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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of New York State

280 New York State Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about New York State? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to New York State (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What lake is Rochester situated on?
Answer: Ontario

Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes. Lake Avenue runs from the center of Rochester to Lake Ontario State Park. This park was known as the Coney Island of the West at the turn of the century. Today, the park offers a beach, concerts, festivals, and the Dentzel Carousel. The carousel was built in 1905.
  From Quiz: Rochester, NY
2 Which city is the home of William H. Seward, Harriet Tubman, Theodore Case and a New York State prison? Minor League Baseball is played there, and it is located about one mile north of Owasco Lake.
Answer: Auburn

In Auburn you can tour the house of Harriet Tubman, where she settled after the Civil War. William H. Seward's home if full of history of the Civil War and many Alaskan artifacts. The Cayuga Museum is the former home of Theodore Case, where he and his staff worked in his lab to put sound in motion pictures. The lab is part of the museum. Auburn Correctional Facility is New York State's oldest prison and was the site of the first execution by the Electric Chair in the world. Auburn is the county seat of Cayuga County. The Auburn Doubledays are the Class A team of the Toronto Bluejays in the New York-Penn League. Cayuga, Weedsport and Owasco are villages near Auburn in Cayuga County. Owasco Lake is about 11 miles long.
    Your options: [ Weedsport ] [ Owasco ] [ Cayuga ] [ Auburn ]
  From Quiz: Cities and Villages of the Finger Lakes
3 What river separates Long Island from Manhattan and the mainland?
Answer: East River

The East River separates both Queens and Brooklyn from Manhattan. It is spanned by 8 bridges, including the Brooklyn Bridge and the Queensboro Bridge, and 13 tunnels, 10 of which are used for subways. The Hudson River separates Manhattan from New Jersey, the Hutchinson River is in the Bronx, and the Connetquot River is on Long Island.
  From Quiz: Geography of Long Island
4 In "Downstate New York", there are (unofficially) seven counties: Bronx, New York, Richmond, Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Excluding those, how many counties compose the rest of New York?
Answer: 55

In all, there are 62 counties in the state of New York. Many people from Downstate New York think of the counties as consisting only of New York City, Nassau, and Suffolk counties. Everything else is considered Upstate.
  From Quiz: Everything About Upstate New York
5 This county is named after an American Revolutionary War general. Located at the east end of the Central New York region, what is this rather uniquely shaped county?
Answer: Herkimer

Reaching from the Mohawk River well into the Adirondack Park, Herkimer county is named after General Nicholas Herkimer, who died in 1777 from battle wounds for his part in the famous Battle of Oriskany. Herkimer County is home to the Remington Arms Company and to the Herkimer Diamond Mines (the "diamonds" are really unusual clear quartz crystals).
  From Quiz: Central New York
6 The majority of Kiryas Joel's population are part of what Hasidic Jewish community?
Answer: Satmar

Satmar refers to the village of Satu Mare or Szatmarnemeti. It was once part of Hungary, but is now within Romania.
  From Quiz: Kiryas Joel
7 What former governor of New York state is buried in Kingston, NY?
Answer: Governor George Clinton

George Clinton was not only the first governor of New York, but also served two separated terms, from 1777-1795 and 1801-1804.
  From Quiz: Kingston, NY
8 How many Finger Lakes are there?
Answer: 11

The eleven Finger Lakes are Conesus, Hemlock, Candice, Honeoye, Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca, Cayuga, Owasco, Skaneateles, and Otisco.
All of the Finger Lakes were carved out by glaciers after the Ice Age, which makes them look long, narrow, and similar to fingers.
  From Quiz: The Finger Lakes
9 The Hudson River is smaller than many other famous American rivers, like the Mississippi or the Ohio. How long is the Hudson River?
Answer: 315 miles

Oddly enough, this natural waterway, from the southern tip of Manhattan to its origin in the Adirondacks, is smaller than the man-made, artificial waterway that links it to Lake Erie; the Erie Canal is over 350 miles long.
  From Quiz: The Mighty Hudson River
10 "Low bridge, everybody down..." According to the classic grade school song, Sal the mule pulled a barge 15 miles a day along which waterway?
Answer: Erie Canal

Built in 1825, the Erie Canal stretched from Albany to Buffalo, and connected the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
    Your options: [ Erie Canal ] [ Hudson River ] [ Lake George Inlet ] [ St. Lawrence Seaway ]
  From Quiz: RUNY II - The Empire State Strikes Back
11 This city in New York State shares its name with a city in Minnesota where the Mayo Clinic is located.
Answer: Rochester

Rochester, NY is on Lake Ontario. Rochester, MN is where the famous Mayo Clinic is located.
    Your options: [ Minneapolis ] [ Syracuse ] [ St. Paul ] [ Rochester ]
  From Quiz: New York State Cities
12 What is the name of the city that was built near the Dutch settlement of Fort Orange?
Answer: Albany

Fort Orange swas the first permanent Dutch settlement in New Netherlands and was near the site of the present-day city of Albany. The city was known as Fort Orange from 1624 until 1686, when it became Albany. It's one of the country's oldest chartered cities.
  From Quiz: Albany, NY
13 Euchre is a favorite card game in northern New York. If spades is trump, what is the highest card and what is it called?
Answer: The Jack of Spades, called the Right Bauer

Euchre is a trumping card game originating in Germany. The word euchre means "farmer", and the game is thought to originate in rural areas. You'll find euchre players in RUNY, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canada (and some other places no doubt).
  From Quiz: The RUNY (Rural Upstate New Yorker)
14 What year did construction start on the St. Lawrence Seaway?
Answer: 1954

The St. Lawrence Seaway was dedicated by then President Dwight D. Eisenhower when construction was finished. Ships from all over the world have gone through the Seaway.
  From Quiz: Northern New York State
15 What is the capital of New York?
Answer: Albany

Many people believe that it is New York City, but the former Native American city of Albany is the capital.
  From Quiz: New York State of Mind
16 When was the Old Scow stranded in the upper rapids?
Answer: August 6, 1918

It was filled with rock and was being towed by a tug when the tow line broke, stranding the three men aboard.
  From Quiz: Niagara Falls: Daredevils and Lore
17 The first written description of this natural wonder was written in 1697 by whom?
Answer: Louis Hennepin

He wrote this in 'Nouvelle Decouverte' about the 1678 expedition that he went on with Robert Cavelier.
  From Quiz: Niagara Falls
18 Where on Long Island, was the Battle of Long Island?
Answer: Brooklyn Heights

The Battle of Long Island took place on August 27th, 1776, when George Washington took part of his small army to Brooklyn Heights in order to protect the city of New York from the British. After a short siege, Washington, realizing the hopelessness of the situation managed to extricate most of his troops back into Manhattan.
  From Quiz: A Very, Very Long Island
19 Everyone knows that there are two campuses. Besides being called 'South Campus,' what is another name for it?
Answer: Main Campus

It's called that because it's right at the intersection between Main and Bailey.
  From Quiz: University at Buffalo
20 What is the name of the biggest newspaper in Erie County?
Answer: The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News is the biggest newspaper. There used to be a Courrier Express, but it was taken over by the Buffalo News many years ago.
  From Quiz: Erie County, New York
21 What is the name of the international bridge in Buffalo that goes to Fort Erie, Canada?
Answer: Peace Bridge

It's called the Peace Bridge to celebrate our peace with Canada.
  From Quiz: Buffalo, New York
22 What is Niagara Falls unofficially the capital of?
Answer: Honeymoon Capital of the World

There are so many hotels with 'heart shaped jacuzzis'.
  From Quiz: Niagara Falls
23 This city is home to two well-known colleges and was an important area in the silent film era. What is the name of this city on the southern end of Cayuga Lake?
Answer: Ithaca

Ithaca is home to Cornell University and Ithaca College. Many silent films were made there. The Ithaca Gun Company made great shotguns. Ithaca is the county seat of Tompkins County. Ithaca is surrounded by beautiful gorges, waterfalls and State Parks. Lansing, Cayuga Heights and Newfield are villages near Ithaca in Tompkins County. Cayuga Lake is about 40 miles long and is the longest of the Finger Lakes.
  From Quiz: Cities and Villages of the Finger Lakes
24 What is the largest lake on Long Island?
Answer: Lake Ronkonkoma

Lake Ronkonkoma is the island's largest lake, at 240 acres and a depth of 65 feet at the deepest area. Hempstead Lake is second-largest, at 163 acres.
  From Quiz: Geography of Long Island
25 Which United States military college is located on Long Island?
Answer: Merchant Marine Academy

The Merchant Marine Academy, established in 1938, is located in Kings Point, Long Island, in Nassau County. USMMA midshipmen are trained in marine engineering, navigation, and transportation of military materials. The Coast Guard Academy is located in New London, Connecticut; the Military Academy is located in West Point, New York; and the Naval Academy is found in Annapolis, Maryland.
    Your options: [ Naval Academy ] [ Coast Guard Academy ] [ Military Academy ] [ Merchant Marine Academy ]
  From Quiz: Long Island Geography
26 The largest city in Central New York is Syracuse, home to Syracuse University. The university has a quite successful sports program - what colorful name do the teams go by?
Answer: Orange

The Syracuse University Orange, the collective name for their sports teams (formerly Orangemen and Orangewomen), have produced many renowned players, including football's Jim Brown, Larry Csonka and Jim Morris, and basketball's Derrick Coleman and Carmelo Anthony. Syracuse is located at the junction of interstate highways I-90 (aka "The Thruway") and I-81. It is situated at the southeast end of Onondaga Lake, within Onondaga County. It is also home to Hancock International Airport, the region's main commercial airport.
  From Quiz: Central New York
27 What is the first language in much of Kiryas Joel?
Answer: Yiddish

Signs in Kiryas Joel are often bilingual, in English and Yiddish. The town was named after the late Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum.
  From Quiz: Kiryas Joel
28 What main thoroughfare connects uptown Kingston with downtown Kingston?
Answer: Broadway

Broadway is where you can find places such as Kingston Hospital, Kingston High School, Broadway Lights Diner, and my favorite place, Up in the Cut hair salon.
  From Quiz: Kingston, NY
29 Geneva and Watkins Glen lay at the ends of which lake?
Answer: Seneca

Geneva is at the north of Seneca Lake and Watkins Glen is at the south. Watkins Glen is also home to the famous NASCAR track. Seneca lake got its name from one of the branches of the Iroquois. Seneca lake is so deep that the very bottom of it is below sea level making it the second deepest lake in New York and the deepest of the Finger Lakes. Seneca lake is also called the trout capital of the world and the site of the unexplained phenomenon, the Guns of Seneca.
    Your options: [ Seneca ] [ Canandaigua ] [ Cayuga ] [ Keuka ]
  From Quiz: The Finger Lakes
30 According to upstate NY farm lore, how tall should the corn be by Independence Day?
Answer: knee high

"Knee high by the Fourth of July" is the old adage.
  From Quiz: RUNY II - The Empire State Strikes Back
31 The New York State Fair is held every year in this city and is the longest running state fair in the country.
Answer: Syracuse

Syracuse is in central New York and is home of the Syracuse University Orangemen!
    Your options: [ New York ] [ Buffalo ] [ Albany ] [ Syracuse ]
  From Quiz: New York State Cities
32 What highway separates downtown Albany from the Hudson River?
Answer: 787

A walkway opened in 2002, enabling people to walk from downtown Albany, above 787, and over to the Corning Preserve along the Hudson.
  From Quiz: Albany, NY
33 What is a peavey?
Answer: A pole with a hook used to roll logs

The peavey is a lumberman's lever that has a pivoting hooked arm and metal spike at one end - also called a cant dog. It's used to roll logs onto a sawbuck or a bobsled.
  From Quiz: The RUNY (Rural Upstate New Yorker)
34 On average, how many tons of freight are transported each year through the St. Lawrence Seaway system?
Answer: 50 million tons

Ships from all over the world have traveled through the Seaway.
  From Quiz: Northern New York State
35 What is New York's state motto?
Answer: Excelsior

Excelsior means "ever upward".
  From Quiz: New York--The Empire State
36 How far away from the brink of the Falls did the Old Scow become stranded in the upper rapids?
Answer: 767 meters

William Hill volunteered to rescue the men by going hand-over-hand along a line to rescue the men. Legend has it that the hair of the three men turned white overnight because of how scared they were that the Old Scow would break loose and go over the Falls.
  From Quiz: Niagara Falls: Daredevils and Lore
37 In 1859, how did Blondin manage to cross the Falls?
Answer: On a tightrope

He survived crossing many times, one time carrying his manager on his back and another by pushing a wheelbarrow.
  From Quiz: Niagara Falls
38 Theodore Roosevelt's final resting place on Long Island near the place where he used to have his summer home. Where is he buried?
Answer: Young's Memorial Cemetery

Sagamore Hill was Teddy Roosevelt's 'Summer White House', where he entertained heads of state. The 89 acre estate is now a National Historic site.
  From Quiz: A Very, Very Long Island
39 Approximately how long is the Hudson River in miles?
Answer: 300

It's listed as 306 miles.
  From Quiz: Hudson River
40 In the 1990s, the main program which was on the South Campus was:
Answer: School of Medicine

When the North Campus was built, most of the departments eventually migrated to the North Campus. However, the School of Medicine stayed because of its proximity and easy transportation to a number of hospitals in the city.
    Your options: [ Theatre ] [ Sociology ] [ Engineering ] [ School of Medicine ]
  From Quiz: University at Buffalo
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