped by 100 maniacs.

Amanda Krueger was raped at the mental institution, where she worked as a nun, by the 100 maniacs, after she was locked in there during the holidays. At school, Freddy was taunted and kids would shout 'Son of a hundred maniacs'.
  From Quiz: Freddy Krueger
4 Who did NOT appear in both the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "New Nightmare"?
Answer: Robert Shaye

Robert Shaye is the producer of all the movies in the series. He had cameos in a few of these movies:
In "The Dream Master", he was the lecturer teaching the kids about the dream master.
In "Freddy's Dead", he was the bus ticket seller.
In the "New Nightmare", he played his own role.
In "Freddy vs Jason", he was the Principal.
He was also seen in an episode of "Freddy's Nightmares" but he was not in the first movie.
Nick Corri played Rod Lane in the original movie and himself in the "New Nightmare".
Lin Shaye, who is Robert Shaye's sister, played a teacher in "Nightmare on Elm Street" and played a nurse in the "New Nightmare".
John Saxon played Donald Thompson in the original movie and himself in the "New Nightmare".
  From Quiz: "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - All Nightmare Trivia
5 What type of natural disasters happen frequently in the movie?
Answer: earthquakes

During the movie it's mentioned that there was a fault line under the town where the movie takes place.
  From Quiz: The New "Nightmare"
6 Who was the last surviving teenager in Springwood?
Answer: John

His name really wasn't John. The doctor's at the shelter called him John Doe because he couldn't remember his name.
  From Quiz: The Final "Nightmare"
7 What year did Alice and Dan graduate high school?
Answer: 1989

You can see the year they graduate on the tassels attached to the cap.
  From Quiz: The Fifth "Nightmare"
8 In the opening scene, there is a teenager sitting behind Jesse on the bus. What is he holding in his hand?
Answer: a stereo

This young man was lucky to get off the bus when he did. Too bad for Jesse that he didn't follow him.
  From Quiz: The Second "Nightmare"
9 Who played Freddy Krueger?
Answer: Robert Englund

Robert was the only actor to appear in all seven original "Nightmare" films.
  From Quiz: A Nightmare on Elm Street
10 'One, two, Freddy's....'
Answer: coming for you

This jump rope song kept Freddy away from the ghost children that always sang the song. This was a song to 'keep the boogyman away' (Nancy says this in 'Part 3: Dream Warriors').
  From Quiz: The Jump Rope Song
11 Who played Nancy Thompson?
Answer: Heather Langenkamp

Heather Langenkamp played Nancy in 'Parts 1' and '3'. She also played herself, as well as Nancy, in 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare'.
  From Quiz: Who's Who on Elm Street
12 This is so easy for 'Elm Street' fans. Who plays Freddy Krueger?
Answer: Robert Englund

Robert Englund has played the character of Freddy in all seven of the 'N.O.E.S.' movies and in the television series. There might be more than one Jason, but there's only one Freddy. And that is Robert Englund!
  From Quiz: 'Elm Street' Quiz
13 In "New Nightmare", which song did Chase Porter sing to stay awake?
Answer: Losing My Religion

The song was played while Chase was driving home from an FX job on a new "Nightmare" movie. He fell asleep while driving, and Freddy killed him.

"Losing my Religion" was a song by REM. The song was released as the first single from the group's 1991 album "Out of Time".

David Newsom, who played Chase, is a photographer as well as an actor. He continues to appear in small roles in movies such as "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", and guest roles in television shows like "Dirt".
    Your options: [ The Corner ] [ That's Me ] [ Losing My Religion ] [ Spotlight ]
  From Quiz: A Killer Quiz
14 In 'Freddy vs Jason', what did Kia call Freddy's blades, that were on his glove?
Answer: Butter Knives

Freddy had cornered Kia down by the docks, at a camp at Crystal Lake. Kia, scared out of her wits, said whatever she could to get Freddy to back off and leave her and her friends alone.
  From Quiz: Freddy Krueger
15 In the original "Nightmare on Elm Street", Glenn told his mom that he was at his aunt's place who lived near what?
Answer: an airport

Because he wanted to spend the night at Tina's and was not allowed to, Glenn Lantz, played by Johnny Depp, was trying to play a tape of sound effects. He wanted his mom to think he was actually at his aunt's place near the airport, but all he was able to play was a car crash.
  From Quiz: "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - All Nightmare Trivia
16 What is Dylan's babysitter's name?
Answer: Julie

Her name is said frequently in the movie. She was Freddy's fourth and last victim in the movie.
  From Quiz: The New "Nightmare"
17 What classic movie was spoofed in the opening scenes of the movie?
Answer: The Wizard of Oz

Freddy flies down to a window on a broom and says to John, "I'll get you my pretty and your little soul too."
  From Quiz: The Final "Nightmare"
18 What did it say on the lollipop Mark and Greta were sharing after the graduation?
Answer: Lick Me

Greta was going to taste it but her mom said it wasn't what a supermodel would put in her mouth.
  From Quiz: The Fifth "Nightmare"
19 Who played Nancy Thompson in "Part 1" and "Part 3"?
Answer: Heather Langenkamp

Amanda Wyss played Tina, Freddy's very first victim. Jennifer Rubin played Taryn in "Part 3". Tuesday Knight played Kristen in "Part 4".
  From Quiz: A Nightmare on Elm Street
20 'Three, four...'
Answer: better lock your door

In 'Part 2: Freddy's Revenge', Jesse was possessed by Freddy and went to his sister's room. As he opened the door, Angela (his sister) was singing the song and jumping rope slowly. Jesse just looked at her and then slowly shut the door.
    Your options: [ must lock your door ] [ better lock your door ] [ better lock the door ] [ he'll kill some more ]
  From Quiz: The Jump Rope Song
21 Who did Mark Patton play?
Answer: Jesse Walsh

Mark Patton plays Jesse Walsh who is possessed by Freddy Krueger in 'Part 2'.
  From Quiz: Who's Who on Elm Street
22 What's the title of the instrumental soundtrack that includes 'N.O.E.S.' 1 through 6?
Answer: Freddy's Favorites

The full title of this instrumental soundtrack is 'Freddy's Favorites: The Best of "A Nightmare On Elm Street".'
  From Quiz: 'Elm Street' Quiz
23 What crime did Freddy commit that almost got him prison time before a "clerical error" got him exonerated?
Answer: child murder

Freddy made his infamous glove in the basement of his home. He then used the tool to kill young children on Elm Street.
  From Quiz: A Nightmare On Elm Street
24 After Freddy killed me, a whole bunch of blood burst out of my bed. Who am I?
Answer: Johnny Depp

Depp, born in 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky portrayed Glenn Lantz in "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Glenn and Nancy dated and were also friends with Tina and Rod. One night, Glenn, Tina, and Nancy were at Tina's house and Tina said she heard a noise. Glenn went out to look for whoever made the noise but it was just Rod. Nancy told Glenn that she knew who was stalking them, in her dreams, and that she had a plan to bring Freddy out of her dream. She told Glenn, one night, that she would go to sleep, at a certain time, and she wanted Glenn to call her to wake her so she could pull Freddy out of her dream and into the real world. Glenn, instead, fell asleep and Freddy got him and pulled him under his bed. Right after this, a lot of blood came out of Glenn's bed and flooded the ceiling. Depp had parts in the films, "Secret Window", "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". In 2008, he received an Academy nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the movie, "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" but lost to Daniel Day Lewis for "There Will Be Blood". Other Oscar nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role that year were Viggo Mortensen for "Eastern Promises", Tommy Lee Jones for "In the Valley of Elah", and George Clooney for "Michael Clayton".
  From Quiz: Who Played Me in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"?
25 In "A Nightmare on Elm Street", when Nancy ran up the stairs, they quickly turned to mush. According to Wes Craven, what was used to create this effect?
Answer: Oatmeal

In the DVD commentary of "A Nightmare on Elm Street", Wes Craven said, "It was just oatmeal." A similar effect was used in "New Nightmare", when yet another staircase turned into mush.
Although the oatmeal didn't hinder Nancy/Heather's walking as much as it seemed to in either of the movies; Heather Langenkamp managed to make it appear as though she was stuck in the stairs.

In the original "Nightmare" she was running from Freddy. In "New Nightmare", however, she ran to Freddy who had her son, Dylan, cornered.
  From Quiz: A Killer Quiz
26 Who was Freddy's first victim?
Answer: Tina

Tina was the first to be killed by Freddy. She was slashed and thrown about her bedroom, before finally dying. Her boyfriend, Rod, was blamed for the murder. Later in jail, he was hung by Freddy but the police said it was suicide. If you are wondering who Tina was, she was Nancy's best friend and was shy, smart and friendly.
  From Quiz: Freddy Krueger
27 In what American state is Springwood, the town where the story of "Nightmare on Elm Street" takes place?
Answer: Ohio

We find out at some point that the action takes place in Ohio state, although in the first "Nightmare on Elm Street", they shot a scene with palm trees in the background.
  From Quiz: "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - All Nightmare Trivia
28 What is the name of Dylan's toy dinosaur?
Answer: Rex

Dylan used the dinosaur for protection. He said Rez guarded his feet from Freddy.
  From Quiz: The New "Nightmare"
29 What is Spencer's hobby?
Answer: playing video games

Freddy used Spencer's love for video games against him and killed him in one.
  From Quiz: The Final "Nightmare"
30 What position did Dan play for his high school football team?
Answer: quarterback

Dan's father told a recruiter his son Dan, was the finest quarterback in the state.
  From Quiz: The Fifth "Nightmare"
31 What does Jesse call his blue convertible?
Answer: the deadly dinosaur

On the way to school, while giving Lisa a ride. He starts the car without a key. Lisa then asks him "aren't you afraid somebody will steal it?" Then he looks at her, smiles and says "The deadly dinosaur?"
  From Quiz: The Second "Nightmare"
32 "Part 2" is called "Freddy's _____".
Answer: Revenge

Freddy got his revenge by using Jessie to kill for him.
  From Quiz: A Nightmare on Elm Street
33 Who did Partricia Arquette play?
Answer: Kristen Parker

Patricia Arquette played Kristen Parker in 'Part 3', but the role of Kristen in 'Part 4' was played by Tuesday Knight.
  From Quiz: Who's Who on Elm Street
34 Another easy one if you're an 'Elm Street' fan. Who is the creator of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'?
Answer: Wes Craven

Wes Craven wrote and directed the first 'N.O.E.S.' He was a 'former fundamentalist baptist who didn't allow himself the pleasure of seeing a film until college. In college, Wes Craven wrote a thesis on dreams and kept a diary of his dreams, many of which were recreated and featured in his early films.' I found this information in the booklet that came with the DVD collection.
  From Quiz: 'Elm Street' Quiz
35 In the movie "Wes Craven's New Nightmare", what do the letters that Nancy's stalker sends her spell out?
Answer: "Answer the phone"

All throughout the film Nancy receives the letters in the mail and towards the end of the movie she puts the letters together and gets the message.
  From Quiz: A Nightmare On Elm Street
36 Why was Grady grounded, in "Freddy's Revenge"?
Answer: He threw his grandmother down a flight of stairs.

Grady pushed his grandmother down the stairs because she got on his nerves. It was never explained how she got on his nerves, nor what her condition was after the fall. As a result of being grounded, Grady couldn't go to Lisa's house for the party she was having. He stayed home instead, where he encountered Freddy.
  From Quiz: A Killer Quiz
37 What colour was Freddy's sweater?
Answer: Red and Green

Nancy and Tina said that in their dreams Freddy wore a dirty red and green sweater. Glen said that this was impossible. Glen did not say why this was impossible. Wes Craven had read in this article in an American newspaper that said the colours red and green were the hardest colours for the human cornea to put side by side.
  From Quiz: Freddy Krueger
38 What was the "technicality" that forced the authorities to free Freddy Krueger back in the early days, when he was a child murderer?
Answer: a signature

Someone did not sign the warrant that had led to Freddy Krueger's arrest, so the authorities had to release him. That's when the parents got together and "roasted him like a Thanksgiving turkey!" (quote from "The Dream Master" from Rick Johnson to Dan Jordan as they are walking toward Freddy's house.)
  From Quiz: "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - All Nightmare Trivia
39 What were the names of the first two movie crew members to die?
Answer: Chuck and Terry

Chuck, Terry, and Chase were secretly working on making a new "Nightmare on Elm Street" sequel.
  From Quiz: The New "Nightmare"
40 What did Kelly find hidden in Spencer's room?
Answer: a pipe bomb

It was the same pipe bomb Maggie uesd later in the movie to blow up Freddy.
  From Quiz: The Final "Nightmare"
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