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Trivia Questions and Answers
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230 Minnesota Twins Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Minnesota Twins? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Minnesota Twins (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 Who did the Twins draft 21st overall in the 1993 collegiate draft?
Answer: Jason Varitek

Jason Varitek was drafted by the Twins but never signed, and he went back to his senior year of college. He was again drafted by the Mariners, then traded to the Red Sox.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins Insanity
2 How many home runs did Joe Mauer hit in 2007?
Answer: 7

Joe also had a .293 batting average with 60 RBIs.
  From Quiz: The Minnesota Twins
3 The 2007 Minnesota Twins team did not begin their franchise with the Twins' name. Their franchise was one of eight teams in the new American League in 1901. What was the team's first name?
Answer: Washington Senators

The other teams were all National League teams. The Senators began their history in 1901 by posting a 61-73 record under manager Jim Manning for a sixth place finish. That was Manning's only season of managing.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins History
4 What Twins player won the AL batting title in 2006?
Answer: Joe Mauer

In 2006 Mauer batted .347 in 2006, beating Derek Jeter who batted .343.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins
5 The Senators had an outfielder in the 1950s who was one of the shortest players ever to play in the Major Leagues. Who was he?
Answer: Ernie Oravetz

Ernie Ovavetz was only 5-4. He played two years in the majors, both with the Senators, in 1954 and 1955.
  From Quiz: 'Old School' Washington Senators
6 During the 1950s, the Senators played their home games at which park?
Answer: Griffith Stadium

Griffith Stadium was the home of the Senators for over fifty years.
    Your options: [ D.C. Park ] [ Griffith Stadium ] [ D.C. Stadium ] [ Senators Park ]
  From Quiz: 1950s Washington Senators
7 Who did the Twins play in their first game at Metropolitan Stadium?
Answer: Washington Senators

After they opened with six road games, the old Washington Senators, now known as the Minnesota Twins, opened their new home on April 21, 1961, against the new expansion Washington Senators. However, the home opener wasn't what they expected as the Senators beat the Twins 5-3.
  From Quiz: Metropolitan Stadium
8 What was the original name of Griffith Stadium?
Answer: National Park

Play began there in 1902 as National Park and its name was changed in 1920 after the new Senators' owner Clark Griffith.
  From Quiz: Griffith Stadium
9 In 2004, the Twins won their AL Central Division. Which pitcher won the most games for them in the season?
Answer: Johan Santana

Although all Twins pitchers, it was Johan who won the American League Cy Young Award for his efforts in 2004. Santana was in his fifth season with the Twins. His 20 wins was a new career high for him, winning 12 in 2003.
    Your options: [ Johan Santana ] [ Brad Radke ] [ Kyle Lohse ] [ Carlos Silva ]
  From Quiz: Minnesota's Twins
10 In what year did the franchise begin?
Answer: 1901

The Minnesota Twins franchise began with the Washington Senators in 1901. They became the Minnesota Twins in 1961.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins Franchise History
11 In the 1991 World Series, who was the Twins starting Center Fielder?
Answer: Kirby Puckett

Kirby was one of the greatest Twins of all-time leading the Twins to two World Championships.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins 1991 : World Series Champions
12 Who pitched the first no-hitter in Twins history?
Answer: Jack Kralick

Kralick beat Kansas City 1-0 on 26th August, 1962. Chance pitched two no-hitters, both in 1967. Erickson's gem was in 1994, Milton's in 1999.
  From Quiz: Twinkies Trivia
13 Who was the manager in 1991?
Answer: Tom Kelly

Kelly first coached the Twins in 1987 and was still the coach at the end of the 1990s. He was manager of the year in 1991.
  From Quiz: The 1991 Minnesota Twins
14 Who drove in the winning run in game 7 of the 1991 World Series?
Answer: Gene Larkin

Hit off Alejandro Pena in the 10th inning!
  From Quiz: Twins Stumpers
15 What was the name of the First Twins stadium?
Answer: Metropolitan Stadium
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins
16 Who was traded from the Twins to the San Francisco Giants, in exchange for Francisco Liriano, Joe Nathan, and another minor league prospect?
Answer: A.J. Pierzynski

A.J. Pierzynksi was the main part of the Twins package to the Giants, and it was a huge bust for the Giants because A.J. didn't perform well. He was traded again, and Nathan and Liriano were both successes for the Twins.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins Insanity
17 Why did Kirby Puckett retire?
Answer: Eye problems

Kirby had to retire because he couldn't see through one eye. He died in 2006.
  From Quiz: The Minnesota Twins
18 The franchise saw their first World Series with the tremendous help of a pitcher by the name of Walter Johnson. Which year did they not only appear in it, but win it all?
Answer: 1924

Walter Johnson didn't play in any of the other seasons listed. In Johnson's 18th season in Major League baseball in 1924, he went 23-7, winning his second AL MVP and third Triple Crown. What an amazing feat in itself, and not to mention him being 36-years old at the time. Although winning only one game in that World Series in 1924, Walter struck out 20 New York Giants in 24 innings. The Senators won the series, four games to three. Johnson and the Senators went to the World Series the following season in 1925, but lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The franchise also won the AL pennant with manager Joe Cronin in 1933.
    Your options: [ 1892 ] [ 1924 ] [ 1877 ] [ 1970 ]
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins History
19 In the 2006 season, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen nicknamed some of the Twins players what type of fish?
Answer: Piranhas

At first when Guillen came up with the name "piranhas", he was referring to Luis Castillo, Jason Bartlett, Jason Tyner, and Nick Punto.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins
20 One remarkable part of the home field of the Senators was what?
Answer: A large and tall right field wall

Griffith Stadium had a thirty foot tall right field wall which was painted green.
  From Quiz: 1950s Washington Senators
21 Who hit his 500th career home run at Metropolitan Stadium?
Answer: Harmon Killebrew

On August 10, 1971, Killebrew hit his 500th career home run off Baltimore's Mike Cuellar. Killebrew would hit two home runs in the game but Baltimore ended up winning the game 4-3.
  From Quiz: Metropolitan Stadium
22 Who did the Senators play in their first game at Griffith Stadium?
Answer: Boston Americans

The Senators defeated Americans 7-3 on April 23, 1902.
  From Quiz: Griffith Stadium
23 How many seasons after the move from Washington, did it take the Twins to go to their first World Series?
Answer: 5

With their first season in 1961, the Twins went to the promised land in 1965 against the Dodgers. The series went seven games, but the Twins could not ward off Dodger ace, Sandy Koufax. 1987 brought Minnesota fans their first World Series crown.
  From Quiz: Minnesota's Twins
24 In what year did the franchise first pitch a no-hitter?
Answer: 1920

Walter Johnson pitched the franchise's no-hitter on July 1, 1920, for the Washington Senators.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins Franchise History
25 Who was the Twins starting First Baseman?
Answer: Kent Hrbek

All of these guys have played first base for the Twins, but Hrbek was the starter in 1991.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins 1991 : World Series Champions
26 The Minnesota Twins was a sibling of what team?
Answer: Washington Senators

The Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins in 1961. The franchise began in 1901. Cookie Lavagetto managed the team in 1960, and transitioned them to Minnesota in 1961.
  From Quiz: Your Minnesota Twins!
27 How many All-Stars were on the Twins in 1991?
Answer: 4

Rick Aguilera, Jack Morris, Kirby Puckett, and Scott Erickson made the squad.
  From Quiz: The 1991 Minnesota Twins
28 Against which team did the Twins turn TWO triple plays in one game?
Answer: Red Sox
    Your options: [ Orioles ] [ Brewers ] [ Red Sox ] [ Tigers ]
  From Quiz: Twins Stumpers
29 What now stands on the site of the Twins first stadium?
Answer: Mall Of America
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins
30 How did the Twins get Joe Nathan in 2004?
Answer: They traded A.J. Pierzinski to the Giants for him

Joe Nathan was a starter for the Giants, but the Twins turned him into a closer. He had 37 saves in 2007.
  From Quiz: The Minnesota Twins
31 In which year did the franchise become the Minnesota Twins?
Answer: 1961

After playing as the Washington Senators since the new American League started in 1901, the franchise packed their bags for Minnesota in 1961 under the watchful eye of manager Cookie Lavagetto. They moved into Metropolitan Stadium which had been built five years earlier in 1956. The Twins and the NFL Vikings shared the stadium.
    Your options: [ 1896 ] [ 1961 ] [ 1930 ] [ 1995 ]
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins History
32 Who won game 2 of the 2006 ALDS in the Twins vs. Athletics, and what was the score?
Answer: Oakland, 5,2

The Athletics swept this series.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins
33 In dead centerfield there was a landmark that anyone who ever visited this park would remember. What was it?
Answer: A large oak tree that soared above the centerfield wall

When the stadium was built, a property dispute was resolved by building the centerfield wall around a piece of property whose owner refused to sell. In time, a large oak tree grew so tall that it towered over the centerfield wall.
  From Quiz: 1950s Washington Senators
34 Which Twins' player played all nine positions in a game played at Metropolitan Stadium in 1968?
Answer: Cesar Tovar

On August 22, 1968, Tovar played all nine positions in a game against the Oakland Athletics, the Twins' last home game of the season. Minnesota won the game 2-1.
    Your options: [ Zoilo Versalles ] [ Frank Quilici ] [ Rod Carew ] [ Cesar Tovar ]
  From Quiz: Metropolitan Stadium
35 What team did Walter Johnson face in his first game at Griffith Stadium?
Answer: Detroit Tigers

Johnson pitched 8 innings against the Tigers in the first game of a doubleheader, leaving the game trailing 2-1. Washington would end up losing the game 3-2.
  From Quiz: Griffith Stadium
36 Who was the first Twin to win a batting title?
Answer: Tony Oliva

Oliva won the AL batting title in 1964, five years before Carew won his in 1969. Tony won the Rookie of the Year Award in 1964 also.
  From Quiz: Minnesota's Twins
37 In what year did the Senators/Twins franchise first hit for the cycle?
Answer: 1908

Otis Clymer hit for the cycle on October 2, 1908.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins Franchise History
38 Who was the Twins starting Left Fielder?
Answer: Dan Gladden

Brunansky was the starter in right field for the 1987 World Series, Munoz was never a full time starter, and Jones started for the Twins in 2003.
  From Quiz: Minnesota Twins 1991 : World Series Champions
39 Which Twin played all nine positions in a single game?
Answer: Cesar Tovar

Tovar became the second player in Major League history to play all nine positions in a game against when he did it on September 22, 1968. Bert Campanaris, then of the Kansas City A's, did it first on
Sept. 8, 1965.
    Your options: [ Harmon Killebrew ] [ Chuck Knoblauch ] [ Rod Carew ] [ Cesar Tovar ]
  From Quiz: Twinkies Trivia
40 Who was the starting second baseman?
Answer: Chuck Knoblauch

He was the 1991 Rookie of the Year.
  From Quiz: The 1991 Minnesota Twins
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