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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of 'Friends' - Phoebe

100 Friends - Phoebe Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Friends - Phoebe? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Friends - Phoebe (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 In season one's 'TOW the Birth', Phoebe was wearing a janitor suit. What was the name on it?
Answer: Ben

Phoebe was stuck in a closet with Ross and Susan. Preparing to climb through the vents, Phoebe put on a janitor suit with the name reading 'Ben'. Ross and Carol then named their son this.
  From Quiz: But What Was She Wearing? - Phoebe
2 "First time I met Chandler I thought he was ________, But here I am singing on his wedding day."
Answer: gay

Phoebe sings a bunch of songs to try impress Monica and Chandler so she can sing at their wedding. This song was sung in 'TOW Monica's Thunder'.
  From Quiz: 'Friends' - Phoebe's Songs # 3
3 What did Phoebe name the rat in her apartment?
Answer: Bob

Mike makes her get rid of Bob because he says he isn't clean. But they then find out Bob has had babies in Phoebe's cupboard!
  From Quiz: The One and Only...Phoebe Buffay!
4 Who was Phoebe's boyfriend that ate chalk?
Answer: Carl

Joey: "Come on, you're going out with the guy, there's has to be something wrong with him." Chandler: "All right Joey, be nice. So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece?" Phoebe: "Wait, does he eat chalk? Just because, I don't want her to go through what I went through with Carl."
  From Quiz: Phoebe Buffay
5 What was the name of Phoebe's first husband?
Answer: Duncan

He was a gay ice dancer and only married her to get his green card.
  From Quiz: 'Friends' Phoebe
6 How old was Phoebe when her mother killed herself?
Answer: 13

Many of Phoebe's folk-songs are about her mother's suicide! Poor Phoebe was homeless by the time she was 14!
  From Quiz: Fantastic Pheebs!
7 In "TOW It All Began" (season 1), what was Phoebe doing that was annoying Monica when she was talking to Joey in the coffee house?
Answer: Echoing everything that Monica and Joey said

Joey: "I can't believe what I'm hearing here." Phoebe (singing): "I can't believe what I'm hearing here." Monica: "But I just said-" Phoebe: "But I just said-" Monica: "Could you stop that?" Phoebe: "Oh, was I doing it again?"
  From Quiz: All About Phoebe Buffay
8 Who plays the character of Phoebe Buffay?
Answer: Lisa Kudrow

Lisa has also starred in movies such as 'Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion' and 'The Opposite of Sex'.
  From Quiz: Fabulous Phoebe Buffay!
9 What number is Ursula's apartment?
Answer: 4

We get to see this when Phoebe goes to visit Ursula, which isn't often because they don't get along.
  From Quiz: The One With Phoebe And Ursula
10 What was Phoebe's twin's full name?
Answer: Ursula Pamela Buffay

Yup, her full name is Ursula Pamela Buffay.
  From Quiz: "Friends" - The Buffay Twins
11 In season two's 'TOW the Chicken Pox', what did Phoebe have over her head to hide herself from Ryan?
Answer: Scarf

She had the chicken pox and she didn't want Ryan to see her face covered with them.
  From Quiz: But What Was She Wearing? - Phoebe
12 "Whenever I get married, guess who won't get to sing? Somebody named _________ and somebody else named ________!"
Answer: Geller, Bing

Phoebe did not end up singing at Monica and Chandler's wedding. When Janice said she wanted to sing at their wedding, Monica told her she could not because Chandler was still in love with her.
  From Quiz: 'Friends' - Phoebe's Songs # 3
13 What did she name the mouse?
Answer: susie

When the rat trap goes off, Phoebe thinks that it is Susie who has gotten trapped in it. It is actually Bob.
  From Quiz: The One and Only...Phoebe Buffay!
14 Finish this quote from Phoebe: "I'm just gonna pass on the concert, because I'm just not in a very _____ place right now."
Answer: Hootie

Phoebe: "I'm just gonna pass on the concert, because I'm just not in a very Hootie place right now." Rachel: "Me neither." Joey: "Me too." Monica: "Guys, we bought the tickets." Phoebe: "Oh, well, then you'll have extra seats for all your tiaras and stuff."
    Your options: [ Nirvana ] [ Aerosmith ] [ Hootie ] [ Rembrant ]
  From Quiz: Phoebe Buffay
15 What is the name of the woman in Phoebe's painting, which Mike told her to get rid of?
Answer: Gladys

Rachel and Monica were fighting over who would be forced to have it so Phoebe made another one, thinking that they would be pleased!
    Your options: [ Gloria ] [ Gladys ] [ Gaynor ] [ Monica ]
  From Quiz: 'Friends' Phoebe
16 According to Phoebe, someone dies whenever she goes to what kind of office?
Answer: Dentist

The last time Phoebe went to the dentist's office, she thought she killed Ugly Naked Guy. That's when the giant poking device came into use.
  From Quiz: Fantastic Pheebs!
17 What was the name on the janitor's uniform that Phoebe put on in the closet when her, Ross and Susan were locked in it? ("TOW The Birth")
Answer: Ben

They later named the baby, Ben, as you probably know!
  From Quiz: All About Phoebe Buffay
18 Phoebe once believed that her mother, who killed herself when Phoebe was younger, was her real mother. What was her name?
Answer: Lily

Lily killed herself, when Phoebe was a teenager, by putting her head in an oven.
  From Quiz: Fabulous Phoebe Buffay!
19 What other show does Lisa Kudrow play Ursula in?
Answer: Mad About You

She plays Ursula Buffay, a ditzy waitress at Riffs.
  From Quiz: The One With Phoebe And Ursula
20 In season three's 'TOW No One's Ready', according to Phoebe and Rachel, what wouldn't go with Phoebe's hummus-stained dress?
Answer: Black jacket

Joey and Chandler were arguing/fighting and Joey accidentally flung the hummus on Phoebe. Hummus. She got the hummus. Rachel tried to help her find something to cover it.
  From Quiz: But What Was She Wearing? - Phoebe
21 What is Phoebe's twin sister's middle name?
Answer: Pamela

Phoebe never found out her middle name because Ursula sold it to someone.
  From Quiz: The One and Only...Phoebe Buffay!
22 In "The One At The Beach," who does Phoebe find out that her birth mother is?
Answer: Phoebe

Phoebe Sr: "I think that a person should know where they come from. Which is why I, okay, I'm your mother."
  From Quiz: Phoebe Buffay
23 What TV station does Phoebe despise?
Answer: PBS

This is because when her mother killed herself, Phoebe wrote to PBS and all they did was send her was a keychain!
  From Quiz: Fantastic Pheebs!
24 What is Phoebe's sister's middle name?
Answer: Pamela

We find this out in season 7, "TOW They All Turn Thirty". There are flashbacks all through this episode. Phoebe is talking to her sister in one of the flashbacks; Phoebe: "Your middle name is Pamela?" Ursula: "Yes." Phoebe: "Well, I never knew mine. Do you remember what it is?" Ursula: "Yes! Phoebe." Phoebe: "That's my first name." Ursula: "Right, okay, then no."
  From Quiz: All About Phoebe Buffay
25 In 'The One At The Beach' Phoebe finds out who her real birth mother is. What is her name?
Answer: Phoebe

Phoebe decides to visit her mother's friend's house to see if she knows anything about the whereabouts of her father. However, Phoebe ends up finding out that her mother's friend is her real birth mother.
  From Quiz: Fabulous Phoebe Buffay!
26 Why did Joey decide to give up meat?
Answer: Because Phoebe craved meat whilst pregnant

Phoebe thought that if Joey stopped eating meat, it would balance out what she was eating during her pregnancy.
  From Quiz: The One With Phoebe And Ursula
27 "_____________________, creepin' up my butt. ______________________, always in a rut. ______________________..."
Answer: crazy underwear

Phoebe sings this song "Crazy Underwear" in season 3, episode 23 - the episode where Ross finds a growth on his body but can't tell what it is; neither can anyone else.
He visits his doctor, Chandler's doctor, and Phoebe's guru.
Phoebe dates two guys: Vince, a burly fireman, and Jason, a sensitive teacher.
She tries but can't decide which one to break up with.
Pete is out of town and tells Monica, "We need to talk," which gets her worried. The gang goes with Monica to Pete's place see how a millionaire lives; Joey finds a stub for a $50,000 check to a ring designer; Rachel begins to plan Monica's wedding.
  From Quiz: 'Friends' - Phoebe's Songs # 3
28 When Phoebe's fire alarm kept going off, there was something written on the blanket she wrapped it in. Complete what it said: "Property of Phoebe Buffay not ______."
Answer: monica

This is how the fireman knew where to return the fire alarm too. At first Phoebe thought the fire alarm noise was a spaceship!
  From Quiz: The One and Only...Phoebe Buffay!
29 In "The One With All The Wedding Dresses," where did Phoebe rent the wedding dress?
Answer: It's Not Too Late

Monica: "Oh my God. We're really sad, aren't we?" Phoebe: "Yeah, I think we are." Monica: "This isn't even my dress." Phoebe: "Well, at least you didn't rent yours from a store called It's Not Too Late."
  From Quiz: Phoebe Buffay
30 What does Phoebe say Monica uses too much of in her restaurant?
Answer: Garlic

Monica says Phoebe can't sing outside her posh restaurant so Phoebe argues with her about her small portions and over-use of garlic.
  From Quiz: 'Friends' Phoebe
31 What is Phoebe's deceased mother's name?
Answer: Lily

Phoebe planned to get a tattoo of a lily, honoring her mother. However, in the end, she chickened out.
  From Quiz: Fantastic Pheebs!
32 Finish the song: "There was a girl, we'll call her Betty. And a guy, let's call him ..." (From season 2, "TOW The List".)
Answer: Neil

"Now I can't stress this point too strongly...This story isn't real. Now our Neil must decide. Who will be the girl that he casts aside? Will Betty be the one who he loves truly? Or will it be the one who we'll call... Lulie? He must decide, he must decide,
even though I made him up, he must decide!"
    Your options: [ Neville ] [ Harley ] [ Billy ] [ Neil ]
  From Quiz: All About Phoebe Buffay
33 In 'TOW The Football' what does Phoebe do to distract Chandler when he is running with the ball?
Answer: she flashes him

This is my favourite 'Friends' episode, and Phoebe provides many of the laughs in it.
  From Quiz: Fabulous Phoebe Buffay!
34 What number is on Phoebe's apartment door?
Answer: 16

The numbers are slanted on the door. She has said before that it's 14, but it does say 16.
  From Quiz: The One With Phoebe And Ursula
35 Which actor played Ursula's fiance?
Answer: Sean Penn

Sean Penn guest-starred on "Friends" during the 8th season Halloween episode.
    Your options: [ Brad Pitt ] [ Matt Damon ] [ George Clooney ] [ Sean Penn ]
  From Quiz: "Friends" - The Buffay Twins
36 In season five's 'TOW Rachel Smokes', what did Phoebe have on her head during the party?
Answer: A cup

Monica and Phoebe threw Rachel a birthday party one month in advance so it could really be a surprise. Not wanting an eager Phoebe to help or mess anything up, Monica put Phoebe in charge of cups and ice. Phoebe went all out with both the cups and the ice.
  From Quiz: But What Was She Wearing? - Phoebe
37 "I found you in my bed! How'd you wind up there? You are a ____________, Little black curly hair! Little black curly hair! Little black, little black, Little black, little black, Little _________ curly hair!"
Answer: mystery black

Phoebe sings this song in "TOW Ross' Denial", where Rachel asks if she can live with Phoebe, Phoebe claims to have a roommate named Denise. Rachel tries to find a new apartment, and receives offers from Joey and Ross.
Ross goes back and forth on whether he thinks it's really a good idea. Phoebe continues telling Ross he's in love with Rachel, and he keeps denying it.
Chandler and Monica fight about what to do with Rachel's room and Chandler's furniture.
Joey searches for a new roommate and Ross still doesn't tell Rachel that they're still married.
  From Quiz: 'Friends' - Phoebe's Songs # 3
38 When Phoebe was asked to name one of the triplets, which name did she choose?
Answer: chandler

Joey and Chandler were fighting over whose name was the best. Eventually, Phoebe chose Chandler as he was upset because Joey said his name was stupid.
  From Quiz: The One and Only...Phoebe Buffay!
39 When Phoebe wrote to "Sesame Street" after her mom died, what did they send her?
Answer: A keychain

Phoebe: "Right after my mom killed herself, I was just in this really bad place, you know personally. So, I just thought that it would make me feel better if I wrote to "Sesame Street" because they were so nice when I was a little kid. No one ever wrote back." Chandler: "Well you know a lot of those Muppets don't have thumbs." Phoebe: "All I got was a lousy keychain. And by that time I was living in a box. I didn't have keys."
  From Quiz: Phoebe Buffay
40 What are the two men Phoebe has to choose between named?
Answer: Vince and Jason

Vince was a firefighter and Jason was a schoolteacher. Phoebe couldn't decide who she liked best because Vince was good-looking but Jason was sensitive.
  From Quiz: 'Friends' Phoebe
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