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Quiz about Musicians on Miami Vice
Quiz about Musicians on Miami Vice

Musicians on Miami Vice Trivia Quiz

From the premiere episode of "Miami Vice" blasting Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight", the groundbreaking police drama merged TV with music. Can you pick out the 15 music artists who appear in an episode of "Miami Vice"?

A collection quiz by GBfan. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Jul 09 24
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Very Difficult
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6 / 15
Last 3 plays: Ideaography (7/15), PDAZ (8/15), Guest 99 (6/15).
Choose the 15 music artists who appeared on "Miami Vice", three strikes and you're out.
There are 15 correct entries. Get 2 incorrect and the game ends.
Leonard Cohen Barbra Streisand Isaac Hayes Glenn Frey Jimmy Buffett David Johansen The Edge Simon Le Bon Don Henley Frank Zappa Sheena Easton James Brown Gloria Estefan Ted Nugent Michael Des Barres Miles Davis Andy Taylor Willie Nelson Little Richard Gene Simmons

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts

Glenn Frey (The Eagles) played pilot Jimmy Cole in a 1985 episode. He flew Crockett and Tubbs to Colombia to catch some drug smugglers. His song "You Belong To The City" was also featured on the season two premiere episode.

Isaac Hayes famous for his song "Shaft" appears in season four in the episode "Child's Play". A gang of smugglers was part of an undercover sting operation and Isaac played Holiday, the leader of the gang.

David Johansen claimed his first fame as a member of the New York Dolls but made it big as a solo artist with his hit "Hot Hot Hot". He appeared in the "Miami Vice" episode "The Dutch Oven" and sang his song "King of Babylon".

Willie Nelson appears as Jake Pierson, a retired Texas Ranger who helped Crockett and Tubbs go after a Bolivian drug kingpin. Willie is a legendary country music singer known for "On The Road Again" and "Crazy".

Leonard Cohen is a Hall of Fame songwriter known best for the classic song "Hallelujah". He had a brief but memorable appearance in the 1986 episode "French Twist". He played an Interpol commander who only spoke French as he ordered a hit on runaway agent.

Sheena Easton was on five episodes of "Miami Vice" as Crockett's wife. The Scottish pop star known for songs like "Morning Train" and the James Bond song "For Your Eyes Only", played Caitlin Davies who died in Crockett's arms in her final episode.

The season two opener was an instant "Miami Vice" classic. Lead guitarist, Gene Simmons, of KISS appeared with no makeup and a silky all-white suit as an informant in the premiere episode of the new season. That same episode prominently used Glenn Frey's track "You Belong To The City".

Michael Des Barres and Andy Taylor both appeared together in an episode as their real-life group, The Power Station. Andy Taylor was originally a guitarist in Duran Duran and Michael took over the lead singer role in the Power Station after Robert Palmer left the band.

The jazz legend, Miles Davis, played the role of a rough-voiced pimp in "Miami Vice" in the second season. This was the first time Miles had ever acted but he played the role perfectly in a slick blue suit and low cut v-neck shirt.

Only a series willing to take so many chances would you find The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, playing a singer turned interplanetary cult leader. The "Miami Vice" episode he appeared in had UFOs, crop circles, and the acting debut of comedian Chris Rock.

Frank Zappa played drug lord Mario Fuente in the 1986 episode. Frank made his name in music in the 1960s with his band, The Mothers Of Invention. This was Frank's last time acting although he did voice-over work for the animated series "Ren & Stimpy" prior to his death in 1993.

Barbra Streisand and Don Johnson were dating in real life in the 1980s so it's only fitting that she made an unforgettable cameo appearance on his hit TV show. She wasn't credited for her non-speaking role but she appeared as a pedestrian walking past Crockett and Tubbs at the yacht marina.

Little Richard is a rock and roll icon and pioneer with songs like "Tutti Frutti" in the 1950s. During the 1980s, he became a minister and this is how he appeared in a short scene on "Miami Vice" in 1985. He was collecting money down on the beach in his scene before being caught up in a drug deal gone bad.

Ted Nugent, aka The Motor City Madman, is a legendary guitarist and co-founder of the group Damn Yankees. He appeared as Charlie Bassett, a psychopath armed and ready to take out Crockett. In the episode, Ted's song "Little Miss Dangerous" was used.
Source: Author GBfan

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