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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of   Florida State Seminoles

40 Florida State Seminoles Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Florida State Seminoles? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Florida State Seminoles (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Who ran the famous "Puntrooskie" play against Clemson in 1988?
Answer: LeRoy Butler

Tied at 21 with 1:50 left in the game, FSU ran a fake punt on 4th and 4 from their own 21 yard line which resulted in a first and goal from the Clemson 1 yard line. Richie Andrews 19 yard field goal gave the Seminoles a 24-21 win.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
2 When Florida State won the national championship in 1993, who was their quarterback?
Answer: Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward went on to become the Heisman trophy winner, but surprisingly was never drafted in the NFL.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
3 What is the name of the stadium Florida State plays in?
Answer: Doak Campbell Stadium

The stadium holds about 80,000 people.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
4 Who intercepted and scored a touchdown on Elvis Grbac's first play of the game, on September 28, 1991 in Ann Arbor, in route to a 51-31 Seminole win?
Answer: Terrell Buckley

Terrell Buckley set the tone as FSU's 51 points that day are the most ever scored by a Wolverine opponent in Ann Arbor.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
5 What is the name of Florida State's mascot?
Answer: Chief Osceola

The Chief rides out with Renegade, his horse, to pump up the crowd at Doak Campbell Stadium.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
6 In what city is Florida State located?
Answer: Tallahassee

Tallahassee in Florida.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
7 On October 17, 1992, with FSU trailing 13-24 late in the fourth quarter at Georgia Tech, which Seminole quarterback lead the rally to defeat GT 27-24 and capture Florida State's first ACC title?
Answer: Charlie Ward

With 3:20 remaining, Ward's 5 yard TD run cut the lead to 20-24. After recovering an onside kick, Ward hit Kez McCorvey, with 1:42 remaining, for the go ahead score and the defense sealed the 27-24 victory giving FSU its first ACC title.
    Your options: [ Danny Kanell ] [ Casey Weldon ] [ Charlie Ward ] [ Brad Johnson ]
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
8 Which team did Bobby Bowden coach for before he took the job at FSU in 1976?
Answer: West Virginia

Bowden used this 2nd tier program as a stepping stone to become a legend in Tallahassee.
    Your options: [ Pittsburgh ] [ Alabama ] [ East Carolina ] [ West Virginia ]
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
9 How many National Championships did Florida State win in the 1990s?
Answer: 2

One in 1993 and one in 1999.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
10 Which Seminole defender outscored FSU's first four opponents in the 1993 National Championship season?
Answer: Derrick Brooks

Linebacker Derrick Brooks scored three touchdowns in the first four games outscoring the FSU opponents 18-14.
    Your options: [ Derrick Alexander ] [ Marvin Jones ] [ Derrick Brooks ] [ Clifton Abraham ]
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
11 What true freshman kicker hit the game winning field goal against Nebraska in the 1994 Orange Bowl, to win FSU's first National Championship?
Answer: Scott Bentley

FSU trailed 16-15 with 21 seconds left in the game when Scott Bentley hit a 22 yard field goal, his fourth of the game, and gave FSU an 18-16 win and the 1993 National Championship.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
12 In what year did Bobby Bowden reach the first bowl with FSU?
Answer: 1977

His first bowl with the 'Noles was the Tangerine Bowl.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
13 Who was the Florida State quarterback that passed for record yards in 2000?
Answer: Chris Weinke
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
14 On November 26, 1994, trailing 31-3 in the fourth quarter to the Florida Gators, which FSU quarterback orchestrated the 28 point "Comeback" to tie the game 31-31?
Answer: Danny Kanell

Danny Kanell went 18/22 for 232 yards and a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The Seminoles then defeated the Gators 23-17 in what was known as, "The Fifth Quarter" in the 1995 Sugar Bowl.
    Your options: [ Brad Johnson ] [ Casey Weldon ] [ Danny Kanell ] [ Charlie Ward ]
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
15 Which FSU player was kicked off the team in 1999 for a second rules violation?
Answer: Coles

He and Peter Warrick were caught stealing from a department store in the Tallahassee area.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
16 Who became the first running back in FSU history to record three 1,000 yard rushing seasons?
Answer: Warrick Dunn

Warrick Dunn finished his career as the Seminoles' leader in rushing yards (3,959), yards per carry (6.9), all-purpose yards (5,321), and 100-yard games (21).
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
17 Who was the leading scorer for FSU in the 1999 title season with 116 points?
Answer: Sebastian Janikowski

Janikowski set a Florida State record with the number of points he scored.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
18 Which team did Florida State not play at all in the 1990s in the ACC?
Answer: Virginia Tech

It was VT, because they were not in the ACC in the 1990s.
    Your options: [ Virginia Tech ] [ Clemson ] [ Wake Forest ] [ Duke ]
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
19 FSU boasts the first two-time Lou Groza award winner. Who is it?
Answer: Sebastian Janikowski

The "Polish Powderkeg" set multiple school records including the longest field goal which was a 56 yarder.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
20 What is the first ACC-league game that Florida State has lost?
Answer: Virginia

Since then Florida State has also lost league games to NC State and North Carolina.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
21 What was the home game winning streak at FSU from 1992 to 2001?
Answer: 54

They were undefeated at home for ten years.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
22 In 2001 which NFL team had five FSU players on their roster (this number led the league)?
Answer: Tampa Bay

Fitting that most of these Seminole players stay in Florida to play pro ball.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
23 How many of Bobby Bowden's sons assisted in coaching at Florida State?
Answer: 3

Jeff Bowden, Tome Bowden and Terry Bowden.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
24 What was Steve Spurrier's record against FSU in games played in Tallahassee?
Answer: 0-5-1

Steve Spurrier went 0-5-1 against Bobby Bowden's Seminoles in Tallahassee. The Gators 1996 National Championship team didn't even beat the Noles in Tallahassee.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
25 Who was the only FSU player to receive first team Playboy All-American honors in 1995-96?
Answer: Warrick Dunn

Congrats, Warrick Dunn. Hopefully they let you go to the Playboy Mansion.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
26 What NFL team did these former FSU players get drafted to, Peter Warrick and Ron Dugans?
Answer: Cincinnati Bengals
  From Quiz: Florida State Football
27 Which classic bowl game did Florida State defeat Auburn 13-7 in 1989?
Answer: Sugar Bowl

Bobby Bowden's son Terry later took a head coaching job with the Tigers. He then joined ABC as a college football commentator.
    Your options: [ Orange Bowl ] [ Cotton Bowl ] [ Fiesta Bowl ] [ Sugar Bowl ]
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
28 In FSU's first 12 seasons in the ACC, how many ACC titles did they win?
Answer: 11

FSU won 11 ACC titles in it's first 12 years in the league.(9 outright and 2 co-championships) The 2001 ACC title was captured by Maryland. FSU defeated that MD team 52-31 but, because FSU lost to both NC State and UNC that year, the title went to the Terps.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
29 What is the name of the Florida State marching band?
Answer: marching chiefs

This question is a bit obscure, but a must-know for a true FSU fan.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
30 In it's first 12 seasons in the ACC, what was FSU's record against conference opponents?
Answer: 90-6

FSU went 90-6 in it's first 12 years in the ACC.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
31 FSU was the winningest college football program in the 90s. What was their record?
Answer: 109-13-1

Can you say "Dominant"?
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
32 Who did Florida State play in the 1998 Fiesta Bowl?
Answer: Tennessee

This was the national title game when Florida State got pounded by Tee Martin and the Vols.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
33 FSU set a NCAA record for most consecutive bowl victories. What is that total?
Answer: 11

Bobby Bowden and FSU won 11 consecutive bowl games from 1985-1996. They also hold the record for most consecutive bowls without a loss at 14.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
34 In 2000-01 season, by what figure did FSU outscore their opponents by?
Answer: 509 to 123

Wow, complete and utter domination. In my mind, Florida State has the best mixture of a potent offense and a stingy defense.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
35 FSU set a record for most consecutive top 5 finishes. What is that total?
Answer: 14

The Bobby Bowden lead Seminoles finished the season ranked #4 or higher in the final polls for 14 straight years from 1987-2000.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
36 What is the name of Florida State's famous Defensive Coordinator?
Answer: Mickey Andrews

Mickey Andrews has created a tradition at Florida State of punishing defenses. Luckily his dedication to the program has allowed him to stay.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
37 FSU set a NCAA record for most consecutive seasons with 10 or more wins. What is that total?
Answer: 14

Bobby Bowden lead FSU to 10 or more wins for 14 consecutive years from 1987-2000.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
38 Quarterback Chris Rix is from which state?
Answer: California

Although Rix was thrown to the lions in his freshman year with mixed results, he should prove to be a complete quarterback in the ensuing years.
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
39 Samari Rolle was ranked #__________ in interceptions in 1997.
Answer: 2

Samari Rolle has gone on to become a key defensive player for the Tennessee Titans.
    Your options: [ 3 ] [ 1 ] [ 4 ] [ 2 ]
  From Quiz: Florida State Football Forever
40 ___________ is known as "The Voice of the Seminoles"?
Answer: Gene Deckerhoff

Gene Deckerhoff is one of the first four announcers ever inducted
into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame.
  From Quiz: Seminole Dynasty
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