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Baseball for Dummies is a category designed for those who may not be that familiar with the sport of baseball, and for those who want to learn the ins and outs of this great sport. These are the easier ones and chocked full of interesting information to help carry you into the future, and into the past!
176 quizzes and 2,464 trivia questions.
  Great Moments In Baseball editor best quiz   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I've always wondered if there is much banter between the pitcher and the batter during baseball games. I've tried to imagine some conversations that could have taken place during some of the great and not so great moments in baseball history. Good luck.
Easier, 10 Qns, justawful, Aug 23 22
Aug 23 22
12695 plays
  Take this Baseball for Newbies? Quiz   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
10 questions for those who are just coming around to learn about baseball in the big leagues. I hope that it is educational for those who need it. :)
Easier, 10 Qns, Nightmare, Aug 23 22
Nightmare gold member
Aug 23 22
4954 plays
  Baseball for Sports Haters   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
When my daughter gets a baseball question in Trivial Pursuit, she always answers "If it isn't Babe Ruth, I don't know the answer". This quiz is for her.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Jul 06 20
Very Easy
looney_tunes editor
Jul 06 20
2402 plays
  I Only Stunk a Little   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
An all multiple choice quiz about some baseball greats who stunk once or twice during their career. I hope that you enjoy it. :-)
Easier, 10 Qns, Nightmare, Nov 24 08
Nightmare gold member
3606 plays
  Lions, Tigers, and Dummies, Oh My!   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
All multiple choice for the baseball dummies like me. Can you do better than my four? I hope you can. :)
Easier, 10 Qns, Nightmare, Mar 02 11
Nightmare gold member
983 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who won the National League Rookie of the Year award in 1968?

From Quiz "Dummies Baseball #8"

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MLB For Dummies Trivia Questions

1. Which American League team in 1996 set a Major League record by seeing their batters hit by a pitch 92 times in the season?

From Quiz
Lions, Tigers, and Dummies, Oh My!

Answer: Toronto Blue Jays

The others were all NL teams. The Blue Jays line-up was more than bruised in the season. Catcher Charlie O'Brien led the team by being hit 17 times, Ed Sprague with 12, and John Olerud was hit 10 times. The Blue Jays pitching didn't retaliate much, and hit only 36 opposing batters in the season.

2. What is the game format for World Series play?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Best of seven games

The first World Series was played in 1903, with the Boston Americans winning the series five games to three in a best of nine game format. Major League baseball went to a seven-game format, but then went back to best of nine in 1921. That was the final season of a possible nine games before the leagues settled on a best of seven format.

3. Call me Mr. October, Mr. Limelight, or whatever you want. I did hit over 500 home runs in my career though. You can't remember me for being the first player to strike out over 2000 times in a career. Who am I?

From Quiz I Only Stunk a Little

Answer: Reggie Jackson

None of the others hit 500 home runs. When Jackson retired in 1987, he was the only player to reach 2000 career strikeouts, and actually had 2597. In his final season, he appeared in 115 games while striking out 97 times.

4. Which Hall of Fame player was known as "Mr. October"?

From Quiz Lions, Tigers, and Dummies, Oh My!

Answer: Reggie Jackson

Reggie was given the nickname due to his focus around playoff time. He hit 18 postseason home runs including 10 in the World Series. Jackson hit five in the 1977 World Series while with the Yankees against the Dodgers, including three in the game six clincher. Reggie was inducted into the Hall of Fame all by himself in 1993. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

5. Which Atlanta Braves slugger jogged around the base paths on April 8, 1974, breaking Babe Ruth's career record with his 715th home run?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Hank Aaron

It was very early in the 1974 season that Hank broke Ruth's record. He unfortunately did not break it at the end of the 1973 season, as he had to put up with death threats and other racial garbage to him and his family. The record hit came against the Los Angeles Dodgers and pitcher Al Downing. He would go on to retire with 755 career home runs in 1976. This great human being was inducted into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 1982.

6. Which team won their 27th World Series in 2009?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: New York Yankees

In 2009, the Yankees faced the National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies, and won four games to two. Hideki Matsui was the series' MVP, then the Yankees let him go to free agency with the Angels in 2010. The first Yankee World Series crown came in 1923 against the New York Giants.

7. Which National League team in 2007 became the first franchise in baseball history to lose its 10,000th game?

From Quiz Lions, Tigers, and Dummies, Oh My!

Answer: Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia franchise began in the National League in 1883. During the 20th century, the team lost 100+ games in a season 14 times. The 21st century was a turnaround for the team, winning the NL East in every season from 2007-2010. The first franchise to win 10,000 games in baseball history was the New York/San Francisco Giants in 2006. Four seasons later, the Yankee franchise closed out the 2010 season with 9670 wins.

8. Hall of Fame player Ty Cobb had which nickname?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Georgia Peach

Ty was born in Narrows, Georgia, thus the nickname. Cobb played for 22 loyal seasons with the Detroit Tigers from 1905-1926. The Tiger management showed their appreciation by trading Cobb to the Philadelphia Athletics for the 1927 and 1928 season. Ty would still hit .357 and .303 for the Athletics before he retired with a .366 career batting average, the highest in baseball history. The American League MVP and Triple Crown batter was sometimes the most popular player, and sometimes the most hated player in baseball. He died on July 17, 1961 in Atlanta, with only nine people showing up for his funeral. Of those nine, three were former baseball players in Mickey Cochrane, Nap Rucker, and Ray Schalk. He spent a lot of time in his final days in the hospital with comedian Joe E. Brown.

9. In 2010, the Washington Nationals brought up a pitcher from their Minor League team to debut on June 8. He defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates with 14 strikeouts in his debut. Who was this pitcher?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Stephen Strasburg

In a tremendous media fiasco with hype, Strasburg still kept his cool and demeanor in his debut with the number 37 on his back. The Nationals won the game 5-2. The 21-year old rookie was born in San Diego.

10. In 11 of my 13 seasons, I hit over .300 including .382 in 1920. In 1921 nobody liked me. I didn't even hit .200. As a matter of fact, I didn't play. The league wouldn't let me. My name is Joe Jackson. What happened?

From Quiz I Only Stunk a Little

Answer: Black Sox Scandal

The infamous 1919 World Series, appropriately named the Black Sox Scandal for numerous Chicago White Sox players rigging the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. Numerous White Sox players were banned after the 1920 season.

11. Who was the player for the New York Yankees who attracted so many fans to watch him play during the 1920s, that their new stadium was nicknamed for him?

From Quiz Baseball for Sports Haters

Answer: Babe Ruth

These were all great Yankee players, who were beloved of the New York fans of their eras, but the other three did not play until after the 1920s. Babe Ruth's slugging prowess was one of the factors behind the revival of Yankee prospects during the 1920s and 1930s. When they moved into the newly-built Yankee Stadium in 1923, it was quickly nicknamed 'The House That Ruth Built'. Fittingly, Babe Ruth hit the first home run in the new stadium on its opening day in 1923.

12. Jackie Robinson is most noted for being the first African-American to play in modern-day Major League Baseball. Which team signed him to play in 1947?

From Quiz Lions, Tigers, and Dummies, Oh My!

Answer: Brooklyn Dodgers

Under much controversy, Branch Rickey signed Jackie to play for the Dodgers. Robinson went 0-for-20 in his first 20 at-bats which didn't help matters. He would rebound and finish the season batting .297 with 175 hits and win the Rookie of the Year Award. He won the National League MVP Award in 1949. Jackie went to six World Series with the Dodgers, and won his only crown in 1955. All the series losses were at the hands of the New York Yankees. He retired in 1956, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962, then died 10 years later.

13. This Hall of Fame pitcher played for 27 seasons and retired with a record 5714 career strikeouts, a record likely never to be duplicated. Who was this that wore the number 34 and retired in 1993?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Nolan Ryan

Not only did Ryan whiff 5714 batters, he also set a record by striking out 383 in the 1973 season. Nolan played with the Mets, Angels, Astros, and Rangers, throwing another record seven no-hitters. Amazingly, Ryan never won a MVP or Cy Young Award in his career. Nolan also wore the number 30.

14. Which American League team went crazy in a 1966 game, hitting an amazing five home runs in just one inning?

From Quiz Lions, Tigers, and Dummies, Oh My!

Answer: Minnesota Twins

The Twins went up against the Kansas City Athletics on June 9th, hitting five big ones in the seventh inning, and winning the game 9-4. The Twins' bats that hit them were Rich Rollins, Zoilo Versalles, Tony Oliva, Don Mincher, and Harmon Killebrew. The Twins also tied a home run record in 1964, when they hit four home runs in four consecutive at-bats in one inning against those same Athletics. Oliva and Killebrew had a hand in that also.

15. In 1948, the New York Yankees retired the jersey number 3 that had been worn by one of their 'favorite sons'. Who wore that number during his career with the Yankees?

From Quiz Baseball for Sports Haters

Answer: Babe Ruth

All these players have had their numbers retired in recognition of their contributions to the Yankees. Lou Gehrig's #4 was retired in 1939, the year he announced his retirement due to the developing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis that led to his death in 1941, ending a streak of 2130 consecutive games that had extended over a period of 14 seasons. Babe Ruth's #3 was retired in 1948, the year he died from cancer. Joe DiMaggio's #5 was retired in 1952, the year after his career finished. Mickey Mantle's #7 was retired in 1969, also a year after his retirement from the game.

16. Which Boston Red Sox outfielder was the first player in Boston to bat for the Triple Crown Award?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Ted Williams

Williams wore the number 9 throughout his entire career with the Red Sox from 1939-1960. He also won two American League MVP awards. Ted could have won an unprecedented third Triple Crown, but lost the batting title to Detroit Tiger George Kell by less than .001 in 1949.

17. Who was named the greatest baseball player of the 20th century by the magazine "Sports Illustrated"?

From Quiz Baseball for Sports Haters

Answer: Babe Ruth

At a ceremony in December of 1999, "Sports Illustrated" also made the following awards: Football Player of the Century - Jim Brown, Ice Hockey Player of the Century - Wayne Gretzky, Basketball Player of the Century - Michael Jordan, Olympian of the Century - Carl Lewis, Best Individual Female Athlete of the Century - Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Best Individual Male Athlete of the Century - Jack Nicklaus, and Sportsman of the Century - Muhammad Ali. Babe Ruth was also named the Associated Press Athlete of the Century and ESPN's #2 Athlete of the Century (coming second to Michael Jordan), while "The Sporting News" judged him to be the greatest baseball player of all-time.

18. The immortal Babe Ruth played for three teams in his Major League Baseball career. They were the Boston Braves, the New York Yankees, and which other team that he began his career with?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Boston Red Sox

Ruth began his Major League career with the Boston Red Sox from 1914-1919 as a pitcher. He was sold by the owner of the Red Sox, Howard Frazee, to help obtain some money for his theatrical productions. After setting a Major League home run record by hitting 29 in his final season with the Red Sox, he hit 54 with the Yankees in 1920, then another 59 in 1921. The Babe hit 714 career home runs and retired in 1935 in his only season with the Braves.

19. In my fourth season in baseball with the Cincinnati Reds in 2004, I finished second in the NL by hitting 46 home runs. I only stunk a little by setting a Major League record of striking out 195 times in the season also. Who am I?

From Quiz I Only Stunk a Little

Answer: Adam Dunn

The others listed all retired in 1988. One reason for Dunn's new strikeout record was an amazing 568 at-bats in the season.

20. Which 2010 team won their first World Series since moving to the state of California?

From Quiz Lions, Tigers, and Dummies, Oh My!

Answer: Giants

The New York Giants won the World Series in 1954. The Dodgers and Giants moved out to the West Coast in 1958 after both playing in New York for almost 75 years. In San Francisco, the Giants went to the World Series in 1962, 1989, and 2002 but lost them all. The taste of California victory finally came in 2010 against the Texas Rangers in a four games to one win.

21. This Hall of Fame great was the first-ever Yankee to have his baseball number retired. It was the number 4. Who is he?

From Quiz Baseball for Newbies?

Answer: Lou Gehrig

Gehrig played his entire career with the Yankees from 1923-1939. He set a Major League record for playing in 2130 consecutive games until he benched himself in 1939. Lou was nicknamed "The Iron Horse", mainly because he played through injuries and set this record. He retired in 1939 due to his illness, later called "Lou Gehrig Disease", and died in 1941. His number 4 was retired in 1939, along with being inducted into the Hall of Fame in the same year.

22. In 1968, I won the NL Cy Young and the season MVP with my amazing 1.12 ERA with the Cardinals. In my final season in 1975, I had a ERA of 5.04, so I only stunk for a short time. Who am I?

From Quiz I Only Stunk a Little

Answer: Bob Gibson

The others listed all died in the 1950s. Gibson helped take the Cardinals to three World Series and had a record of 7-2. They won two series against New York and Boston, then were stopped by the 1968 Tigers. The immortal Bob Gibson was a 1981 Hall of Fame inductee.

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