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Quiz about NonEnglish Names
Quiz about NonEnglish Names

Non-English Names Trivia Quiz

Match the U.S. name of each "Masters of the Universe" (He-Man) or "Princess of Power" (She-Ra) toy to what it was called in the French release. Names are based off the 1984 toyline, not any future ones.

A matching quiz by Shadowmyst2004. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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7 / 10
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Bitête  
2. Bélios  
  Swift Wind
3. Le Tigre De Combat  
4. Lezor  
  Beast Man
5. Musclor  
  Ram Man
6. Puantor  
  Battle Cat
7. Le Monstre  
8. Tempête  
9. Aeria  
10. Scintilla  
  Two Bad

Select each answer

1. Bitête
2. Bélios
3. Le Tigre De Combat
4. Lezor
5. Musclor
6. Puantor
7. Le Monstre
8. Tempête
9. Aeria
10. Scintilla

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Bitête

Answer: Two Bad

Two versions of this toy, one with a rounded back, and one with a flat back, were released in the U.S. The French version was identical to the flat backed variation. All of the accessories released with it were the same as well.

He made his debut in the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas crossover episode, though his toy was officially release as a "Masters of the Universe" figure.
2. Bélios

Answer: Ram Man

This figure, which was made from the same mold for both releases, wasn't the traditional "action figure" design. It was hollow plastic instead of the rubber that most of the rest of the line was made from. His legs clipped inside the figure. The prototype (and packaging) had an orange tunic and red legs, the final figure had green legs and a red tunic.
3. Le Tigre De Combat

Answer: Battle Cat

Battle Cat was a large green tiger-like creature with orange stripes. It was He-Man's pet and when needed, was decked out in armor and ridden into battle. The toy mimicked that almost exactly, allowing the armor and saddle to be removed when people weren't having battles with their figures.
4. Lezor

Answer: Whiplash

The French release of the toy was nearly identical to the U.S. version, but lighter greens were used in the plastic, making open versions still distinct from each other.

The toy, from releases, has a spring action tail when the waist is turned left or right.
5. Musclor

Answer: He-Man

There were several different versions of the He-Man figure released, but each version had a French counterpart as well. There was even a "Faker He-Man", which was blue with orange hair, that was released in both the French and American lines.

He-Man was also known as Prince Adam within the continuity of the movies/cartoons and comics.
6. Puantor

Answer: Stinkor

A unique twist was used on this toy, it actually smelled. The figure was based on a skunk, and the toy company actually worked a bad smell into the line. At least in the American release it was that way; I've never smelled a French version. An article in Time Magazine from Dec. 16, 1985 talked about the smell being added to the figure.

The figure itself used the same sculpt for the body as He-Man, just painted in a different color.
7. Le Monstre

Answer: Beast Man

Beast Man, or Raqquill Rqazz, was a hulking red giant of a character, and the evil Skeletor's right-hand man.

The figure had large spikes a big mane of (plastic) hair surrounding the head. He came with a whip, but not much else in terms of accessories.
8. Tempête

Answer: Swift Wind

The character was also known as Spirit, but Swift Wind was the name on the toy packaging. Spirit was the friend and stead of Adora, one of She-Ra's closest allies.

Swift Wind was who the horse turned into. It transformed from a horse into Swift Wind, the flying unicorn.

The toy was not able to transform, and therefore was only the unicorn version.
9. Aeria

Answer: Flutterina

This toy had fairy-style wings attached to it for both the French and American releases.

The figure wore a red dress, and much of the rest of her accessories, wings, and hair were shades of purple.
10. Scintilla

Answer: Glimmer

Glimmer, or Scintilla, was the princess of Brightmoon. Much like the other figures in this line, the colors were more pastel than many action figures. She had lots of pinks and purples used to paint her. The toy came with a scepter and tights.
Source: Author Shadowmyst2004

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