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43 Madagascar Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 How old is Marty the zebra in the beginning of the film?
Answer: ten

In the beginning of "Madagascar" it's Marty's birthday and he's 10 years old. The group throw him a party but Marty isn't in a good mood. He wants to go to the wild. Hey, Marty and party rhyme! :D
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What does Moto Moto's name mean?

2 What is written on the farewell cake King Julien jumps out from?
Answer: Bon Voyage Pansies

When King Julien jumps out of the cake he is wearing a coconut bikini top and a grass shirt and says, "Look! I'm a lady ... not really, it's me, King Julien. Which of you is attracted to me?". His voice was brilliantly voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen who you might also know as Ali G, Borat or Bruno.
3 What was the first word spoken in "Madagascar"?
Answer: Surprise

The first word was "Surprise," which Alex said when he popped up into Marty's daydream. The surprise was to wish Marty a happy 10th birthday. This startled Marty, making him topple backwards off of his treadmill.
4 In the opening dream sequence of the movie, who swings into the scene on a vine a la Tarzan?
Answer: Marty

Marty swings in and lands in back of a pack of penguins who are singing the chorus and take off in flight. The dream is interrupted by Alex who comes to surprise him on his tenth birthday with a gift. Marty's tenth birthday ends up being the impetus for the movie. At ten, he has reached middle age and wants to see the wild. His subsequent escape leads to the animals' eventual deportation and arrival on Madagascar.
5 Whose birthday was at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Marty

Alex gave Marty an "Alex the Lion" souvenir from the zoo. Melman gave Marty his old thermometer and they all sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
Question Reference: Quiz: Madagascar.
6 What day is field trip day?
Answer: Friday

Friday, field trip day! Alex the lion is always excited for field trip day because all the children love Alex's performances.
7 What does King Julien tell security that Mort is carrying, to stop Mort from getting on the plane?
Answer: scissors and hand cream

Mort did actually run towards the plane carrying a large pair of scissors.

Mort is actually a Russet mouse lemur, they move through the trees and can leap across gaps between trees using their tails as balance. At night they feed on beetles, other insects and small vertebrates on the forest floor.

King Julien is a ring-tailed lemur, stinky scent glands help them to mark their territory and during mating season males rub their tails with the scent and wave their tails at each other in a who-stinks-best stinky fight. Phew!

Maurice is a aye-aye. They have a long middle finger that they use to tap trees to locate insects in tree trunks, they then use the long finger to pull the insects out.

Lemurs and aye-ayes are small primates that are only found in Madagascar.
8 What color was the bow on Alex's gift to Marty?
Answer: Red

The bow was a simple red, on top of an Alex snow globe. Apparently, Alex was obsessed with himself, since the only things he had gotten Marty had his face on them.
9 After having a run in with the penguins and learning of their plans to escape to the wild, Marty decides to do the same. At night he skips out and heads for what location?
Answer: Connecticut

He believes Connecticut is wild because of a comment by Melman. He plans to take the train out of Grand Central Station. Ultimately he, along with Alex, Gloria the hippo, and Melman, end up in a standoff with the police, SWAT, firefighters and one lone animal control agent.
10 What kind of exercise machine did Marty exercise on at the zoo?
Answer: a treadmill

After Marty's birthday party when Alex was talking to him, Marty started walking on his vx treadmill.
Question Reference: Quiz: Madagascar.
11 When Alex wakes up Gloria the Hippo on field trip day, how many more minutes does she want to spend sleeping?
Answer: 10

Alex is excited for field trip day and wakes everyone up. Gloria is still tired so she says she'll sleep for 10 more minutes.
12 The penguins tell Alex they will fix the plane with what?
Answer: Grit, Spit And A Whole Lot Of Duct Tape

The penguins use a little more than grit, spit and a whole lot of duct tape, they form Operation Tourist Trap.

Tom McGrath who provides the voice for Skipper also directed and co-wrote the script for "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa". In the 80's and 90's he worked in the art and animation departments for five films and a couple of episodes of "Ren and Stimpy".
13 What train did Marty say he would have to end up taking?
Answer: Stanford Local

Marty went to Grand Central Station and was trying to decide which train to take. Apparently, he missed the Express and was going to take the Stanford Local. This was when the other zoo animals came in and ruined it for him.
14 During the incident at Grand Central Station, Alex is tranquilized and enters a psychedelic state. While in that state, what old time song does he hear?
Answer: Candy Man

The version used in the film is the Sammy Davis Jr. version of the song. The song was originally created for the 1971 version of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". In the dream state, Alex sees patterns of colors that are taken from the natural patterns of a giraffe and zebra. He also sees a shot of New York with fireworks exploding over it with Gloria in a fairy outfit, a clear homage to the famous Disney logo with Tinkerbell.
15 What was Marty's birthday wish?
Answer: He wished he could live in the wild.

After blowing out the candles, Marty's friends asked him what he wished for. Marty said it would bring bad luck, but they insisted. Marty told them he wanted to live out in the wild for a change.
Question Reference: Quiz: Madagascar.
16 Complete the sentence: "Alex! Do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming! When the zebra's in the zone, leave him _______."
Answer: alone

Marty is daydreaming and Alex jumps up at him and scares him.
"Alex! Do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming! When the zebra's in the zone, leave him alone."
"Come on Marty, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"
17 Where is Alex and Zuba's birthmark and what shape is it?
Answer: right front paw, shape of Africa

Alex and Zuba both have a birthmark of Africa (and the isle of Madagascar) on their front right paws. At the start of the movie, Zuba tells his son Alakay (Alex), that it makes them the same. Going back to the first movie, we haven't been able to find a previous reference to Alex's birthmark.

Well known and talented stand-up comedian Bernie Mac voiced Zuba. Sadly, he died from complications with pneumonia before the film was released. The movie was dedicated to him.
18 What was given to Gloria when the zookeepers fed the animals?
Answer: Fruit

Gloria got fruit, Melman got medicine, Marty got grass, and Alex got steak. Alex was the only one who got fish, and only near the end of the movie. When Gloria was being pampered, she saw the fruit and said, "This is the life." There were many different kinds of fruit, including pineapple and grapes.
19 What does Moto Moto's name mean?
Answer: Hot Hot

Moto Moto says he loves Gloria because she is so huge, plump, hefty and chunky.

He is voiced by Will.i.Am who you might know from the Black Eyed Peas or as John Wraith in the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie. He also wrote the song "Yes We Can" for Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign. His birth name is William J. Adams.
20 What fruit is NOT on Alex's hat of shame?
Answer: Durian

Alex's hat of shame contained many fruits including bananas, mangoes, watermelon, grapes, lychees, oranges and a pineapple. No sign of durians. They are about five to six times the size of a mango, with a thick spiny skin and creamy yellow flesh. We've never tried one but have read that they taste yummy even if they are not so nice on the nose. They are also meant to be an aphrodisiac.

We really wanted there to be durians because they are used on the "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" game.
21 What did the banner show when Alex woke up to see the reporter and a group of citizens?
Answer: Alex You're Great!

The crowd clearly expressed that they wanted the best for Alex, and that was to let him go. Then, Alex got darted back to sleep and put on a ship. When Alex and Marty got in an argument, everyone got thrown off the ship and landed on Madagascar.
22 When Alex begins to go savage, he has a dream that mirrors the one from the movie "American Beauty". Instead of rose petals, what substance is Alex swimming and rolling in?
Answer: steaks

His natural carnivore instincts are coming out without his regular supply of steaks from the zoo. When he wakes up from this dream, he find himself sucking on the rear end of Marty. He tries to cover by counting the stripes on Marty to help him solve the riddle of whether Marty is white on black or black on white.
23 What did Marty surf in on when he got to Madagascar?
Answer: dolphins

Marty surfed in on the waves with two dolphins under his feet when he met his friends in Madagascar.
Question Reference: Quiz: Madagascar.
24 There are four main penguins. Skipper, Private, Rico and _______.
Answer: Kowalski

There are four penguins. Skipper, Rico, Private and Kowalski. The four spy-like penguins are trying to get to Antarctica but when they arrive, it's rubbish!
25 When Alex tries to apologize to Marty hidden amongst the herd, what does he say Marty's position is?
Answer: 12th row, 203rd from the left

Marty is a Burchell's zebra. They are the most common type of zebra and the largest of the three species of zebra. They live on the savanna in East Africa.

Marty was voiced by well known stand-up comedian Chris Rock (he also writes, directs, produces as well as acts). Eddie Murphy gave Chris Rock his first real film break in "Beverly Hills Cop II" as a (Playboy Mansion) valet.