Quiz about Why Im in Love with Science
Quiz about Why Im in Love with Science

Why I'm in Love with Science Trivia Quiz

I'm in love with science because it covers so many areas of the world in which we live. Can you match the branch of science to the topic it covers?

A matching quiz by rossian. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Dec 03 21
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1. Study of weather and weather forecasting  
2. Scientific study of plants  
3. Science involving the study of ancient artifacts  
4. Science of drugs and their uses  
5. The branch of biology which deals with animals  
6. Study of how the human mind works  
7. Study of water  
8. Study of environmental issues  
9. Study of rocks and solid materials of the earth  
10. Study of planets and other celestial objects  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Study of weather and weather forecasting

Answer: Meteorology

Meteorologists study weather patterns and how the atmosphere, the air above us, works. This includes forecasting the likely weather, often by computer programmes, and looking at changes in the world's climate. Aristotle created the first written work named 'Meteorology' back in 350 BC.
2. Scientific study of plants

Answer: Botany

Botany is a kind of biology (the science of studying living things) which concentrates on plants, their structure and uses. In the past, it was particularly useful in identifying plants which were safe to eat, and those which were poisonous and could make you ill, or even kill you.
3. Science involving the study of ancient artifacts

Answer: Archaeology

Archaeologists study items used by our ancestors, which can include weapons, such as stone axes, and cooking and eating utensils. All of these can throw light on how people lived and what they ate and give us an insight into how we have evolved.
4. Science of drugs and their uses

Answer: Pharmacology

The name is derived from the Greek word pharmakon, which means drug. Pharmacologists are experts in the actions of all sorts of substances which affect the body, including the ones created by the human body itself, such as adrenaline.
5. The branch of biology which deals with animals

Answer: Zoology

If you've ever been to see the animals in your nearest zoo, you might not have realised that the name is a shortened version of zoological gardens. Like most scientific names, zoology is a combination of two Greek words, this time the one for animals, and knowledge or study, which is logos. Zoologists study all kinds of animals, not just the ones with four legs which most of us think of when we hear the word.
6. Study of how the human mind works

Answer: Psychology

The human mind is a fascinating place, and psychologists study how our brains affect the ways we behave and the decisions we make. One area which might be familiar to younger members is the different ways of learning, and how some people learn better by doing things while others might prefer to read and learn by studying books.
7. Study of water

Answer: Hydrology

Here's that 'logy' ending again, but this time starting with 'hydro', which refers to water. There's a lot of water for scientists in this area to study, as around 70% of the earth is covered by water, mostly in the seas and oceans. One of the areas hydrologists study is flooding and natural disasters caused by water overwhelming places where people live.
8. Study of environmental issues

Answer: Ecology

Ecology examines how we all interact with the environment. For example, we have learned that the removal of large areas of rain forest has had an impact on the climate, since trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Ecologists are studying the impact each of us makes on the earth, and the problems humans can cause by interfering with the 'balance of nature'.
9. Study of rocks and solid materials of the earth

Answer: Geology

Many words which start with 'geo', like geography and geode, relate to the earth and geology is no exception. Geologists study the composition of the rocks which form the land on which we live, with practical applications such as predicting landslides and eruptions of volcanoes.
10. Study of planets and other celestial objects

Answer: Astronomy

Astronomers specialise in studying the many objects in the universe, including planets, planetoids, asteroids, stars and meteors, to mention just a few. The people who live on earth have been interested in the other objects in the galaxy from ancient times. The earliest travellers used the position of the stars in the night sky for navigation, particularly while at sea.
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