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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of   New York Giants

250 New York Giants Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about New York Giants? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to New York Giants (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What Louisiana State alum led the Giants in interceptions in 2011?
Answer: Corey Webster

Webster was a quarterback and receiver in high school. He was recruited as a wide receiver coming out of high school but switched to cornerback at LSU under coach Nick Saban.
  From Quiz: New York Giants 2011
2 Charlie Conerly was the Giants' starting quarterback throughout most of the 1950s. Which college, known as the Rebels, did Conerly attend?
Answer: Mississippi

Charlie Conerly played collegiate football for the University of Mississippi Rebels, where he was an outstanding running back and passer. He graduated from Ole Miss in 1947 and joined the New York Giants in 1948. Conerly played with Big Blue from 1948 to 1961, throwing 173 touchdown passes and accumulating over 19,000 passing yards. The University of Alabama is known as the Crimson Tide, Auburn's nickname is the Tigers, and Georgia's teams are known as the Bulldogs.
    Your options: [ Georgia ] [ Alabama ] [ Mississippi ] [ Auburn ]
  From Quiz: New York Giant Quarterbacks
3 Who was the head coach of the 1986 New York Giants football team?
Answer: Bill Parcells

Bill Parcells, born in New Jersey, replaced Ray Perkins as the head coach of the New York Giants to begin the 1983 season. In 1986, Parcells led Big Blue to a regular season record of 14-2 and then a 3-0 mark in postseason play, culminating in a Super Bowl victory. Parcells became well known for his tough, no-nonsense style of leadership. He developed a close bond with Giants' quarterback Phil Simms. Bill Belichick was defensive coordinator for the '86 Giants and would later become the head coach for the New England Patriots. In 1986, Dan Reeves was the head coach of the Denver Broncos.
  From Quiz: The 1986 New York Giants
4 The New York Giants franchise began in the NFL in 1925. What was their team name?
Answer: Giants

The other names never existed in the NFL. The Giants started it all off with losing their first three games in 1925, then shutting out their opponents in the next four games. They finished 8-4 in their first season. Coached by Bob Folwell, the team was led by running back Jack McBride who led the team in scoring.
  From Quiz: Your New York Giants!
5 What year did the New York Giants begin in the NFL?
Answer: 1925

The Giants joined the NFL in 1925. Of the five teams that joined that year, they are the only remaining team in modern-day professional football. The actual legal corporate name is the New York Football Giants, to differentiate the team from the New York Giant baseball team, now San Francisco Giants, that was present when this club formed.
  From Quiz: All About the Giants
6 The Giants started the 1990 season and decade off with a bang. Which team did they defeat in Super Bowl XXV?
Answer: Buffalo Bills

The others were all in the NFC, so a Super Bowl matchup was not possible. The Giants defeated the 49ers in the Conference Championship to earn a berth to the big time. They defeated the Bills 20-19, and running back Ottis Anderson was the Super Bowl MVP. New York went 13-3 in the season.
    Your options: [ Dallas Cowboys ] [ Buffalo Bills ] [ Chicago Bears ] [ Philadelphia Eagles ]
  From Quiz: New York Giants: 1990s
7 Tiki Barber might be the greatest offensive player in Giants history. Which ACC school did he attend with his brother Ronde?
Answer: Virginia

The Giants made Tiki the 36th overall selection in the 1997 NFL draft. Ronde was picked 30 players later by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Barber finished his career 17th on the all-time rushing yards list.
  From Quiz: Before They Were Giants
8 Which Giant rookie had a great season but could not finish it due to injury?
Answer: Rodney Hampton

The Giants' first round draft pick Rodney Hampton had 455 yrds rushing and 2 TDs, 32 receptions for 274 yards and 2 TDs. Due to an injury, he was unable to finish the season.
    Your options: [ Phil Simms ] [ Rodney Hampton ] [ Dave Meggett ] [ Lewis Tillman ]
  From Quiz: 1990 Giants: Super Bowl Champs
9 Tom Coughlin, the coach of the 2004 New York Giants, actually coached with the Giants under Bill Parcells. What coach was he then?
Answer: Wide Receivers Coach

He held this position when the Giants defeated the Bills in Super Bowl XXV.
  From Quiz: The New York Giants
10 Which military school did wide reciever Phil McConkey attend?
Answer: Naval Academy

McConkey has since used his local popularity and military experience to foray into the political arena.
    Your options: [ Naval Academy ] [ The Citadel ] [ Air Force Academy ] [ West Point ]
  From Quiz: Giants Among Men: 1986
11 Which coach led the Giants to the most victories during the 20th century?
Answer: Steve Owen

Owen coached the Giants from 1931-1953 and totalled 153 wins. Parcells was second with 85.
    Your options: [ Bill Parcells ] [ Steve Owen ] [ Ray Perkins ] [ Allie Sherman ]
  From Quiz: Not So Gentle Giants
12 Where did Phil Simms play his college football?
Answer: Morehead State

Simms became just the second player in Morehead State history, taken in the NFL draft in 1979. He was the first round pick of the Giants at No. 7. Of note, he was the second QB taken in the draft behind Jack Thompson out of Wash. State by the Bengals.
  From Quiz: New York Giants Football
13 What 2003-04 N.Y.Giant had been with the team the longest?
Answer: Keith Hamilton

Keith Hamilton arrived on the scene in 1993. Lawrence Taylor had already retired before the 2003-04 season, and Michael Barrow came in 1998, along with Collins came in 1999.
  From Quiz: New York Giants Fan Test
14 What veteran safety led the Giants in tackles in 2011?
Answer: Antrel Rolle

Antrel Rolle was drafted out of the University of Miami, Florida, where he was a unanimous All-American in 2004. 2011 was his second year with the Giants after five seasons with the Cardinals.
  From Quiz: New York Giants 2011
15 Can you provide the number of Hall of Fame defensive lineman Andy Robustelli, which now can only be worn by two positions on offense?
Answer: 81

In today's NFL, numbers from 80 to 89 are worn by wide receivers and tight ends. In the earlier days of the league, numbers were randomly given regardless of position.
    Your options: [ 87 ] [ 86 ] [ 83 ] [ 81 ]
  From Quiz: NY Giants by the Numbers
16 Y. A. Tittle was the New York Giants' starting quarterback from 1961 to 1964. Which team, whose home was Kezar Stadium, traded Tittle to the Giants?
Answer: San Francisco 49ers

Yelberton Abraham Tittle, from Texas, was already a 13-year veteran when he joined the New York Giants in 1961. The San Francisco 49ers traded Tittle to the Giants after the 1960 season. The 49ers played their home games at Kezar Stadium from 1946 to 1970. Tittle enjoyed huge success with Big Blue, throwing 96 touchdown passes and gaining over 10,000 passing yards in his four seasons with New York. Tittle retired after the 1964 season.
    Your options: [ Cleveland Browns ] [ Baltimore Colts ] [ San Francisco 49ers ] [ Detroit Lions ]
  From Quiz: New York Giant Quarterbacks
17 Lawrence Taylor played outside linebacker for the 1986 New York Giants. Which uniform number did he wear?
Answer: 56

Lawrence Taylor ("L.T.") is one of the greatest players in Giants' history. Taylor's quickness, speed, and hitting ability made him one of the best linebackers in the NFL. He wore uniform number 56, a number that the Giants would eventually retire. In 1986, Taylor recorded 20.5 quarterback sacks and was named the MVP of the 1986 NFL regular season. Jim Burt wore uniform number 64 for the Giants, Gary Reasons was number 55, and Carl Banks wore uniform number 58 for Big Blue.
    Your options: [ 55 ] [ 64 ] [ 58 ] [ 56 ]
  From Quiz: The 1986 New York Giants
18 Which season saw the Giants win their first NFL Championship?
Answer: 1927

It took them only three seasons to put together a 11-1-1 record. The Giants allowed only three teams to score against them in the season. In 1929 and 1930, they finished second to the Packers, even though having records of 13-1-1 and 13-4, respectively.
    Your options: [ 1937 ] [ 1957 ] [ 1947 ] [ 1927 ]
  From Quiz: Your New York Giants!
19 Who was the first coach of the Giants?
Answer: Bob Folwell

Bob Folwell was the inaugural coach of the Giants. He remained coach for one season although they had a winning record 8-4.
  From Quiz: All About the Giants
20 Phil Simms led the Giants to the Super Bowl XXV, but the Giants had a quarterback issue in 1991. Who started 12 games in the season to lead the team to only a 8-8 record?
Answer: Jeff Hostetler

Other than Simms, the other two were Phoenix Cardinals. After starting only two games in the 1990 season, Jeff still played in all 16. Simms played backup to Hostetler in 1991. Jeff threw for 2032 yards in the season, while Rodney Hampton led the team on the ground with 1059 yards rushing.
  From Quiz: New York Giants: 1990s
21 In 2001, Michael Strahan became the NFLs single season sack leader when he recorded 22.5 sacks. Which division 1-AA school did Strahan attend?
Answer: Texas Southern University

The Giants chose Strahan with the 40th overall pick in 1993.
    Your options: [ Texas Southern University ] [ Grambling University ] [ Southern University ] [ Alcorn State University ]
  From Quiz: Before They Were Giants
22 After a 10-0 start, who did Giants lose their first game to?
Answer: Philadelphia Eagles

The Giants lost to the (6-4) Philadelphia Eagles 31-13 in Philadelphia. New York would end up losing the following week as well.
  From Quiz: 1990 Giants: Super Bowl Champs
23 Who was the Giants wide receiver who invented the spike?
Answer: Homer Jones

Homer Jones played six seasons with the Giants and was a 2-time Pro Bowler. His best season came in 1967 when he racked up 1209 yards and 13 touchdowns.
  From Quiz: The New York Giants
24 Which college did Super Bowl XXI MVP Phil Simms attend?
Answer: Moorehead State

When Simms was chosen as the #1 pick in the 1979 draft, New Yorkers were said to have asked in unison: "Phil Who?"
    Your options: [ Moorehead State ] [ Ball State ] [ Marshall ] [ Bowling Green ]
  From Quiz: Giants Among Men: 1986
25 Who rushed for more yards in his career than any other Giant during the 20th century?
Answer: Rodney Hampton

Hampton rushed for 6,897 yards for the Giants from 1990-1997. Joe Morris held the Giants single season record of 1,516 yards in 1986.
  From Quiz: Not So Gentle Giants
26 In the 2002-2003 NFL Draft, who was the Giants' first selection?
Answer: Jeremy Shockey

Jeremy Shockey was taken in the first round, Allen in the second, and Cornellius Griffen was a rookie in 2001-2002.
  From Quiz: New York Giants Fan Test
27 Which player had the most kick return yards in 2011 for the Giants?
Answer: Devin Thomas

Thomas played football for Michigan State. He played for the Redskins from 2008 to 2010, the Carolina Panthers in 2010, and the New York Giants from 2010 to 2011.
    Your options: [ Devin Thomas ] [ Ron Dayne ] [ D.J. Ware ] [ Victor Cruz ]
  From Quiz: New York Giants 2011
28 This scrambling quarterback from the University of Georgia started as quarterback for the New York Giants from 1967 to 1970. Can you identify him?
Answer: Fran Tarkenton

Fran Tarkenton was one of the most exciting quarterbacks in NFL history. Tarkenton, a Georgia alumnus, used his scrambling ability and strong throwing arm to become an all-star. Tarkenton joined the New York Giants in 1967 after six seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. With the Giants, Tarkenton threw 103 touchdown passes and accumulated nearly 14,000 passing yards. Earl Morrall attended Michigan State, and Gary Wood attended Cornell. Norm Van Brocklin never played for the New York Giants.
  From Quiz: New York Giant Quarterbacks
29 Which Super Bowl found the New York Giants in it for the first time?
Answer: XXI

On January 25, 1987, the 14-2 Giants took on the 11-5 Denver Broncos. The Giants won handily, 39-20. The Giants were led by the arm of quarterback Phil Simms, the legs of running back Joe Morris, and the hands of tight end Mark Bavaro. The Giants repeated as Super Bowl Champions against the Bills in XXV, lost in XXXV to the Ravens, then put down the Patriots in Super Bowl XXLII in February 2008.
    Your options: [ XXXIII ] [ V ] [ XIV ] [ XXI ]
  From Quiz: Your New York Giants!
30 Who was the founder of the New York Giants?
Answer: Tim Mara

Tim Mara was the founder of the Giants. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963. His sons Wellington and Jack became co-owners upon his death. Wellington was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1997. In 1991 Jack's 50% share was sold to Bob Tisch ending the Mara family's sole ownership. Bob's son Steve inherited his father's share of the Giants in 2005. Wellington's son John is co-owner with Tisch.
  From Quiz: All About the Giants
31 The 1992 Giants didn't have a stellar year, finishing 6-10 in the season. To rub it in, they were shutout once in the season, by which team that ended up 4-12?
Answer: Phoenix Cardinals

The other teams listed all won at least 12 games in 1992. The Giants played the Cardinals in Week 15 to experience a 19-0 shutout. The Giants had only 131 total offensive yards in the game. They had previously defeated the Cardinals in Week 6, 31-21.
    Your options: [ San Francisco 49ers ] [ Phoenix Cardinals ] [ Dallas Cowboys ] [ New Orleans Saints ]
  From Quiz: New York Giants: 1990s
32 Lawrence Taylor is considered one of the best defensive players of all-time. Which school mostly known for basketball, did LT attend?
Answer: University of North Carolina

LT was the second pick of the 1981 NFL draft. Running back George Rogers was taken with the first overall pick that year. Taylor was later elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999. He finished his career with 132.5 sacks.
    Your options: [ University of North Carolina ] [ UCLA ] [ Duke University ] [ University of Kentucky ]
  From Quiz: Before They Were Giants
33 Which player led the Giants in receptions in 1990?
Answer: Dave Meggett

Third down running back and return specialist Dave Meggett led the team with 39 receptions. Bavaro was second with 33 receptions.
    Your options: [ Stephen Baker ] [ Dave Meggett ] [ Mark Bavaro ] [ Mark Ingram ]
  From Quiz: 1990 Giants: Super Bowl Champs
34 Which quarterback took the New York Giants to the playoffs in 1997?
Answer: Danny Kanell

The Giants won the NFC East with a 10-5-1 record, but lost to the Minnesota Vikings 23-22 in the Wildcard round.
    Your options: [ Dave Brown ] [ Danny Kanell ] [ Kent Graham ] [ Kerry Collins ]
  From Quiz: The New York Giants
35 Who was the first Giants running back to exceed 1,000 yards rushing in a season?
Answer: Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson became the first Giant to hit 1,000 yards rushing when he ran for 1,027 yards in 1970. Johnson had his best season in 1972 with 1,182 yards.
  From Quiz: Not So Gentle Giants
36 In 1997, the Giants surprised many pundits when they conquered the NFC East. Their final regular season record was 10-5-1. Which team did they tie?
Answer: Redskins

On the comical side, this was also the game where Redskins QB Gus Ferotte, injured himself during a TD celebration by smashing his own head into the wall.
    Your options: [ Redskins ] [ Cardinals ] [ Titans ] [ Falcons ]
  From Quiz: New York Giants Football
37 The Giants' lone score in Super Bowl XXXV, was the result of a 97-yard kick return touchdown. Who gave New York their only points of the day?
Answer: Dixon

That day, Lewis returned 6 kicks for 154 yards, with a 25.7 average. Unfortunately for New York, on the play ensuing Dixon's TD, Baltimore's Jermaine Lewis scored on an 84-yard kick return.
  From Quiz: New York Giants
38 Who was the Giants holder and long snapper, in their playoff collapse to San Francisco in the 2002-2003 season?
Answer: Allen and Junkin

Junkin lost his spot before the snap and said to snap the ball to Allen's voice. It obviously didn't work. He should have told Allen to throw the ball out of bounds. If Allen did, the Giants still would have kicked on 4th down.
  From Quiz: New York Giants Fan Test
39 Which two receivers led the Giants in catches in 2011?
Answer: Victor Cruz & Hakeem Nicks

Hakeem Nicks played football at North carolina and was drafted in the first round of 2009 by the Giants. Victor Cruz was undrafted and signed with the Giants as a rookie.
    Your options: [ Victor Cruz & Hakeem Nicks ] [ Victor Cruz & Corey Webster ] [ Hakeem Nicks & Jake Ballard ] [ Justin Tuck & Mario Manningham ]
  From Quiz: New York Giants 2011
40 Over the years, many Giants have worn number 53. Which Hall of Fame player wore it for 13 seasons starting in 1976?
Answer: Harry Carson

Often you will see players dump Gatorade on the coach when victory is imminent. This started with Harry Carson during the 1986 season and culminated with the Giant's victory over Denver in Super Bowl XXI.
    Your options: [ Brian Kelly ] [ Gary Reasons ] [ Brad Van Pelt ] [ Harry Carson ]
  From Quiz: NY Giants by the Numbers
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