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62 Mrs. Doubtfire Trivia Questions & Answers

Mrs. Doubtfire
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1 What famous cavatina is sung over the opening credits?
Answer: Rossini's "Largo al factotum"

Daniel Hillard, played by Robin Williams is first shown recording the vocal track for a cartoon character known as Pudgy the Parrot. His first task is to make the bird sing the iconic operatic piece from "The Barber of Seville". However, he quits his job after finding out that the character is going to be shown having a smoke.
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Who does Mrs Doubtfire say she is, when Mrs Sellner comes to see the house?

2 I impersonated a housekeeper to be close to my children. Who played me?
Answer: Robin Williams

Williams, born on July 21st, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois, was cast as Daniel Hillard/Mrs. Doubtfire. Daniel did voice impersonations for TV shows but he quit his job and it was on the day he quit that his wife, Miranda, decided to divorce him after he threw a birthday party for their son, Chris, that violated city laws. During the custody hearing, the judge granted full custody to Miranda Hillard and gave Daniel supervised visitation every weekend. Daniel saw an ad from Miranda in the paper about how she needed a housekeeper to watch the kids when they came home from school. Daniel impersonated a woman when he spoke to Miranda over the phone about the ad and told her his name was Mrs. Doubtfire (he saw the words "doubt' and "fire" in the newspaper). Miranda set up an interview for Mrs. Doubtfire and it was not until a few days later that Daniel went to interview for the job. Daniel went to his brother and asked him to make him look like a woman. His brother provided the mask, the clothes and a brand new set of false teeth for Daniel to become Mrs. Doubtfire. At the end of the movie, Miranda found out that Daniel was Mrs. Doubtfire and told him off for lying to her. The court, again, gave full custody to Miranda and allowed Daniel to see his kids every weekend with supervised visits. Miranda consulted with Daniel about a better schedule for the children and they agreed that Daniel would take the kids to school every day and they would go to his house after school until Miranda picked them up. Williams starred in the films "Hook", "Patch Adams" and "Jack". In 1998, Williams received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film "Good Will Hunting". Other Oscar nominees for Best Supporting Actor that year were Anthony Hopkins for "Amistad", Greg Kinnear for "As Good As it Gets", Burt Reynolds for "Boogie Nights" and Robert Forster for "Jackie Brown".
3 Who plays Daniel Hillard?
Answer: Robin Williams

He also starred in "Night at the Museum" as Teddy Roosevelt and in "Jumanji" as Alan Parrish, as well as a lot more movies. When Robin Williams was born he was called Robin McLaurim Williams.
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4 When Mrs. Doubtfire walks into the living room to make the children do their homework and they insist that they must finish their television program first, what program are they watching?
Answer: Dick Van Dyke

"But we always watch Dick Van Dyke..." argues Daniel's daughter. This precedes all three children doing manual labor around the house while Mrs. Doubtfire enjoys iced tea on the sofa. The kids then surrender and agree to do homework. A scene from "Dick Van Dyke" about wigs is seen on the television first, then they tell what the show is.
5 How old does Chris turn at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: 12

After Daniel picks the kids up at school, he says to Chris, "Hey dude, congratulations on your 12th birthday".
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6 In the restaurant Bridges, what table number did Miranda and her family sit at?
Answer: 39

Mrs Doubtfire replied '39, my age!'.
7 Daniel and Miranda Hillard have how many children?
Answer: 3

Daniel and Miranda have three children: Lydia, Chris and Natalie.
8 What is the name of the petting zoo that Daniel brings home for his son's birthday?
Answer: Bob's Mobile Petting Zoo

You can see this written on the side of the petting zoo's van when they first show the Hillard's house. What a zoo it is with ponies, lambs, geese and even a rabbit! Unfortunately for Daniel, he didn't know that it was illegal to have barnyard animals in a residential area. This prompts his neighbor to call his wife, Miranda who is furious when she gets home.
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9 I was impressed with the housekeeper that I hired but was unaware it was my husband disguised as a woman! Who played me?
Answer: Sally Field

Field, a native of Pasadena, California, portrayed Miranda Hillard. Miranda received a call at work from her neighbor, Gloria. Gloria called to complain about how Daniel threw a birthday party for Chris and invited over a petting zoo and several of the animals from that zoo got into her yard. Miranda immediately raced home and told Daniel she wanted a divorce. Miranda told Daniel that she put an advertisement in the newspaper to get a housekeeper to look after the children while she was at work. Miranda's boyfriend, Stuart "Stu" Dunmeyer, treated her to the restaurant, Bridges, for her birthday at the end of the film. It was at Bridges where Miranda realized that Mrs. Doubtfire was really Daniel. Miranda visited Daniel on the set of his new show and that was where they agreed to a new custody agreement (see "Interesting Info" section for question one for more). Field had roles in the films "Norma Rae", "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde" and "Places in the Heart".
10 Who are Daniel and Miranda's three children?
Answer: Lydia, Chris and Natalie

Lydia is the oldest, Chris is 12 and Natalie is 5. Natalie's favorite book is "Stuart Little" and Chris likes football. Lydia hated Mrs Doubtfire being their nanny the most at the beginning of the movie.
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11 After Mrs. Doubtfire catches her breasts on fire, what does she declare: "Ugh, my first day as a woman, and I'm getting..."?
Answer: hot flashes

This is in the scene where Daniel must make a home-cooked meal for the family on the first day on the job. He burns the meal badly (along with his body suit) and ends up ordering take-out from a fancy restaurant, putting it on a plate to make it look as if he'd made it himself.
12 What kind of animal is seen eating the cake that Miranda brought home for Chris's birthday?
Answer: Pony

After Miranda sets the cake down on the table, a pony comes over and starts eating it.
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13 What did Mrs Doubtfire say she was, when she dipped her face in the cake?
Answer: Melting like a snowcone in Phoenix

The cream was dripping in the tea!
14 Which actress plays Natalie?
Answer: Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson also starred in the movies, "Matilda", "A Simple Wish" and "Miracle on 34th Street."
15 Finish this quote by Daniel: "Oh it's just party streamers, not ____."
Answer: toxic waste

He says this while Miranda is yelling at him for messing up the house. She then tells Daniel that she is tired of putting up with his negligence and wants a divorce.
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16 I was Daniel and Miranda Hillard's only son and I loved soccer. Who played me?
Answer: Matthew Lawrence

Lawrence, born in 1980 in Abington, Pennsylvania, played Chris Hillard in the film "Mrs. Doubtfire". At the beginning of the movie, Chris celebrated his 12th birthday and his father threw him a wild birthday party. Chris was devastated when he learned that his parents would divorce. When Chris first met Mrs. Doubtfire, he told her that she was big and could play football for the San Francisco 49ers. Mrs. Doubtfire spoke about how in her home country of England that football was known as the American version of soccer and he told her he would like to play soccer. Chris realized that Mrs. Doubtfire was actually his father when he saw Mrs. Doubtfire in the bathroom urinating while standing up. Chris promised his dad he would not tell anyone that he was actually Mrs. Doubtfire. Lawrence guest starred on the TV shows "Boston Public", "CSI: Miami" and "Blossom".
17 What happens after Miranda gets home and sees Chris's birthday party?
Answer: She tells Daniel that she wants a divorce.

Miranda says that she wants a divorce after she sees the party that Daniel throws for Chris. She has wanted one for a while but this is the last straw, because Daniel always wants to do things bigger and better than her.
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18 Where does Daniel get the name "Doubtfire"?
Answer: Newspaper headline

Daniel sits on his bed, phone in hand, playing his wife like a fiddle with his flawless acting and accent...then his wife asks for his name. Oops! Lucky there is a newspaper on the bedside table, headline quoting "...Doubt fire was accident.."
19 Where was Stu from?
Answer: London

When Mrs Doubtfire first met Stu, he said that he had a home in London. By the way Dover, London and Bristol are in England and Edinburgh is in Scotland.
20 What city does "Mrs. Doubtfire" take place in?
Answer: San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge can be seen throughout the movie and suggests San Francisco as the setting.
21 What book were Daniel and Natalie in the middle of when he left?
Answer: Charlotte's Web

Natalie: "You can't leave now; we're right in the middle of 'Charlotte's Web'!"
Daniel: "Grandma will finish it for you".
Natalie: "She's not as good; she always skips parts, doesn't do the voices and she smells kinda funny!"

"Charlotte's Web" was written in 1952 by E.B. White who also wrote "Trumpet of the Swan" and "Stuart Little".
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22 I was the oldest child of Daniel and Miranda Hillard. Who played me?
Answer: Lisa Jakub

Jakub landed the part of Lydia "Lydie" Hillard for this film. Lydie said goodbye to her father when he moved out of the house after the divorce was finalized. At first, Lydie did not like Mrs. Doubtfire but she befriended her when she saw how Mrs. Doubtfire truly cared for the family and helped around the house a lot. Lydie was the first one that Chris told when he saw Mrs. Doubtfire urinating while standing up and they both realized that their father was Mrs. Doubtfire. Lydie could easily be identified in the film since she had long, black hair. Jakub acted in the movies "Matinee", "Rambling Rose" and "Double Frame".
23 What is Daniel doing the first time we see him in the the movie?
Answer: Doing the voices for a TV show

He walks out because he didn't think that it was right for children to see smoking on TV. He then gets a job as a shipping clerk and also becomes Mrs Doubtfire.
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24 At the family outing to the pool, what does Mrs. Doubtfire joke that "they've outlawed"?
Answer: "Whaling"

"I'd be reenacting the Titanic"... is among the funny lines Mrs. Doubtfire delivers while Stu tries to get her to join them for a swim, but is not what is mentioned to be "outlawed". "Isn't there enough flesh to feast your eyes on..." is the other defense she makes. The family finally lets Mrs. Doubtfire alone and she takes to the bar for a beer.
25 What was the name of Mrs. Doubtfire's husband?
Answer: Winston

When she is in the kitchen helping Miranda put groceries away, Mrs. Doubtfire tells her that holding the cold meat reminded her of Winston, her husband who had died 8 years earlier.
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