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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of   Minnesota Vikings

230 Minnesota Vikings Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Minnesota Vikings? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Minnesota Vikings (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 When did the Vikings franchise play their first season in the NFL?
Answer: 1961

The Vikings were an expansion team. The first season for the Vikings was in 1961. They were 3-11 that year, with Fran Tarkenton taking over the starting quarterback position.
  From Quiz: Who Knows the Minnesota Vikings?
2 When was the team and its name officially announced as an expansion team, as the 14th NFL franchise?
Answer: September 1960

On September 27, 1960, the team was dubbed the Minnesota Vikings based on the Scandanavian culture in the state.
  From Quiz: All About the Vikings
3 Which team did the Vikings defeat 37-13 in their first-ever regular season game?
Answer: Chicago Bears

It was Septemeber 17, 1961. Legendary Bears coach George Halas said that game was one of the most upsetting coaching moments of his life.
    Your options: [ New York Giants ] [ Green Bay Packers ] [ Chicago Bears ] [ Kansas City Chiefs ]
  From Quiz: Minnesota Vikings
4 The Minnesota Vikings franchise began in 1961 with a 3-11 record. Who had the reins of the team for their first six seasons?
Answer: Norm VanBrocklin

VanBrocklin had only two winning seasons in his run with the Vikings. In 1964, the team went 8-5-1, and in 1965 they went 7-6. Bud Grant would take over from VanBrocklin, and have the team for the next 17 seasons.
  From Quiz: The Minnesota Vikings!
5 Who was the head coach who replaced Bud Grant after the 1983 season, only to lead the team to a (3-13) 1984 season?
Answer: Les Steckel

Steckel was known as a hardcore ex-marine and strong disciplinarian. Apparently that didn't set well with Vikings players who were used to Grant's laid back approach. The Vikings defense gave up a team record 484 points in 1984.
  From Quiz: Purple People Eaters
6 The Vikings record in 1998 was 15-1. Who was the lone team to beat them?
Answer: Tampa Bay

The Vikings lone regular season defeat came in Tampa as the Buccaneers won 27-24.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1998
7 Robert Smith opened the 1997 season with a 169-yard rushing performance. Which opposing team were the victims of Robert's great day?
Answer: Buffalo Bills

Smith later rushed for 160-yards against the Indianapolis Colts and for 132-yards against the Green Bay Packers during the 1997 campaign.
    Your options: [ Detroit Lions ] [ New Orleans Saints ] [ Green Bay Packers ] [ Buffalo Bills ]
  From Quiz: Vikings 1997
8 The Vikings first pick in the 1996 draft was ________ ?
Answer: Duane Clemons

Clemons was taken out of California with the 16th overall selection. Manley was taken in the second round, and Williams in the third.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1996
9 Who was the Vikings first opponent in the playoffs after the 1995 season?
Answer: No one, they didn't make the playoffs

The Vikings missed the NFC playoffs in 1995 after finishing fourth in the NFC Central with a 8-8 record.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1995
10 In 1994 which team beat the Vikings at the Metrodome in the first-round of the NFC playoffs?
Answer: Chicago Bears

The Vikings were blown-out by the Bears 35-18.
    Your options: [ Washington Redskins ] [ Chicago Bears ] [ N.Y. Giants ] [ Atlanta Falcons ]
  From Quiz: Vikings 1994
11 Which team beat the Vikings in a NFC First-Round playoff game after the 1993 season?
Answer: N.Y. Giants

The Vikings lost to the Giants 17-10.
    Your options: [ N.Y. Giants ] [ Chicago Bears ] [ Washington Redskins ] [ San Francisco 49ers ]
  From Quiz: Vikings 1993
12 Who was the Vikings defensive coordinator in 1992?
Answer: Tony Dungy

Tony was defensive coordinator from 1992 through 1995 before becoming the head-coach of Tampa Bay.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1992
13 Who was the only Vikings starter in the Pro Bowl after the 1991 season?
Answer: Randall McDaniel

Jordan and Thomas were named as substitutes.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1991
14 The Vikings head coach for the 1990 season was?
Answer: Jerry Burns

Burns was head-coach from 1986 through 1991.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1990
15 What quarterback holds the Minnesota Vikings single game record for passing yards?
Answer: Tommy Kramer

Tommy Kramer passed for 490 yards on 11-2-86 as a member of the Vikings.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Vikings
16 Who was the third owner of the Vikings?
Answer: Red McCombs

The Vikings third owner was Zigi Wilf, a real estate developer from New Jersey. The first owners were a group let by Bill Boyer, H.P. Skoglund and Max Winter. A group of 10, led by former team president Roger Headrick, obtained ownership of the Vikings in 1991. Red McCombs purchased the team in 1998 and the Wilfs became principal owners in 2005.
  From Quiz: Who Knows the Minnesota Vikings?
17 Who did the Vikings choose as the first overall pick of the 1961 NFL draft?
Answer: Tommy Mason

Tommy Mason was a running back out of Tulane. This being the first season for the Vikings, they got the first overall pick.
  From Quiz: All About the Vikings
18 The Vikings drafed Tommy Mason with the first overall pick in the 1961 NFL draft. Who did they take in the third round?
Answer: Fran Tarkenton

Tarkenton was a quarterback at the University or Georgia. He went on to throw for 47,003 yards and 342 Touchdowns during his career and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1986.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Vikings
19 In which season did the Vikings win their first playoff game?
Answer: 1969

After losing their first NFL Divisional playoff game to the Baltimore Colts in 1968, the Vikings went all the way in 1969, defeating the Rams and Browns, then finding themselves in the Super Bowl IV. The Kansas City Chiefs had other ideas, and put Minnesota down 23-7.
    Your options: [ 2004 ] [ 1969 ] [ 1996 ] [ 1955 ]
  From Quiz: The Minnesota Vikings!
20 Where did Moss finish in the Heisman Trophy voting in 1997?
Answer: Fourth

Moss finised fourth after only his second year of college football.
  From Quiz: Randy Moss: Minnesota Viking
21 The Vikings started 1998 with how many straight victories?
Answer: Seven

The Vikings rolled to a 7-0 start for their best start since 1975 (when they had 10 straight wins).
  From Quiz: Vikings 1998
22 The Vikings won their first playoff game under head-coach Dennis Green by beating _________ ?
Answer: N.Y. Giants

The Vikings went on the road and came back from 16 points down to defeat the Giants 23-22. It was the biggest comeback win in team playoff history and the fifth biggest postseason comeback in NFL history.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1997
23 Who served as owner and President of the Minnesota Vikings from 1965-87 and passed away in 1996?
Answer: Max Winter

Winter Park, home of the Minnesota Vikings, is named for this former owner.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1996
24 Jim Finks was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1995. While he was with the Vikings he served in what capacity?
Answer: General Manager

During his decade with the Vikings, the team won five division titles and appeared in two Super Bowls.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1995
25 In which foreign city did the Vikings play a preseason game in 1994?
Answer: Tokyo

The Vikings beat Kansas City 17-9.
    Your options: [ Berlin ] [ Tokyo ] [ London ] [ Mexico City ]
  From Quiz: Vikings 1994
26 Who was the Vikings No. 1 draft pick in 1993?
Answer: Robert Smith

Smith was taken with the 21st overall selection.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1993
27 In 1992 the Vikings won the NFC division for the what time?
Answer: 13th

The Vikes defeated Pittsburgh 6-3 at Three Rivers Stadium to earn their 13th division title.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1992
28 What player was drafted in 1991 in the third round as a choice from Dallas in the Herschel Walker trade?
Answer: Jake Reed

Reed was drafted out of Grambling State.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1991
29 The Vikings leading scoring (total points) for 1990 was?
Answer: Donald Igwebuike

Igwebuike led the team with 61 total points. Interestingly enough, Reveiz was third with 52 total points.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1990
30 How many field goals did Fred Cox make as a kicker for the Minnesota Vikings franchise?
Answer: 282

Fred Cox kicked 282 field goals from 1963 to 1977 for the Vikings.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Vikings
31 Who did the Vikings play in their first Super Bowl, which was Super Bowl IV, played on January 11, 1970?
Answer: Kansas City Chiefs

The Vikings lost to the Chiefs 23-7. The Viking quarterback was not Fran Tarkenton, but Joe Kapp. Fran had been traded to the Giants.
    Your options: [ Miami Dolphins ] [ Oakland Raiders ] [ Pittsburgh Steelers ] [ Kansas City Chiefs ]
  From Quiz: Who Knows the Minnesota Vikings?
32 In the Vikings first NFL draft, which round did the team pick up Fran Tarkenton?
Answer: Third

Fran was a quarterback out of the University of Georgia. He went in the third round. He played for the Vikings in two separate stints, 1961-1966 and 1972-1978. In-between Minnesota time, Fran played for the New York Giants.
    Your options: [ First ] [ Third ] [ Second ] [ Fourth ]
  From Quiz: All About the Vikings
33 What was the nickname given to the Vikings defense in the 1970s?
Answer: Purple People Eaters

Their defense was so impressive that in 1971, that Alan Page was awarded the NFLs Most Valuable Player.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Vikings
34 What team did the Vikings manhandle 44-10 on the road, in the first round of the 1987 playoffs?
Answer: New Orleans Saints

It was the first ever playoff game for the Saints, and they were not prepared for what hit them.
  From Quiz: Purple People Eaters
35 At which college was Moss was redshirted as a freshman in 1995?
Answer: Florida State

Moss left Flordia State for Marshall.
    Your options: [ Florida State ] [ Florida ] [ Marshall ] [ Notre Dame ]
  From Quiz: Randy Moss: Minnesota Viking
36 Pending league approval, in early 1998 he was 'temporary' owner of the Vikings. The deal later fell through. Who was this 'temporary' owner?
Answer: Tom Clancy

The famous writer of such novels as 'Red October' had been approved by the Vikings board-of-directors but ultimately could not produce the cash.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1998
37 Who was the Vikings starting quarterback when they won their first playoff game under Dennis Green?
Answer: Randall Cunningham

Cunningham had taken over for Johnson due to injury.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1997
38 Which team beat the Vikings in the first-round of the 1996 playoffs?
Answer: Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys won 40-15 at Dallas.
    Your options: [ Dallas Cowboys ] [ N.Y. Giants ] [ Chicago Bears ] [ Didn't make the playoffs ]
  From Quiz: Vikings 1996
39 Who was the Vikings scoring leader in 1995?
Answer: Fuad Reveiz

Reveiz scored 122 points for the Vikings in 1995, tied for 4th overall in the NFC.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1995
40 Who was the Vikings starting quarterback in 1994?
Answer: Warren Moon

Moon was aquired in April, 1994.
  From Quiz: Vikings 1994
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