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Fun Trivia
6 Adolf Hitler quizzes and 75 Adolf Hitler trivia questions.
  Adolf Hitler: 20 Questions   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
An assorted group of questions again, chronological order fails me. Some are quite easy and some are extremely difficult. I hope I managed to find an informative balance.
Tough, 20 Qns, socratessoul, Oct 15 21
Oct 15 21
7035 plays
  Take this Adolf Hitler Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz about the man we have all grown to fear.
Average, 10 Qns, eph, Oct 15 21
Oct 15 21
3801 plays
  Even Hitler Had a Mother    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Hitler was a very intelligent, but very cruel leader who slaughtered millions of innocent people. This quiz is intended to show the irony that even the worst people in history have "normal" aspects to their lives.
Tough, 10 Qns, James76255, Oct 18 16
1910 plays
  Hitler - The Making of a Dictator   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is the second in a series of quizzes on WWII figures. Hope you enjoy it.
Tough, 10 Qns, natz1027, Oct 09 08
1383 plays
  The Life of Adolf Hitler    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz on the man who probably had the biggest impact on the 20th century, albeit for the all the wrong reasons.
Average, 10 Qns, kristian88, Nov 09 10
2682 plays
  Early Days of Hitler    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This quiz covers the beginning of Adolf Hitler's life until the start of World War I.
Tough, 15 Qns, sapient, Dec 08 12
1836 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What was the name of the invidious solution to "The Jewish Question?"

From Quiz "Adolf Hitler"

Adolf Hitler Trivia Questions

1. What year was Hitler born?

From Quiz
Hitler - The Making of a Dictator

Answer: 1889

The surname of Hitler's father was originally Schicklgruber, but he changed it to Hitler in 1876, thirteen years before the birth of his son, Adolf. His father was a customs official of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Hitler was born into comfortable circumstances and sent to good schools, but he failed to distinguish himself in his early life.

2. Where was Hitler born?

From Quiz Even Hitler Had a Mother

Answer: Braunau am Inn, Austria

Adolf was born April 20, 1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler in Braunau am Inn, Austria, practically on the German border.

3. When was Adolf Hitler born?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: April 20, 1889

Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the Austrian town of Braunau am Inn. He was the fourth child of Alois and Klara Hitler.

4. When was Adolf Hitler born?

From Quiz Early Days of Hitler

Answer: 20 April 1889

Adolf Hitler was born at 6:30 p.m. on the evening of 20 April 1889 in Branau am Inn, Upper Austria, across the border from German Bavaria.

5. In what town was Hitler born?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: Braunau am Inn

He was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria.

6. Where was Hitler born?

From Quiz Hitler - The Making of a Dictator

Answer: Braunau, Austria

Although Hitler showed no great talent at anything during school, one of his teachers later remembered him as a "gaunt, pale-faced youth ... arrogant and bad-tempered". The teacher said he "demanded of his fellow pupils their unqualified subservience, fancying himself as a leader".

7. Hitler's parents had six children. Apart from Adolf, only one child survived into adulthood. Who was it?

From Quiz Even Hitler Had a Mother

Answer: Paula

Before Adolf was born, Alois and Klara Hitler had three children (Gustav, Ida and Otto) who died in their infancy. After Adolf started school, the Hitlers had another son, Edmund, who died at the age of six. Adolf's sister, Paula, was born in 1896 and died in 1960.

8. Hitler was not the only child of the family. How many children did Alois and Klara have? (Obviously, this does NOT include any half-brothers or half-sisters of Adolf Hitler).

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: 5

Alois and Klara Hitler had five children, of whom Adolf was the third. The first two, Gustav and Ida, and the fifth, Edmund, died in infancy. Paula Hitler, the youngest, died in 1960.

9. Hitler was educated up until he was 16 when he intended to become an architect or painter. In which town/city was he educated?

From Quiz The Life of Adolf Hitler

Answer: Linz

He was twice rejected entry into the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and so worked by painting postcards and advertisements.

10. What was Hitler's birthdate?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: April 20, 1889

Many evil deeds have been committed on this date, such as the murders at Columbine.

11. How old was he when he left school?

From Quiz Hitler - The Making of a Dictator

Answer: 16

Hitler tried being an artist in Vienna in 1908, but failed miserably and was mainly supported by female members of his family. To what extent his intense, obsessive anti-Semitism dated from his years in Vienna is a matter of controversy.

12. What did Hitler hope to become when he was a teenager?

From Quiz Even Hitler Had a Mother

Answer: an artist

After his father died in 1902, Adolf showed no interest in work or formal education, but he did unsuccessfully apply for admission to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. When his mother died in 1909, Adolf moved to Vienna. While living in homeless shelters and eating in soup-kitchens, he would sometimes sell some of his paintings and advertising posters to provide sustenance.

13. How many Iron Crosses did Adolf Hitler receive for bravery in WWI?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: Two

After less than two months of training, Hitler's regiment saw its first combat near Ypres, against the British and Belgians. Hitler narrowly escaped death in battle several times, and was eventually awarded two Iron Crosses for bravery - the Iron Cross, Second Class and the Iron Cross, First Class. He rose to the rank of lance corporal but no further.

14. Hitler got a job as a draughtsman in Munich and during World War One served on the Western Front. Here he earned himself a distinguished medal. Name it.

From Quiz The Life of Adolf Hitler

Answer: Iron Cross & iron cross

He subsequently went on to lead the fledgling German Workers' Party (later renamed the Nazi Party).

15. What was the last name of Adolf's father, Alois, before he changed it to Hitler?

From Quiz Early Days of Hitler

Answer: Schicklgruber

Alois Schicklgruber always used his mother's last name because he was not ashamed of being illegitimate in rural Austria. After he became successful in the civil service, his uncle encouraged him to change his name and continue the family name, Hiedler. This came to be misspelled as Hitler. (In the local dialect both spellings would have given the same pronunciation).

16. In which city did Hitler twice apply to (and find himself twice rejected from) a prestigious art school?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: Vienna

It was the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Hitler arrived in Vienna in 1907, hoping to become an architect. He was astonished at not being accepted, and soon applied again, only to be rejected again.

17. Why was Hitler hospitalised during WWI?

From Quiz Hitler - The Making of a Dictator

Answer: He had been gassed

In 1914 he was promoted to the rank of lance-corporal. Hitler is quoted as saying war came to him "like a redemption from the vexatious experience of my youth ... In a transport of enthusiasm, I sank down on my knees and thanked Heaven from an overflowing heart". During the Battle of the Somme in October 1916 Hitler received a wound in his left thigh when a shell exploded at the entrance to the dispatch runners' dugout. He begged not to be evacuated, but was sent for almost two months to the Red Cross hospital at Beelitz in Brandenburg.

18. Hitler moved to Munich, Germany, in 1913 and volunteered for service in the German army at the outbreak of World War I. What rank did Hitler rise to during his military service in the war?

From Quiz Even Hitler Had a Mother

Answer: Corporal

Although he had never been willing to do a regular job, Hitler served with distinction during the war. Along with being promoted to corporal, he was decorated with both the Iron Cross Second Class and First Class. Ironically, the captain who recommended him for the awards was Jewish. To satisfy the nit-picky: There was no such rank as Senior Corporal in the German Army during World War I.

19. After he left his home town in Austria around the age of 16 (in 1905), Hitler went to Vienna, eventually becoming what?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: Postcard painter

As a teen, Hitler was parentless and poor. He barely made by with what little money (painting pictures on postcards) he received. Both his parents were dead by the time Hitler turned 16. Alois died of a pleural hemorrhage, and Klara died of breast cancer.

20. He was imprisoned in 1923 after the unsuccessful Munich Putsch. Whilst behind bars he wrote his famed 'Mein Kampf.' What does this translate to in English?

From Quiz The Life of Adolf Hitler

Answer: My Struggle & My Battle

He was sentenced to 5 years but released after only 9 months. The Munich Putsch was inspired by Mussolini's march on Rome.

21. What was Hitler's nickname as a baby?

From Quiz Early Days of Hitler

Answer: Adi & Ade

Hitler was called Adi as a baby by his mother. She had previously lost children at birth and lavished a lot of affection on little Hitler. They had a very close relationship.

22. What was the name of the friend with whom Hitler spent much of his time in Vienna?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: August Kubizek

23. How many years did Hitler spend as a runner on the Western Front in WWI?

From Quiz Hitler - The Making of a Dictator

Answer: 4

Hitler moved to Munich in 1913 and joined the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry alongside Rudolf Hess, at the start of WWI. The shock of Germany's defeat in 1918 gave him a permanent hatred for the democratic politicians whom he labelled "the November Criminals" and "the originators of this dastardly crime".

24. "Great joy! He greets me like an old friend. And he looks after me. How I love him!" This is an entry from someone's diary about Adolf Hitler. Whose diary was it?

From Quiz Even Hitler Had a Mother

Answer: Josef Goebbels

Despite the fact that they actually belonged to different factions of the Nazi party, there was mutual respect between Hitler and Goebbels. Joseph Goebbels was part of the faction led by Gregor Strasser, which had a sympathy for Marxism, something Hitler deemed totally unacceptable. This entry was made in Goebbels diary after their second meeting.

25. Hitler ran for President, but lost. A little later the Nazis were the largest party in the Reichstag and he finally succeeded in becoming Chancellor in which year?

From Quiz The Life of Adolf Hitler

Answer: 1933

On the death of Hindenburg, a year later, he became President, Chancellor and leader of the German armed forces, calling himself Fuehrer (leader).

26. How many siblings did Hitler have, not including those who died at birth?

From Quiz Early Days of Hitler

Answer: four

Hitler had an older half brother named Alois Junior, an older half sister Angela, a little brother Edmund, and a little sister Paula. Alois Jr. ran away from home at age thirteen and Edmund died at age six.

27. What award did Hitler receive for his service in WWI?

From Quiz Hitler - The Making of a Dictator

Answer: Iron Cross, First Class

The Iron Cross was an award given for valorous service. The Knight's Cross was an award given for valorous service and was awarded to soldiers who had already received the Iron Cross. The Cross of Honour was awarded to soldiers who fought on the front in WWII. The Military Order of St Henry was awarded for bravery and military merit.

28. What was the name of Hitler's dog?

From Quiz Even Hitler Had a Mother

Answer: Blondi

Blondi was, appropriately enough, a German Shepherd. According to his secretary, Traudl Junge, Hitler's relationship with Blondi was one of the few in which he showed a truly caring side of his personality.

29. What was the name of his book that made him very rich during his later life?

From Quiz Adolf Hitler

Answer: Mein Kampf

His autobiography 'Mein Kampf', part of which he wrote in prison in 1923-24, sold like hot-cakes. By 1940, over 6 million copies had been issued, thus making him rich.

30. What event allowed Hitler to drop out of high school?

From Quiz Early Days of Hitler

Answer: his father died

Alois Hitler died at age 65 on January 3, 1903 in the town on Leonding, Austria. He died of a sudden lung hemorrhage when Hitler was only thirteen years old.

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