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Trivia Questions and Answers
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220 Cincinnati Reds Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Cincinnati Reds? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Cincinnati Reds (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 What park did the Reds call home from 1912-1970?
Answer: Crosley Field

Crosley Field was built in the winter before the 1912 season. The park was originally known as Redland Field. It was used until June 26, 1970, when the Reds changed their home stadium to Riverfront Stadium (later known as Cinergy Field). It was demolished in 1972.
  From Quiz: History of the Reds
2 Contrary to many beliefs, the modern-day Cincinnati Reds franchise was not one of the original teams in the inaugural National League season of 1876. The modern-day Reds franchise began in the American Association in which year?
Answer: 1882

The Cincinnati Reds' franchise of 1876 that folded in 1880, is not the same franchise as we all know today. The modern-day franchise began as the Cincinnati Red Stockings in the American Association in 1882. The AA league existed from 1882-1891, but the franchise quit the AA after the 1889 season. The franchise joined the National League in 1890. In 1882, the team won the first American Association league pennant by going 55-25, 13 games ahead of second place Louisville Eclipse. It was their only pennant in that league.
    Your options: [ 1882 ] [ 1898 ] [ 1829 ] [ 1903 ]
  From Quiz: The Cincinnati Reds!
3 How many games did the 1976 World Series go?
Answer: 4

Th Reds made a joke out of the "Big Bad Yankees". Johnny Bench was named MVP for bashing two HRs in game four.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds
4 Who did the Reds play in their first home game at Crosley Field in 1912?
Answer: Chicago Cubs

On April 11, 1912, the Reds defeated the Chicago Cubs 10-6 in the first game at Crosley Field. The park wasn't formally dedicated until May 18th of that year, the Reds losing to the New York Giants that day 4-3.
  From Quiz: Crosley Field
5 Good teams are put together by good general managers. Who was the GM of the 1961 Reds?
Answer: Bill DeWitt

The Reds, having only one superstar, were affectionally known as the Ragamuffins. DeWitt assembled a group of solid veterans and hungry youngsters for his Cinderella team. For his efforts he was named 1961 Major League Executive of the Year. Gabe Paul preceded DeWitt. Howsam was the architect of the Big Red Machine of the 70s. Former team president Crosley died in 1961.
  From Quiz: 1961 Cincinnati Reds
6 Who was the Reds' number one starter?
Answer: Jose Rijo

Rijo pitched masterfully in the World Series, helping the Reds sweep the A's in 4 games, and earning the WS MVP award along the way. He was 2-0 with 5 K's and a 0.59 ERA in 15.1 innings.
  From Quiz: The Cincinnati Reds: 1991
7 How many wins did Tom Browning have in his rookie season?
Answer: 20

Tom won 20 games in his rookie season in 1985, and lost the ROTY award to Vince Coleman.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds Brain Teasers
8 Name the Reds' first League MVP?
Answer: Ernie Lombardi

Lombardi won the MVP in 1938.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds
9 In the 70s, when a Reds player went to the All-Star game, instead of their normal plain black spikes, they would often wear what color of spikes?
Answer: White

It was the one game they could get by with "snazing up" their look without a fine.
  From Quiz: 1970s Reds
10 Which number was worn by Eddie Taubensee, Bip Roberts, & Sparky Anderson during their careers in Cincinnati?
Answer: 10

#10 was worn by catcher Eddie Taubensee (1994-2000),infielder Bip Roberts (1992-1993), and Sparky Anderson, who managed the Reds to two World Series titles, four NL pennants and five division crowns from 1970 to 1978.
    Your options: [ 12 ] [ 16 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ]
  From Quiz: Reds by the Numbers
11 Who was the manager of the Reds?
Answer: Lou Piniella

Piniella managed the Reds from 1990 to 1992. He moved to the Mariners in 1993. Piniella became manager of the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2002.
  From Quiz: 1990 Cincinnati Reds
12 He was the only member of the Big Red Machine who was Cincinnati born and raised?
Answer: Pete Rose

Pete Rose is a Cincinnati Kid through and through. When he retired Rose was baseball's all time leader in hits, singles, doubles, at bats, games played, and games won in a career. Rose averaged over .300 in 24 years in the big leagues. He played more than 150 games in 17 different years and played over 500 games at 5 different positions.
  From Quiz: Big Red Machine
13 When was the first ever professional baseball game played?
Answer: June 1, 1869

The Reds defeated the Mansfield Independents 48-14.
  From Quiz: Early Cincinnati Reds History
14 Upon announcing a ball game's attendance, Marty states: '(Total attendance) showed up to see today's (tonight's) ________ ________.'
Answer: "Titanic Struggle"

Usually a "dramatic" pause is included..:)
    Your options: [ "Classic Clash" ] [ "Monumental Mingle" ] [ "Titanic Struggle" ] [ "Ball Game Battle" ]
  From Quiz: Reds Announcer Marty Brennaman
15 The Reds would have to wait until 1938 to see a Cincinnati player win the MVP Award for the first time. Who was this Hall of Fame catcher?
Answer: Ernie Lombardi

Lombardi was a rookie in 1931 with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and they let him go. The Reds enjoyed his services for 10 seasons. Lombardi was the first catcher in history to win two batting titles, 1938 and 1942. He was inducted into the hall in 1986. After waiting all the way until 1938 for representing the team with the league MVP, both Cincinnati Reds players Bucky Walters and Frank McCormick won the MVP Award the following two seasons after Lombardi.
  From Quiz: Red in the Face!
16 The Reds' first World Series championship in 1919 was marred by what alleged scandal by the opposing team?
Answer: Black Sox Scandal

The Reds beat the Chicago White Sox in the 1919 World Series. However, the White Sox allegedly "threw" the series for money, and eight White Sox players were banned from baseball for life.
  From Quiz: History of the Reds
17 In what year did the Reds make their first World Series appearance?
Answer: 1919

The first World Series happened in 1903, but the Reds weren't in it. Their first was, and unfortunately, in 1919 with the Black Sox Scandal provided by some Chicago White Sox players. The Reds won the series five games to three under manager Pat Moran. Greasy Neale had the bat, and Hod Eller had the arm for the Reds.
  From Quiz: The Cincinnati Reds!
18 What Red won the NL MVP in 1970?
Answer: Johnny Bench

Johnny won the first of two MVPs with 45 HRs and 148 RBIs, and hit .293 that year.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds
19 What was the original name of Crosley Field?
Answer: Redland Field

The park had its name changed to Crosley Field, when the team was purchased by Powel Crosley in 1934.
  From Quiz: Crosley Field
20 A three team trade in December of 1960 brought two key players to the Reds. One was pitcher Joey Jay. Who was the other?
Answer: Gene Freese

Freese hit 26 homers and drove in 87 runs as the regular third baseman. Coleman joined the Reds in 1960. Blasingame and Johnson came aboard during the 61 season.
  From Quiz: 1961 Cincinnati Reds
21 What was the first year the Cincinnati Reds lost 100 games?
Answer: 1982

The Reds sunk to last for the first time ever in 1982 with a record of 61-101.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds Brain Teasers
22 Who was the first Manager to win 100 games in a season?
Answer: Bill McKechnie

McKechnie won 100 games in 1940, as the Reds went on to become World Champs.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds
23 On the syndicated series called "The Baseball Bunch", what guest star served as the "Baseball Wizard" for Johnny Bench and his kids?
Answer: Tommy Lasorda

The only show that could be more corny than "Mister Rogers Neighborhood".
  From Quiz: 1970s Reds
24 Who was the Red that wore #5 from 1967-1983?
Answer: Johnny Bench

Bench played his entire 12 year career with the Reds. His achievements include Rookie of the Year (1968), NL MVP (1970,1972), NL home run champion (1970,1972), and NL RBI champion (1970,1972, & 1974). The Reds retired #5 in a special ceremony on August 11, 1984.
  From Quiz: Reds by the Numbers
25 Who was the Reds reliever that led the National League with 22 saves 1975?
Answer: Rawley Eastwick

Rawley Eastwick was tied with Al "The Mad Hungarian" Hrabosky of the Cardinals with 22 saves and Goose Gossage of the White Sox led the American League with 26 saves. Will McEnaney had 15 saves, Clay Carroll 7 saves, and Pedro "Rubber Arm" Borbon saved 5 games.
  From Quiz: The 1975 Cincinnati Reds
26 Who was the World Series MVP in 1990?
Answer: Jose Rijo

Rijo retired in 1995 and came back to the Reds in 2001 after a five-year absence and multiple shoulder surgeries. The year after, he became a starter. He struggled in 2002 and was demoted to the bullpen
  From Quiz: 1990 Cincinnati Reds
27 Which Red was NL MVP in the Reds World Series season of 1975?
Answer: Joe Morgan

Morgan won his first of two straight NL MVP awards in 75. He batted .327 and drove in nearly 100 runs to lead the Reds to the Series title.
    Your options: [ George Foster ] [ Pete Rose ] [ Johnny Bench ] [ Joe Morgan ]
  From Quiz: Big Red Machine
28 Where was the home field for Cincinnati in the first years of its existence?
Answer: Union Grounds

The Union Terminal now stands where the Union Grounds once stood.
  From Quiz: Early Cincinnati Reds History
29 Who was Marty's co-announcer?
Answer: Joe Nuxhall

The old left-hander, rounding third and heading for home. The youngest pitcher in MLB history at age 15. He's charming, and the fans love him. Marty's full-time co-announcer is Steve Stewart, the "Bad Boy".
  From Quiz: Reds Announcer Marty Brennaman
30 When the Reds appeared in their first World Series, they won it all, but not without controversy. The series was marked with alleged gambling, game-fixing, and payoffs. Which year was this that was called, 'The Black Sox Scandal'?
Answer: 1919

The Black Sox Scandal saw the Reds take on the Chicago White Sox in the 1919 World Series. Numerous White Sox players were allegedly in on the 'fix' that they would lose. The Reds did win the series, and many White Sox players were banned for their participation in the scandal.
    Your options: [ 1919 ] [ 1958 ] [ 1937 ] [ 1896 ]
  From Quiz: Red in the Face!
31 Which Reds pitcher in 1938 became the first in Major League history to throw back-to-back no-hitters?
Answer: Johnny Vander Meer

Vander Meer pitched for the Reds from 1937-1949. He then pitched for the Cubs one year and the Indians one year before retiring.
    Your options: [ Lee Grissom ] [ Bucky Walters ] [ Gene Schott ] [ Johnny Vander Meer ]
  From Quiz: History of the Reds
32 Why did Ken Griffey Jr. change his #24 jersey, the number he wore in Seattle, to #30 when traded to the Reds?
Answer: It was retired

Jr. took his Father's number when he was traded, because the Reds retired Tony Perez's jersey.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds
33 How many World Series did the Reds host at Crosley Field?
Answer: 4

The Reds went two and two in their four series played at Crosley.
1919--beat the Chicago White Sox in 8 games.
1939--lost to the New York Yankees in 4 games.
1940--beat Detroit in 7 games.
1961--lost to the New York Yankees in 5 games.
In 1970, the year that the Reds moved from Crosley Field to Riverfront Stadium, the Reds made the World Series.
  From Quiz: Crosley Field
34 The 1961 pennant was the first for the Reds since which year?
Answer: 1940

After losing four straight to the Yankees in the 1939 World Series, the Reds rebounded to beat Detroit in seven games in 1940. It was their first World Championship since their tainted victory over the "Black Sox" in 1919. The 1956 team set a NL record for home runs but finished third. Had it not been for 1961, the Reds would have gone 30 years between pennants.
    Your options: [ 1956 ] [ 1919 ] [ 1940 ] [ 1939 ]
  From Quiz: 1961 Cincinnati Reds
35 How many wins was their longest winning streak in the 19th century?
Answer: 130

The Red Stockings fell in extra innings to the Brooklyn Atlantics 8-7, before 10,000 spectators in New York.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds History
36 Who was the Reds starting Third Baseman?
Answer: Chris Sabo

One former member of the University of Michigan who played in the infield.
  From Quiz: The Cincinnati Reds: 1991
37 How many games did Tony Perez manage in 1993?
Answer: 44

Tony was canned after 44 games in 1993 and was replaced by Davey Johnson.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds Brain Teasers
38 Who recorded the only win in the 1970 World Series for the Reds?
Answer: Clay Carroll

Clay picked up the win in game 4 in relief.
  From Quiz: Cincinnati Reds
39 In the infamous game 6 of the 1975 World Series, Denny Doyle was thrown out at the plate, trying to score in the bottom of the 9th. What Red Sox player hit the long foul ball that Foster caught and threw to the plate keeping the score knotted at 6?
Answer: Fred Lynn

Foster took a big chance catching the ball that deep, it would have been a foul ball. Boston won the game in the bottom of the 12th inning, but the Reds won the World Series 4 games to 3.
  From Quiz: 1970s Reds
40 This Reds reliever from 1970-1979 wore #34. Who was know as "Rubber Arm"?
Answer: Pedro Borbon

Pedro Borbon is the first Reds pitcher to appear in 500 games. In his 10 years with the Reds he was 62-33. He pitched in 920 innings and appeared in 531 games.
  From Quiz: Reds by the Numbers
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