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Quiz about A Deck of Cards
Quiz about A Deck of Cards

A Deck of Cards Trivia Quiz

You have a standard deck of cards: 52 cards with 13 ranks and 4 suits from Ace to King, plus an optional two jokers, and are ready to play some games. But not all card games use the standard deck. Can you find the ones that do?

A collection quiz by rahul0. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Quiz #
Jun 10 24
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Avg Score
8 / 10
Last 3 plays: Tonyisonit (7/10), nnouner (7/10), Guest 108 (5/10).
Select the card games that use either a single 52-card deck(13 ranks, 4 suits from Ace to King) or a single 54 card deck(the 52-card deck plus 2 jokers).
There are 10 correct entries. Get 3 incorrect and the game ends.
Durak Manila Mao Bridge Cribbage Spades Hearts Canasta Gin Rummy Euchre Texas Hold'Em Pinochle Baccarat Pot Limit Omaha Briscola Bluff Go Fish

Left click to select the correct answers.
Right click if using a keyboard to cross out things you know are incorrect to help you narrow things down.

Most Recent Scores
Jun 20 2024 : Tonyisonit: 7/10
Jun 20 2024 : nnouner: 7/10
Jun 20 2024 : Guest 108: 5/10
Jun 20 2024 : Guest 207: 7/10
Jun 19 2024 : Guest 47: 8/10
Jun 19 2024 : Guest 76: 1/10
Jun 19 2024 : rottenshot: 8/10
Jun 19 2024 : imustac: 7/10
Jun 18 2024 : GBfan: 2/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Texas Hold'Em and Pot Limit Omaha, like the majority of poker variants, use a 52-card deck. One of the main exceptions is Manila, also known as Short Deck or Six-Plus. Interestingly, with fewer ranks in the deck, the hand rankings we are familiar with also change. In Manila, a flush is worth more than a full house. It is very popular in Asia.

Canasta is a variant of Rummy, in which players attempt to score the most points by forming "melds", which is a combination of any three cards of the same rank. A "canasta" occurs when you make a meld with at least 7 cards. Canasta uses a 108-card deck - you simply combine two 54-card decks.

Pinochle uses two decks of 24-cards each - Ace through 9. It doesn't use the normal ranking system; instead, it goes A-10-K-Q-J-9. While you once had to combine two standard decks to play pinochle, its rising popularity means that you can now buy custom-made pinochle decks online.

Euchre has various rulesets, but they all use a non-standard deck of cards. All Euchre decks have at least 24 cards(A through 9), while some have 28(adding the 8) and some have 32(adding the 7).

Baccarat is a very popular casino game, as it has a relatively low edge for the house. However, punto banco, the version of baccarat usually found at casinos, is a pure game of chance, and over the long run, you are always losing. Baccarat is usually played with 8 decks of cards, and always more than 6.

Durak is a card game very popular in Russia and other ex-Soviet states. Like Short Deck, it is played without the cards 2 through 5. The goal of the game is to discard all of your cards, but it has interesting dynamics as each round consists of one player attacking the player to his left, who must defend with a higher-ranked card.

Briscola is an Italian game, and the traditional Italian deck, unlike the 52-card French deck we are used to today, only has 40 cards. As Briscola has gained popularity outside of Italy, the Italian deck can be replicated by removing the cards 8, 9, and 10 from a standard deck of cards.
Source: Author rahul0

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