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Trivia Questions and Answers
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210 Washington Commanders Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Washington Commanders? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Washington Commanders (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 This #72 played for Oklahoma State and had admitted to being functionally illiterate, even testifying before a Senate subcommittee on the subject of illiteracy.
Answer: Dexter Manley

Drafted in the fifth round, Dexter played nine years for the Redskins. He won two Super Bowl rings with the team, made the Pro-Bowl in 1986, and has been named as one of the 70 Greatest Redskins of all-time.
    Your options: [ Dexter Manley ] [ Dave Butz ] [ Coy Bacon ] [ Monte Coleman ]
  From Quiz: Who Wore That Number - Redskins edition
2 In what season did the Redskins begin play as the Washington Redskins?
Answer: 1937

The Skins started as the Boston Braves in 1932, then they became the Boston Redskins in 1933. After moving to Washington DC in 1937 for lack of fan support, they became the Washington Redskins.
  From Quiz: All About the Redskins
3 Who was the Redskins quarterback inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1983?
Answer: Sonny Jurgensen

Christian Adolph "Sonny" Jurgensen III was a fourth round draft pick in 1957 out of Duke University. He wore jersey #9 for the Redskins 1964-1974. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles 1957-1963.
  From Quiz: The Players of Washington
4 The Washington Redskin franchise began in 1932 in the NFL. What was the team's name in that season?
Answer: Boston Braves

The franchise was named the Boston Braves for their first season, then changed their name to the Boston Redskins for four seasons before moving to D.C. Their first season in 1932 brought them a 4-4-2 season record, for a fourth place finish of eight teams. The Chicago Bears won the title in the season for going 7-1-6, although the runner-up Green Bay Packers went 10-3-1.
  From Quiz: Your Washington Redskins!
5 Who set a single game team record in 1987 for receiving yards with 255?
Answer: Anthony Allen

During the strike season on October 4th, 1987, Anthony Allen torched the Phoenix Cardinals for 255 yards. The previous record was set by Gary Clark in 1986 (241 vs Giants, who passed Art Monk's previous record from 1985 (230 vs. Bengals).
  From Quiz: Ultimate Redskins
6 Who was this Redskins running back who would be best described as a "counter culture" type of fellow. He rode a motorcycle, hung out in bars, and had constant problems with coaches?
Answer: Joe Don Looney

Joe Don Looney came to the Redskins from Oklahoma. In the opinion of some football experts, he never lived up to his potential because of his off-field activities. Looney played for the Redskins for only two years from 1966-1967. He was later killed in a motorcycle accident.
  From Quiz: 'Old School' Washington Redskins
7 What team did the Redskins defeat in the 1972 NFC Championship game to advance Super Bowl VII, where they lost to the undefeated Miami Dolphins?
Answer: Dallas Cowboys

The Redskins buried the hated Cowboys 26-3, thus denying them a 3rd straight trip to the Super Bowl.
  From Quiz: Hail to the Redskins!
8 Their 5th Super Bowl appearance was in 1991. Out of their first five Super Bowl appearances, how many did the Redskins win?
Answer: 3

The Redskins won the Superbowl in 1991, 1987, and 1982. They lost in 1972 and 1983.
  From Quiz: Redskin Maniac
9 Super Bol XVII: who did the Redskins defeat on January 30th, 1983?
Answer: Miami Dolphins

The Skins won their first Super Bowl.
  From Quiz: Redskins Super Bowls
10 In 1987 Joe Gibbs won his 70th game as head coach of the Washington Redskins, to become the winningest coach in franchise history. Against what team?
Answer: Chicago Bears

The Redskins beat the 14-2 Bears in the divisional playoffs to advance to the NFC Championship.
  From Quiz: Redskins
11 What was the last year during the 1990s that the Redskins made it to the playoffs?
Answer: 1999

Norv Turners first playoff appearence since becoming Redskins head coach in 1994.
  From Quiz: Redskins General Knowledge
12 Who did the Redskins trade to the Philadelphia Eagles for Sonny Jurgenson?
Answer: Norm Snead
  From Quiz: Redskins
13 What year did the Redskins move to Washington D.C.?
Answer: 1937

The Redskins moved from Boston to Washington D.C. in 1937 because of poor attendances.
  From Quiz: Washington Redskins
14 This famous football czar ended his career in Washington as coach.
Answer: Vince Lombardi

Daniel Snyder wasn't the first Redskins owner to spend a lot of money to bring in a veteran coach and players and try to win an instant championship.
  From Quiz: Washington Redskins
15 What was the original name of the Washington Redskins?
Answer: Boston Braves

In 1932, the Redskins were known as the Boston Braves. From 1933-1937,they were known as the Boston Redskins and in 1937 became the Washington Redskins.
  From Quiz: Washington Redskins
16 This #5 was drafted as the third overall pick by the Redskins in 1994. After his career as a bust on the football field, he then became a member of Congress as he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.
Answer: Heath Shuler

Shuler was drafted third overall out of the University of Tennessee in 1994. His exceptionally poor play led to a Washington quarterback controversy between Shuler and seventh round pick Gus Frerotte. Shuler lasted three years with the Redskins before he was traded to the New Orleans Saints after the 1996 season. In 1997, Frerotte went to the Pro-Bowl while Shuler never came close to being successful in the NFL.
    Your options: [ Heath Shuler ] [ Lavar Arrington ] [ Jason Campbell ] [ Albert Haynesworth ]
  From Quiz: Who Wore That Number - Redskins edition
17 What are the main team colors for the Redskins?
Answer: Burgundy and gold

They are one of the few teams that use white as their home jersey.
  From Quiz: All About the Redskins
18 Which quarterback played his entire career with the Redskins 1937-1952?
Answer: Sammy Baugh

1963 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Samuel Baugh was a 1937 first round draft pick from Texas Christian University. He played the positions of quarterback, defensive back, and punter. He had his own style of throwing the ball by putting his thumb on the laces.
    Your options: [ Eddie LeBaron ] [ Sammy Baugh ] [ Joe Theismann ] [ Frank Filchock ]
  From Quiz: The Players of Washington
19 In which year did the Redskins win their first NFL Championship?
Answer: 1937

The 1937 Redskins won the NFL East division with their 8-3 record. The Chicago Bears went 9-1-1 to win the NFL West division. The two went head-to-head in the championship game, and saw the Redskins defeat the Bears, 28-21. The game took place at Wrigley Field in Chicago, and was seen by only 15,870 in attendance, the second lowest attendance in a NFL championship game at that point. In the second NFL Championship game in 1934, the Giants and Bears went at it in front of 35,059 fans. The Giants won that game 30-13.
    Your options: [ 1994 ] [ 1971 ] [ 1950 ] [ 1937 ]
  From Quiz: Your Washington Redskins!
20 Which player is believed to be the only Redskins player to die during or shortly after a game?
Answer: Dave Sparks

Dave Sparks collapsed and died of a heart attack at the home of a friend shortly after a home game against the Cleveland Browns on December 5, 1954.
    Your options: [ J.C. Watts ] [ Charlie Anderson ] [ Dave Sparks ] [ Fred Groza ]
  From Quiz: 'Old School' Washington Redskins
21 Who was the Washington Redskins first victory against in Washington?
Answer: New York Giants

The game ended up drawing almost 25,000 fans to Griffith Stadium in Washington D.C., as the Redskins won 13-3.
  From Quiz: Washington Redskins History
22 Which was the only team to have a better win/loss record than the Redskins during the 1980s?
Answer: San Francisco 49ers
    Your options: [ San Francisco 49ers ] [ Miami Dolphins ] [ New York Giants ] [ Dallas Cowboys ]
  From Quiz: Hail to the Redskins!
23 Who was the first head coach of the Redskins franchise?
Answer: Lud Wray

Lud Wray only coached for one year. All these people coached at least one year for the Boston Braves in 1932. Wray also coached the Eagles.
  From Quiz: Redskin Maniac
24 Who lead the Redskins in rushing yards in 1984?
Answer: John Riggins

Riggins gained 1239 yards and scored 14 rushing touchdowns in 1984.
  From Quiz: Redskins
25 What Washington quarterback is known for knocking himself out of a division game against the New York Giants?
Answer: Gus Frerotte

After rushing for a touchdown, Gus Frerotte rammed his head into the wall and gave himself a concussion.
  From Quiz: Redskins General Knowledge
26 Who was the first Redskin running back to rush for 1,000 yds 3 years in a row?
Answer: Stephen Davis
  From Quiz: Redskins
27 From 1995 to 1999 the Redskins hold their training camp at ________ ________ University in Maryland. What are the two missing words?
Answer: Frostburg State

Prior to 1995 the Redskins held their training camp in Carlisle, PA.
  From Quiz: Washington Redskins
28 Name the only famous Redskin who didn't score a touchdown in the Superbowl.
Answer: Art Monk

He played extremely well in four Super Bowls, but never scored a touchdown.
    Your options: [ John Riggins ] [ Art Monk ] [ Ricky Sanders ] [ Earnest Byner ]
  From Quiz: Washington Redskins
29 This #33 has been credited with making the forward pass a major part of the game of football. He was admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963.
Answer: Sammy Baugh

Drafted number six overall by the Redskins in 1937, Baugh was a two-time NFL Player of the Year, league passing champion six times, a member of the NFL 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, and a member of the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. He played his entire career with the Redskins and served as coach of the New York Titans (1960-1961) and Houston Oilers (1964).
    Your options: [ Sammy Baugh ] [ Ron Hawkins ] [ Red Grange ] [ Bronco Nagurski ]
  From Quiz: Who Wore That Number - Redskins edition
30 In what season did the Washington Redskins begin playing in DC Stadium?
Answer: 1961

Upon moving to Washington, the Redskins played at Griffith Stadium until 1960. They claimed RFK Stadium (named DC Stadium until 1968) as home in the 1961 season until the completion of FedEx Field, where they began playing for the 1997 season. FedEx Field is located in Landover, Maryland.
  From Quiz: All About the Redskins
31 A 2008 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, this cornerback was a Redskins first round pick in 1983. Who is he?
Answer: Darrell Green

Darrell spent his entire career with Washington during the seasons 1983-2002. He played for six head coaches during that 20-year stint.
  From Quiz: The Players of Washington
32 Who was the first head coach of the Redskins to win 100 games with the team?
Answer: Joe Gibbs

Gibbs' coaching career was with the Redskins from 1981-2007, with Nascar endeavors always pending. In 2007, Joe's record with the Redskins was 154-94 in 16 seasons. George Allen and Ray Flaherty both had the helm of the Redskins for seven seasons each, finding Allen's record at 71-76, and Flaherty's at 54-21. Curly Lambeau had the club for only two seasons from 1952-1953 with a 10-13 record.
  From Quiz: Your Washington Redskins!
33 Who was one of the smallest quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL, and was a star player for the Redskins?
Answer: Eddie Lebaron

Eddie Lebaron played college football at the University of Pacific and was drafted in the tenth round of the college draft probably because he was only 5'8" and weighed about 168 pounds. He played for the Redskins from 1952 to 1959.
  From Quiz: 'Old School' Washington Redskins
34 In what year were the Washington Commanders the Boston Braves?
Answer: 1932

The Boston Braves were founded in 1932 by George Preston Marshall. They became the Boston Redskins in 1933.
  From Quiz: Redskin Maniac
35 Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXII, played January 31st, 1988?
Answer: Doug Williams

Williams was 18 for 29, threw for 340 yards and threw 4 TD passes.
  From Quiz: Redskins Super Bowls
36 Who led the Redskins in rushing yards in 1989?
Answer: Gerald Riggs

Riggs played for the Skins from 1989 to 1991.
  From Quiz: Redskins
37 Who was the starting running back for the Redskins, when they won Super Bowl XXVI against the Buffalo Bills?
Answer: Earnest Byner

Byner had a huge year in 1991-1992 for the 'Skins. Most people remember an infamous play of his while on the Browns. In an AFC championship game, Byner fumbled on the goal line. Denver recovered and John Elway drove them 98 yards. Denver eventually won in OT.
  From Quiz: Go Skins!
38 What team did the Redskins beat in the first round of the 1999 playoffs?
Answer: Detroit Lions

Norv Turner's 1st playoff victory as a head coach.
  From Quiz: Redskins General Knowledge
39 Joe Gibbs was a coaching assistant from what team before taking over in Washington?
Answer: San Diego
  From Quiz: Redskins
40 Who did the Redskins play in Super Bowl VII?
Answer: Miami Dolphins

On January 14,1973 the Redskins lost to the Miami Dolphins 14-7 in Super Bowl VII.
  From Quiz: Washington Redskins
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