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Trivia Questions and Answers
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260 Detroit Tigers Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Detroit Tigers? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Detroit Tigers (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 In what year did Harvey Kuenn win the rookie of the year award?
Answer: 1953

He was a Tiger longer than anything, including his rookie of the year season of 1953 and the year he won the A.L. batting crown in 1959. After leaving the Tigers he played for the Indians, Giants, Cubs and Phillies before retiring in 1966. He appeared on the roster, but not in a game with the Brewers in 1970.

He later managed the Brewers in 1975 (1 game) and again in 1982-83. He managed the Brewers to a World Series appearance in 1982 after taking over the team mid-season.
  From Quiz: When We Were Young
2 In 2012, what Tiger hit for a .330 batting average?
Answer: Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera (the triple crown and MVP winner in 2012) led all of baseball in HRs and RBI and was just behind Buster Posey in AVG.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers 2012
3 The Detroit Tigers began playing baseball in the American League in what year?
Answer: 1901

Detroit was one of eight orignal charter American League cities. The other cities were, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Washington.
  From Quiz: Motor City Baseball
4 How many World Series did the Tigers win in the 20th Century?
Answer: 4

They won their first in the 1930s, then 1945, 1968, and 1984.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers
5 Denny McLain won 31 games. How many losses did he have?
Answer: 6

McLain was the first to win 30 games in a season since Dizzy Dean of St. Louis in 1934.
  From Quiz: 1968 Detroit Tigers
6 The American League Detroit franchise began in 1901. What was their team name in 1901?
Answer: Tigers

The Tigers were one of very few teams that did not go through a name change in the first 100 years of Major League baseball. Under manager George Stallings, the team finished third in the AL with a 74-61 record, only 8.5 games back of the pennant-winning White Sox. The Tigers' shortstop, Kid Elberfeld, was the only starter to bat over .300 with his .308 average. Roscoe Miller went 23-13 to lead the team.
  From Quiz: The Detroit Tigers!
7 Which second sacker wore jersey number 2 during the 1929 season?
Answer: Charlie Gehringer

Charlie was a career Tiger spending 19 seasons wearing the old English D. Gehringer became a member of baseball's Hall of Fame in 1949 and has his jersey retired in 1983 by the Tigers. In that 1929 season, Gehringer led the league in hits, runs, doubles, triples, and stolen bases.
    Your options: [ Charlie Gehringer ] [ Jim Leyland ] [ Aiden Cotton ] [ Chet Lemon ]
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers Jerseys
8 What was the catch phrase of the 1984 Detroit Tigers?
Answer: Bless You, Boys!

Local sportscaster Al Ackerman was the one who came up with this. Throughout the year, he managed to get many local and national celebrities on tape saying, "Bless You, Boys," including Pope John Paul II when he came to town that summer.
  From Quiz: The Detroit Tigers: 1984
9 What Tiger set a team record for hitting 58 home runs in a season?
Answer: Hank Greenberg

Greenberg popped 58 home runs in 1938 for Detroit. He played with the Tigers from 1930-1947, smacking 331 home runs. Cecil Fielder hit 51 home runs for the Tigers in 1990.
  From Quiz: Your Detroit Tigers!
10 Old Tiger Stadium is on the corner of Michigan and ______ Avenue?
Answer: Trumbull

Before the move to Comerica Park in 2000, the Tigers had played at "the corner" since 1901.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers [1]
11 Who was the manager of the Tigers in 1984?
Answer: Sparky Anderson

Sparky managed the Reds from 1970 to 1978. During the time, the Reds won 4 NL pennants and 2 WS titles. From 1979 to 1995, Anderson managed the Tigers. 1984 was Anderson's only AL pennant as a manager. Sparky Anderson is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  From Quiz: 1984 Detroit Tigers
12 Where was Navin Field?
Answer: Detroit, MI

Navin Field is now known as Tiger Stadium, the former home of the Detroit Tigers (until 1999).
  From Quiz: Navin Field
13 Who was the MVP of the 1984 World Series?
Answer: Alan Trammell

Trammell led the Tigers to a 4 games to 1 World Series championship over the San Diego Padres.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers History
14 Who was the first team to play the Detroit Tigers at The Corner?
Answer: Columbus

This first game was held April 28, 1896 when Detroit slammed Columbus, 17-2. However, that game was still in Bennett Park which was the future sight of Tiger Stadium.
  From Quiz: History Of Tiger Stadium
15 Which famous Tiger's broadcaster once said 'Opening Day in Detroit is an event. It's New Year's, Easter, and Christmas all rolled into one unique afternoon'?
Answer: Ernie Harwell

Ernie Hawrwell was a long time Tigers broadcaster and in my opinion he was the best!
    Your options: [ George Kell ] [ Al Kaline ] [ Kirk Gibson ] [ Ernie Harwell ]
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers History
16 Which Tiger won a batting title with a .361 batting average, and never hit over .282 in twelve seasons after that?
Answer: Norm Cash
    Your options: [ George Kell ] [ Al Kaline ] [ Norm Cash ] [ Harry Heilman ]
  From Quiz: The Detroit Tigers
17 Mark Fidrych was the Rookie of the Year in 1976, but what other category did he lead the MLB in that year?
Answer: ERA

Fidrych was a complete surprise his rookie season. He barely made the roster and didn't play until April 20. He didn't make his first start until May 15. He then ran off a streak of 9 wins in 10 starts including a pair of 11 inning complete games.

By the end of the season he was the rookie of the year, and lead all of Major League Baseball in ERA with a 2.34. He also led the AL in complete games with 24, despite making only 29 starts.
  From Quiz: When We Were Young
18 Which Tiger's pitcher won the 2011 MVP?
Answer: Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander, the MVP in 2011, joined the Tigers in 2007. He pitched a no- hitter in 2007 and another one in 2012.
    Your options: [ Justin Verlander ] [ Max Scherzer ] [ Josh Verlander ] [ C.C. Sabathia ]
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers 2012
19 Who was the only pitcher to ever pitch a perfect game at Tiger Stadium?
Answer: Charlie Robertson

It was April 30, 1922. Charlie Robertson of the White Sox dazzled the "Tygers", so called because their manager was Ty Cobb.
  From Quiz: Tiger Mania!
20 The Tigers lost their first game of the season to Boston, but then reeled off nine wins in a row. This pitcher had three of the those wins, to go 3-0 after just eight Tiger games. Who was this young lucky lefty?
Answer: Jon Warden

Warden was a 21-year old rookie in 1968. He would finish 4-1 on the season with a 3.65 ERA in just 37 innings pitched. Drafted by the expansion Royals for 1969, he hurt his arm and never pitched again in the Major Leagues.
  From Quiz: 1968 Detroit Tigers
21 In the 1901 and 1902 seasons, the Tigers could not play baseball on which day of the week?
Answer: Sunday

Detroit Blue laws prevented baseball on Sundays. Team owner James Burns, built a stadium on his own property, for Sunday games.
    Your options: [ Thursday ] [ Saturday ] [ Sunday ] [ Monday ]
  From Quiz: Motor City Baseball
22 What year did the Tigers win their first World Series?
Answer: 1935

It was their 35th season of the franchise in 1935 when they downed the Cubs, four games to two.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers
23 Which team came in 2nd for the AL pennant in 1968?
Answer: Baltimore Orioles

Boston, the team that beat Detroit for the 1967 pennant, finished 4th.
    Your options: [ Baltimore Orioles ] [ Minnesota Twins ] [ New York Yankees ] [ Boston Red Sox ]
  From Quiz: 1968 Detroit Tigers
24 The Detroit franchise was the first American League team to go to three consecutive World Series from 1907-1909. How many times did they win the series in that stretch?
Answer: 0

The Tigers lost to the Cubs in 1907 and 1908, then to the Pirates in 1909. The Chicago Cubs were the first team ever to go to three consecutive World Series from 1906-1908. The Cubs won two of those.
  From Quiz: The Detroit Tigers!
25 In 1935, jersey number 5 was worn by which Detroit Tiger first baseman?
Answer: Hank Greenberg

Hank won the American League MVP award in 1935 and 1940. Like many other athletes, Greenberg was drafted into Army for World War II. Even though he was discharged 2 days before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hank re-enlisted into the United States Army Air Forces and served in the Republic of China-Burma-India theater.
    Your options: [ Hank Greenberg ] [ Ty Cobb ] [ Dante Hicks ] [ Ernie Harwell ]
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers Jerseys
26 Dave Bergman and Willie Hernandez were traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Tigers late in spring training, and both made major contributions to the success of the team. For which two players were they traded?
Answer: Glenn Wilson and John Wockenfuss

Wilson and Wockenfuss went to the Phillies on March 24, 1984. Bergman proved to be an excellent clutch hitter, no more so than when he hit a HR in the bottom of the 10th on June 4 to beat the Toronto Blue Jays. This was especially important as, in spite of their great start, the Tigers entered the game only 4.5 games ahead of the Jays, who had been almost as hot at the Tigers. As for Willie, well, he did win the MVP AND Cy Young awards that year. Not everyone was happy with the trade though, as Wockenfuss was a fan favorite, having been with the team since the mid-1970s.
    Your options: [ Marty Castillo and Steve Kemp ] [ Rick Leach and Rupert Jones ] [ Johnny Grubb and Enos Cabell ] [ Glenn Wilson and John Wockenfuss ]
  From Quiz: The Detroit Tigers: 1984
27 This former Tiger handed the flag from Tiger Stadium's flagpole to a Tigers tri-captain in 1999, after the final game was played at that historic site. What was his name?
Answer: Elden Auker

Auker, a submariner for the great Tigers of the 1930's, wrote a book called "Sleeper Cars" and "Flannel Uniforms", in which he gave a moving account of this moment.
  From Quiz: Tigers Brain Twisters
28 In what year did the Detroit Tigers begin their great franchise?
Answer: 1901

The Tigers began in 1901 along with numerous other Major League teams. Their first manager was George Stallings, who led the team to a 74-61 record, which was good enough for a 3rd place finish. They rostered the likes of Roscoe Miller, Ed Siever, Kid Gleason, and Ducky Holmes.
  From Quiz: Your Detroit Tigers!
29 For nearly 30 years, one "wild" Tiger Stadium hot dog vendor peddled the delicious Ballpark Franks with a style all his own. He was affectionately known as "Crazy _____ " ?
Answer: Gus

His son Jimmy continued the family tradition and also worked as a vendor until they closed the ol' park.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers [1]
30 Who was the World Series MVP in 1984?
Answer: Alan Trammell

Trammell played his entire career with the Tigers from 1977 to 1996. He was the starting shortstop in 1984.
  From Quiz: 1984 Detroit Tigers
31 When was the first game at Navin Field played?
Answer: April 20, 1912

The Tigers beat Cleveland 6-5 in 11 innings.
  From Quiz: Navin Field
32 Denny McLain won 31 games in 1968. Who was the last major league pitcher before him to win 30?
Answer: Dizzy Dean

Dizzy also earned fame as a colorful baseball broadcaster. During the early 60's, he shared the broadcast booth with former Dodgers shortstop Pee Wee Reese.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers History
33 How many players have hit homeruns over the leftfield grandstand?
Answer: 4

Harmon Killebrew, Frank Howard, Mark McGwire, and Cecil Fielder (the only Tiger).
  From Quiz: History Of Tiger Stadium
34 What three consecutive years did the Tigers drop the World Series?
Answer: 1907-08-09

They are the only American Leaugue team to have ever dropped 3 World Series in a row. Go figure! But we still love them! :)
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers History
35 Who has hit the most lifetime homeruns as a Tiger?
Answer: Al Kaline

Kaline hit 399.
  From Quiz: The Detroit Tigers
36 Which superstar second baseman won the AL Rookie of the Year award in 1978, and went on to become a 5 time all star before retiring in 1995?
Answer: Lou Whitaker

Whitaker was a staple of the Tigers from the day he made his debut until the day he hung up his cleats.

His All Star game jersey from 1985 was added to the Smithsonian Museum's collection. He forgot his official jersey and didn't notice until near game time. He then bought a blank jersey from the gift shop and wrote his number on it in marker.
    Your options: [ Alan Trammel ] [ Lou Whitaker ] [ Dean Cain ] [ Jose Iglesias ]
  From Quiz: When We Were Young
37 Who defeated the Tigers in the 2012 World Series?
Answer: San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants, led by Buster Posey, swept Detroit 4 games to 0.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers 2012
38 April 30, 1939, Tigers fans watched the final game of which great Yankee's career?
Answer: Lou Gehrig

It was a historic occasion. Gehrig had played in a record 2,130 consecutive games. But there was something wrong, he could not move like he wanted, his body seemed to betray him. One month later at the Mayo Clinic, it was discovered Gehrig had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a disease that took on his name ever afterwards. He died just two years later.
    Your options: [ Babe Ruth ] [ Lou Gehrig ] [ Joe DiMaggio ] [ Lefty Gomez ]
  From Quiz: Tiger Mania!
39 Bennett Park, a.k.a. Tiger Stadium was located at the famous corner of Michigan and Trumbull Avenues. How many years did the Tigers play ball on that site?
Answer: 99

Bennett Park held its first Tiger game on April 25,1901. It was later named Navin Field, Briggs Stadium, and finally named Tiger Stadium until it closed after the 1999 season.
  From Quiz: Motor City Baseball
40 What was the Tigers' original mascot?
Answer: Wolverine

The name comes from Michigan's nickname of the Wolverine state.
  From Quiz: Detroit Tigers
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