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Trivia Questions and Answers
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230 Green Bay Packers Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Green Bay Packers? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Green Bay Packers (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 What down and distance was made infamous amongst Packers fans on January 11th, 2004?
Answer: 4th and 26

In the divisional round of the 2003-04 playoffs, the 4th-seeded Packers led the top-seeded Philadelphia Eagles 17-14 with only 1:12 left to go. After an incompletion, a 5 yard penalty, a sack and another incompletion, the Eagles seemed to be finished, facing an impossible down and distance. But, on the now-famous "4th and 26" play, a slant route to wide receiver Freddie Mitchell got them just enough yardage for the first down, and they were able to tie the game and take it into overtime. The went on to win the game 20-17 after another field goal from kicker David Akers.
  From Quiz: Cheesehead Challenge
2 In the 1996 season, quarterback Brett Favre set an NFC record when he threw 39 touchdown passes in regular season play. Who was the previous record holder?
Answer: Brett Favre

Favre broke his own record. He threw 38 TD passes in 1995.
  From Quiz: I Love My Green Bay Packers
3 Through all the trials and tribulations of the 2010, the Packers survived it all. They defeated the Falcons in the divisional playoffs. Who did they defeat in the NFC Championship game to earn the trip to Super Bowl XLV?
Answer: Chicago Bears

In a typical rivalry, the NFC Championship game did not let the fans down. Although Green Bay won with a score of 21-14, the score did not reflect the intensity of the game. The score was 14-0 at halftime in favor of Green Bay. The Packers earned the right to their fifth Super Bowl appearance.
  From Quiz: Packers: Road to Super Bowl XLV
4 What is the name of the Packers player who burned his eyebrows and eyelashes off, after he poured gasoline on some kindling and then struck a match in 1995?
Answer: Travis Jervey

Travis Jervey and LeShon Johnson had a lot of fun as roommates when they played for the Packers. When Travis wasn't burning off his unnecessary body hair, the pair was known to have set up illegal deer snares in their backyard. They even entertained thoughts of buying a lion for a pet. When coach Mike Holmgren told Jervey, "no lion", Travis thought he might like something else like a tiger.
  From Quiz: Packers Dirty Laundry
5 Which Packer player was nicknamed the "Minister of Defense"?
Answer: Reggie White

Reggie was an ordained Evangelical minister and a 13-time Pro Bowl selection. He played eight seasons with the Eagles, six with the Packers then retired only to come back one more season with the Carolina Panthers. He was posthumously inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.
    Your options: [ Reggie White ] [ Santana Dotson ] [ Gilbert Brown ] [ Sean Jones ]
  From Quiz: The Men of Green Bay
6 On what day were the Green Bay Packers founded?
Answer: August 11, 1919

The Green Bay Packers were founded by Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun. The Packers were a semi-professional team from 1919-1920.
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers History
7 Founded by Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun, the Green Bay Packers team went professional and joined the AFPA (later NFL) in which year?
Answer: 1921

The team was founded by them in 1919. The American Professional Football Association began in 1920, and the Packers under Curly Lambeau joined the league in 1921. The team went 3-2-1 and finished seventh of twenty one teams. The Chicago Staleys won the championship in 1921. 1922 saw the league take the name, NFL.
    Your options: [ 1900 ] [ 1936 ] [ 1913 ] [ 1921 ]
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8 In what round of the 1956 draft was QB Bart Starr selected?
Answer: 17th

Starr was selected 200th overall out of Alabama.
  From Quiz: Packers
9 Who did the Packers play in their first NFL match?
Answer: Minneapolis Marines

After the Packers joined the American Professional Football Association in 1921 (renamed NFL in 1922), Green Bay then played their first official league game on October 23rd, 1921, with a 7-6 win over the Minneapolis Marines at Green Bay's Hagemeister Park.
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10 What Packer scored a total of 823 points throughout his career?
Answer: Don Hutson

Don Hutson scored a total of 823 points by touchdowns, point after attempts and field goals.
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers
11 How many people were in the original Hall of Fame class of 1963?
Answer: 4

Earl L. (Curly) Lambeau, Robert (Cal) Hubbard, Don Hutson, Johnny (Blood) McNally, Clarke Hinkle, Mike Michalske, Arnie Herber, Vince Lombardi, Tony Canadeo, Jim Taylor, Forrest Gregg, Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Herb Adderley, Willie Davis, Jim Ringo, Paul Hornung, Willie Wood, Henry Jordan, and James Lofton are all the players who have been enshrined.
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers
12 How much did the original Cheesehead cost?
Answer: $15 to $20

My cheesehead, purchased at Lambeau Field cost $17.95.
  From Quiz: The Original Cheesehead
13 What was the final score of Super Bowl I?
Answer: 35-10 Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first ever Super Bowl. They won the next Super Bowl 33-14 against the Oakland Raiders.
  From Quiz: Packers 1919 to 1999
14 Ray Nitchke, Bart Starr, and Don Hutson are three of the four Packers to have their numbers retired in the 20th century. Who was the fourth?
Answer: Tony Canadeo

Only the greats! Tony Canadeo No.3 in 1952, Don Hutson No.14 in 1951, Bart Starr No.15 in 1973, Ray Nitschke LB No.66 in 1983. The NFL has discouraged the retiring of numbers. As a result, when the Packers honored Reggie White in 1999, they retired his jersey and not his No.92.
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers
15 The Indian Packing Company, which had funded Lambeau's venture, was offered sponsorship rights. Who came up with the idea of naming the team the Green Bay Packers?
Answer: Agnes Aylward (Curly Lambeau's girlfriend)

Lambeau showed huge gratitude to the Indian Packing Company for its contribution to the creation of the team. Lambeau told Agnes that he intended to name the new franchise the "Green Bay Indians" to which Agnes replied "Well, for heaven's sake, Curly, why don't you just call them the Green Bay Packers!" The name stuck and the team has been known as the Packers ever since.
    Your options: [ Curly Lambeau (co-founder) ] [ Frank Peck (Indian Packing Company owner) ] [ George Whitney Calhoun (co-founder) ] [ Agnes Aylward (Curly Lambeau's girlfriend) ]
  From Quiz: Team History: Green Bay Packers
16 In 2011, Aaron Rodgers broke the record for highest single-season passer rating. What rating did he finish with that year?
Answer: 122.5

He edged out the previous mark of 121.1 set by Peyton Manning in 2004, by throwing 45 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. The Packers went 15-1 that year, losing in the divisional round of the playoffs to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants.
  From Quiz: Cheesehead Challenge
17 How many touchdowns did Don Hutson score in 1935, his rookie year?
Answer: 7

Hutson joined the Pack in 1935 and scored 7 touchdowns and a total of 43 points.
  From Quiz: I Love My Green Bay Packers
18 Green Bay ended their regular season with what record?
Answer: 10-6

The Packers tied for the fifth best record in the NFL with their 10-6 mark. The Patriots had the best season record by going 14-2. The Falcons went 13-3, then the Ravens 12-4. The Bears, Jets, and Saints all went 11-5. The Packers shared their 10-6 record with the Buccaneers, Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, and Giants.
  From Quiz: Packers: Road to Super Bowl XLV
19 What is the name of the Packers player who was ejected for pushing Walter Payton over the bench in 1985?
Answer: Mark Lee

When they showed the replay on this one, it looked a lot like Walter pulled Mark Lee over the top of the bench by his face-mask. Talk about your ultimate savvy veteran move.
  From Quiz: Packers Dirty Laundry
20 Which Packer quarterback led them to championship wins in Super Bowl I and II?
Answer: Bart Starr

Bart led them to three NFL Championships in 1961, 1962, 1965, and two Super Bowl wins (I and II). He also received Super Bowl MVP honors twice. He played his entire career of 16 seasons with the Packers then went on to coach them from 1975-1983. He was inducted into the Class of 1977 Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    Your options: [ Bart Starr ] [ Brett Favre ] [ John Hadl ] [ Scott Hunter ]
  From Quiz: The Men of Green Bay
21 What year did the Packers join the American Professional Football Association?
Answer: 1921

The American Professional Football Association was started in 1920, then changed to the APFL in 1921, the year the Packers joined. The team is not a charter member but it is one of the oldest.
  From Quiz: All About the Packers
22 Where did the Packers play their home games at in their first season?
Answer: Hagemeister Park

Hagemeister Park had no bleachers so the fans could roam around freely. There were ropes along side of the field so the fans would know no not to go on it. During halftime, the teams would meet in opposite endzones to make plays, and fans would sometimes enter the conversations. To pay the players they would pass around a hat and it would collect donations from the fans. The Packers played six total games in the 1919 season at Hagemeister Park.
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers History
23 1929 saw the Green Bay Packers win their first NFL Championship. They went undefeated throughout the season with their 12-0-1 record. How many of their 13 games did the Packers shutout their opponents?
Answer: 8

With an amazing defense, the Packers allowed only 22 points in the season. This included their only tie, 0-0, against the Frankford Yellow Jackets in week 11. The Packers would go on to be the first team to win three consecutive NFL Championships, winning again in 1930 and 1931. The franchise would later duplicate this by winning three again from 1965-1967.
  From Quiz: Your Green Bay Packers!
24 What was the official name of the Green Bay Packer cheerleaders?
Answer: The Golden Girls

They were named 'The Golden Girls' although there was another Green Bay Packer Squad in the '50s called the Packerettes.
  From Quiz: Cheering the Green Bay Packers
25 To whom did Brett Favre complete his first career pass?
Answer: Favre

Favre caught his own deflected pass and was tackled immediately, resulting in a loss of seven yards.
  From Quiz: Packers
26 Who was the first Packer running back to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season?
Answer: Tony Canadeo

Canadeo became the first when he rushed for 1,052 yards in 1949.Taylor first broke 1,000 in 1960, Brockington in 1971, and Hornung never did. Thanks go out to funtrivia member Dizart for correcting me on this one. I had originally said that Jim Taylor was the first but my mistake was pointed out. Hopefully, since I had never heard of Canadeo and didn't originally include him in the choices, I didn't damage anyone's percentage!
  From Quiz: Calling all Cheeseheads!
27 Who did the Packers first lose to?
Answer: Rock Island Independents

The game was played on October 30th, 1921. The final score was 13-3.
  From Quiz: Are You a True Cheesehead?
28 What Packer running back rushed for a total of 8,207 in 1,811 attempts?
Answer: Jim Taylor

Hard-nosed Jim Taylor wore #31.
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers
29 Which NFC Division were the Packers in during the 2002-2003 season?
Answer: NFC North

They are in the NFC North along with the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions.
    Your options: [ NFC East ] [ NFC North ] [ NFC South ] [ NFC West ]
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers
30 Who suceeded Vince Lombardi as head coach of the Packers?
Answer: Phil Bengston
  From Quiz: Are You a Packer Backer?
31 The company that manufactured The Original Cheesehead was ______ Inc.?
Answer: Foamation

This company also makes cheese bricks, cheese hats, cheese antennas, etc.
  From Quiz: The Original Cheesehead
32 On what date was the Ice Bowl played?
Answer: December 31, 1967

At 13 degrees below zero, the Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys 21-17, with Bart Starr's one yard quarterback sneak for a touchdown with 13 seconds left.
  From Quiz: Packers 1919 to 1999
33 The Packers dominated the NFL in the early depression years, winning three consecutive NFL Championships in 1929, 1930 and 1931. During this time period, the Packers went how many consecutive home games without defeat?
Answer: 29

Between 1929 and 1933, the Packers won 26 out of their 29 games at City Stadium. The team tied the three games it failed to win. In an era that did not include playoffs or a championship game, the team with the most wins took home the trophy. The Packers registered an undefeated 12-0-1 season in 1929, following this up with 10-3-1 and 12-2 records in 1930 and 1931 respectively.
  From Quiz: Team History: Green Bay Packers
34 The Packers won the Super Bowl in 1996, defeating the New England Patriots 35-21. Who was named Super Bowl MVP?
Answer: Howard

Despite winning league MVP in 1996, Brett Favre did not receive the same honors in the Super Bowl. Desmond Howard's crucial special teams performance won him the award, as his 99 yard kickoff return touchdown sealed their victory, 35-21.
  From Quiz: Cheesehead Challenge
35 In the 1962 season, the Packers won two games with a score of 49-0. Which teams did they defeat?
Answer: Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles

The Pack achieved that feat against the Bears on September 30, and against the Eagles on November 11.
    Your options: [ St. Louis Cardinals and Baltimore Colts ] [ Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions ] [ Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles ] [ Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys ]
  From Quiz: I Love My Green Bay Packers
36 The New England Patriots led all NFL teams by scoring 518 points during the season. How many points did the Packers score?
Answer: 388

While the Patriots led all AFC teams, only two NFC teams scored more than 400 points in the season. The Eagles led their conference by scoring 439 points. The other team was the Falcons who scored 414. The Packers were ranked fifth in points in the NFC behind the Eagles, Falcons, Cowboys, and Giants. They also ranked 10th across the NFL.
  From Quiz: Packers: Road to Super Bowl XLV
37 What is the name of the serial killer drafted by the Packers in 1974?
Answer: Randy Woodfield

Randy Woodfield was known as the I-5 killer. The Packers drafted Woodfield out of Portland State in the 17th round of the 1974 draft as a WR. In the 15th round of that year, the Packers also drafted a tackle out of Pittsburgh named Dave Wannstedt. Wannstedt went on to coach the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins, while Woodfield went to the Oregon State Penitentiary for his numerous crimes.
  From Quiz: Packers Dirty Laundry
38 Who was the Packers coach that led them to five consecutive winning seasons during his tenure from 2000-2005?
Answer: Mike Sherman

His winning seasons were from 2000-2004 and he finished that run with a .663 winning percentage, 53-27 record.
  From Quiz: The Men of Green Bay
39 Who was the Packer quarterback that was named Super Bowl I MVP?
Answer: Bart Starr

Bart led them to three NFL Championships in 1961, 1962 and 1965 and two Super Bowl wins (I & II). He also received Super Bowl MVP honors twice (I & II). He played his entire career of sixteen seasons with the Packers then went on to coach them from 1975-1983. He was inducted into the Class of 1977 Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  From Quiz: All About the Packers
40 In the 1919 season for the Packers, what was their overall record?
Answer: 10-1

The Packers' only loss was to the Beloit Professionals, and that was also the last game of the season. The Packers lost 6-0. The Packers beat Sheboygen Company team 87-0 in the 1919 season also.
  From Quiz: Green Bay Packers History
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