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Trivia Questions and Answers
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300 Toronto Blue Jays Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Toronto Blue Jays? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Toronto Blue Jays (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 The Toronto Blue Jay franchise began it all as an American League expansion team in 1977. Who was the team's first manager that had to put it all together?
Answer: Roy Hartsfield

As with any expansion team, the Blue Jays did not get off to even an average start under Hartsfield. In their first three seasons they lost over 100 games each time. Mattick replaced Hartsfield in 1980, then Cox replaced Mattick for the 1982 season. In Cox's second season he had the Blue Jays as a .500 team with 89 wins, then another 89 in 1984. Bobby took the team to 99 wins in 1985 along with their first playoff appearance, but lost the ALCS to the Royals.
  From Quiz: Canada's Toronto Blue Jays!
2 The Blue Jays' 1993 regular season is notable as the breakout year of 1st baseman John Olerud. What milestone was Olerud on track to achieve until mid August?
Answer: .400 batting average

Olerud had been touted as a gifted prospect for years due to his patience at the plate and the fluid nature of his swing, but he had been unable to realize his potential and achieve elite results. It came together in '93 in dramatic fashion, and for the first two thirds of the season he was unstoppable. Though he cooled off significantly at season's end, his average of .363 was easily good enough for the batting title. He also led the league in on-base percentage, doubles, enjoyed a 26 game hit streak and finished 3rd place in MVP voting.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays: 1993 World Series Champions
3 The Blue Jays began the 1992 season with one of the deepest starting rotations in the major leagues, comprised of both veteran and developing talent, and long-time team members and recent additions. Who started the season opener?
Answer: Jack Morris

Morris came to the Blue Jays as a free agent during the off season after being instrumental in helping to eliminate them from the 1991 ALCS while playing for the Minnesota Twins. A two-time World Series champion, and the 1991 World Series MVP, Morris was signed largely for his ability to win in the postseason, something that had eluded the Blue Jays. He went the distance on opening day in Detroit, leading the Blue Jays to a 4-2 win against his former team.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays: 1992 World Series Champions
4 In 1986, who was the first Blue Jay to lead the AL in home runs?
Answer: Jesse Barfield

Barfield starred in what many people considered the best all-around outfield of the 1980s. In 1986, Barfield delivered 40 home runs along with 108 RBIs.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays
5 Who was on base when Joe Carter hit his World Series winning home run in 1993?
Answer: Rickey Henderson and Paul Molitor

In Game 6, with the Blue Jays leading three games to two, Carter came to bat with one out in the bottom of the ninth inning with the Blue Jays trailing 6-5, with Rickey Henderson and Paul Molitor on base. On a 2-2 count, Carter hit a three-run walk-off home run off Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams (against whom he was 0-4 career) to win the World Series.
  From Quiz: Blue Jay Moments
6 The Blue Jays joined the Major Leagues in which season?
Answer: 1977

Under the helm of Roy Hartsfield, the Blue Jays finished seventh out of seven teams in the American League East Division in 1977. It was not uncommon for a new team to struggle with rosters, personnel, egos, etc. Unfortunately, they finished in last place in their division for their first five seasons.
    Your options: [ 1963 ] [ 1977 ] [ 1949 ] [ 1926 ]
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jay Moments
7 During the 1985 season, the Blue Jays won their first American League East Pennant. Who did they play and eventually lose to in the American League Championship Series that season?
Answer: Kansas City Royals

The Jays jumped out to a 3-1 series lead, but the Royals were able to come back and win the series, then defeat the Cardinals to win the World Series.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays History
8 In which year did the Toronto Blue Jays experience their first regular season game in Major League baseball?
Answer: 1977

Under Roy Hartsfield in his first managerial season, the Jays finished with a 54-107 season, 45.5 games behind the World Series victors New York Yankees in the American League East, for a seventh (last) place finish. They would finish last in their first five seasons, but better things were yet to come.
    Your options: [ 1990 ] [ 1962 ] [ 1977 ] [ 1961 ]
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jays
9 How many catchers did the Blue Jays have in 2004?
Answer: 5

The Blue Jays had five catchers during the season of 2004. The catchers are Kevin Cash, Greg Myers, Gregg Zaun, Bobby Estella, and Guillermo Quiroz.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays
10 During Cal Ripken Jr's consecutive game streak, there was only one year that he didn't lead the league in games played. Who topped him, in which year, and with how many games played?
Answer: Tony Fernandez, 1986 - 163 games

One of baseball's true anomalies. In 1986. the Blue Jays played a game that was tied after five innings which was eventually called due to rain. Because of that, the stats for the game are retained even though the game ends up being replayed. This allowed for Tony Fernandez to play 163 in a 162 game season. This happens from time to time, but almost never with a player who happened to play in the other 162 regularly scheduled games.
    Your options: [ Tony Fernandez, 1986 - 163 games ] [ Lloyd Moseby, 1984 - 165 games ] [ Willie Upshaw, 1982 - 161 games ] [ Jesse Barfield, 1988 - 159 games ]
  From Quiz: Blue Jays
11 Who played third base when they won the World Series in 1992?
Answer: Kelly Gruber

Kelly Gruber was a All-Star third basemen. He was the first Blue Jay to hit for the cycle, before Jeff Frye did it in 2000.
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jays
12 In 2003, the number 7 belonged to pitcher Josh Towers, but who was the first person to wear this number on his Blue Jay uniform?
Answer: Roy Hartsfield

In 1977, manager Hartsfield (#7) led the brand new Blue Jays to a 54-107 record, and seventh place in their division. They improved by five wins the next year, but still occupied seventh place. Outfielder Ewing wore #5, first baseman Fairly wore #6 and catcher Ashby was #8 in 1977.
In 2003, right hander Towers had an 8-1 record, from fourteen starts and one save from his only save opportunity. His ERA was 4.48.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays by the Numbers
13 When did the Blue Jays win their first World Series?
Answer: 1992

This was the first time that a non-American team had won the World Series.
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jays Mania
14 Who hit the first home run in Exhibition Stadium?
Answer: Richie Zisk

Everyone knows that Doug Ault was the first BLUE JAY to hit a home run at the Ex, but in the first game, in the top of the first inning, the White Sox' Richie Zisk hit the first ever home run in Toronto.
  From Quiz: For Serious Blue Jays Fans
15 What team did the Blue Jays play?
Answer: Kansas City

They played the AL Central's Kansas City Royals, led by Mike Sweeney.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays' 2,000th Win
16 Who was the manager for the Blue Jays in 1992 and 1993?
Answer: Cito Gaston

Gaston was manager from 1989 to 1997.
  From Quiz: 1992 and 1993 Toronto Blue Jays
17 When did the Blue Jays play their first game in the SkyDome?
Answer: Monday June 5, 1989

The dome has the world's largest retractable roof.
  From Quiz: The Toronto Blue Jays
18 Who was the Blue Jays starting pitcher in their first game ever?
Answer: Bill Singer

Veteran right-hander Singer had been acquired from Minnesota in the Expansion Draft in November 1976.
  From Quiz: Early Toronto Blue Jays
19 When did the Blue Jays play their first regular season game?
Answer: 1977

Big-league baseball came to Toronto on a snowy April 7, 1977
  From Quiz: Canada'sTeam: Blue Jays
20 Who did the Toronto Blue Jays defeat in the 1992 ALCS?
Answer: Oakland Athletics

At the time it was considered the biggest moment in Blue Jays history.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays
21 The Blue Jays retired their first-ever uniform number in honor of which player, who wore the number 12?
Answer: Roberto Alomar

Roberto was a second baseman who played for three seasons with the Padres before becoming a Blue Jay in 1991. He played with Toronto for only five seasons but was in the top six of the MVP voting in three of those seasons. Alomar retired with the White Sox in 2004 after 17 career seasons, gathering 10 Gold Glove Awards.
    Your options: [ Dave Stieb ] [ Rusty Staub ] [ Roberto Alomar ] [ Jesse Barfield ]
  From Quiz: Canada's Toronto Blue Jays!
22 In 1989, who did Cito Gaston replace as the Jays manager after only 36 games?
Answer: Jimy Williams

Williams was fired after getting off to a 12-24 start. Cito took over and led the Jays to the ALCS, where they lost to the eventual World Series champion Oakland A's.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays
23 1985 was the first year the Jays were in the ALCS. Who did they play?
Answer: Kansas City Royals

The first year the Jays played in the ALCS was 1985 against the Kansas City Royals. The Jays lost 4 games to 3 games.
  From Quiz: Blue Jay Moments
24 In 1985, the Blue Jays won their division for the first time. Who was their manager that led them to the pennant?
Answer: Bobby Cox

Cox was in his fourth season with the Blue Jays in 1985. It was Bobby's fifth season at the helm with Toronto after managing the Atlanta Braves for five seasons. Although making the playoffs in 1985, the Blue Jays would lose the ALCS to the Royals, who would go on to win the World Series over the Cardinals.
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jay Moments
25 In 1987, who became the first Blue Jay to be named the American League Most Valuable player?
Answer: George Bell

George had an amazing year in 1987 hitting .308 with 47 home runs and 134 RBIs. He finished ahead of the Tigers Alan Trammell. Teammates Tony Fernandez and Tom Henke finished 8th and 13th in the voting, respectively.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays History
26 The Blue Jays acquired Tom Henke as compensation for the free agent signing of which player?
Answer: Cliff Johnson

Prior to the 1985 season, Johnson signed with the Texas Rangers. The Jays then re-acquired Johnson in a mid-season trade later that year during the "Drive of 85".
    Your options: [ Al Oliver ] [ Roy Howell ] [ John Mayberry ] [ Cliff Johnson ]
  From Quiz: Blue Jays Challenge
27 Who was the first Blue Jays' 20-game winner?
Answer: Jack Morris

The Toronto club who began their franchise in 1977, and slowly improved their pitching prowess over the years with many pitchers who came close to the 20-mark, but mostly created a balanced pitching staff. They saw Jack Morris reach 20 in 1992. Jack was in his first season with the Jays after changing lockers from the Twins. It was Morris' third 20-game season. He helped the club all the way to their first World Series in 1992.
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jays
28 Who hit the last home run during the 1993 World Series?
Answer: Joe Carter

Joe Carter hit his home run on October 23 1993. With that hit, they won the Series. The Blue Jays won the World Series both 1992 and 1993.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays
29 What was the year they came into the American League?
Answer: 1977

In 1977, the Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners both joined the American League.
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jays
30 Catcher, Tom Wilson wore number 9 in 2003, but can you tell me who was the first Blue Jay catcher to wear this number?
Answer: Rick Cerone

Cerone (#9) was the starting catcher in the Jays' first ever game in 1977. He appeared in only 31 games, batting .200 with one home run and ten RBIs. Ashby (#8) caught most of the games that year (124) and had a .210 average. Whitt (#12) was the third catcher in '77, batting .171 in 23 appearances. Milner, who wore the number 3, appeared in two games for the Jays during their second season (1978), batting .444, and then disappeared from view. In 2003, Tom Wilson batted .258 with 5 HR and 35 RBIs in 96 appearances.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays by the Numbers
31 What Jay hit the world series winning home run in 1993.
Answer: Joe Carter

Joe carter hit a 3 run home run in the bottom of the ninth, to beat the Phillies 8-6 in game 6 of the World Series.
  From Quiz: Toronto Blue Jays Mania
32 Which former Blue Jay never won a Cy Young award?
Answer: Phil Neikro

Flanagan won the award in 1979 while pitching for Baltimore, and later played for the Jays from 1987-1990. Cone won the award in 1994 for KC, in between stints with the Jays in 1992 and 1995. Vukovich pitched for the Jays in their first year, 1977, and later won the Cy with the Brewers in 1982 - the year they were AL Champs. Neikro pitched briefly for the Jays during his final season in the majors, 1987. Despite over 300 career wins, the Hall of Fame knuckleballer never captured pitching's top prize.
    Your options: [ David Cone ] [ Pete Vukovich ] [ Mike Flanagan ] [ Phil Neikro ]
  From Quiz: For Serious Blue Jays Fans
33 Who pitched against the Blue Jays?
Answer: Paul Byrd

Paul was 6-7 with a 4.44 ERA in 2001. He threw 8 innings, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits and 4 strikeouts.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays' 2,000th Win
34 How many Blue Jays were on both the 1992 and 1993 All-Star rosters?
Answer: Two

Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. Alomar went on to play for the Mets, and Carter retired in 1998.
  From Quiz: 1992 and 1993 Toronto Blue Jays
35 When did the Jays play their first ever major league baseball game?
Answer: April 7, 1977

They beat the Chicago White Sox 9-5.
  From Quiz: The Toronto Blue Jays
36 Who was the winning pitcher in that 1977 Opening Day game?
Answer: Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson got the win for the Blue Jays in relief of Bill Singer on that first Opening Day, April 7, 1977. Ken Brett started and took the loss for the Chicago White Sox. Vuckovich got the save for the Jays.
  From Quiz: Early Toronto Blue Jays
37 Who did the Jays defeat in their first-ever game?
Answer: Chicago White Sox

The Jays defeated the Chicago White Sox 9-5.
  From Quiz: Canada'sTeam: Blue Jays
38 Toronto first baseman John Olerud won the A.L. Batting Crown in 1993. What was his batting average that season?
Answer: 0.363

It is the highest season batting average ever by a Blue Jay.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays
39 Who was the first Blue Jays pitcher to win 20 games in a season?
Answer: Jack Morris

They were all 20-game winners for the Blue Jays, but it was Morris who went 21-6 in 1992 for Toronto, good enough for a sixth place spot in the Cy Young voting. It was Morris' third and final 20-win season in his career in 1992 (he went 20-13 in 1983 and 21-8 in 1986 with Detroit). Hentgen also shined from the mound in 1996 when he went 20-10 and won the American League Cy Young Award. It was Pat's only 20-win season in all of his 14 seasons in Major League Baseball. Roger Clemens won 21 for Toronto in 1997 and another 20 in 1998, then David Wells won 20 in 2000.
  From Quiz: Canada's Toronto Blue Jays!
40 How did Jack Morris make Blue Jays history in 1992?
Answer: He became the first Blue Jay to win 20 games in a season.

Bolstered by strong run support all season long, Morris went 21 and 6, besting Dave Stieb's team record of 18 wins, set in 1990. Uncharacteristically, his regular season success did not continue into the postseason. He would go 0 and 3 in four postseason starts, and would be the only Blue Jay starter to fail to win a game.
  From Quiz: Blue Jays: 1992 World Series Champions
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