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Quiz about Sixth Rangers
Quiz about Sixth Rangers

"Sixth" Rangers Trivia Quiz

Match the name of the "sixth" or special ranger to the series he or she was featured in. The term "sixth" ranger refers to any ranger who joined a team midway through their respective season, so they weren't always member #6.

A matching quiz by Shadowmyst2004. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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7 / 10
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1. Tommy Oliver  
  Dino Charge
2. Zhane  
  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
3. Jason Lee Scott  
  In Space
4. Sir Ivan  
5. Sam  
6. Gemma  
7. Anubis Krueger  
8. Levi Weston  
  Ninja Steel
9. Ryan Mitchell  
10. Eric Myers  
  Lightspeed Rescue

Select each answer

1. Tommy Oliver
2. Zhane
3. Jason Lee Scott
4. Sir Ivan
5. Sam
6. Gemma
7. Anubis Krueger
8. Levi Weston
9. Ryan Mitchell
10. Eric Myers

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Feb 25 2024 : Guest 76: 9/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Tommy Oliver

Answer: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Tommy, played by Jason David Frank, was the first "sixth" ranger when he appeared as the green and later white ranger on the original series. He was introduced as an evil ranger, making him the first evil ranger as well. He was also a member of the team in "Turbo", "Zeo" "Dino Thunder" and Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers".

He was also a "sixth" ranger once again during "Dino Thunder" when he joined that team as the black ranger partway through the season.
2. Zhane

Answer: In Space

Zhane, played by Justin Nimmo, was the silver ranger on the "In Space" season. Unlike most special rangers, his suit was the same design as the core team, just in the new color.
3. Jason Lee Scott

Answer: Zeo

The original red "Mighty Morphin Power Ranger" came back during the "Zeo" season as the second gold ranger. He took the powers from Trey of Triforia when the alien could no longer wield them. He appeared on an extended arc and then passed the powers back to Trey once he was healed.

Austin St. John played the character.
4. Sir Ivan

Answer: Dino Charge

Sir Ivan of Zandar was played by Davi Santos. He found the gold energem and was subsequently trapped for many years by the forced of evil. Eventually he escaped and joined the other "Dino Charge" rangers.
5. Sam

Answer: SPD

Sam, the SPD's Omega Ranger, was played by Aaron James Murphy. In his unmorphed state he had the ability to make objects teleport. He was just a misunderstood kid early in the season, and picked up the powers later to join the team.
6. Gemma

Answer: RPM

Gemma and her twin brother Gem, were the silver and gold rangers on the "RPM" season. They both joined the team later in the season, and were barely seen apart morphed or unmorphed.

Gemma was played by Li Ming Hu. Gem was played by Mike Ginn.
7. Anubis Krueger

Answer: SPD

Anubis wasn't a part of the original ranger team in the "SPD" season because he was the commander of the space station they were all on. He was played by John Tsui.

In his morphed form he was known as the Shadow Ranger.
8. Levi Weston

Answer: Ninja Steel

Levi Weston is played by Jordi Webber. Weston is a famous singer who discovered the gold ninjastar. At first, he tried to hide his powers, but eventually decided to put his tour on hold and stay home to help the other rangers fight evil.
9. Ryan Mitchell

Answer: Lightspeed Rescue

Ryan, played by Rhett Fisher, was introduced as an evil ranger before overcoming that and joining the "Lightspeed Rescue" crew. He had been brainwashed at first. Eventually he became the Titanium Ranger, and was one of the most powerful on the team.
10. Eric Myers

Answer: Timeforce

Eric, played by Daniel Southworth, was the only member of the "Timeforce" season to not have travelled back in time. He was employed by a private security company and used hi-tech gear to become the Quantum Ranger. He often fought against the other rangers to get the glory for himself, but eventually managed to become part of the team.
Source: Author Shadowmyst2004

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