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70 New York Jets Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about New York Jets? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to New York Jets (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 In January 1969, the New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts, 16-7, to win Super Bowl III. In which stadium was the game played?
Answer: The Orange Bowl

Super Bowl III was held at Miami's Orange Bowl on January 12, 1969. The New York Jets stunned the professional world by defeating the Baltimore Colts, 16-7. The Jets backed up quarterback Joe Namath's "guarantee" of a New York victory by outplaying Baltimore. The Orange Bowl had also hosted The AFL-NFL World Championship Game II, which was held on January 14, 1968, between Green Bay and Oakland.
    Your options: [ The Rose Bowl ] [ The Los Angeles Coliseum ] [ The Cotton Bowl ] [ The Orange Bowl ]
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
2 Jets management did not listen to their fans in 1995, and took tight end Kyle Brady with the ninth overall selection. Which player did the fans want the Jets to select instead?
Answer: Warren Sapp

With Sapp still available and the Jets on the clock, fans of the team began to chant "We Want Sapp!" However, management didn't listen to the crowd and selected Kyle Brady instead. Brady spent only four seasons with the Jets, racking up only 949 yards before moving on to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1999. Meanwhile, Sapp was a seven-time Pro Bowl selection and won a Super Bowl as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    Your options: [ Warren Sapp ] [ Ty Law ] [ Derrick Brooks ] [ Kordell Stewart ]
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
3 "The Monday Night Miracle" occurred against the Miami Dolphins in week eight of the 2000 NFL season. How many points were the Dolphins winning by prior to the start of the 4th quarter?
Answer: 23

The Jets were down 30-7 prior to the start of the 4th quarter. They then scored an astounding 30 points in the 4th quarter to tie up the game at 37-37, before winning the game in overtime.
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
4 What was the name of this New York team prior to becoming the Jets?
Answer: Titans

The New York Titans was formed in 1960 and became the Jets in 1963. The team colors were changed from blue and gold to green and white. The name Jets came because of entering the jet and space age, and because the stadium was close to LaGuardia, and what was later known as Kennedy airport.
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
5 What kicker kicked three field goals for the Jets in Super Bowl III?
Answer: Jim Turner

Those nine points turned out to be the difference in the game, as the Jets beat the Colts 16-7.
  From Quiz: Jets Jets Jets!
6 Which New York Jets player, number 41, scored the New York Jets' only touchdown in the 1969 Super Bowl?
Answer: Matt Snell

Matt Snell wore uniform number 41 for the 1968 New York Jets, and the fullback scored the Jets' only touchdown in Super Bowl III against the Colts. Snell ran four yards off left tackle to score the game's first points. He rushed 30 times during the contest for a total of 121 yards. This Ohio State alum rushed for 747 yards and scored 6 touchdowns during the 1968 regular season. Johnny Sample wore uniform number 24, Emerson Boozer was number 32, and Paul Rochester wore number 72.
    Your options: [ Emerson Boozer ] [ Paul Rochester ] [ Johnny Sample ] [ Matt Snell ]
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
7 In 1990, the Jets took running back Blair Thomas with the 2nd overall selection. Which Big Ten school did Thomas attend?
Answer: Penn State

Thomas was an All-American at Penn State, and was also a runner-up for the Heisman Trophy in 1989.
    Your options: [ Penn State ] [ Michigan State ] [ Ohio State ] [ Minnesota ]
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
8 In 2001, which Jets linebacker delivered the hit on Drew Bledsoe that would rock the Patriots foundation as a franchise for many seasons to come?
Answer: Mo Lewis

At the time, the injury did not look like it would hurt the Jets more than it would help them. Sure enough, Tom Brady took the helm, went on to win three Super Bowls, and had not looked back since.
    Your options: [ Marvin Jones ] [ Mo Lewis ] [ James Farrior ] [ Sam Cowart ]
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
9 Who was the first Jets coach, when the Titans became the Jets?
Answer: Weeb Ewbank

Weeb was released by the Baltimore Colts and was signed as the coach and general manager of the Jets. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1978.

The NY Jets were the Titans for their first three seasons: 1960-1962.
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
10 The Jets were one of 26 teams who could have, but did not draft Dan Marino in 1983. Which player did the Jets pick instead?
Answer: Ken O'Brien

O'Brien was one of 4 quarterbacks drafted before Marino that year. The others were John Elway, Todd Blackledge and Tony Eason. Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson, and Redskins great Darrell Green, were also drafted in the first round in 1983. Russell Carter was the Jets first round pick in 1984. Al Toon (drafted ahead of Jerry Rice) was their first round pick in 1985.
    Your options: [ Al Toon ] [ Ken O'Brien ] [ Freeman McNeil ] [ Russell Carter ]
  From Quiz: Jets Jets Jets!
11 Which Hall of Fame wide receiver wore uniform number 13 for the 1968 New York Jets?
Answer: Don Maynard

Don Maynard wore uniform number 13 for the 1968 New York Jets. Maynard was a perennial All-Star performer who caught 57 passes for 1297 yards during the 1968 regular season. He was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987. George Sauer Jr., another wide receiver, wore number 83 for the Jets. Pete Lammons, a tight end, wore uniform number 87. Bill Mathis, a running back, was number 31 for New York.
    Your options: [ Pete Lammons ] [ Bill Mathis ] [ George Sauer, Jr. ] [ Don Maynard ]
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
12 1990s draft pick Blair Thomas lasted only four seasons with the Jets before the team released him. How many touchdowns did Thomas rush for in his time with New York?
Answer: 5

Five of his seven career rushing touchdowns came with the Jets. He also scored touchdowns as a member of the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys.
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
13 In 2002, which NFL team did the New York Jets shutout 41-0 in the first round of the playoffs?
Answer: Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts stepped into the Meadowlands for the wildcard round of the 2002 playoffs. Despite having Peyton Manning behind center, the Chad Pennington led Jets walked all over the Colts that day, winning 41-0.
    Your options: [ Oakland Raiders ] [ Indianapolis Colts ] [ Baltimore Ravens ] [ New England Patriots ]
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
14 Probably the most famous quarterback in Jets history, Joe Namath played for what college?
Answer: University of Alabama

In 1965, there were two competing leagues, the National Footbal League and the American Football League. These two leagues held their drafts on the same day. The NFL St Louis Cardinals selected Joe as the 12th overall pick, while the AFL Jets selected him as the 1st pick overall. Joe went on to be a Jet. Joe was the AFL Rookie of the Year in 1965, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
15 Who set a Jets record by passing for 4,007 yards in one season?
Answer: Joe Namath

Namath accomplished this in 1967.
  From Quiz: Jets Jets Jets!
16 On November 17, 1968, the New York Jets lost a game due to a late-game rally by the Oakland Raiders. However, viewers in the New York City area did not see the game's ending because of which movie?
Answer: Heidi

The "Heidi Game" is a legendary event for New York Jets' fans. With the Jets leading the Oakland Raiders 32-29 with about a minute of playing time remaining, NBC television executives decided to cut away from the game at 7:30 pm in order to show a movie called "Heidi." New York fans never saw the Raiders stage a rally to score two touchdowns- the final score was Oakland 43, New York 32. Jets' fans were so furious by the "Heidi" decision that they flooded the NBC switchboards with protest calls; eventually, the NBC switchboard was knocked out of commission.
    Your options: [ The Wizard of Oz ] [ Cinderella ] [ Gone With the Wind ] [ Heidi ]
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
17 Which undersized defensive end did the New York Jets select in the first round of the 1989 draft, prompting loud boos from the Jets fans?
Answer: Jeff Lageman

Despite getting booed on draft day, Lageman turned in a serviceable NFL career. He played in 10 seasons and recorded 47 sacks with both the Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars. His best season came in 1991 when he posted 10 sacks as a member of the Jets.
    Your options: [ Jeff Lageman ] [ Ron Faurot ] [ Dennis Byrd ] [ Mike Singletary ]
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
18 Which future starter did the Jets scoop up after he went undrafted in the 2003 NFL draft?
Answer: Brandon Moore

A defensive tackle coming into the NFL, the Jets converted him into an offensive guard, and he has become one of the best run blockers on the team.
Bart Scott was also undrafted, but was picked up by the Ravens after the 2002 NFL draft. Jerricho Cotchery and Kerry Rhodes were fourth round picks by the Jets in the 2004 and 2005 NFL drafts, respectively.
    Your options: [ Bart Scott ] [ Brandon Moore ] [ Jerricho Cotchery ] [ Kerry Rhodes ]
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
19 How many winning seasons did the Jets have during the 1970s?
Answer: 0

Though they did reach the (.500) mark four times that decade, they never produced a single winning season.
  From Quiz: Jets Jets Jets!
20 What was the first home ground of the New York Jets?
Answer: Polo Grounds

The Polo Grounds has hosted the Mets, Giants (football and baseball), and Yankees in addition to the Jets. Polo was the host of the Jets for the inaugural year only. Shea Stadium then hosted the Jets 1964-1983. After 1983, the Jets moved to Giants Stadium also known as The Meadowlands. Strange having two NFL teams share a stadium, but with the proximity of the two teams it made sense.
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
21 Vito Parilli was the New York Jets' back-up quarterback to Joe Namath during the 1968 season. What was Parilli's nickname?
Answer: Babe

Vito "Babe" Parilli was a 39-year-old veteran backup quarterback for Joe Namath during the 1968 season. Parilli attended the University of Kentucky under Coach Bear Bryant and began his professional career with the Green Bay Packers in 1952. Parilli became a star quarterback with the AFL's Boston Patriots from 1961 to 1967. During the 1968 season, Parilli was also the holder for Jets' placekicker Jim turner.
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
22 Which former Olympic sprinter turned wide receiver did the Jets use the second overall pick on in the 1980 NFL Draft, passing on future Hall of Fame wideout Art Monk in the process?
Answer: John Wesley Jones

By being an ex-world class sprinter, Jones had no trouble beating defensive backs to get open. However, Jones had one problem. He could not catch the football. Jones lasted only five seasons in the NFL. Meanwhile, Monk was taken 18th overall by the Washington Redskins and helped them to three Super Bowl victories.
    Your options: [ John Wesley Jones ] [ Mike Harmon ] [ Ralph Clayton ] [ Lawrence Burton ]
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
23 How many quarterbacks did the Jets use during the 2005 NFL season?
Answer: 5

After Chad Pennington and Jay Fiedler both came down with season-ending injuries early in the season, the Jets looked to their third quarterback Brooks Bollinger. The Jets called up former Jets great, Vinny Testaverde to take the reigns as Bollinger's backup, but received the start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last but not least, Kliff Kingsbury received game action, attempting two passes during the 2005 season.
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
24 What are the main team colors?
Answer: Green and white

When the name was changed to the Jets, the colors were changed from blue and gold to green and white. Coincidentally, the colors were the same as Hess' gasoline stations. Leon Hess and Sonny Werblin were part of a group that bought the team from Harry Wismer.
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
25 Which team beat the Jets in their only AFC Championship game appearance of the 1980s?
Answer: Miami Dolphins

In the strike shortened 1982 playoff tournament, the Jets whipped the Bengals 44-17 in the first round, sneaked past the Raiders 17-14 in the second round, and then lost the Championship Game to the Dolphins 14-0.
    Your options: [ Los Angeles Raiders ] [ Miami Dolphins ] [ Denver Broncos ] [ Cincinnati Bengals ]
  From Quiz: Jets Jets Jets!
26 In December 1968, the New York Jets won the American Football League championship. Which team, led by Ben Davidson and Daryle Lamonica, did the Jets defeat in the title game?
Answer: Oakland Raiders

On December 29, 1968, the New York Jets defeated the Oakland Raiders, 27-23, to capture their first American Football League championship. This exciting battle was played in blustery weather at Shea Stadium in New York. Joe Namath led the Jets to a comeback victory by throwing three touchdown passes, two to Don Maynard and one to Pete Lammons. Jim Turner added two field goals to give the Jets the win. Big Ben Davidson, a defensive lineman, and Daryle Lamonica, the Oakland quarterback, gave a valiant effort but were unable to vanquish the Jets.
    Your options: [ Denver Broncos ] [ Kansas City Chiefs ] [ San Diego Chargers ] [ Oakland Raiders ]
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
27 The Jets made Roger Vick a first round selection in the 1987 draft, much to the surprise and chagrin of their fans. What position did Vick play?
Answer: Fullback

Selecting a fullback in the first round of the draft is a rarity, but nonetheless, the Jets decided to take a gamble on Vick. However, Vick's NFL career lasted only four largely unproductive seasons. Plus, which running back did the Jets pass on when they selected Vick? Kansas City Chief great Christian Okoye.
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
28 Eric Mangini became the youngest head coach in the NFL when he was hired by the Jets on January 17, 2006. How old was he?
Answer: 35

Eric Mangini took the team to a 4-12 record in 2007, then 9-7 in 2008.
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
29 Who was the only Jet in the 20th century to score four touchdowns in a single game?
Answer: Wesley Walker

In a wild 51-45 overtime win over the Dolphins in 1986, Walker hauled in six passes for 194 yards and the 4 TDs. His third touchdown of the game forced overtime and his fourth won the game. This was sweet redemption for Walker since he had fumbled late in the fourth quarter to set up Miami's go ahead TD.
  From Quiz: Jets Jets Jets!
30 Weeb Ewbank was the coach of the 1968 New York Jets and the winning coach of Super Bowl III. Which National Football League team had Ewbank already led to a league title in 1958?
Answer: Baltimore Colts

Weeb Ewbank (1907-1988) is one of the greatest coaches in the history of the National Football League. Ewbank began his head coaching career in 1953 with the Baltimore Colts and remained with Baltimore until 1962. Ewbank was thus Baltimore's head coach during the famous 1958 NFL Championship sudden death overtime victory, which the Colts earned against the New York Giants. Ewbank joined the New York Jets in 1963 and remained with Gang Green until 1973. Weeb Ewbank was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1978.
    Your options: [ New York Giants ] [ Detroit Lions ] [ Green Bay Packers ] [ Baltimore Colts ]
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
31 The Jets passed on future Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin in the 1989 draft. Instead, the Jets took offensive lineman Dave Cadigan with their first round draft pick. Which prestigious college football program did Cadigan attend?
Answer: USC

A consensus All-American at USC, Cadigan's career with the Jets was hampered by injuries. He started only 51 games in six seasons with the club, before finishing his career in 1994 as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.
    Your options: [ USC ] [ Notre Dame ] [ Michigan ] [ Alabama ]
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
32 The 2007 Jets draft class represented the smallest draft class that they've ever had in the past. How many players were taken?
Answer: 4

The Jets made multiple trades to trade up in both the first and second rounds of the 2007 NFL draft, to acquire the players that they thought fit best for their team. Darrelle Revis and David Harris both contributed significantly in their first season. The Jets also selected wide receiver Chansi Stuckey in the seventh round of the 2007 NFL Draft. The 2009 Jets draft class became the smallest in the history of the franchise when they selected just three players.
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
33 How many Super Bowl Championships did the Jets win in the 1980s?
Answer: 0

The Jets were the winners of Super Bowl III, then called the NFL-AFL Championship game, played in January 1969. The team beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7. The Jets were the underdog and Joe Namath guaranteed to the press that the Jets would beat Don Shula's Colts.
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
34 Which future Hall of Fame quarterback did the Jets pass on when they selected quarterback Ken O'Brien in the 1983 draft?
Answer: Dan Marino

O'Brien was an fair quarterback with the Jets, making two Pro Bowls in a 10-season stint with the team, but his numbers pail in comparison to Marino. Marino made it to nine Pro Bowls and was the 1984 NFL MVP. A holder of 31 Miami Dolphin records, Marino was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005.
    Your options: [ Dan Marino ] [ Jim Kelly ] [ John Elway ] [ Jim McMahon ]
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
35 The New York Jets had 41.0 sacks as a team during the 2008 season. Where did that sack total rank among AFC East teams?
Answer: First

The Jets signed Calvin Pace, and brought in Kris Jenkins to help boost the defense and improve the pass rush. In the end, the Jets ended up with a total of 41.0 sacks that would be good for seventh in the NFL, and first in the AFC East.
  From Quiz: History of the Jets
36 Which university did 2000 rookie quarterback Chad Pennington attend?
Answer: Marshall University

Chad was a first round, 18th pick of the 2000 draft. Since becoming the starting quarterback in 2002, Chad had been plagued by shoulder and ankle injuries. He was named 2006 NFL Comeback Player of the Year after the Jets finished 10-6 for the season.
    Your options: [ Ohio State University ] [ Marshall University ] [ Penn State University ] [ West Virginia University ]
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
37 Curley Johnson was the punter for the 1968 New York Jets. Which college, nicknamed the Cougars, did Johnson attend?
Answer: Houston

Curley Johnson, number 33, was the punter for the 1968 New York Jets. He played for the University of Houston Cougars during the 1950s and joined the American Football League in 1960. Johnson played with the Titans / Jets franchise from 1961 to 1968. During the 1968 season, Johnson punted 68 times, averaging almost 44 yards per kick. In the Super Bowl III victory, Johnson booted four punts, averaging about 39 yards per kick. Texas Christian is known as the Horned Frogs, Oklahoma State's nickname is the Cowboys, and Tennessee is called the Volunteers.
    Your options: [ Texas Christian ] [ Tennessee ] [ Oklahoma State ] [ Houston ]
  From Quiz: The 1968 New York Jets
38 Which 1966 first round selection (AFL draft) retired after only nine games due to a knee injury?
Answer: Bill Yearby

Yearby, a two-time All-American selection while playing at the University of Michigan, was selected with the 13th pick in the 1966 AFL draft. Knee injuries hampered his career and eventually forced him into early retirement.
    Your options: [ Bill Yearby ] [ Paul Warfield ] [ Emerson Boozer ] [ Mark Klecko ]
  From Quiz: New York Jets Unfortunate Picks
39 Which Jets player suffered a life-threatening, career-ending injury when he collided with fellow team member Scott Mersereau in 1992?
Answer: Dennis Byrd

During the Jets/Kansas City Chiefs game, Byrd was going for the sack on Chief's quarterback Dave Krieg. He ducked his head as Krieg stepped up to avoid the sack, and Byrd collided with his own teammate causing a neck injury and paralysis. He had to undergo spinal surgery and rehabilitation but fully recovered. He is the co-author of the book "Rise and Walk: The Trial and Triumph of Dennis Byrd". The Jets have a annual team-voted "Dennis Byrd Award", to the most inspirational player.
    Your options: [ Brian Washington ] [ Dennis Byrd ] [ Al Toon ] [ Browning Nagle ]
  From Quiz: All About the Jets
40 Can you name the only AFC East rival the Jets had a winning record against between 1970 and 1999?
Answer: New England Patriots

Over that thirty year span, the Jets had a record of 31-29 against the Patriots, 25-34 vs. the Bills, 23-36 vs the Colts, and 25-35-1 vs the Dolphins.
  From Quiz: Jets Jets Jets!
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