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Quiz about Pasta Imposters
Quiz about Pasta Imposters

Pasta Imposters! Trivia Quiz

Fifteen of these choices are true, red-white-and-green pastas. The others are not. Don't be fooled by the pasta imposters!

A collection quiz by trident. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Oct 01 23
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Very Easy
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14 / 15
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Choose the 15 types of pasta.
There are 15 correct entries. Get 3 incorrect and the game ends.
farfalle fettuccine rigatoni mascarpone minestrone fusilli abalone risotto pappardelle vermicelli capellini prosciutto tortellini portobello cannelloni ravioli asiago pancetta bucatini orecchiette tagliatelle cavatappi ziti cremini

Left click to select the correct answers.
Right click if using a keyboard to cross out things you know are incorrect to help you narrow things down.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Italian pasta comes in a diverse array of shapes and sizes, each uniquely suited to different culinary creations. Bucatini, for example, is a long and thick pasta resembling a hollow straw. Its hollow center makes it perfect for soaking up thick sauces, such as the classic Roman dish "bucatini all'amatriciana," which pairs this pasta with a savory tomato and pancetta sauce.

Fusilli, on the other hand, is a spiral-shaped pasta that holds sauces particularly well. Its corkscrew-like structure catches and clings to the sauce, making it a popular choice for dishes like pasta salads and casseroles. Capellini, often called "angel hair," is one of the thinnest pasta varieties available. Due to its delicate nature, it cooks quickly and pairs excellently with light, oil-based sauces or simple broths.

Fettuccine and pappardelle are both flat, wide noodles, with fettuccine being narrower than pappardelle. These broader noodles are ideal for creamy and rich sauces, like alfredo or bolognese, as they provide a substantial surface area for the sauce to coat. Tagliatelle is similar to fettuccine but slightly thinner, making it a versatile choice for a variety of sauces. Vermicelli, on the other hand, is extremely thin and long, often used in soups, stir-fries, or even served with a simple olive oil and garlic sauce.

Ziti and cavatappi are both tubular pastas, with ziti being straight and cavatappi spiral-shaped. These shapes are ideal for capturing chunky sauces or creamy cheese in dishes like baked ziti or macaroni and cheese. Farfalle, known as bowtie pasta, takes on a distinctive butterfly shape, and its elegant appearance makes it a favorite for pasta salads and cream-based sauces.

Rigatoni features wide, ridged tubes, making it a perfect choice for hearty meat sauces or baked pasta dishes. Orecchiette, meaning "little ears" in Italian, are small, round discs with a slight concave shape, making them great for catching bits of sauce or vegetables. Cannelloni is a large, cylindrical pasta typically filled with ingredients like ricotta and spinach, often baked with a tomato or béchamel sauce. Tortellini and ravioli are both stuffed pasta varieties, with tortellini typically smaller and ring-shaped, while ravioli are larger and square or round. These pasta types offer endless possibilities for fillings, from cheese and spinach to meat and mushroom.
Source: Author trident

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