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Quiz about Not All Roses are Red
Quiz about Not All Roses are Red

Not All Roses are Red Trivia Quiz

Matching rose colour to its meaning

As the popular rhyme begins, "Roses are red..." And while red roses are known for symbolizing love and passion, there are many other colours to choose from, depending on what message you want to send. Can you match these rose colours to what they mean?

A label quiz by reedy. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Label Quiz
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Feb 07 23
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Energy and Desire Grace and Charm Growth and Abundance Death and Mourning Mystery and Uniqueness Sincerity and Gratitude Wonder and Enchantment Young Love and Innocence Elegance and Sweetness Friendship and Joy
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1. Green  
2. Yellow  
3. Blue  
4. Orange  
5. Black  
6. White  
7. Lavender  
8. Pink  
9. Peach  
10. Ivory  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Growth and Abundance

Green roses are commonly known as symbols of hope and fertility, along with life, rejuvenation and cheerfulness. While some green flowers and plants also represent jealousy, this does not usually include roses.
2. Friendship and Joy

Where once only pink and red roses were commonly cultivated, yellow roses began their similar journey in the Victorian era.

And where pink and red roses were linked with love and affection, yellow roses signified non-romantic relationships. Common symbolism for yellow roses include friendship, unrestrained joy, and warmth, although at times they can signify sorrow (for loss of friendship), or even for infidelity in love (a passion that has faded).
3. Mystery and Uniqueness

Blue roses do not occur naturally, and only in the late 20th century were successfully cultivated. Yet even so, mysteriously, there are records of blue roses going back to the 12th century (although it is believed that these must have been other kinds of flowers).

One Chinese legend tells of an emperor that required any suitor for his daughter to acquire a blue rose. Most were dissuaded, but three came forward... one had painted a rose blue, one brought a rose made of sapphire, and a third sought a wizard, who provided him with an illusory rose. In the end, it was the gardener (with whom the daughter was enamored) who brought a white rose to the emperor. The daughter declared that it was a blue rose, and that was good enough for her father.
4. Energy and Desire

Orange roses were first developed in the mid-20th century as a hybrid between (as you might have guessed) yellow and red roses.

In the same way, the symbolism of the orange rose is somewhat of a combination of the red and yellow roses. The romance of the red along with the joy of the yellow brings an energy and passion to the fiery orange that often signifies an inflamed desire, passion and excitement... maybe to move things to the next level?
5. Death and Mourning

Black roses do not actually exist in nature, and are typically a type of rose that has tones of deep red, maroon or purple blooms, sometimes also dyed or sprayed or even burned to achieve the black colour.

They most commonly signify death and mourning, but have also come to be associated with rebirth and new beginnings, with ending transitions (like the end of a career or relationship), and also tragic love or even hatred.
6. Young Love and Innocence

Historically, white roses were linked to Aphrodite (or Venus), the goddess of love and beauty.

In some more depth, white roses represent purity, chastity, and virtue (a love that is immune to temptation), everlasting love (it can overcome death), innocence and sincerity (worthiness of a suitor), new beginnings, and honour (respect and reverence).
7. Wonder and Enchantment

Lavender roses do occur in nature, but they are quite rare compared to other, popular colours. For that reason, along with the connection of purple shades to royalty, lavender roses often convey a sense of exclusivity and the extraordinary and special.

They would be ideal for someone smitten with 'love at first sight!'
8. Elegance and Sweetness

In a general sense, pink roses encompass the symbolism of elegance, femininity, refinement, and sweetness, but they can have some different (if related) meanings, depending on the hue of the rose.

A deep (or hot) pink rose also expresses gratitude and appreciation, while a light pink rose signifies gentleness, admiration, and happiness.
9. Sincerity and Gratitude

Peach roses are commonly associated with the feminine side, with youth and with innocence, while symbolizing sincerity, care, gratitude, innocent affection, and warm feelings.

They are are a great way to say 'thank you' in relationships or even in business dealings, but with their associated feelings of comfort and care, they can also convey sympathy.
10. Grace and Charm

Ivory roses share a similarity to white roses, but with a yellow tint that combines some of the symbolism of both. Ivory roses signify charm and gracefulness, purity and thoughtfulness. They are similar to the yellow roses in typically being for platonic relationships, representing admiration, care and affection without romantic intent.
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