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Korean Foods Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
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6 Korean Foods quizzes and 65 Korean Foods trivia questions.
The Authors Kitchen South Korea Style
  The Author's Kitchen, South Korea Style   best quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
South Korea is not only famous for its pop music, but for its cuisine as well, which has grown in popularity in the West in recent years. Inspired by the Author's Kitchen game, here's a quiz about some notable South Korean dishes.
Average, 10 Qns, Kankurette, Jul 06 22
Kankurette gold member
Jul 06 22
219 plays
10 Dishes Korean Cuisine
  10 Dishes: Korean Cuisine   best quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
The Korean peninsula is home to a cuisine rich with various rice, vegetable, meat, and seafood dishes. We'll examine ten of these delectable dishes.
Average, 10 Qns, trident, Jan 04 22
trident editor
Jan 04 22
229 plays
One Two Korean Barbecue
  One, Two, Korean Barbecue   top quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Korean cuisine is typically light and delicious with Korean barbecue featuring as the star. Learn how to eat properly at any Korean BBQ restaurant. It's as easy as one, two...Korean barbecue!
Average, 10 Qns, trident, Feb 01 15
trident editor
497 plays
  Let's Eat South Korean Style!   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Everyone needs to eat, and Korean food is an exciting cuisine well worth exploring. Excite your tastebuds and travel with us.
Average, 10 Qns, jaknginger, Jul 16 22
jaknginger gold member
Jul 16 22
138 plays
  The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
There was not a Korean food quiz that I could find so I created one. This quiz will cover the more common foods.
Tough, 10 Qns, bronzehunnyjen, Jun 11 11
1064 plays
  Land of the morning Kimchi    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Test your knowledge on some of Korea's more common consumables or not so consumables.
Average, 15 Qns, jhbol, Jan 16 14
780 plays
trivia question Quick Question
This is marinated pork, served hibachi style.

From Quiz "Land of the morning Kimchi"

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Korean Foods Trivia Questions

1. Which food group is used the least in traditional Korean cuisine?

From Quiz
Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Dairy

Seafood, vegetables and rice made up the bulk of traditional Korean cuisine, with very little consumption of dairy products. Modern Korean cuisine has been influenced by foreign nations with the addition of more dairy and processed foods. Also, many have replaced rice for noodles and bread as daily staples. Although statistics show most Asians as being lactose intolerant, South Korea has increased dairy use and production as compared to traditional Korean cuisine. Red Crew's jaknginger is very fond of cheese and milkshakes.

2. Almost every Korean meal involves "kimchi." What is this?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: fermented spicy cabbage

Making "kimchi" is a very labor-intensive job which usually takes most of the day. The Korean cabbage is combined with julienned carrots and Korean radish, spring onions, and a LOT of crushed red pepper. Traditionally, it is then placed in a large ceramic pot and buried underground to ferment.

3. A spicy noodle soup. Americans eat this food made by companies like Marchuan.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Ramyun

Unlike America, Koreans prefer to eat their Ramyun (or Ramen) with the water.

4. Kimchi is a popular Korean dish of fermented vegetables, most commonly Napa cabbage and radish. What is the name of the earthenware fermentation vessel it was traditionally made in?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Onggi

Kimchi is a very pungent side dish and can be made from a variety of vegetables. They are salted and seasoned, often using spring onions, garlic, ginger and gochugaru, a Korean chilli powder. Sometimes jeotgal, a salted seafood, is also added. Prior to contemporary refrigeration methods, the vegetables were placed in an onggi, which was buried in the ground to reduce overfermentation during the summer and to prevent the contents freezing during the winter. Special kimchi terraces called jangdokdae were also constructed to store the onggi. Like other fermented foods, kimchi is considered to be very beneficial to gut health, as the fermentation process produces large quantities of desirable micro-organisms. Red Crew's smpdit is partial to kimchi, but hasn't been successful in making her own.. Yet.

5. Korea is the largest consumer of a seasoning that is typically used in Korean cuisine. What seasoning is this?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: garlic

Korea is the largest consumer of garlic. It is used in almost every appetizer, soup, entrée, and side dish.

6. Korean style California rolls/Sushi rolls:

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Kim Bap

Suprisingly, the best Kim Bap I've ever had has no fish in it but bacon as the meat.

7. Traditionally distilled in cauldrons and earthenware pots, which Korean drink means 'burned liquor'?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Soju

Soju is a clear liquor traditionally made from rice, wheat or barley, but has sometimes been made from potato or sweet potato. The origins of soju can be traced as far back as the 13th century, when the technique of distilling the drink was introduced by the Mongols. The custom when drinking Soju is for the youngest, or most junior person to serve the others. The soju bottle should be held with both hands when pouring, and the person receiving should hold the glass in both hands. Phoenix Rising's Red Crew member, leith90 would gladly grab a glass of soju with both hands.

8. What do many Koreans start their meals with?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: soup

There are many types of soup, one of the most common is miso soup. "Kimbap" resembles a California roll but the rice is seasoned and meat is used.

9. This dish has rice at the bottom and covered with spinach, sprouts, carrots, other vegetables, an egg, and sometimes meat. It is usually served in a hot stone bowl.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Bibim Bap

Personally, I think the best part is the rice that gets burnt on the sides of the hot stone bowl.

10. Korean food has its own presence on social media; online interactive shows where the host is seen eating a variety of foods, with comments and questions from online chatrooms. These shows are known as what?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Mukbang

Contributing to the steady roll out of South Korean culture across the globe, known as kallyu or Korean Wave, the eating shows known as 'mukbang' have attractive people eating foods whilst interacting with fans. These foods are not necessarily traditional Korean dishes, but can include anything from pizza to noodles. Mukbang's popularity is attributed to lonely users having company whilst eating. Mukbang has been criticised for encouraging food waste as its popularity and therefore sponsorship has grown, bad practices such as overeating and misinformation have crept into the genre. Red Crew's smpdit sits eating bibimbap, a vegetable and rice dish whilst wearing tradition Korean Hanbok as she watches someone eating noodles.

11. This is a milky alcohol, usually poured into a large bowl for group consumption.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Makali

Just the smell of Makali is enough to give most people a splitting headache. Even most Koreans don't want to deal with this traditional beverage for fear of cranial retrubution.

12. Anglicized to 'makkoli', makgeolli is Korean rice wine. What is Korean maekju (pronounced make-joo)?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Rice beer

While the majority of beer sold in South Korea comes from two large breweries, lately microbreweries, thanks to a change in the tax laws, are establishing themselves. Beer is a favorite of Phoenix Rising's mike32768, however he's never sampled beer brewed from rice - that'll have to change!

13. Some of the Korean population eats dog meat, but how many?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: a quarter of the population

Eating dog meat stems from the belief that the meat itself has special powers. Much like why some cultures eat turtle meat to help prolong their life.

14. This substance is known as Korean rice whiskey.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Soju

The two most popular brands of Soju in Korea are Green and Jinro.

15. Jjinppang, Hwangnam bread and Hodu-gwaja are Korean pastries. What main ingredient is common?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Red bean paste

Not specific to only Korea, red bean paste is a common ingredient in Asian pastries. Jjinppang is nice and soft when served warm. It is a steamed, sourdough bun with red bean skins and unsweetened red bean paste. The bun gets hard when it cools and can be re-steamed. Hwangnam is a wheat bread filled with red bean paste and traditionally has a stamp cutout of a chrysanthemum on the top. It is similar in shape to a US muffin. Hodo-gwaja is a Korean walnut cookie filled with red bean paste. It is shaped to look like a whole walnut. Jaknginger of Phoenix Rising will be on the lookout for these pastries on future world cuisine shopping trips.

16. "Bindaetteok" is a pancake and is taken on the go like "mandu" is. But what is it made of?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: mung bean flour mixed with vegetables or kimchi

Spring onions, zucchini, carrots, and peppers are only some of the items added to the flour derived from mung beans. Sometimes squid, shrimp, and oysters are added as well but this is usually called "pajeon."

17. This substance is Korea's Boone's Farm and is a peach flavored champagne.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Oscar

I think that it's some unwritten Korean law that no celebration is complete without a bottle of Oscar. Every birthday party I ever saw in Korea had at least one bottle of Oscar.

18. The small rice cakes known as songpyeon are traditionally eaten at the Korean Chuseok. What type of bountiful festival is this?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Autumn harvest festival

Chuseok, also called Hangawi, is one of the most celebrated Korean festivals. It is held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar cycle, the middle of Autumn. Songpyeon is a small steamed rice cake shaped like a half-moon and with a sweet or savoury filling. They are then steamed over pine needles which imparts a distinctive taste and fragrance. The cakes were traditionally made using freshly harvested rice and offered as thanks to their ancestors for a bountiful harvest. They are also given to family and friends. The rice cakes are usually coloured brown, pink, white, green and yellow, and an old anecdote says that the person who makes the best looking songpyeon will have a bountiful life with a good spouse and beautiful children. Phoenix Rising's Red Crew member leith90 has tried the Chinese moon cake, but has not had an opportunity to sample the Korean songpyeon.

19. How is the main beef dish "bulgogi" traditionally prepared?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: marinated and grilled

"Bulgogi" is thinly sliced and marinated in soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, spring onions, pepper, and sugar. At restaurants it is cooked in front of you on a grill. The meat is wrapped in a lettuce leaf and topped off with spicy red bean paste.

20. A very popular Korean dish literally means 'fire meat'. Which dish is it?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Bulgogi

Bul- means 'fire' and gogi is 'meat'. Bulgogi came from the Pyongan Province, North Korea and spread to South Korea after WWII. Bulgogi is marinated meat that has been sliced thin and cooked. It is typically grilled or stir-fried. Neobiani is also grilled meat but sliced into broad sections. Galbi is Korean grilled short ribs. Yakiniku is Japanese grilled meat. Jaknginger of PR's Red Crew loves bulgogi!

21. Which noodle dish is primarily eaten in the summer?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: mul naengmyeon

There are two types of "naengmyeon:" "mul" and "bibim." They both consist of cold thin handmade buckwheat noodles topped with sliced vegetables, fruit, a boiled egg, and thinly sliced beef. But "mul naengmyeon" is in a cold broth while "bibim naengmyeon" substitutes the broth for "gochujang," a spicy red bean paste.

22. This is blood intestine stuffed with clear noodles. It is usually served in Kielbasa style wedges with a small complimentary dish of salt.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Sundae

Although the sight of a six foot long piece of stuffed intestine being boiled in a huge metal bowl may not be the most appetizing sight, it does have an extremely appealing flavor.

23. Norimaki and gimbap look very similar but different seasonings are used. Vinegar is used in norimaki, but what is used to season the rice in gimbap?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Sesame oil

Gim literally means seaweed and bap is rice. Gimbap, or kimbap as sometimes called, are seaweed-wrapped rice rolls. The rice is seasoned with sesame oil. The fillings vary in Korean gimbap. One could see meats, imitation crabmeat, vegetables, eggs and cheese. Traditionally, gimbap is served with side dishes like kimchi or other pickled vegetables. While there's a debate over which came first, norimaki or gimbap, PR's jaknginger can attest that both are delicious!

24. This is marinated pork, served hibachi style.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Tagee Kalbi

Many a Muslim has been fooled by deceptively beef-looking pork meat. It even tastes like a really soft beef.

25. Which modern franchise outlet is credited with being the first to sell Korean fried chicken in Seoul?

From Quiz Let's Eat South Korean Style!

Answer: Lims Chicken

Almost a third of chicken eaten in South Korea is fried, the practice can be dated back as a form of cooking to the 15th century. Yu Seck-ho studied abroad in the US and gained a following selling fried chicken there and upon his return to Seoul started selling smaller pieces of fried chicken out of a basement in a department store, beginning the franchise of Lims chicken in 1975. KFC expanded on fried chicken's popularity when they opened in South Korea in 1984. Red Crew's smpdit seasoned, coated and fried the info for this question

26. Many Korean meals end with fresh cut fruit or a sweet rice cake. But "shikhye" is a sweet beverage made from rice. What else is in this odd dessert?

From Quiz The Wonderful World of Korean Cuisine

Answer: pine nuts

Traditionally, three pine nuts float at the top of a small bowl filled with this sweet rice punch to signify good luck. Also, there are the disintegrating rice grains at the bottom from which the beverage was made.

27. A thick brown gravy with minced onions and ground pork. Served on linguini noodles.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Jaja Myun

Koreans will swear up and down this dish is Chinese. I have yet to see a Chinese restaurant have it or a Korean restaurant not have it.

28. Clear noodles with beef and vegetables in a fish oil and sesame seed sauce.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Chop Chey

This dish is almost impossible to eat with chopsticks, as the already slick "rubber" noodles are made even harder to get ahold of when you add oil.

29. Crushed red pepper fermented Nappa cabbage soup. Sometimes with hot dogs.

From Quiz Land of the morning Kimchi

Answer: Kimchi Jiggae

By hot dog I mean frankfurters, not the barking kind.

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