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Quiz about At Work Rest and Play
Quiz about At Work Rest and Play

At Work, Rest and Play Trivia Quiz

Compound Word Creation

Overworked? Restless? Downplayed? Maybe I can help you take your mind off of your workday and restfully onto some wordplay. You just need to figure out if you can make any compound words with WORK, REST and PLAY, matching with the words in the bank.

A classification quiz by reedy. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Classify Quiz
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Feb 18 23
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7 / 10
Last 3 plays: Guest 73 (10/10), Guest 98 (0/10), H53 (8/10).
For each word in the bank, determine if it can make a compound word with WORK, REST and/or PLAY. Classify it into the correct bin - 'One of the Words,' 'Two of the Words' or 'All Three Words.'
One of the Words
Two of the Words
All Three Words

House Arm Back Sword Horse Wood Bridge Room Foot Book

* Drag / drop or click on the choices above to move them to the correct categories.

Most Recent Scores
Sep 23 2023 : Guest 73: 10/10
Sep 20 2023 : Guest 98: 0/10
Sep 08 2023 : H53: 8/10
Sep 05 2023 : Midget40: 6/10
Sep 03 2023 : jackslade: 10/10
Sep 02 2023 : Guest 172: 10/10
Sep 02 2023 : garydart: 5/10
Aug 29 2023 : bigwoo: 7/10
Aug 25 2023 : Julia103: 7/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Arm

Answer: One of the Words

Arm + rest = armrest

You can find armrests on chairs and sofas, and in automobiles. Nowadays, many office chairs have adjustable armrests for ergonomic purposes.

Arm does not make a word with 'work' or 'play,' although there is a company called
2. Wood

Answer: One of the Words

Wood + work = woodwork

Woodwork is the product of making things of wood. This can include parts of a room like doors, doorframes, window frames and paneling, or the many different types of furniture or knick knacks we enjoy in our homes.

One phrase, meaning to appear unexpectedly or in great numbers, is "coming out of the woodwork."

Wood does not make a word with 'rest' or 'play.'
3. Sword

Answer: One of the Words

Sword + play = swordplay

Swordplay is the descriptive word for the skill or activity of fencing (fighting with swords).

Sword does not make a word with 'work' or 'rest.'
4. Bridge

Answer: One of the Words

Bridge + work = bridgework

Bridgework isn't actually about working on the kind of bridges that you drive across, but rather it refers to dental bridges. It's the same concept, with connecting two sides of a gap. In this case, bridgework connects fills the gap of a missing tooth between two healthy teeth.

Bridge does not make a word with 'rest' or 'play.'
5. Back

Answer: Two of the Words

Back + rest = backrest

Similar to the armrest of Q1, a backrest is typically part of a chair that is designed to provide support to your back, allowing you to lean back into it.

Play + back = playback

Playback is a term that came into existence with the recording industry, both audio and visual. It refers to playing (listening to or viewing) a recording over again, and is most often referred to when being done for the first time.

Back does not make a word with 'work.'
6. Horse

Answer: Two of the Words

Work + horse = workhorse

A workhorse is, as you might have surmised, a horse that is used for labour purposes; pulling, dragging, hauling... any kind of hard work. It is also used as a reference to an extremely hardworking person.

Horse + play = horseplay

Horseplay is playing that is rough or boisterous. It is often, but not limited to, a favourite activity of boys.

Horse does not make a word with 'rest.'
7. House

Answer: All Three Words

Play + house = playhouse

A playhouse can have two different meanings. One type of playhouse is a toy house or doll's house, while the other is a theatre where plays are staged.

Rest + house = resthouse

A resthouse is another term used for 'guesthouse,' which is simply a house where travellers can stay.

And TWO different compound words can be made with 'house' and 'work':

House + work = housework

Housework is any work done around the house as part of daily upkeep and cleanliness.

Work + house = workhouse

A workhouse is something that hasn't officially existed since 1948. In Victorian England, workhouses were public houses where the poor could be lodged and fed in return for labour. At times they would also be used for petty criminals to work off their penalties.
8. Book

Answer: All Three Words

Book + rest = bookrest

A bookrest is a support designed to hold a book open so that it can be read without needing to be held, or to display it in such a manner, open to a specific page (like a bible on a church alter).

Play + book = playbook

In Elizabethan times, a playbook was the script of a play being learned by the actors, or a book that held multiple plays. In more modern times (since about 1965) a playbook has been a set of football plays used by a given team. And that more recent meaning has expanded to refer to any plan of action or set of strategies, such as for a business plan or a political campaign.

And TWO different compound words can be made with 'book' and 'work':

Book + work = bookwork

Bookwork is work or research that requires reading, or any kind of clerical bookkeeping. It can also refer to printing books as opposed to printing newspapers.

Work + book = workbook

A workbook, quite simply, is a book for practicing your learning. It could be blank for practicing letters or math, or it could have questions to answer related to the subject being learned. It is now also used for digital files, usually referring to a collection of related files or sections of a spreadsheet application.
9. Foot

Answer: All Three Words

Foot + work = footwork

Footwork refers to the dextrous maneuvering ability of the feet, both literally and figuratively. It might refer to good dancing skills or sport skills, or the ability to maneuver a situation skillfully.

Foot + rest = footrest

As it sounds, a footrest is a piece of furniture designed (or just used, by design or not) to rest your feet on.

Foot + play = footplay

Footplay is a slang term that refers to the sensual use of the feet, innocently beginning with 'playing footsie,' but also going to other sexual applications.
10. Room

Answer: All Three Words

Work + room = workroom

A workroom, quite simply, is a room that is meant for work to occur within.

Rest + room = restroom

A restroom is not really for resting, but for taking care of other necessities. Restrooms usually have sinks and toilet facilities and are found in public places.

Play + room = Playroom

As opposed to a workroom, a playroom is a place meant to play in. And this is not just for children, but for anyone to play.
Source: Author reedy

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