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Trivia Questions and Answers
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370 Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Pittsburgh Steelers? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Pittsburgh Steelers (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 This player wore #32, was named a Super Bowl MVP, and caught "The Immaculate Reception". (Raiders fans disagree). Which player had a section of fans known as "The Italian Army"?
Answer: Franco Harris

Harris was the 13th overall pick in the 1972 NFL draft. He was also NFL Rookie of the Year, gaining 1,055 yards with ten rushing and three receiving TDs. He played all but one of his 13 seasons with the Steelers. When he retired, he was about 200 yards shy of Jim Brown's all time rushing record.
    Your options: [ Rocky Bleier ] [ Jack Tatum ] [ John "Frenchy" Fuqua ] [ Franco Harris ]
  From Quiz: Black and Gold jersey numbers no longer issued
2 Quarterback, #12 Terry Bradshaw led the offense. He was the first player chosen overall in the 1970 draft. What college/university did he attend?
Answer: Louisiana Tech

The Steelers had won a coin toss for the #1 pick. Both the Steelers and Chicago Bears had miserable 1-13 records in 1969. Bradshaw had a difficult early career due to critical fans, media, and coaching. After his Hall of Fame NFL career, he went on to cover NFL games, first as a color commentator and eventually in studio co-hosting pre and post games shows for CBS and Fox. He has also appeared in several movies, most notably 2006's "Failure to Launch".
  From Quiz: 1970s Steelers Dynasty Hall of Famers
3 Who did the Steelers beat in their first regular season game?
Answer: Cleveland Browns

Steelers won 30-27.
  From Quiz: 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Season
4 The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated which team in the AFC Championship game to earn the right to Super Bowl XLV ?
Answer: New York Jets

The Steelers opened the game up with a 24-0 lead with one minute left in the first half. In the first half, the Jets had only one yard rushing. The Jets gave it back to Pittsburgh with 19 unanswered points from there. The Steelers won the game 24-19. Earning the right to the Super Bowl XLV, it was the 33rd postseason game for the franchise, and their second AFC Championship crown in three seasons.
    Your options: [ Atlanta Falcons ] [ New York Jets ] [ Philadelphia Eagles ] [ New England Patriots ]
  From Quiz: Steelers: Road to Super Bowl XLV
5 This Steeler was an undrafted free agent in 2002. He attended Kent State University and had a 100-yard interception return in Super Bowl XLIII. What is the name of this outside linebacker who is nicknamed "Silverback"?
Answer: James Harrison

Harrison was cut 3 times by the Steelers and once by the Ravens before finally sticking with the Steelers in 2004. He was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2008.
  From Quiz: Steeler Linebackers
6 In Super Bowl XIV, who did the Steelers defeat for their fourth Championship victory?
Answer: LA Rams

The Steelers defeated the LA Rams 31-19 to cap off a tremendous 1979 season. The game was played January 20, 1980, in the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California.
  From Quiz: All About the Steelers [3]
7 In the Steelers first Super Bowl appearance, who did they defeat?
Answer: Minnesota Vikings

Super Bowl IX saw Pittsburgh defeat the Vikings 16-6. The game capped off a 10-3-1 1974 season and was played January 1975 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  From Quiz: All About the Steelers [2]
8 In Pittsburgh's first year in the National Football League, what was their team name?
Answer: Pirates

The Pittsburgh franchise was founded by Art Rooney in 1933. They were called the Pittsburgh Pirates until the 1940 season when they changed to the Steelers.
  From Quiz: All About the Steelers [1]
9 When Terry Bradshaw was hurt during week 5, what quarterback stepped in and won 6 straight games, essentially saving the Steelers season?
Answer: Mike Kruczek

The 6 straight games Mike Kruczek won as a rookie, stood as the NFL record until 2004, when another rookie Steeler quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, would shatter it by winning 13 straight.
  From Quiz: 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers
10 What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers win their first Super Bowl?
Answer: 1975

It took the Steelers 42 years to win their first Super Bowl after a dissapointing 1960s decade.
  From Quiz: A Dynasty To Remember
11 After the 2006 season, which Steeler head coach stepped down after 15 seasons?
Answer: Bill Cowher

Cowher replaced Chuck Noll after 23 seasons at the helm in 1992. Cowher had a 149-90-1 record as a Steeler, and Noll was 193-148-1. Cowher had a 1-1 Super Bowl record, while Noll was 4-0.
    Your options: [ Marty Schottenheimer ] [ Chuck Noll ] [ Bill Cowher ] [ Bill Parcells ]
  From Quiz: Your Pittsburgh Steelers!
12 After a couple of disappointing seasons, the Steelers had a strong year in the strike-shortened 1982 season. However, they suffered a heartbreaking loss in the first round of the playoffs to which AFC West nemesis?
Answer: Chargers

Dan Fouts always seemed to give the Steelers fits, and we won't even mention the 1994 AFC Championship game. The game was in Three Rivers and it also was Lynn Swann's last game, and in effect, Bradshaw's last hurrah (he retired in 1983).
    Your options: [ Raiders ] [ Chiefs ] [ Broncos ] [ Chargers ]
  From Quiz: Steelers
13 What team did the Steelers defeat for their first ever post-season win?
Answer: Oakland Raiders

The Steelers first post-season appearance finally came in 1972. They beat the Oakland Raiders 13-7 when rookie running back Franco Harris caught a deflected pass inches from the ground, and ran for the winning touchdown. The play is known as, "The Immaculate Reception".
  From Quiz: Steel Curtain
14 Who was the Steelers leading rusher in 1985?
Answer: Frank Pollard

Of these four, Pollard and Abercrombie were the only two on the '85 squad. Pollard ran for 991 yards and Abercrombie ran for 851 yards.
  From Quiz: The Steelers of Pittsburgh
15 In which year, did Art Rooney Sr. purchase the NFL franchise that would become the Pittsburgh Steelers?
Answer: 1933

They were originally called the Pirates. Art Rooney Sr. changed the team's name to the Steelers in 1940, in honor of Pittsburgh's steel industry.
    Your options: [ 1933 ] [ 1936 ] [ 1928 ] [ 1931 ]
  From Quiz: Steelers' History
16 Bill Cowher took over the Head Coach position in 1992. What legendary coach did he replace?
Answer: Chuck Noll

After coaching the Steelers for 23 seasons, Chuck Noll retired in December of 1991. That opened the doors for former Kansas City assistant, Bill Cowher.
  From Quiz: Steelers of the 1990s
17 Who caught the ball just inches off the ground, and ran it for a 60 yard touchdown, during the play called the Immaculate Reception?
Answer: Franco Harris

Franco Harris was Rookie of the Year in that year. Jerome Bettis wasn't playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers at the time. Terry Bradshaw was the quarterback for the Steelers. Emmit Smith wasn't playing at the time.
  From Quiz: The Immaculate Reception
18 This is a quote from this player to Myron Cope. 'This is the worst case of turfhead I have ever had.' Who said this?
Answer: Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw was flipped during a run where his helmet came off and he had a large scrap on his head from the Three Rivers Astroturf surface.
  From Quiz: Name the Steeler
19 On what NFL team did Jerome Bettis play before being traded to the Steelers?
Answer: Rams

Bettis was drafted by and played his first seasons with the Rams, before being dealt to Pittsburgh when the Rams drafted Lawrence Philips.
  From Quiz: Jerome Bettis
20 Bobby Shaw caught a 90-yard TD pass from Kordell Stewart in 2001, to equal the longest touchdown pass in Steeler history. Whose record did he equal?
Answer: Mark Malone

Malone caught a 90 yard touchdown pass in 1981 at the Seattle Seahawks from Terry Bradshaw.
  From Quiz: Pittsburgh Steeler Football
21 Due to player shortages caused by the Second World War, the Steelers were forced to merge with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Cardinals in the 1943 and 1944 seasons respectively. How many combined wins did the merged teams have?
Answer: 5

The merger with the Eagles went fairly well, with the team compiling a 5-4-1 record and finishing just one game shy of the joint-division winning Washington Redskins and New York Giants. The merger with the Cardinals was a disaster, with the team losing all ten of its regular season games. Unsurprisngly, the Steelers and Cardinals finished bottom of their respective divisions in 1945.
  From Quiz: Team History: Pittsburgh Steelers
22 Running back, #32 Franco Harris. In 1972, during a playoff game against the Oakland Raiders, Harris caught what is known as "The Immaculate Reception". Which was *NOT* a reason the Raiders gave to dispute this play?
Answer: Bradshaw threw the pass after crossing the line of scrimmage

The Steelers were trailing 7-6 with only 22 seconds left and facing fourth down and ten from their own 40 yard line and no timeouts. Bradshaw dropped back for a pass, but the pocket soon collapsed. Ducking Raider tacklers, he threw the ball to running back John "Frenchy" Fuqua. Raiders safety Jack Tatum, Fuqua, and the ball all were in the same place at the same time. The ball deflected sharply back toward the line of scrimmage. Harris was able to get his hands under the ball, avoid tacklers and score a touchdown. The only choice not disputed was Bradshaw crossing the line before throwing the pass. He was clearly well behind it. Had the ball touched the ground, it would be incomplete and the Raiders ball on downs. Had McMakin held or only Fuqua touched the ball before Harris, there would have been a penalty and the play nullified.
    Your options: [ Tight end John McMakin held linebacker Phil Villapiano ] [ Harris was the second Steeler to touch the passed ball ] [ The ball touched the ground before Harris caught it ] [ Bradshaw threw the pass after crossing the line of scrimmage ]
  From Quiz: 1970s Steelers Dynasty Hall of Famers
23 Who did the Steelers lose to in Week 2?
Answer: Baltimore Ravens

Steelers lost 6-26 on the road.
  From Quiz: 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers Season
24 What was Pittsburgh's regular season record?
Answer: 12-4

The Steelers, even without four games with their franchise quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, they still won 12 games in the season. They matched the record of their AFC North Division rivals, Baltimore Ravens, who won their wildcard game against the Chiefs. The Steelers won the divisional championship game against the Ravens.
  From Quiz: Steelers: Road to Super Bowl XLV
25 Who led the Steelers in tackles?
Answer: Lawrence Timmons

Troy sat out a few games this season but still led the Steelers with seven interceptions on the year. The 2009 Defensive Player of the Year, James Harrison, didn't have as much of a productive season, but still had 10.5 sacks while LaMarr had 9.5. Overall, their fellow linebacker Lawrence Timmons led in tackles for the team.
  From Quiz: Pittsburgh Steelers 2010
26 This Steeler was drafted in the 16th round (220 overall) out of the University of Missouri in 1963. He was selected to the Pro Bowl 7 times and earned 2 Super Bowl rings all with the Steelers. Who was this "Steel Curtain" linebacker?
Answer: Andy Russell

Russell was drafted in 1963 and retired after the 1976 season. He missed the 1964 and 1965 seasons while serving in the Army. He was named the Steelers' MVP in 1971. His career statistics: 168 games played, 10 fumble recoveries, and 18 interceptions. The NFL did not start keeping official statistics on sacks until 1982.
  From Quiz: Steeler Linebackers
27 Four kickers played for the Steelers in their first six Super Bowls, starting in Super Bowl IX, and concluding with Super Bowl XL. Which one did not kick a field goal in the Super Bowl?
Answer: Jeff Reed

Reed had no attempts in SB XL. Johnson made his attempt in a losing effort in SB XXX. Bahr made his only kick in two winning efforts in XIII and XIV. Gerala made two and missed two in IX and X, both of which the Steelers won.
    Your options: [ Roy Gerela ] [ Matt Bahr ] [ Norm Johnson ] [ Jeff Reed ]
  From Quiz: Steelers Super Bowl Parties
28 Who was voted Super Bowl XIV MVP?
Answer: Terry Bradshaw

Quarterback Terry Bradshaw completed 14 out of 21 passes for 309 yards to include two touchdowns.
  From Quiz: All About the Steelers [3]
29 Which Steeler was named Super Bowl IX MVP?
Answer: Franco Harris

Franco Harris ran for more yards than the Vikings racked up the whole game! He rushed for a Super Bowl record 158 yards and one TD. The Steelers had 333 yards of offense to the Vikings 119 yards. Franco was inducted into the 1990 Pro Football Hall of Fame.
    Your options: [ Lynn Swann ] [ Franco Harris ] [ Terry Bradshaw ] [ Joe Greene ]
  From Quiz: All About the Steelers [2]
30 For how many seasons did the Pittsburgh club merge with another team?
Answer: 2

Because World War II caused roster issues, the Pittsburgh Steelers merged in 1943 with Philadelphia. They were call the Phil-Pitt Eagles but were known as the Steagles. In 1944 they joined with the Chicago Cardinals and were called Card-Pitt, also Car-Pitts or Carpets. They were winless that season. In 1945 they went back to being the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  From Quiz: All About the Steelers [1]
31 Whose play caused the injury to Terry Bradshaw during week 5, and who did he play for?
Answer: Joe Jones, Cleveland Browns

Jones' nickname is Turkey, which seems appropriate. Ted Hendricks was called "Kick 'em in the Head" and "The Mad Stork", because he was so tall. Jack Tatum was known as "The Assassin".
  From Quiz: 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers
32 Who coached the Steelers to four Super Bowl wins in the 1970s seasons?
Answer: Chuck Noll

Noll took the Steelers to Super Bowls in 1975, 1976, 1978, and the 1979 seasons.
  From Quiz: A Dynasty To Remember
33 When this running back retired, he was at the head of the Steeler class with 11,950 yards rushing. Who was this back who wore the number 32?
Answer: Franco Harris

12 of Harris' 13 seasons were with the Steelers from 1972-1983. Eight times he was a 1000-yard rusher, and made it to the Pro Bowl nine times in his career. Franco ran for 91 Steeler touchdowns and caught another nine. Jerome Bettis rushed for a career 13,662 yards, but almost 2500 yards were as a Ram.
  From Quiz: Your Pittsburgh Steelers!
34 What was the final record for the 1988 Steelers?
Answer: 5-11

This was the worst record the team had since Chuck Noll's first season as head coach in 1969, when the team finished 1-13.
  From Quiz: 1988 Pittsburgh Steelers
35 The "Longest Pass Play" record was 90 yards when set in 1981. The record-setter in 1981 was thrown by Terry Bradshaw. Who caught the pass for a 90 touchdown against Seattle?
Answer: Mark Malone

Terry Bradshaw threw a 90 yard bomb to Mark Malone (a rookie QB at the time). It was the only completion Terry completed to Mark that season but they made it count.
  From Quiz: The Steelers of Pittsburgh
36 What cornerback in the 20th century, set Steeler records for both season and career interceptions?
Answer: Mel Blount

Mel was drafted by the Steelers in 1970, and retired in 1983. He was elected into the Football Hall of Fame in 1989.
  From Quiz: Steelers' History
37 What year did Bill Cowher win his first Associated Press "NFL's Coach of the Year" award?
Answer: 1992

Cowher won it in 1992 during his first season with the club. He guided them to a 11-5 record and the AFC Central divisional title.
  From Quiz: Steelers of the 1990s
38 What was the date of the game, and which playoff game was it?
Answer: December 23, 1972 - AFC Divisional playoff game

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game against the Raiders in the AFC Divisional playoff game, but did not win the Super Bowl that year. They lost the next week, to the Miami Dolphins 21 to 17 in the AFC Championship game.
    Your options: [ December 23, 1972 - NFL Divisional playoff game ] [ December 23, 1972 - AFL Divisional playoff game ] [ December 23, 1972 - AFC Divisional playoff game ] [ December 22, 1973 - NFC Divisional playoff game ]
  From Quiz: The Immaculate Reception
39 This Steeler player opened a butchers shop after his retirement. Who was it?
Answer: Jon Kolb

I have actually been to Kolb's market in Pittsburgh where I grew up.
  From Quiz: Name the Steeler
40 What was Bettis' nickname?
Answer: The Bus

Jerome Bettis has acquired the nickname 'The Bus' from Steelers' fans and opponents he runs over.
  From Quiz: Jerome Bettis
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