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460 Islam Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Islam? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Islam (Religion). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information. There are 135 questions in this immediate directory. Last updated May 30 2024.
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1 Allah is the Muslim title used for what?
Answer: God

In Islam, God is usually called Allah. However, Allah also has 99 names that Muslims don't use very much. These names include Al Rahim meaning the merciful and Al Majid meaning the glorified.
  From Quiz: A is for Allah
2 What is the Arabic term for the worship of God (Allah)?
Answer: Ibaadah

The term Ibaadah encompasses all forms of worship. The word Bi'daa is derived from the same root word, but it means "innovation" in worship, something that the Holy Prophet and those in his time never practiced. Dhikr is the term for "remembrance" of God, and may involve reciting certain verses of Qur'an or "duas", or even just admiring the creation of God! Wudhu is the term for "ablution", where a Muslim must purify him or herself before worship.
  From Quiz: What I know about Islam and the last Prophet
3 What is the Arabic word for the day of resurrection?
Answer: qiyamah

Qadr means destiny, nabaa means great news, and salaam means peace. Nabaa is actually a surah in the last juz, or section, of the Quran.
  From Quiz: Islam: Day of Judgement
4 The Mahdi (the rightly guided caliph) will appear before the end of time. How long will he reign on this Earth before his death?
Answer: 7-9 years

When the Mahdi does appear on this Earth he will reign for 8 years. Mahdi is known to be the descendants of the Bani Hasheem clan. As you may not know the Bani Hasheem clan is from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) clan. The Mahdi is said to have a broad head, and a hooked nose. Source:
  From Quiz: Day of Judgement
5 Who was the last Prophet in Islam?
Answer: Muhammad

Muhammad, the most common name in the world, all derived from this man who plays an important role in Islam. Islam means "submission to the will of God." In 2007, Islam was the religion of about 1.5 billion Muslims (followers of Islam) around the world, which makes it the second largest religion is the world. Islam states there is only One Supreme God, or "Allah" in Arabic, and all people must obey God. The Qu'ran (the holy book of Muslims) dictates what Muslims are expected to do in their life.
  From Quiz: Legendary "Lasts" In Islam
6 Who was the first prophet in Islam?
Answer: Adam

To create Adam, God used clay from the Earth. When Adam was created, his first words were, "Al-humdulillah," or "Praise to be Allah." He was sent to the Garden of Eden; however, he was not content. God used one of Adam's ribs to create Eve. Together they lived in peace and they were given one condition: not to eat the fruits of the forbidden tree. Iblis (Lucifer) heard this and he was still envious of Adam. That was because when Adam was created, Iblis refused to bow down before him, so Iblis was cast out of heaven. Iblis plotted and came up with a plan. He described death with grisly details to the peacock, who was living in the Garden of Eden, and Iblis told the peacock the only remedy was to eat the forbidden fruits. The peacock told the snake, who passed it on to Eve, who shared this piece of information with Adam. They decided to eat the fruit, and were cast out of heaven. He was the first prophet, and the first man.
  From Quiz: Famous "Firsts" in Islam
7 "La ilaha illala..." is called?
Answer: Shahada

This is the first and most important pillar in Islam, (I testify that there is no God but God and Muhammad peace be upon him is His final messenger). It is the affirmation of faith, and it implies total submission and complete obedience to God's commandments both in utterances and actions, whether explicit or implicit.
  From Quiz: Tuffluck's Islam
8 Prayer is the __________ pillar of Islam
Answer: second

The five pillars of Islam are in this order: Declaration of faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and the holy pilgrimage to Mecca.
    Your options: [ second ] [ third ] [ first ] [ fourth ]
  From Quiz: Prayer: One of the Five Pillars of Islam
9 The Declaration of Faith is known as what word in Arabic?
Answer: shahada

Kalam is Arabic for discussion, and refers to the Islamic tradition of seeking religious knowledge through dialect. Ilm is the Arabic word for knowledge, and is the word most used in the Quran (besides God). Qadar is the Arabic word for destiny.

The right answer, however, the word 'shahada' meaning testify, is the word for Declaration of Faith.
  From Quiz: Declaration of Faith
10 Most Muslims refer to the call to prayer by its Arabic name. What is the Arabic word for the Call to Prayer?
Answer: Adhan

Wudu is the name of ritual ablution before the actual prayer. Salat is the Arabic word for prayer. Adab is just a generic term for good manners.
  From Quiz: Call To Prayer
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