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57 Princess Mononoke Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 Lord Asano's samurai continue to press Lady Eboshi's men, who fight a desperate rearguard action as additional provisions are brought into Irontown. At the fortress gate, three samurai emissaries are greeted quite rudely--how?
Answer: All of these

Lady Eboshi refuses to talk to them and closes the gate. The women of Irontown, armed with the new lighter-weight rifles, jeer at the emissaries and then fire a shot at the ground to send them away.
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What is Jigo's profession?

2 As "Princess Mononoke" opens, Prince Ashitaka rides towards his village and learns of a strange quiet that has settled over the forest. What kind of animal is he riding?
Answer: Elk

The warriors of his diminishing people are known to ride red elks, and Ashitaka's mount, called Yakul, is a constant companion throughout the story.
3 Who directed Princess Mononoke?
Answer: Hayao Miyazaki

4 Who is the composer for the musical score?
Answer: Joe Hisaishi

Joe Hisaishi composed the music to Miyazaki's other famous films as well.
Question Reference: Quiz: Mononoke Hime.
5 Who is Princess Mononoke?
Answer: the Wolf Princess

She was raised by the Wolf Gods when her parents threw her (as an infant) at the feet of the wolf god when approached.
6 The monk who met Ashitaka earlier in the story arrives at Irontown and discusses the current situation with Lady Eboshi. At the end of the conversation, the monk asks her if the young man had come through Irontown. What is her response?
Answer: "He left."

Lady Eboshi's terse response is typical of the original Japanese dialogue - more precise, less patronizing, and much more satisfying than the English dubbing.
7 On what arm(s) does Prince Ashitaka get the demon mark?
Answer: right arm

Ashitaka fights with Nago to protect his village, but winds up being cursed by him.
8 Who created 'Princess Mononoke'?
Answer: Hayao Miyazaki

Miyazaki also created 'Kiki's Delivery Service' and 'My Neighbor Totoro.' Both of these are beautiful children's films.
Question Reference: Quiz: Mononoke Hime.
9 Who is the hero of the story?
Answer: Ashitaka

Ahshitaka saves the day. Of course, he had the help of a FEMALE!
10 Ashitaka leaves the shelter of the wolf tribe's cave and jumps down to meet Yakul. Which of Ashitaka's possessions does he have when he and Yakul are led out of the forest?
Answer: None of these

All three of these possessions are in Irontown, and Ashitaka later recovers his bow and arrow from Koroku.
11 The Oracle of the village convenes a council and informs Ashitaka of his fate. The Prince chooses to meet his fate and decides to travel to the west. Before departing the council, what does Ashitaka do to signify his eternal exile from his people?
Answer: Cut off the topknot of his hair

The topknot is a sign of his nobility and standing among his people, so he cuts this off before departing. He obviously keeps his name, and his weapons will be much needed during his upcoming adventures.
12 San considers what type of animal to be her mother?
Answer: Wolf

When Moro, the wolf god, finds San's parents defiling her forest, they throw their baby at the wolf and run away. Moro decides to raise the baby as her daughter rather than eat her.
13 What does 'Mononoke Hime' Mean (Closest translation)?
Answer: Phantom Princess

Mononoke can mean monster, but often refers to a spirit, or spirit of the beast. It can be used as an evil term. The people of Iron Town called San this because they thought her soul was stolen by the gods of the forest.
Question Reference: Quiz: Mononoke Hime.
14 Which god-like creature can give life OR death, if he chooses?
Answer: The Forest Spirit

He can cure diseases and mend wounds, or he can take the breath right out of you if he pleases.
15 Ashitaka rides to Irontown and finds it besieged by Lord Asano's forces, presaging yet another encounter with the samurai. In Ashitaka's earlier westbound journey, what injury or injuries did he inflict on the first samurai that he shot at?
Answer: Two severed arms

Ashitaka shot the arrow at a samurai who was about to slay a helpless villager. The stone head of the arrow, driven by the strength of the demon curse, cleanly severed both arms. Ashitaka's second arrow severed the head of a second samurai.
16 What is the name of the town that Lady Eboshi runs?
Answer: Iron Town

17 What does Ashitaka give San before the battle of the boars?
Answer: Crystal Dagger

The dagger is attached to a necklace, but it is not bone. Ashitaka does give San a hug near the end of the movie.
Question Reference: Quiz: Mononoke Hime.
18 Why did Ashitaka have to leave his village?
Answer: To find a cure for his curse

He was touched by the demon-creature and cursed - bound to become a demon himself.
19 In his encounter with the rice vendor, Ashitaka is assisted by a traveling monk who will figure prominently in the final confrontation with the Deer God. What is this monk's name?
Answer: Jiko

Jiko is an elusive monk who is carrying out his own mission for the Emperor. He shares dinner with Ashitaka, speculates that he hails from the Emishi people, and tells Ashitaka of the Forest of the Deer God far to the west.
20 Who says this line 'You're not handsome, you're gorgeous'?
Answer: Toki

Toki is one of the women who work at Iron Town. She asks Ashitaka to take off his mask and is happy to see what he looks like.
Question Reference: Quiz: Mononoke Hime.
21 Which celebrity did a voice-over for this movie?
Answer: All of these

Gillian Anderson, 'Scully' of the X-Files, also had a voice part in this movie. She played the Wolf God, Moro.
22 As a train of oxen brings much-needed provisions back to Irontown, the wolf tribe of Moro appears in the heavy rain and attacks the expedition on a narrow hillside track. Who fights back against Moro?
Answer: Both of these

Lady Eboshi shoots a heavy iron ball into Moro's shoulder, then her chief of the guard, Gonza, ignites a primitive flamethrower device. The fire finally stops Moro's attack and drives her off the hillside.
23 What are the creatures called that guide Ashitaka through the forbidden forest?
Answer: Kodama

These are the cutest things!
24 Who liberated and gave jobs to the women of Iron Town?
Answer: Lady Eboshi

She was once like them but escaped. She then bought the contracts to free them.
Question Reference: Quiz: Mononoke Hime.
25 Who does the voice-over for Princess Mononoke?
Answer: Claire Danes