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Quiz about Behind the Green Door
Quiz about Behind the Green Door

Behind the Green Door Trivia Quiz

Complete the lyrics

Fill in the lyrics of this 1950s song "The Green Door" and if you ever find out what's behind it, please keep it secret!

by Chavs. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Nov 19 23
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Very Easy
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16 / 17
Last 3 plays: Jeannie Marie (17/17), rayvendragon (17/17), Guest 185 (7/17).
"Midnight one more night without
Watching 'til that comes
Green Door what's that you're keeping?

There's an old and they behind the green door (Green door)
Don't know what they're doing but they behind the green door (Ooh, green door)
Wish they'd so I could find out what's behind the green door (Green door)

Knocked once tried to tell 'em I'd been there
Door hospitality's thin there
just what's going on in there

Saw an in through a behind the green door (Green door)
When I said Joe sent me some one behind the green door (Ooh, green door)
All I want to do is join the behind the green door (Green door)
Oh, rock on in now!
Woo! Weeah!
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Dec 03 2023 : Jeannie Marie: 17/17
Dec 03 2023 : rayvendragon: 17/17
Nov 30 2023 : Guest 185: 7/17
Nov 27 2023 : Guest 104: 17/17
Nov 27 2023 : Guest 24: 15/17
Nov 26 2023 : comark2000: 15/17
Nov 26 2023 : magicgenie4: 17/17
Nov 26 2023 : ozzz2002: 17/17
Nov 26 2023 : rabbit1964: 17/17

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Originally recorded by Jim Lowe and the High Fives in 1956, it reached number one on the Billboard 100 charts for a fortnight, sandwiched in between two Elvis Presley number one songs, "Love Me Tender" and "Don't be Cruel".

It was composed by Bob "Hutch" Davie, (and Hutch conducted the orchestra on the record too), with the lyrics by Marvin J. Moore. For each of them it was their biggest hit. The song achieved a million radio and television performances in the United States (aka BMI "Million-air status").

In the next 55 years it was covered 46 times.

Shakin' Stevens, a Welsh pop singer, known for his Christmas 1985 hit "Merry Christmas Everyone", and his retro 50s vibe, including an Elvis inspired shake of the hips, had a big hit with it in the UK in 1981. He kept to the original lyrics as used in this game, but many covers of it added their own lyrics.

Stars who have released cover versions include Frankie Vaughan, Bill Hayley & His Comets, Crystal Gayle, and in 1980, Fozzie Bear on "The Muppet Show"!

In Spanish, Los Llopis released "La Puerta Verde", in Czech it was released as "Zlá noc", and in German it is "Peter, komm heut' zum Hafen"* sung by Inge Brűck in 1957.

Leonardo diCaprio sings it in the Quentin Tarantino 2019 movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". In the film itself this is only shown very briefly as a flashback but the DVD extras contains a longer clip of him singing and dancing in retro style, and can be found in several places online.

No one ever found out what was behind the green door that inspired the song although a lot of theories have been put forward, mostly just vivid imaginations. The writer allegedly said that he had been refused entry to a VIP room in a club in Dallas once and that was the inspiration, but that still hasn't solved the mystery, has it?

*approximate translation:
Peter, coming to the harbour this evening, when the ships are asleep, we're back in port, because girls and sailors sing in the Green Parrot, a melody that everyone knows, about kissing and caressing, and Johnny gives Jenny red roses.*
Source: Author Chavs

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