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Quiz about Troy
Quiz about Troy

Troy Multiple Choice Quiz | 10 Questions

This is a quiz on an awesome movie!

A multiple-choice quiz by sftbllGirly. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 10
1. Who was the women who was given to Achilles, and then taken by Agamemnon? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. How many times did Achilles yell "Hector" outsie the Trojan walls? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. What was the name of the man whom Hector killed in order to save Paris? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. How was Patroclus related to Achilles? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. Who played Prince Hector? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. Who killed Ajax? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. Who killed Odysseus? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. Who was the man Paris gave the sword of Troy to, before re-entering the city to find Briseis? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. Finish this quote - "As long as this sword is in the hands of a Trojan ________ " Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. The Trojans won the Trojan War.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Who was the women who was given to Achilles, and then taken by Agamemnon?

Answer: Briseis

Briseis was Paris and Hector's cousin, and had become a servant of the Sun God, Apollo. She had been found in the temple of Apollo when the Mermidans attacked and killed the priests. She was given to Achilles to "amuse" him, but then was taken by Menelaus because Menelaus was angry with Achilles for charging the beach of Troy alone, without the rest of the army. Later she was returned to Achilles. Right before Achilles died, he told Briseis that she had given him peace in a lifetime of war. Briseis played a huge part in the plot, she almost cost the Greeks the war by "distracting" Achilles with love.

The legend says that Briseis was not taken from Achilles because Agamemnon was mad at him. He had to give back Chryseis, his prize of war, to make the gods happy and he wanted Briseis to replace her.
2. How many times did Achilles yell "Hector" outsie the Trojan walls?

Answer: 9

Patroclus had stolen Achilles' armor and wore it in to battle, because Achilles was planning on taking his men and sailing home the next day. Patroclus didn't want to betray the army as Achilles was planning to do, so he led Achilles' men in to battle while pretending to be Achilles. During the battle Patroclus met up with Hector, and Hector killed Patroclus in a fair fight.

When Achilles found out that Hector cut his cousin's throat, he wanted revenge. Achilles went to Troy, and stood just out side the Trojan walls yelling Hector's name to come and fight him.
3. What was the name of the man whom Hector killed in order to save Paris?

Answer: Menelaus

Since Paris stole Menelaus' wife, Helen, they were to battle each other for Helen. As the two were fighting, Paris was wounded and he was going down fast. Just before Menelaus tried to kill Paris, he ran back and grabbed his brother Hector's, feet. Menelaus said he would kill Paris at Hector's feet if he had to, but just before he struck, Hector killed him, and saved his brother's life.

This caused the battle following Menelaus' death to start.
4. How was Patroclus related to Achilles?

Answer: Cousins

Achilles and Patroclus were cousins. When Achilles was preparing his men for the attack of the Trojan beach, he told Patroclus to stay behind and guard the ship. Patroclus stated that he was ready to fight, but Achilles said, "I can't fight the Trojans if I am concerned for you." This showed how much Achilles loved Patroclus, and why Achilles wanted to avenge his cousin's death so badly.

The legend tells how Patroclus and Achilles were really close friends, but when Hector killed Patroclus, Achilles still wanted his revenge.
5. Who played Prince Hector?

Answer: Eric Bana

Eric Bana played Prince Hector of Troy. Hector had a wife and a son, who escaped from the city safely with a few other Trojans. He was the commander of the Trojan army, and he was a great warrior. He was killed by Achilles when Achilles was avenging Patroclus' death.

Hector was the King's oldest son, and Achilles stole his body and took it back to the Greek camp. During the war, Hector killed Ajax, Menelaus, Patroclus, and many other men. He was a huge factor in the Trojan War.
6. Who killed Ajax?

Answer: Prince Hector

Ajax was a very large Greek warrior who seemed as if he couldn't be killed. He took many arrows, and blows during the war. He carried a large club-like weapon that he swung around and killed many Trojan soliders. When he met Hector in battle, Hector stabbed his stomach with his sword but he tried to strangle Hector as he died. Ajax died before he could kill Hector. During the battle between Ajax and Hector, Ajax came down on Hector with his club, but Hector blocked the attack with a shield, the club went through the shield but not far enough to kill Hector.
7. Who killed Odysseus?

Answer: He survived.

Odysseus was one of the few Greek leaders who made it home after the Trojan War. He survived the war, with some of the other soliders. He came up with the plan to sneak into the city by hiding in a large wooden horse, believed to be a tribute to Posiedon by the Trojans.

He was among the men to hide within the horse, and in the dead of night he, along with the other men, sneaked into city and allowed the rest of the army in. Now that they were all there, they sacked the city, and took all the women as slaves. Odysseus saved the Greek army, and played a huge part in the fall of the Trojans.
8. Who was the man Paris gave the sword of Troy to, before re-entering the city to find Briseis?

Answer: Aeneas

"As long as this is sword is in the hands of a Trojan, our people have a future." was what King Priam told Paris as he gave him the sword of Troy, the night before he was to battle Menelaus for Helen. Paris carried the sword with him, and after the men in the wooden horse began to sack the city, Paris and the others headed for the tunnel out of the city. Paris went back in to the city to find Briseis, but before he re-entered the city he gave to sword to Aeneas.
9. Finish this quote - "As long as this sword is in the hands of a Trojan ________ "

Answer: our people have a future.

The sword of Troy had been passed on for many generations. When Priam gave the sword to Paris before Paris was to battle Menelaus, he told Paris that as long as the sword of Troy was in the hands of a Trojan, the people of Troy had a future. Paris made sure that it remained in the hands of a Trojan by giving it to Aeneas before Aeneas left the city.
10. The Trojans won the Trojan War.

Answer: False

The Greeks sacked the city of Troy, and only a few Trojans escaped the city. The Greeks used a large wooden horse to get in to Troy, by hiding inside of it and waiting until the dead of night to climb out and attack. Achilles was killed within the city of Troy by Paris, and then Paris and Briseis left the city and followed the others.

Another huge factor in the Greeks' victory was when Achilles killed Hector. This allowed Odysseus to come up with the plan of the wooden horse, and for the Greeks to act as if they had left, so the Trojans would bring the horse into the city.
Source: Author sftbllGirly

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