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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Minnesota

100 Minnesota Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Minnesota? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Minnesota (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Minneapolis is one of the largest cities of Minnesota. It is the birthplace of which American cartoonist?
Answer: Charles M. Schulz

Charles M. Schulz was born in Minneapolis in 1922, but grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota's state capital. He created the "Peanuts" comic strip, which features Snoopy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown. He died in 2000 aged 77.

Minneapolis is the county seat of Hennepin County, Minnesota. The city has 13 large lakes and many other rivers and waterfalls.
    Your options: [ Charles M. Schulz ] [ Scott Adams ] [ Francis Cleetus ] [ Grace Drayton ]
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All about Minnesota
2 Duluth is located on which great lake?
Answer: Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in North America.
    Your options: [ Lake Michigan ] [ Lake Superior ] [ Lake Huron ] [ Lake Erie ]
  From Quiz: Do You Really Know Duluth?
3 What is the largest lake completely inside Minnesota?
Answer: Red Lake

Lake Superior is not enclosed in Minnesota, it shares borders with Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario. Red Lake is actually two lakes a lower Red Lake and an upper Red Lake
  From Quiz: Minnesota
4 The small town of Walnut Grove began in 1870, shortly after the Civil War. How did the town receive its name?
Answer: From the grove of Walnut Trees near the bank of the creek.

The small town of Walnut Grove began in 1870, and was incorporated on March 18, 1879. The town received its name from the grove of beautiful Walnut trees near Plum Creek. The same year that Walnut Grove began, a plague of grasshoppers nearly destroyed the small town. Only hard work and faith in God saved Walnut Grove.
  From Quiz: All About Walnut Grove, Minnesota
5 The Mayo Clinic is in which city in Minnesota?
Answer: Rochester

This clinic is known world wide for its newest methods of treatments.
    Your options: [ Rochester ] [ Madison ] [ Bloomington ] [ Minneapolis ]
  From Quiz: Minnesota Fun Facts
6 How many lakes, larger than ten acres each, are there in the state of Minnesota
Answer: 11,842

Minnesota is known as 'The Land of 10,000 Lakes but the most recent available data indicates that there are 11,842 Lakes.
    Your options: [ 10,068 ] [ 13,783 ] [ 12,673 ] [ 11,842 ]
  From Quiz: State of Minnesota
7 Mall of America is the largest shopping center of the United States. What city of Minnesota is it located in?
Answer: Bloomington

Mall of America has an area of 5,600,000 square feet (520,000 square m) and has been open to the public since 1992. There are over 520 shops. The city boasts a high level of employment partly due to the mall.

Bloomington is situated around 10 miles (15 km) south of downtown Minneapolis, on the north bank of the Minnesota River, in Hennepin County.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All about Minnesota
8 Which town is nicknamed the "Med City" because it is home to the Mayo Clinic, an internationally renowned medical hospital and research facility?
Answer: Rochester

The Mayo Clinic headquarters is located in Rochester, Minnesota. Its campus is almost three times the area of the Mall of America, and it is home to several health science schools, including the Mayo Medical School. It was founded from the medical practice of Dr. William Warroll Mayo, an immigrant from the United Kingdom. The clinic grew from a small facility to become America's first integrated medical group practice. The clinic has become a model for American medical practices and has assisted patients from around the world.
    Your options: [ Plymouth ] [ Rochester ] [ Duluth ] [ Burnsville ]
  From Quiz: Towns and Places of the North Star State
9 What pageant is held every year in July?
Answer: The Wilder Pageant

Every July 12-28 the Wilder Pageant is held. The pageant commemorates the childhood of its most famous citizen, Laura Ingalls Wilder. The pageant is presented along the banks of Plum Creek, which is near Walnut Grove.
  From Quiz: All About Walnut Grove, Minnesota
10 Who created the world's largest twine ball, which is in Darwin?
Answer: Francis A. Johnson

This twine ball weighs 17,400 pounds and is twelve feet in diameter.
    Your options: [ Francis A. Johnson ] [ Ralph W. Samuelson ] [ Brennan Olson ] [ Milburn Henke ]
  From Quiz: Minnesota Fun Facts
11 Where is the Guidant John Rose Minnesota Oval, one of the largest artificial outdoor skating surfaces in the world, located?
Answer: Roseville

Roseville, Minnesota was selected for being the home of the Guidant John Rose Oval, as part of a state plan to build a place that could possibly host the Olympics. It was named for John Rose, a member of the Minnesota State House of Representatives. The outdoor ice rink has a 110,000 square foot surface of concrete, with 84 miles of embedded cooling tubes, and an 800 ton refrigeration system. It has hosted national and world championships for speed skating, as well as the Bandy World Championships for men in 1995.
  From Quiz: Towns and Places of the North Star State
12 What is Spirit Mountain?
Answer: a skiing paradise

If you love to ski, Spirit Mountain is the place for you. Spirit Mountain has slopes for all skill levels. Whether it's your first time on skis or you're an Olympic champion, Spirit Mountain is the place for you.
  From Quiz: Do You Really Know Duluth?
13 What is the highest point in Minnesota?
Answer: Eagle Mountain

It is the highest point above sea level but does not have the highest vertical from the lowest point of the mountain to the tallest point of the mountain.
  From Quiz: Minnesota
14 What is Minnesota's state bird?
Answer: Loon

The loon is a diving waterbird that gets its name from a Norwegian word meaning "wild, sad cry". It is commonly found in Minnesota's lakes and was adopted as the state bird in 1961.
  From Quiz: Minnesota--The Gopher State
15 Who was Walnut Grove's first Justice of the Peace?
Answer: Charles Ingalls

After Walnut Grove was incorporated in 1879, the town council elected officials to help run the village. The President was Elias Bedal, the Treasurer was W.H. Owens, also known as William Oleson, and the Justice of the Peace was Charles Ingalls.
  From Quiz: All About Walnut Grove, Minnesota
16 The first intercollegiate basketball game was played in Minnesota during what year?
Answer: 1895

The exact date was February 9,1895.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Fun Facts
17 How many recreational boats per capita are owned by Minnesotans?
Answer: One per 6 persons

One boat is owned per 6 Minnesotans, which is the largest per capita ownership of this equipment in the U.S. Boats are used for recreation, fishing and leisure trips. Fishing is a major activity in Minnesota and 2.3 million residents and out State tourists fish Minnesota waters each year.
  From Quiz: State of Minnesota
18 What two provinces of Canada does Minnesota share a border with?
Answer: Manitoba and Ontario

Canada's border with Minnesota (with both provinces combined) is approximately 550 miles (885 km) in length. There are eight border crossings, with the Baudette - Rainy River crossing being the busiest border crossing in Minnesota.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All about Minnesota
19 Whose statue stands in the Duluth Rose Garden?
Answer: Leif Erikson

A giant statue of Leif Erikson, the Norwegian explorer who landed in America hundreds of years before Columbus, stands in the Duluth Rose Garden.
  From Quiz: Do You Really Know Duluth?
20 How high is the tallest point in Minnesota?
Answer: 2,301ft

Eagle Mountain is located in the arrowhead region of Minnesota. Eagle Mountain is a popular mountain to hike or camp.
  From Quiz: Minnesota
21 What is the state fish?
Answer: Walleye

The walleye is a popular catch and is found in lakes all over the state, but most commonly in northern Minnesota. It was made the state fish in 1965.
  From Quiz: Minnesota--The Gopher State
22 Which park is located on Main Street?
Answer: City Park

City Park is located on Main Street, and it has a tennis court, playground, picnic area, and public bathrooms. City Park is in the middle of Walnut Grove's resident area.
    Your options: [ Ferguson Park ] [ City Park ] [ Redwood County Park ] [ Plum Creek Park ]
  From Quiz: All About Walnut Grove, Minnesota
23 The first official hit in the Metrodome was made by Pete Rose playing in a preseason game for what team?
Answer: Philadelphia Phillies

This was during a preseason game.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Fun Facts
24 Which Native American Tribe moved into and temporarily took control of the lakes and woods of northern Minnesota in the 1800's?
Answer: Ojibwa

As the colonists moved westward, many Native American Tribes moved into the Plains, including the Ojibwa, Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho. However, the Ojibwa Tribe dominated in northern Minnesota in the 1800's. Unlike the Cheyenne Tribe the Ojibwa Indians were friendly to the white settlers. They also assisted the French military forces in battles with the British.
    Your options: [ Sioux ] [ Arapaho ] [ Cheyenne ] [ Ojibwa ]
  From Quiz: State of Minnesota
25 Founded as George A. Hormel & Company (and now known as Hormel Foods Corporation) this company produced America's first canned ham. What city of Minnesota was it founded in?
Answer: Austin

Austin is the county seat of Mower County, Minnesota.

What is now known as Hormel Foods Corporation has been in operation since 1891. Hormel Flavor-Sealed Ham was on the market by 1926, which was America's first. Hormel's production drastically increased to help America during World War II, with 65% of the company's products being bought by 1945 by the U.S government.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All about Minnesota
26 What is the name of the river which starts in Lake Itasca?
Answer: Mississippi

You can actually walk across the river were it begins flowing downstream. It is also the longest river in the United States flowing south all the way into the Gulf of Mexico.
    Your options: [ Minnesota ] [ Mississippi ] [ Missouri ] [ St. Croix ]
  From Quiz: Minnesota
27 Who was the first postmaster?
Answer: Lafayette Bedal

Lafayette Bedal was Walnut Grove's first postmaster. He also taught the children of the town in his living room in 1873. Bedal was the postmaster from 1873-1879.
  From Quiz: All About Walnut Grove, Minnesota
28 Minnesota's waters flow outward in how many directions?
Answer: three

These ways are: north to Hudson Bay, east to the Atlantic Ocean, and south to the Gulf of Mexico.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Fun Facts
29 What is the third largest industry in Minnesota?
Answer: Health Care and Medical Equipment

Tourism and Agriculture are the two largest industries in Minnesota. Health Care and Medical Equipment are in third place. The Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota Hospitals and Clinics are two of the countries' largest facilities for health care, teaching and research. A large number of companies are involved in the development and manufacturing of medical devices and equipment. These have been designated as 'Medical Alley'. Medtronics is one of the largest companies involved in the development and manufacturing of medical devices such as cardiac pace-makers and other cardiac equipment. 3M has a large division devoted to providing medical equipment.
  From Quiz: State of Minnesota
30 The U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis opened in 2016. It has been a subject of controversy due to its negative effect on what local wild animals?
Answer: Birds

Before construction had begun on the stadium the Audubon Society, which deals with bird conservation, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources both recommended that the stadium be built with bird-friendly designs. The advice was ignored, with the stadium being built with highly reflective glass. Birds often collide with the glass upon seeing the reflections on surrounding trees on its surface. The stadium's owners have tried to rectify the problem by making the stadium more bird-friendly.

The U.S. Bank Stadium is home to the Minnesota Vikings.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All about Minnesota
31 What is a lift bridge?
Answer: A bridge moves up when a boat needs to pass under it

Duluth is famous for its lift bridges that, well, lift up! There is a very famous one in Duluth harbor that's called the Aerial Bridge. It lifts once almost every five minutes.
  From Quiz: Do You Really Know Duluth?
32 What river other than the Mississippi creates a natural boundary between Minnesota and Wisconsin?
Answer: St. Croix

  From Quiz: Minnesota
33 What is the state gemstone?
Answer: Agate

More specifically, the Lake Superior agate, a red-and-orange-banded stone, is formed from iron ore and found in northern Minnesota. It was adopted as the state gemstone in 1969.
  From Quiz: Minnesota--The Gopher State
34 What is the name of the church that was built in 1874?
Answer: The Congregational Church

The Congregational Church was built in 1874, near the schoolhouse. It still stands today.
  From Quiz: All About Walnut Grove, Minnesota
35 Frank C. Mars of Minnesota introduced what candy bar in 1923?
Answer: Milky Way

He introduced the Snickers bar in 1930 and the Three Musketeers bar in 1937. He didn't have anything to do with the Crunch bar.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Fun Facts
36 What is the largest open-pit mine in the World?
Answer: Hull-Rust

Iron ore mining in Minnesota began in the 1890's and the 'Iron Range' in northern Minnesota became a thriving industry. The Hull-Rust mine is located near Hibbing, Minnesota and became the largest open-pit mine in the World. By the 1950's high grade ore had been severely depleted. Mining of iron ore is now limited to taconite. However, 70 percent of iron ore and taconite resources in the U.S. come from Minnesota.
  From Quiz: State of Minnesota
37 What other U.S state lies directly south of Minnesota?
Answer: Iowa

Minnesota does border Wisconsin, but to the east. It also borders North Dakota and South Dakota, but to the west.
  From Quiz: U.S.A: All about Minnesota
38 What town, located north of the geographical center of Minnesota, used to be the territory of the Ojibwa Indians and has land on both sides of the Mississippi River?
Answer: Brainerd

Brainerd has a hilly terrain and is located in a terminal moraine area that was formed by ice glaciers. There are 450 lakes within 25 miles of Brainerd's city limits, although there are almost no lakes in the city itself.
  From Quiz: Towns and Places of the North Star State
39 What is the name of Duluth's aquarium?
Answer: the Great Lakes Aquarium

The Great Lakes Aquarium, located in the middle of downtown Duluth has over 100 fish and many interactive activities for families. In 2007 it was the only freshwater aquarium in the U.S.
  From Quiz: Do You Really Know Duluth?
40 What is the name of the area in Minnesota which is the northernmost area in the lower 48 states?
Answer: Northwest Angle

The Northwest Angle does not touch the rest of Minnesota .It is
located in the northwestern portion of Lake of the Woods.
  From Quiz: Minnesota
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