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Fun Trivia
8 Korean War quizzes and 85 Korean War trivia questions.
  The Korean War   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ten questions about the Korean War.
Average, 10 Qns, stengun, Jan 17 14
Recommended for grades: 7,8,9
3582 plays
  Inchon: The Invasion   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Test your knowledge of the invasion of Inchon, the strategic military maneuver that saved South Korea from the North.
Average, 10 Qns, biohazard930, Jun 13 16
2195 plays
  War in Korea    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Ten questions about the Korean War. How many will you get?
Average, 10 Qns, spaceowl, Aug 06 22
Recommended for grades: 7,8,9
spaceowl gold member
Aug 06 22
321 plays
  Battles for the Seoul of Korea    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
This quiz will challenge you to match the Korean place with the battle or action that took place there during the Korean War. Can you identify the proper matches?
Tough, 10 Qns, JCSon, Jul 23 22
JCSon gold member
Jul 23 22
124 plays
  USAF Aircraft in Korea   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz on the USAF aircraft that fought over Korea. The air battles represented the last of the prop age and the first of the jet age.
Difficult, 15 Qns, barisax14, Jan 17 11
1465 plays
  The Forgotten War - Korea   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A war that is technically still going on. Over 35,000 US soldiers killed and over 4,500 were MIA.
Average, 10 Qns, dspider1, May 26 17
Recommended for grades: 7,8,9
1174 plays
  Korean War : Part One    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Lest we forget ... Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ...
Difficult, 10 Qns, Regor, Feb 20 11
3855 plays
  The Korean War : Part Two    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here's another Korean War Quiz, hope you do well, but remember. That all gave some, but some gave all.
Difficult, 10 Qns, Regor, Sep 17 04
2802 plays
trivia question Quick Question
The invasion of Inchon occurred in 1950. But do you know what the date was?

From Quiz "Inchon: The Invasion"

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Korean War Trivia Questions

2. Who was the first South Korean president?

From Quiz The Korean War

Answer: Syngman Rhee

Syngman Rhee was the first president of South Korea. His presidency, from August 1948 to April 1960, remains controversial. It was affected by Cold War tensions on the Korean peninsula and elsewhere. Rhee was regarded as an anti-Communist and a 'strongman', and he led South Korea through the Korean War. His presidency ended in resignation following popular protests against a disputed election. He died in exile in Hawaii.

3. Which general planned and encouraged the invasion at Inchon?

From Quiz Inchon: The Invasion

Answer: Douglas MacArthur

General Douglas MacArthur was put in charge of the American forces in Korea by President Harry S. Truman.

4. Which was the only U.S. Army Airborne unit to see combat in the Korean War?

From Quiz The Korean War : Part Two

Answer: 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team

The 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team, made their first jump on October 20-21, 1950, near P'yongyang the Capital of North Korea, the first and second waves consisted of 2,673 paratroopers. The next day they were followed by a third drop of support units consisting of 671 paratroopers. Their second jump was five months later on March 23, 1951, at Munsan-ni near the 38th Parallel with 3,486 paratroopers jumping. The 187th Regimental Combat team was the only Army Airborne unit to see combat in the Korean War.

5. On what date did the Korean War officially start?

From Quiz Korean War : Part One

Answer: June 25, 1950

North Korean ground forces crossed the 38th Parallel into South Korea about 4:30 a.m. on June 25, 1950.

6. The defeat of what colonial power in World War II effectively led to the North-South split of Korea?

From Quiz War in Korea

Answer: Japan

After the Japanese surrender, Korea was divided into US and Soviet occupation zones. Civilian administrations were set up in both halves of the country mirroring those of the occupying powers, a situation that made war more or less inevitable.

7. United Nations forces were pushed to the southern edge of the Korean peninsula. They formed a defensive position known as the __________ perimeter.

From Quiz The Forgotten War - Korea

Answer: Pusan

All are cities in S. Korea.

8. Which country occupied the Korean peninsula until the end of World War II?

From Quiz The Korean War

Answer: Japan

Japan annexed the Korean peninsula in 1910 and continued to accupy it till 1945. During this period many Koreans fled to China and Russia. From these countries several resistance groups operated against the Japanese.

9. One of the first aircraft to see service in Korea was the F-51 Mustang. What role were they usually used in?

From Quiz USAF Aircraft in Korea

Answer: CAS (Close Air Support)

The F-51 were the most numerous fighters early in the war because they had the range to loiter over a target and could be operated from the rough Korean forward air strips. They were the main USAF CAS aircraft but could not tangle with the jet powered MiG-15. When engaged by a MiG, they could only out-turn him and return home. They did down a number of rare Yak-9 prop fighters.

10. The invasion of Inchon occurred in 1950. But do you know what the date was?

From Quiz Inchon: The Invasion

Answer: September 15

The invasion fleet arrived in the early morning by the guidance of a nearby lighthouse.

11. How many U.S. Air Force B-29 bombers were lost in the Korean War?

From Quiz The Korean War : Part Two

Answer: 34

When the Korean War ended on July 27, 1953, the U.S. Air Force B-29s had flown over 21,000 sorties, nearly 167,000 tons of bombs had been dropped and 34 B-29s had been lost in combat, sixteen to fighters, four to flak and fourteen to other causes. B-29 gunners had accounted for 34 Communist fighters.

12. On 11 April 1951, who replaced General Douglas MacArthur after he was dismissed, As Commander in Chief United Nations Command (CICUNC) in South Korea?

From Quiz Korean War : Part One

Answer: Lt. Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway

General Douglas MacArthur's dismissal resulted from his rejection of President Truman's policies.

13. At what line of latitude was Korea divided into North and South?

From Quiz War in Korea

Answer: 38th

The 38th Parallel marks both the approximate middle of the Korean Peninsula and the stop line for the invading Soviet Army in 1945. It is an arbitrary divide; there was no cultural difference in 1945 between Koreans north of the line and ones south.

14. Initially the Soviet Mig 15 was superior to U. S. fighters. The F-86 arrived and gained air superiority. The F-86 was nicknamed the _________.

From Quiz The Forgotten War - Korea

Answer: sabre

F-80 shooting star was 1st operational jet aircraft used by the USAF. The F-84 thunderjet was also in use in Korea. The F-106 delta dart was the USAF's primary interceptor aircraft in 60's and 70's.

15. Along which parallel was the Korean peninsula divided in 1945?

From Quiz The Korean War

Answer: 38th

Stalin and Roosevelt divided Korea along the 38th parallel. The idea of dividing Korea along the 38th parallel dates from 1902 when Japan suggested to Russia that Korea could be divided so they both could have a piece of Korea and avoid conflict. However, this agreement was never signed.

16. F-80 Shooting Stars soon appeared on scene to aid the F-51 Mustangs. What significant event occurred on November 8, 1950 between a F-80 pilot and a MiG-15 pilot?

From Quiz USAF Aircraft in Korea

Answer: First jet-versus-jet combat ever

A F-80 pilot downed a MiG-15 after a tough dogfight. The F-80 Shooting Star appeared in late 1950 and where used as the top USAF fighter until the F-86 Sabre was used. The F-80's non-swept wings were a disadvantage and the planes were mostly used in the ground-attack role until better types arrived. By the time of the armistice only RF-80 reconnaissance ships were operated.

17. On which Parallel is the DMZ that divides North and South Korea?

From Quiz The Korean War : Part Two

Answer: 38th Parallel

South Korea came into being after World War Two, the result of a 1945 agreement reached by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference, making the 38th Parallel the boundary between a northern zone of the Korean peninsula to be occupied by the U.S.S.R., and southern zone to be controlled by the U.S. Forces.

18. In Which Korean Town were the First Peace talks held, between the UN Allies and the Communists?

From Quiz Korean War : Part One

Answer: Kaesong

The First Peace Talks were held at Kaesong on July 10,1952. The Communists broke off talks on August 23, 1952. Peace Talks resumed at Panmunjom on October 25,1952.

19. The Korean War saw the first jet-versus-jet combat in warfare. Which aircraft type was the victor in this clash?

From Quiz War in Korea

Answer: F-80 Shooting Star

The first confirmed kill was by Lieutenant Russell J. Brown on 8th November 1950, flying a Lockheed Shooting Star, an aircraft somewhat less capable than the MiG-15 that it shot down. Although a very capable aircraft, the F-80 was generally a bit outclassed by the more advanced MiG-15 and was demoted to ground attack duties.

20. Operation Chromite, an amphibious assault at _______ helped to trigger UN counter-offensive operations.

From Quiz The Forgotten War - Korea

Answer: Incheon

A force of nearly 70,000 men and over 300 warships took part in the operation.

21. The F-82 Twin Mustang was the first night-fighters over Korea. What claim to fame did the Twin Mustang have in Korea?

From Quiz USAF Aircraft in Korea

Answer: First American aircraft kill

The F-82 arrived on the scene very early because it had enough range to cover the entire Korean peninsula. During this time it scored the first three American aircraft kills of the war. Overall the F-82 was only of secondary importance to the war effort and was replaced in 1951 by the F-94 Starfire.

22. To which city had UN forces been pushed back, so that an invasion at Inchon was necessary to save many lives?

From Quiz Inchon: The Invasion

Answer: Pusan

Seoul was the capital of South Korea, which had been captured by the North. Pyongyang was the capital of North Korea. Ulsan is a city Northwest of Pusan, captured by the North.

23. Not counting the U.S. and the Republic of South Korea, how many United Nations Countries sent combat troops to Korea?

From Quiz The Korean War : Part Two

Answer: 15

15 United Nations Countries sent combat troops to Korea they were: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Ethiopia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey. Four countries sent medical assistance they were, India, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

24. What was the Operational code-name for the Invasion at Inchon?

From Quiz Korean War : Part One

Answer: Operation Chromite

Operation Chromite, The Invasion of Inchon began at 6:25 a.m. on September 15,1950

25. After the initial North Korean attack, the UN troops were pushed back into a defensive line around South Korea's only remaining port. What was this line known as?

From Quiz War in Korea

Answer: The Pusan Perimeter

The battle of the Pusan Perimeter started in early August 1950 and slowed the North Korean advance to a full stop, after which enough US reinforcements had been delivered through Pusan (Busan) to allow a successful counterattack which threw back the NKA invaders.

26. Gen. MacArthur was in command of UN forces until relieved by President Truman. Who was his replacement?

From Quiz The Forgotten War - Korea

Answer: Gen. Ridgway

Gen. Walker was 8th Army commander until his death in a jeep accident. Ridgway took his position until appointed as UN commander. Van Fleet took Ridgway's vacant 8th Army command. Clark eventually succeeded Ridgway.

27. Who was appointed supreme commander by the United Nations?

From Quiz The Korean War

Answer: Douglas MacArthur

Douglas MacArthur was appointed as Supreme Commander by the United Nations. He had also been Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan after World War II.

28. Possibly the most famous USAF fighter of the war was the F-86 Sabre. Who designed this aircraft?

From Quiz USAF Aircraft in Korea

Answer: North American

The F-86 was a great fighter that served over Korea. The aircraft featured a 35 degree swept wing with a jet engine, making it the first superb American jet fighter. The F-86 was a direct descendant of the P-51, also designed by North American. The P-51 provided the basis for the FJ Fury, which in turn provided the basis for the F-86 Sabre.

29. What island did Marines make the first landing of Inchon on?

From Quiz Inchon: The Invasion

Answer: Wol Mi-do

Marines had to set up a defense of the island for 12 long hours while they waited for the tides to rise again, allowing ships to reinforce the island.

30. Which was the first U.S. Army Infantry Division to see Combat in the Korean War?

From Quiz Korean War : Part One

Answer: 24th Infantry Division

On 2 July 1950, 'Task Force Smith' elements of the 24th Infantry Division, were the first to arrive in Korea, were they fought a delaying action against overwhelming odds.

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