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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of  St Louis Cardinals

440 St Louis Cardinals Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about St Louis Cardinals? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to St Louis Cardinals (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 This St. Louis Cardinal second baseman wore #2 for nearly all of his career, which spanned from 1945 until his trade to Milwaukee in 1956. He has nearly 1800 hits with the club while playing in 1795 games. Which ten time all star is this?
Answer: Red Schoendienst

Albert Fred 'Red' Schoendienst played with the Cardinals from 1945-1956. After a trade to Milwaukee he helped the Braves to the World Series in 1957. He also managed the Cardinals from 1965-1976 taking them to two World Series appearances, winning in 1967. He is still a coach for the Cardinals.
    Your options: [ Red Schoendienst ] [ Don Blasingame ] [ Julian Javier ] [ Rip Repulski ]
  From Quiz: Retired Uniforms of St. Louis Cardinals Players
2 The year is 1888. The future Cardinals franchise is known as the St. Louis Browns, playing in the American Association. Which 20 year old pitcher led the team with 45 wins?
Answer: Silver King

Charles Frederick Koenig played three years with the Browns, compiling a 111-49 record. He is among franchise leaders in wins, winning percentage (.694) and complete games, an astonishing 154 in 161 starts.
    Your options: [ Jumbo McGinnis ] [ Silver King ] [ Cy Young ] [ Kid Gleason ]
  From Quiz: Amazing Feats of St. Louis Cardinal Players
3 May 2, 1882: The St. Louis Browns (renamed Cardinals in 1900) played their first game in the American Association. George W. McGinnis was the starting pitcher. What was his nickname?
Answer: Jumbo

Jumbo McGinnis stood 5'10" and weighed 197, possibly because he was a glass blower in the offseason. Only 18 years old in 1882, he was out of baseball after just five years likely because of arm trouble. He won 25 games in 1882 for a club that won 37 all year.
Jumbo is in the St. Louis Cardinals' top twenty pitchers in the following categories: Winning percentage (.591), Complete games (145), Shutouts (18), Innings pitched (1325) and ERA (2.17).
  From Quiz: Nicknames of Cardinal players
4 Enos Slaughter's game winning "Mad Dash" from first to home to score the winning run in the 1946 World Series for the Cardinals ranks as an exciting, memorable moment. What team did the Cardinals beat in that World Series?
Answer: Boston Red Sox

Slaughter had singled in the bottom of the 8th inning to lead off. But after the next two batters made outs, he decided to attempt a steal of second base just as Harry Walker made contact and hit one into the gap in center field. Slaughter just kept running and crossed the plate to break a 3-3 tie and St. Louis went on to win the game and the Series.
  From Quiz: Memorable Cardinal Baseball Moments
5 Ozzie Smith, known as "The Wizard", played with the St. Louis Cardinals from 1982 through 1996. How many consecutive Gold Glove awards did he earn?
Answer: 13

In 1991, he set a Major League record with only eight errors. He was selected for 15 All-Star Games, and in 1996 he received over 27.5 million votes. Smith's #1 was retired in 1996, the same season he retired from baseball.
  From Quiz: Cardinals: Best of the Best
6 In which year did the Cardinals win their very first World Series title?
Answer: 1926

Their first appearance was good enough to win it all in 1926 against Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees, four games to three. From 1926-1931, the 'Gas House Gang' appeared in four World Series, winning two.
    Your options: [ 1948 ] [ 1904 ] [ 1969 ] [ 1926 ]
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinal Memories
7 In 1983, which player was traded between these two teams and marked the beginning of the heated rivalry?
Answer: Keith Hernandez

In 1983, former NL Co-MVP and All-Star Keith Hernandez was traded by the Cardinals to the Mets for pitchers Neil Allen and Rick Owenby. Disagreements between Hernandez and Cardinals Manager Whitey Herzog led to the trade. Hernandez quickly became unpopular with Cardinal fans as a member of the New York Mets. He was subject to harassment by Cardinal fans throughout the 1980s due to his admission of cocaine use uncovered during the MLB Pittsburgh drug trials of 1985.
    Your options: [ Keith Hernandez ] [ Gary Carter ] [ Andy Van Slyke ] [ Willie McGee ]
  From Quiz: Cardinals/Mets: 1980s Rivalry
8 Which player did not hit a home run for the Cardinals in 1987?
Answer: Ozzie Smith

Future hall of famer Ozzie Smith failed to hit a homerun during the season but still managed to finish second in the NL MVP voting. He also did not hit a home run in the previous year (1986) making to two straight years of not going deep.
    Your options: [ Steve Lake ] [ Vince Coleman ] [ Ozzie Smith ] [ Tom Herr ]
  From Quiz: The 1987 St. Louis Cardinals
9 Who wore the number 5 in 2009?
Answer: Albert Pujols

He was the first MLB player in history to hit 30 home runs a season in his first nine seasons, and had already won two MVP awards.
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinals Uniform Numbers
10 Cardinal pitcher Bob Gibson had an amazing career from 1959 to 1975. An amazing presence on the mound that struck fear into many a batter. What was his best single season ERA?
Answer: 1.12

In 1968, the outstanding Bob Gibson ended the regular season with a 1.12 earned run average. He went 22-9 that year with an incredible 13 shutouts, and 268 strikeouts.
  From Quiz: Amazing Cardinal Stats
11 Which power-hitting outfielder was traded to the Cardinals from the Twins in 1988 for Tommy Herr?
Answer: Tom Brunansky

Brunansky was originally drafted by the Angels in 1978. He had 43 home runs and collected 164 RBIs for the Cardinals in 320 games. He also played for the Red Sox and Brewers.
    Your options: [ Lonnie Smith ] [ George Hendrick ] [ Tom Brunansky ] [ Felix Jose ]
  From Quiz: 1980s St. Louis Cardinals Players
12 What was first baseman Orlando Cepeda's nickname with the Cardinals?
Answer: Cha Cha

Cepeda's Dad, Pedro, was a big star in Caribbean baseball and was named "The Bull" for his aggressive play and power. Hence, Orlando was "The Baby Bull" while with the Giants. But as a Cardinal, he boasted of his massive record collection and was always dancing in the clubhouse. Someone began calling him "Cha Cha" and it stuck.
  From Quiz: The 1967 and 1968 Cardinals
13 How many times did Bob Gibson lead the league in strikeouts?
Answer: 1

Gibson led the league with 268 strikeouts in 1968. It was a miraculous campaign of 1968, where he also posted a 1.12 ERA (which caused MLB to lower the pitching mound). Gibson actually had more strikeouts in three other years, 1965, 1969 and 1970. In '65, he came up against some guy named Koufax (that's Sandy Koufax to you mister). In '69 and '70, Sam McDowell of the Indians took the honors.
  From Quiz: Birds on The Bat
14 The franchise began in a league other than the most known National League. What team name did they start their franchise with?
Answer: St. Louis Brown Stockings

The franchise began in 1882 in the American Association. In 1883, they changed their name to the Browns, and stayed in the American Association until the 1891 season. Joining the National League in 1892, they kept the Browns name until 1899 when they changed it to Perfectos. 1900 saw the Cardinals' name take hold for the next over 100 seasons.
  From Quiz: Cardinal Balls
15 What Card's first baseman was known as "Cha-Cha"?
Answer: Orlando Cepeda

Cepeda was only a Cardinal for only three seasons, but attained legendary status in the 1967 and 1968 seasons after which he appeared in the World Series with the Cards. He was also known as the "Baby Bull". Cepeda hit 379 home runs in his career.
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinal Nicknames
16 Which Cardinal first baseman was known as "Big Mac"?
Answer: Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire was of course best known for hitting home runs. The Cardinals and McDonald's teamed up to create a section in Busch Stadium called "Big Mac Land". Any time a Cardinal player hit a home run into this section, all the fans in attendance would received a free Big Mac at McDonald's. The section was duplicated at the new Busch Stadium, which opened in 2006.
    Your options: [ Keith Hernandez ] [ George Hendrick ] [ Mark McGwire ] [ Jack Clark ]
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinal Nicknames
17 How many Cardinals played in the 1966 All-Star game that was held at Busch Stadium?
Answer: 2

The outfielder Flood was making his second all-star appearance while it was McCarver the catcher's first.
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinals
18 The curse began in 1983 after an infamous trade. What day did the trade happen?
Answer: June 15

Hernandez was traded from the Cardinals to the Mets for pitchers Neil Allen and Rick Ownbey. Allen was a journeyman during his 11-year career, and Ownbey was out of baseball at age 28. It was discovered that Hernandez had used cocaine.
  From Quiz: Cardinals' Curse of Keith Hernandez
19 What team called Sportsman's Park home first?
Answer: Browns

The Browns called Sportman's Park home in 1902 when the AL moved the Milwaukee franchise to St. Louis. The Cardinals did not called Sportsman's Park home until 1920.
  From Quiz: Sportsman Park
20 Who was the starting shortstop for the Cardinals in 1985?
Answer: Ozzie Smith

Ozzie was acquired through a trade with the Padres in exchange for Gary Templeton in 1981. Although fans thought the Padres originally got the better deal, Ozzie became one of the most popular Cardinals of the 1980s.
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinals - 1985
21 Let us go in alphabetical order starting with Andy Benes. He has been on the Cards two different times. What team was he on before his FIRST time to play with the Cardinals?
Answer: Mariners

He started his career with the Padres. In 95 he played a year with the Mariners. In 96 and 97 he first played with St. Louis. After this he played two years with the Diamondbacks. He rejoined the Cardinals in 2000.
  From Quiz: Before They Were Cardinals - 2
22 On what team was Edgar Renteria on before he was playing on the Cards?
Answer: Marlins

Renteria was traded to the Cards from the Marlins the year after he hit his World Series winning hit in 1997.
  From Quiz: Before They Were Cardinals - 1
23 Why was Mark McGwire sidelined for most of the 2000 season?
Answer: tendinitis in his knee

He missed over half of the year.
  From Quiz: Cardinals Over The Years
24 Which Cardinal won the 1971 NL MVP?
Answer: Joe Torre
    Your options: [ Bob Gibson ] [ Joe Torre ] [ Lou Brock ] [ Tim McCarver ]
  From Quiz: Cardinals, 1970s Style
25 What retired Cardinal wore number 1?
Answer: Ozzie Smith
  From Quiz: Short Cardinals
26 Everyone knows Mark McGwire hit number 62 off of Steve Trachsel of the Cubs. Who did he hit number 61 off of?
Answer: Mike Morgan
  From Quiz: Cardinals II
27 Against what team did Mark McGwire hit his first homer in his record-breaking season of 1998?
Answer: L.A. Dodgers

It was a grand slam in the first game of the season!
  From Quiz: Cardinals!
28 The Cardinals once had a pitcher named Von McDaniel. But Von had an older brother who was also a Cardinal. This older brother would become one of baseball's premier relievers, both as a Cardinal and later a Yankee. What was his name?
Answer: Lindy

Lindy and Von also had a younger brother Kerry who played in the minor leagues. A devout Christian, Lindy wrote a monthly newsletter called "Pitching for The Master" which was distributed to his fellow players.
  From Quiz: I Bleed Cardinal Red
29 This leadoff hitter and left fielder wore #20. He played with the Cardinals from 1964 until he retired in 1979, collecting over 3000 hits in his career and stealing 938 bases. Who is this left hander whose number was retired when he retired?
Answer: Lou Brock

Known mostly for his base stealing, Brock also collected 3000 hits while playing on three world series teams. Lou Brock's batting average over the three World Series he appeared in was .391.
  From Quiz: Retired Uniforms of St. Louis Cardinals Players
30 May 2, 1954. Which Cardinals player hit 5 home runs in a double header against the Giants?
Answer: Stan Musial

Hired in 1954, legendary Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck asked fellow broadcaster Harry Caray "Does he do this every Sunday?"
Musial also hit a 410 foot fly ball in the second which was caught by Willy Mays.
In one of those strange quirks of fate, the second-player ever to hit 5 home runs in a double header was in the stands that day, an 8 year old. Nate Colbert tied the feat while playing for the San Diego Padres on August 1, 1972.
    Your options: [ Rip Repulski ] [ Stan Musial ] [ Creepy Crespi ] [ Joe Garigiola ]
  From Quiz: Amazing Feats of St. Louis Cardinal Players
31 Whose dramatic homerun caused Cardinal announcer Jack Buck to scream "Go crazy folks! Go crazy!" ?
Answer: Ozzie Smith

Not normally known for his power, Ozzie's homerun came at a crucial point for the Cardinals: Game 5 of the 1985 National League Championship Series. It was his first career homerun hitting left handed and it won the game for St. Louis. The Cardinals went on to take Game 6 and go to the World Series to face their cross-state rivals the Kansas City Royals (won 4-3 by the Royals).
  From Quiz: Memorable Cardinal Baseball Moments
32 In the probably the craziest September in Major League history, the Cardinals along with another American League (AL) team, made history by coming back from huge September deficits and finally went into postseason. What was the AL team?
Answer: Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays swept the AL-best Yankees in the last 3 games in September as they overcame a 7-run deficit in the last night of regular season. They erased a 9-game gap between them and the Red Sox.

The Cardinals, however, erased an 8.5-game deficit to reach the postseason instead of the Braves. The 1964 Cardinals also came back from an 8.5-game deficit and clinched World Series Champion that year.
  From Quiz: The Season of Cardinals: 2011
33 Which Cardinal great, whose name is Albert, was hired to fill in as a left fielder when Stan Musial was serving in the Army during WWII?
Answer: Red Schoendienst

After retiring as an active player, Schoendienst served as a coach on the 1964 World Series team, and was named manager at the end of the year. During his 12 years as manager, the Cardinals won the World Series in 1967, as well as a National League pennant in 1968. His #2 was retired in 1996.
    Your options: [ Billy Southworth ] [ Joe Medwick ] [ Red Schoendienst ] [ Johnny Mize ]
  From Quiz: Cardinals: Best of the Best
34 Who was the first Cardinal pitcher to strikeout over 3000 batters in a St. Louis uniform?
Answer: Bob Gibson

In 100 years of the franchise, Gibson was the only pitcher to even top the 2000-mark. He broke Dean's Cardinal record of 1095. Although Gibson was never a 25-game winner, he was a 20-game winner five times. Bob won the Cy Young and NL MVP in 1968, then another Cy Young Award in 1970. He was a 1981 hall inductee. Of the others listed, only Dean was a Cardinal.
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinal Memories
35 On July 7, 1987 (in the second game of a double header) the Cardinals beat the Dodgers 5-4 in 10 innings. How did the game end?
Answer: On a base hit at 3:00 am

Rain delayed the start of the double header between these two teams. Game one ended at 10:48 pm and game two didn't start until 11:14 pm. The Dodgers blew a two run ninth inning lead after Steve Lake slammed a two run homer to tie up the game in the bottom of the ninth. The Cardinals eventually won the game in the tenth sending the Dodgers down in defeat at 3:00 am. Amazingly, the Cardinals and Dodgers had to play another double header the next day.
  From Quiz: The 1987 St. Louis Cardinals
36 Stan "The Man" Musial was a fixture in the Cardinals lineup from 1941 to 1963. Only taking one year off to serve his country, he played 22 wonderful seasons. What was his career batting average?
Answer: .331

Anyone averaging .331 over 22 seasons should be known as "The Man". Aside from winning the NL MVP in 1943, 1946, and 1948, Stan was invited to many All-Star games, and was one of the greatest hitters in Cardinals history.
  From Quiz: Amazing Cardinal Stats
37 Which versatile Cardinal played all three outfield and both corner infield positions from 1983-1986, and was traded to Pittsburgh before the 1987 season?
Answer: Andy Van Slyke

Van Slyke was traded as part of a package for Tony Pena. He was a three-time All-Star for the Pirates. He also played for the Orioles and Phillies before retiring in 1995.
    Your options: [ Ken Oberkfell ] [ Jack Clark ] [ Andy Van Slyke ] [ Lonnie Smith ]
  From Quiz: 1980s St. Louis Cardinals Players
38 In January of 1967, Cardinal legend Stan "The Man" Musial was named General Manager of the club. Who did he replace?
Answer: Bob Howsam

Howsam's trades were sometimes controversial during his two-year tenure. But the hiring of Musial was a popular one with both the fans and the players.
  From Quiz: The 1967 and 1968 Cardinals
39 On August 10, 2003, in the fifth inning, the Cardinals were retired in what way by the Atlanta Braves?
Answer: Unassisted Triple Play

Rafael Furcal was only the 13th person to accomplish this feat as he caught the line drive, tagged second for the force out and tagged the runner. The most common way to accomplish this is to have two men on and be engaging in a double steal, while the batter hits a sharp line drive to a middle infielder. Two first basemen have done it, but only playing in the unorthodox formation they used to at the beginning of the 1900s.
  From Quiz: St. Louis Cardinals Potpurri
40 In which year did the St. Louis franchise win their first league pennant?
Answer: 1885

The St. Louis Browns of the American Association won four consecutive league pennants under the helm of Connie Comiskey. Their first Major League pennant came in 1926 under manager Rogers Hornsby, and they won the World Series against the Yankees, four games to three. Comiskey would later own the American League Chicago White Sox.
    Your options: [ 1977 ] [ 1932 ] [ 1963 ] [ 1885 ]
  From Quiz: Cardinal Balls
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